Sea of Sin
Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Incomplete : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.08.13. 19:13



„Let me be near you, trying to ease the pain.“, he whispers, letting her cautiously down onto her bed. She looks at him obviously distraught. And he knows he goes out on a limb very much and should better stop.

„I know you mean it well – but...god, I can’t think clearly at the moment!“
He gently silences her with another kiss. When his hand slips under her T-Shirt he senses her shuddering, but she lets him go on. Slowly he drags it over her shoulders and head, followed by her bra. There they are – like he imagined them. He starts showering her curvacious chest with light kisses, listening to her little moans she can’t hold back. Her skin feels like silk and velvet. With his right thumb he gingerly brushes around one of her nipples, letting his tongue follow then, circling around it – enjoying the pleasure it obviously gives her.
Then he sits upright again, unbuttening his black shirt and tosses it behind him onto the floor. Her eyes are admiring his various tattoos.
„Yeah, touch me – come on!“
He takes her hand and moves it to his phoenix design, right above his heart.
„You know the story of the bird pheonix?“
She nods, wandering with her fingers over the dark outlines. Then she bends forward kissing his skin there.
„You already must have been burnt a few times, risen from the ashes. Don’t do it again now.“
„I have no choice – you let me burn – for you.“
He pushes her back onto the sheets and pulls down her sweatpants in one desperate move. His slender, long fingers wander along her calves, around her knees and follow the delicate skin of her inner thighs. With a gentle but firm grip he opens her legs and moves them up a bit.

„God, you are beautiful!“

Her deep pink folds are slightly swollen – in contrast to her pale skin – waiting to be caressed and licked, to open up for him, taking him into her wet paradise. His hardness is already giving him pain.
When he circles his tongue around her clit she gasps. Parting her lips down there, teasing her with two fingers lets her start to writhe. He quickly moves over her, locking her view. Her eyes widening with lust.

„David, please!“
„Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.“

Instead of an answer she moves her pelvis up against him. The tip of his rock hard member touches her now slick folds and slips between them. He lets out a deep groan and then thrusts into her completely. Increasing the speed and depth he cringes a little when she digs her nails into the flesh of his back. The whole bed is now shaking with the force of his thrusts. She pulls down his head to her face kissing him ferociously, plundering his mouth with her tongue. Breathless he feels her walls clenching around his cock. She’s close to the edge and he will skip her over.

Moving his hips in little circles now he tries to bury himself as deep as possible in her, slowing down a bit. He barely can move now anyway. Yelling out his name the waves of her orgasm hit her and the power grants him not much more time to hold back his own. He looks into her lustfully contorted face and then throws back his head, releasing his hot juices into her in slowly subsiding spasms. Sweat is dripping down his neck and chest now as he sinks back onto her breasts, heavily panting.
When he’s finally coming back to his senses he recognizes the tears in her face. The sobbing gets harder and he pulls her back into his arms, holding her quivering body.

„It’s allright, angel. You’re back from the ashes – back alive.“

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