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morganalefaye - Breathe for me
morganalefaye - Breathe for me : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2009.08.13. 19:46


WARNING: This story contains a hint of using drugs (NOT Dave) and a reanimation scene. If you are one of the faint hearted - don't read this!

Summary: London City Airport. Claudy and Siv are waiting for their delayed flight to New York. It's not just the delay that will accumulate the tension...

I wrote this - my mind boggling on that topic you should detect soon in the text - to get away a little from the "always ready to shag" clicheé. Well, just for a little let things unfold here...and no, I don't know if this remains a short story! You should know my wicked mind meanwhile!

breathe for me (shadows from the past)
©2008 by morgain_ized aka morganalefaye


„Come on, we’re going to the VIP-Lounge!“
Claudy is pushing me gently from aside.
„What?“ I was sooo far away with my thoughts I didn’t even recognize she was back.
„How did you chinch that again?“ „We were upgraded due to the massive delay. And they wanted to compensate you for the trouble with the seat.“
Oh man – yes, that bleeding seat! The flight was overbooked – Claudy was in, me not – though we ordered the tix the same day and place. Thank god for the brittish politeness!

It’s getting quite busy around us. I’m glad it’s London City Airport and not Heathrow International! Geeez, I could tell you stories! Never mind! I grab my Camera bag and Notebook following her through the barrier. My heels clack on the polished ground ending up with muffled thuds as there’s carpet now.
That’s indeed a difference! The VIP-Lounge is not overly crowded. Comfy compartments, exquisite interiour, luxurious leather couches – and lots of space! A friendly air hostess guides us to a free black leather sofa. Anything to drink and eat? Sure! I have to grin. Any sort of stress at first silences my appetite – but then I usually tug in – too bad! My black business outfit uncomfortably stretches over my tummy.
I have a close look around. Lots of dressed up people sitting and standing around – chatting and complaining – obviously about the delay. Well, it’s 3 hours meanwhile. I thank myself for my attitude to go much earlier than necessary. We should make the appointment in New York anyway as we’re one day in advance. Phew!
Hmh, some areas in the lounge have kinda paravents for privacy. Yet before I can check out the environment any further a waiter pops up next to us and serves us some deliciously hot coffe and Chicken Tikka sandwhiches.
Claudy leans back and sighs in anticipation. Then her teeth sink into the piece of bread.
I can’t hide a loud chuckle.
„Hey, is this going to be Harry and Sally extended version?!“
My friend nearly gobs her bites. Then she rolls her eyes like only she can and nodds frantically. She’s such a blast at times! Her red hair glooming against the black leather, her designer glaces slightly down her nose tip. Her grey jacket combined with white shirt let’s her look definitely „business“ – but knowing her you would be surprised about her other personalities! That’s one reason I like her so much – she’s as crazy as me sometimes – and we both enjoy that!
For now I swallow the rest of my sandwhich and clean my hand with the accompagning lemon tissue.

„Nervous still?“ She glances at me.
„Why?“ „Well, look at you!“
Now I realize that my hands are still slightly shaking and to be honest – my whole body is more or less trembling. She takes my hands into hers – pleasantly cool.
„Everything will turn out fine, you will see!“
„Argh, you know me – the closer such things get I fall into pieces!“
„Then do some meditation or Jacobson.“ She gets up.
„I will slip into the Duty Free Shop for a lil – so relax!“
I adjust myself to the couch and close my eyes. The sounds around me still linger in my ears. Doesn’t work! I touch my fingertips, spread my arms a little and try again. Breathe slowly deep in and out! It takes a little till I find my rhythm. I feel my muscles relax slowly. That feels so good! The unpleasant pain in my stomach subsides.
When I open my eyes again I see a pair of deep greenish brown eyes staring at me from a distant sitting area opposite of me at the other end of the lounge. I’m still that affected by my relaxing tecnique that my mind is slow. And this very moment Claudy comes back. She carries a huge bag.
„At the perfumes again, hun?“
She snickers. „I couldn’t resist – you know me!“ Then she musters me.
„Nice – you were successfull it appears – looking much better now!“ She gives me a quick hug and let’s herself fall onto the seat next to me again. Next thing she puts out her Notebook.
„The delay is expanding about an hour they just announced – look at the monitors.“
Damn! I’m sick of waiting!
„Shit!“ „Well, they have a back up aircraft on the way – we should get our bums out off this place still today.“
I can’t sit still any longer.
„I’m going for a walk – or I’m all nutz in about a minute!“

