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morganalefaye - Incomplete : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2009.08.13. 19:15



David carefully closes the buttons of his sleek black shirt. His hair is still a little damp from the shower. With one eye he glances over to the bed. She’s still asleep though it’s already past 1 pm. All the frantic love making must have strung her out.
Curled up in a fetal position her hair spreads over the pillow like a little messy fan. Her breath goes soft, deep and regularly. Every now and then she slightly moves in her sleep, murmuring something he can’t catch the words of. Judging her anxious and sad tone it’s nothing really happy.

Oh, angel! I really have no idea where this is leading to! He sighs and fixes his cuff links. Brushing over his face he realizes a shave wouldn’t be a bad idea. First thing to do when back at his place. He avoids the term ‚home’ deliberately. Nothing really to call it like that at the moment. He doesn’t want to leave her now – her warmth and company – yet there’s a meeting at 3 pm at his solicitor. Something he’s not really looking forward to, but it had to be done.

A last longing look at her, inhaling her intriguing scent again. He has to fight back his need to kiss her – not wanting to wake her up. Noiseless like a cat he slips out off the front door, pulling it cautiously shut.

When she opens her eyes her alarm clock tells her it’s already 4.30 pm. Turning around the place next to her is deserted. Oh, David! She reaches for the note he left her on his pillow.

Dear Ciara,

yes I know, it’s not the proper way to leave you – yet you looked so sweet in your sleep I hadn’t the heart to wake you up. To be honest – I wasn’t able to find the right words saying ‚bye’. Even here writing. We both need time to reconsider some things in our lives. Yes, I know – it sounds like: ‚Baby, thanx for a night of mindblowing sex – I wish you all the best for the rest of your life. Don’t call me again.’
Hey, it’s not like that – and you should know it! I’m just awfully confused at the moment – and I’m pretty sure the same goes for you.
I will not be in the city for the next week as we have rehearsals in Santa Barbara. Grant me those days to clear up my mind, OK? I will call you when I’m through – I promise! xxx David

She buries her face into his pillow, inhaling the last remains of his scent. Her fist desperately hits the mattrass again and again. The fabric muffles her uncontrollable sobs.

Meanwhile David is back at his appartment from the meeting. He brought in some Take away from the corner Deli. 6 pm. He needs to go and pack some things for Santa Barbara. Flight is sheduled for the next morning at 9 am.
Martin left a message on his voicebox. No life sign from R or J. A pinch in his heart again. She even doesn’t allow them to call – except for the weekends.
Before he heads for his bedroom he opens his laptop on the couch table. Hah, she’s not as clever as his tiny star! Opening his emails a message from S pops up – obviously from this morning.


I sneaked out into the garden with my notebook. LOL – mummy doesn’t know I have internet access – she still thinks she deactivated it – DUH! Good luck there are so many wireless networks around. And I’m still best at our school’s IT class. By the way – you can thank J – he actually gave me a few pointers aswell to do the trick.
I miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!
Oh, and as I have this integrated webcam – can we see us tomorrow? I’ll wait till mum is asleep.
Shit, I forgot you’re visiting uncle Mart tomorrow. Anyway – mail me when it’s best to get you on!
Hugs from J aswell. He’s a crush on the neighbours girl Tessa – eeeekkk! Boys! Haha, though I like big J’s new gf a lot! She’s funny and very hot looking. I talked to her on the phone. He sent me a piccie! NO, I won’t show you, da! I promissed! You are way too nosey! You can ask him next time!
Argh, mummy is coming – I have to stop!
Love you, daddy! XOXOXO R

David has an evil smirk on his face now. Yes, that’s his girl! Yet the joy about her email doesn’t last long. He misses her aswell - more than any words could describe it. Quickly he flips the portable pc closed. Better pack his stuff now. No more tears today!

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