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morganalefaye - Incomplete : Chapter 13

Chapter 13

  2009.08.13. 19:27



She bends over him and takes the next piece of chocolate from his chest, licking away the remains.
„You already start to melt, my hot naughty boy!“
He lets out a low amused chuckle.
„Then you better hurry up. The direction is obvious, right? All the way DOWN!“
He points to his already bobbing hard member.
„Uh, uh – no, leave your hands by yourself, angel! Just licking allowed!“

When she reaches his hardness he gasps and moves slightly on the sheets. She lets her velvety lips wander along the shaft, her tongue darting out every now and then, teasing him with the tip. Then she takes him into her mouth and moves down, letting him slip deeper and deeper, sucking him in. He starts meeting her with his pelvis, thrusting slowly forth and back.

„Yeah, let me fuck your gorgeous hot mouth, angel!“, He growls, increasing his speed and clenching her hair in his left fist. She adjusts her head a little to give him even deeper access to her throat.
„Woah, I missed that so much – yes, suck me, squeeze me, make me cum!“

It doesn’t take long and she senses the sudden increase of his body tension, knowing he’s crossing the edge. With a loud yell he releases his hot semen into her mouth, shaken from his powerful orgasm. He tastes so deliciously good! Exhausted she lets her head sink onto his lap, breathing heavily. His fingers gently brush her dark hair. After a few moments of rest she moves up to him again.
He immedtiately pulls her into his arms and starts kissing her passionately.

„You have no idea how much I missed you, Ciara! Life’s not the same without you, baby!“
„Same for me, David! My body and soul feel incomplete without you – your words and touch!“
His eyes darken and she can feel his heat rising within him.
„Then let me change it!“
He turns her onto her stomach.
„Now lift your ass up to me, angel – and I will show you heaven completely!“
His long, slender fingers search for her already slick, glistening folds. She’s nearly bursting with desire. Then he parts her lower lips with the tip of his cock and let it rest there for a moment.
„Oh, David – please!“
„Yeah, my insatiable one? How do you want me? Gently and slow – or fast, rough and deep?“
„Damn, do your dirty job – and better do it pretty well!“
„I take that as a yes to the second option, baby!“
She eagerly nods her head and moans in anticipation.
He firmly digs his nails into the flesh of her hips and rams his meanwhile rock hard member into her throbbing waiting channel. Thrust by thrust he pushes her further on the road to oblivion.
„Deeper, Dave, deeper!“
„Dave? Who’s Dave?“
„That bleeding greedy animal at my back! So here’s your stage – fuck me hard!“
„I never leave the audience unsatisfied – so take all of me!“
He enters her till the hilt – till there’s no more space to go. She bucks against him, trying to get him in even deeper. The heavenly feeling of her walls grabbing his member already started and he lustfully gives in to it. She moans and pants, wording her desire. Tiny streams of sweat pour down her back over her shoulder. He’s the same. The wetness is dripping from his temples while he’s nearly breathless now as his climax pushes him over the cliff again. They both reach the point of utmost passion nearly together, being lost in the waves, nearly unconscious with lust.

She collapses flat onto the sheets again, huffing and puffing. He slips out off her and lets himself fall next to her. For some precious moments they just stare into each others eyes, slowly getting back down to a slower, regular heartbeat.

„I could look into your beautiful eyes forever, David.“
He softly smiles at her, wiping away a sweat drop off her right brow.
„Yours are like the ocean – I want to drown into them every time I have the chance.“
He turns slighty and reaches down next to the side of the bed.

„I have a little surprise.“
„A little one? I thought I already got the big present?“ She blinks at him.
He holds a little black velvet box in his hand.
„I’m not the one plastering my women’s way with jewelery. Yet this is something special.“
She musters him. He looks like a little boy again, waiting for his mum’s reaction when she opens his first handmade christmas present.
With slightly shaky fingers she lifts the top.
On the smooth inside there’s a silver pendant lying – two puzzle pieces fitting into each other. He slowly takes the left one and slips it into her hand. Then he looks at her again.
She takes the other one and puts it into his hand. With the other he takes one of the accompaining chains and fixes his part of the pendant at it. After that he puts it around his neck and clasps it. She’s so in shock that he takes her piece from her hand and adjusts it the same way around her neck. Finally he kisses the pendant.

„Please, angel, do the same.“ She awakes from her trance and moves her lips up to his chain.
„God, David! You really make me cry again.“
He already sees a few tears rolling down her cheek. His eyes are glassy aswell.

„Remember what I told you a while ago?“ He kisses away her tears, fighting to keep his own composure. His voice is hoarse sorta.

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