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morganalefaye - Incomplete : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2009.08.13. 19:09



His hands move over her shoulders up to her face, cupping it for a moment. Then his fingers follow the outlines of her delicious pink lips. The tiny ripples under his finger tips, the soft warm breath emanating – like a little moan – drive him crazy! Oh, give me more, baby! I want you, I need you!
Her hardened nipples pressing against his chest, sending down even stronger impulses to his groin.

„Dave, hey – are you daydreaming?!“
A hand shaking his shoulder yanking him back into the studio. Ben grins behind his glaces.
„We should check the last two songs. I remixed them as you wished – now come on! Time is money!“
„You start to sound like John, ugh!“
Dave stretches his long, muscular legs and then jumps up from the black leather couch.

Putting on his headphones he starts listening, bouncing his head slightly with the rhythm. He can’t help it. When closing his eyes he sees her again – feels the blood rushing through his system.

Slowly he lets his fingers wander over her voluptious breasts, circling around her hard nipples. Moving over with his mouth he enjoys licking them one after the other, gently biting and sucking. Her body tension is rising even more with his actions. His lips trail down to her belly button, then further...

„What do you think, mate?“
Ben’s voice in his ears lets him kinda jump.
„Oh, errr – I was really drawn into it – great work, Benl! I think that’s the final.“
BH shakes his head laughing.
„I’d like to know on which planet you reside today, Dave. On the other hand – no, don’t tell me! Saves me lots of additional work!“

When he hears the voices of Andy and Mart in the adjacent room he winks at the sound engineer.
„I better sneak out – or I will never make it home before dark!“

When the studio front door snaps shut behind him he takes a deep breath. The elevator luckily doesn’t take long to arrive and David steps quickly in. Leaning against the wall he waits for the cabin to move downwards. He feels the urge for a smoke and checks for his cigarillos. Only two left in the packet! He sighs and watches the digits counting down.
Outside the building he hastily fetches his matches and lits a cigarillo, inhaling the first drag deeply. Then he nestles in his pocket again, his fingers touching a little rectangular piece of carton. She should be home already. He stares at the tiny white business card. Hopefully that was her private address.

He raises an arm and calls a yellow cab.


„Who’s it?“ She asks via the intercom.
„It’s me, David.“
Silence for an ubearable long moment. Then she buzzes him in. 11th floor. A smirk flashes over his face. Now if that wasn’t a nice coincidence!

„That’s a joke, right?“, she greets him opening the appartment door. He remains there standing, glancing at her with his dark, spruce-hazel eyes. She changed and wears a plain black T-Shirt and deep purple sweatpants now, her hair fixed into a pony tail.
„Wanna stay there staring? You seem to be in good training concerning that.“ Her sarcasm turns him even more on.
„Now get your bum in, David!“
He smiles at her and steps forward.
„Ah, you recognized at least I have a well shaped ass. Thanks!“
Before she can answer he gets her by her arms and pushes her against the cream coloured wall, fixing her wrists with his hands.
„I want you.“
She stays surprisingly calm and musters him.
„I know.“
Then there’s that incredibly sad expression in her eyes again.
„But I can’t let you have me now.“
She softly brushes over his lips with her mouth.
„Why not? Don’t you find me attractive enough?“

He’s surprised. Didn’t happen to him so far that a woman denied him – on the contrary. Sometimes it’s really tough to fight all those too willing females off.

„No, David. You’re one of the most attractive men on the planet – but I’m sure I don’t need to inflate your ego.“

Something seems to dawn him.
„It’s you thinking you’re not good looking enough!“
Again she shakes her head.
„Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.“ She winks. „And I can’t be that ugly when you take the effort following me to my flat.“
As an answer he closes her mouth with a passionate kiss. She breaks the contact again.
„I can’t.“
He gives her a questioning look again.
„David, I lost my baby six days ago – first trimester.“

Immediately he lets her wrists go, looks at her in shock and then drags her into his arms, not knowing what to say – yet feeling all her pain now seering through his soul aswell. Then anger keeps rising within him.

„Where’s the father? He should be here with you, comforting you!“
She lifts her head from his shoulder.
„He left me when I told him I was pregnant and didn’t want an abortion.“ Her face turns into a grimmace. „When I called him the ‚problem’ solved itself he simply laughed, telling me he’s going to marry another gf of his in four weeks. I was so stupid!“
She frees herself from his embrace.
„And before you ask why I’m not sobbing like hell – I have no tears left. I’m dead inside.“

„I’m so sorry, Ciara. I have no words.“
He starts feeling kinda guilty now. She seems to detect that at once.
„Thank you. And no, I’m not upset concerning your quite bold come on. How could you know?“
She gently caresses his left cheek.
„In another time, another place, another life – I would have been bursting with delight and joy. You choosing me – that’s a bit of something.“

There’s one other thing he needs to know.

„Do you still love him?“
„You better asked if I ever really loved him.“ She sinks down onto the floor, leaning her head against the wall, looking exhausted. He follows her, crouching next to her.
„I asked myself all the time since he dumped me. Yeah, he got rid off me like a worn out doll. And you know what? I think I merely loved the idea being in love with him as I never wanted to spend my entire life on my own. I’m very independent, you know – not easy to catch. He’s the same – but worse as I know by now.“ She sighs.
„Sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. You have other things going on in your life, David. And I really wonder why you’re not happy.“

Hits him like an electric jolt. She smiles at him in her incredible sad way.

„Oh, I can feel it. You’re still the restless wanderer between worlds. Maybe it’s the reason why there’s this weird attraction between us. Strange enough it’s the unhappy people finding each other sorta blindly.“
She slowly moves up to her feet again, offering him her hand. Then she walks to the commode in the corner and opens a drawer.
„Look, lots of pieces. I tried to finish it a while ago, recognizing that there must be some parts missing.“
He follows her and and looks at some pieces of a puzzle.
„It’s incomplete, like me.“
She gently puts one piece into his left hand and closes his fingers around it. He can feel the warmth of her skin.
„Take this and always remember it’s you being responsible for your life. Maybe it will never be complete – like my puzzle, my own. But you see I still keep it, haven’t thrown it away.“

His throat turns dry and he feels a stinging in his eyes.
„Would it hurt?“
„What do you mean?“
„Making love to you now.“

He lets the puzzle bit slip into his wallet, sticking it back into his jacket.
„I can’t leave now – incomplete – the two of us.“

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