Sea of Sin
Sea Of Sin

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Chapter 6

  2009.08.13. 19:16



The sun just appeared at the horizon when David stretches his calves and thighs carefully before adjusting his shoe laces properly. He enjoys running in the early hours when everybody else just was turning around under the sheets again.

The fresh morning air soothes his skin and his hand reaches up and zips his grey fleece pullover to the top. The climate around this area is way milder than hazy New York these days.
He chooses his usual lap along the pier, following the road down to the beach. The muscles of his long legs start working under his skin. Mouth falling open to take in the air in deeper breaths, he pops in his earphones and skips through the menu of his iPod.
Crossing the next lights he finally reaches the running path along the beach, hoping to free his body and mind at last.

Iggy Pop reminds him:

Ooh, I been dirt
And I don't care
Ooh, I been dirt
And I don't care

‘Cause I’m burning inside
I'm just a yearning inside
And I'm the fire o' life

Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care
Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care

‘Cause I’m burning inside
I'm just a dreaming this life
And do you feel it ?
Said do you feel it when you touch me ?
Said do you feel it when you touch me ?

There's a fire well, it’s a fire
It was just a burning
Yeah, alright
Ooh! Burning inside
Burning just a dreaming
Just a dreaming
It was just a dreaming
It was just a dreaming
Play it for me, babe, with love!


He tries to control his brisk pace, slowing down his flowing step. Pulling out the earplugs the sound and rhythm of heaving his deep breaths through the gently parted lips are the only things that gradually bring him back down.
Concentrate on your breath – he hears his yoga instructor telling him. And it usually works out well. He wettens his dry lips and inhales the fresh air again and again. His dark green gaze is lingering on the waves clashing at the shoreline. Dig it! He slows down and stops at the next bench. With a few swift moves he gets rid off his runners, fixing the laces and hanging them over his shoulders. It doesn’t take long to pace through the sand to reach the water. Dipping his left foot in he shortly winces.
Don’t be a sissy now, David! He drags the fleece pullover and underneath T-Shirt over his shoulders and head. Sunlight contrasts his well defined muscles, the taut tummy. Turning around he scans the beach. Heavenly deserted! So he slips down his running shorts and black briefs aswell and tucks all to a neatly folded pile.

When the water completely surrounds his naked body, he has to gasp and lets out a short yell. With some powerful arm strokes he maneuvers himself through the waves, getting adjusted to the low temperature. His outlines look streamlined like those of a dolphin – one arm following the other. After a few minutes he breaks the rhythm and tries to touch the sandy ground with his feet – to no avail. So he lets himself fall backwards simply floating back with the water movements. The sky, the sea, the wind, the salty taste on his lips – everything seems so peaceful.

When he touches ground again he gets up on his feet, walking the last bit, the waves licking at his feet. Two silhouettes are approaching, running quite fast. Being in eyeside he recognizes two young women jogging along the water, a black dog following them.
They stare shortly at him in awe, blushing. He returns their view with a broad smirk, fetching his clothes. The females are moving on, whispering and giggling with each other – looking back at him every now and then.

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