Sea of Sin
Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Incomplete : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.08.13. 19:14



„Aren’t you going to be missed?“
She nibbles at the toast with bramble jam, adjusting her back into the pillow. He sits opposite her, legs crossed, sipping from his steaming mug.
„Oh, and thanx again for making such a delicious breakfast!“
He smiles back at her, pointing to his full lips.
„You can thank me here, angel.“
Hopefully she forgot about her first question!
She puts down the piece of bread onto the plate and bends over to him. He just can safely place his mug onto the nightstand when she’s over him, ravaging his lips.
„Wow, can I have this every morning, please?“
She giggles and suddenly turns serious again.
„David, you didn’t answer my prevous question.“
He lies there on his back, staring at the ceiling for a moment.
„Jennifer and the kids are on Long Island for a little while now.“ His eyes change colour. „And it doesn’t look like they will be back soon.“
She rests herself on her elbows next to him.
„One of those infamous dishwasher fights again? Too much time with the guys in the studio?“
Apparently he’s not too keen on talking about his private matters.
„Sorry, David – I didn’t want to be intrusive!“
A little smile flashes over his face again and he brushes softly along her arm.
„No, it’s OK.“
He turns around, facing her directly now.

„It’s not easy to live with me. I can be like a black hole – sucking off all energies I can lay my hands on – leaving those I love most empty handed. I still can be such a selfish bastard!“
„I thought you changed so much the last years – being the family guy – appearing so happy in public.“
She sighs lightly and caresses his face.
„But I know aswell that’s often just the nice polished surface – for others to see. I could have invented that attitude, you know?“
He kisses her forhead and nods.
„So she took S and J away from you again to remind you of your ways?“ She seems to heaten up now.
„That’s just not fair! Though I can understand her intentions – yet that’s a really foul thing to do! And it’s not the first time. I’m sure she loves you to bits otherwise she wouldn’t act up like that – yet that’s not really clever in the end – and it does not only hurt you, I’m afraid.“
„Please, stop it, Ciara!“
A trail of tears make their way down his handsome face. He looks desperate and tired now, if not ten years older.
„Oh, so sorry, David!“
She pulls him into her embrace, brushing his hair. His arms follow her action, pressing her tightly against his body aswell.
„She will come back – she usually did after a while, right?“
He nods, resting his head still against her shoulder, nuzzling in her neck.
„You’re bleeding right, Ciara. Pain attracts pain somehow.“
Then he looks up into her eyes again.
„But it’s not just that.“
Again his eye colour changes – from glassy brown-green to dark-black. When he starts biting her neck she knows for sure.
„Put your legs onto my shoulders.“, he puffs hotly into her ear.

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