The view through the large windows is amazing. I see aircrafts passing slowly by to get to their parking positions or down the runway for take off. I know that feeling already – looking down onto the track located in the middle of river Thames – surrounded by the Docklands.
On my way back along the bar I recognize somebody familiar looking. Tall, muscular body, dressed in black leather pants and T-Shirt, leather jacket thrown over a bar stool. He’s talking with the bar keeper. Dark voice with a horrible german accent. Then he looks at me. Till Lindemann! And he seems to already have looked deep into his vodka glass! But there’s something else in his sort of muddy eyes – and I don’t like that at all! Greetings from the snowman!
I pass quickly by, but hear him inhaling air obviously.
„Nice perfume!“
I ignore him and rush to the ladies room. Hell! I really like that guy and what he achieves with his band – but why have most performers have to go down THAT road?!
On my way back to our seats I have to swallow hard. Till is sitting next to Claudy, chatting with her. When she sees me approaching she throws me one of those ‚help me out off this mess’ looks. I nearly have to grin as she usually is a toughy when it comes to flirtatious situations.
Till pads on the place next to him.
„Come here, gorgeous! Are you trying to avoid me?“
Argh, now what? I squeeze out a smile and sit down. Immediately I feel his hand on my thigh. I push it gently away and stare firmly into his eyes. He just gives me a cocky grin.
This moment Claudy’s mobile rings. She answers and gets up. „It’s Harry – I’ll be back asap!“
Damn, her lover! And she’s for sure delighted to leave our sloshed Romeo!
Till puts his arm around my shoulder and moves me closer to his body. I can’t stand the scent of alcohol, mixed with sweat and tobacco!
His other hand wanders between my legs. If he would have been sober and under different circumstances...but no! I push him away with all might.

„Get your sticky fingers off me, Till! Who do you think you are? Just look at yourself! A zombie!“
A slight sign of surprise in his eyes. I take my chance to get him off guard.
„You better get your life back on track! It’s really a shame what’s become of you! I don’t want to know what you are on – but you better stop at once and get some help!“
He opens his mouth – and then shuts it again. His hands falling off me. He seems to realize what I just smashed him into his face. Slowly he manages to get up and staggers away direction bar.
I let out a sigh. Claudy is still talking to her sweetheart on the phone, leaning against one of the windows.
Best idea I have is to fetch my powerbook and check for some emails and stuff. My head is buzzing.
The scent of a very delicious cologne makes me look up a little later. Those green-brown eyes again – but now straight to my face!
„May I?“ He takes a seat opposite of me. „What did you tell that poor bastard?“
Dave still holds my look. My throat immediately turns dry.
„Sorry?“ „No, I’m sorry – I’m David.“ He smiles. „Though you seem to know that anyway.“
My flushed face and flickering eyes for sure told him so. Darn!
„I’m Siv, nice to meet you.“ I don’t know how long I can stand his stare! Already feel a dampness between my thighs.

„I was in the restroom and found that guy crying in front of one of the mirrors.“ His expression is stern.
„Are you sure he wasn’t just over one mirror?“ It just slipped out. I see him turning pale.

I don’t get the chance to hear his answer as he turns his head this very moment. And now I see it as well. Till comes swaggering in our direction and then all of a sudden slumps down on the floor.
I jump up and rush to him. A tiny trail of blood is visible coming from his nose. Tiny, white crystals around his nostrils. Oh no!
I check for his pulse. Very weak!
„Get the emergency, hurry up! And they should not forget lots of Narcantil!“ I try to move him into a stable position not obstructing his respiratory tract. Another guy wants to lift up his legs. I stop him with a sharp: „Don’t do this! He might have a heart attack!“
„Tell me how I can help!“ David urges me with his voice to look at him. He kneels next to me now.
Thank god the airport personnel is clever enough to send all those bystanders back to their seats.
„Check his pulse – and keep cool – as there is none at the moment. I need to do some cardiac massage. Oh, and better use his carotid.“
I simply rip off Till’s T-Shirt and start moving, counting silently. Then I watch his chest. No sign of breathing actions. Damn! So I need to do it! Not hesitating long I give Dave a sign to move away and bend the neck slightly, pressing my mouth onto Till’s and giving him my breath. Then I move down again massaging his heart. After five sets Dave whispers: „Hang on, I think I have a pulse!“
I wipe some sweat from my face – and then I see the chest moving up and down. This moment there’s some motion around us again and two paramedics appear on the scene, followed by another man in emergency outfit. He seems to be the med.
„What happened?“ I give him a short, precise recap while the paramedics put Till on a monitor.
„Overdose of cocaine paired with some alcohol – and I don’t know what else. He was off for aproximately a minute. We just got him back this very moment.“
The doctor nodds and checks for the vital signs again and starts intubating him.
„Good job, colleague!“
„I hope you won’t have to do a tracheotomy. Spare him that if possible. He’s a singer.“
He shortly looks at me again. „He’s damn tight but I think it will do.“ He opens the valve of the oxygen bottle. Another injection of Narcantil.

After that they hurry down the lounge with Till securely strapped to a stretcher. Two police officers seem already waiting to talk to me but David gives them a sign to wait pointing at me.
As a matter of fact I sit there on the floor, trembling and fighting to keep my composure. He guides me back to the couch and hands me a small bottle of mineral water. I take a deep gulp. Bloody hell!
Then I manage to face him again. The expression on his face – there are no words necessary.
I softly let my fingers brush down his left cheek.
„I’m so sorry! Must be a hell of a flash back for you. Thanx for being such a great help.“
His hand moves up to my face and fixes a strand of my long, dark hair behind my hear. It always keeps falling into my face. Then he simply drags me into his arms and holds me for a while, saying nothing. I can hear his heart beating through his black button down shirt.
When he looks at me again there’s a deep sadness in his gorgeous eyes. Oh yeah, he must know so well how it feels like.
„I shouldn’t have told him to get his life straight and that he looked like a zombie! It’s my fault he overreacted!“
„Shush, no! Sooner or later he had to have a reality check. Good luck it’s you! He will have the chance for rehab now. And it’s his responsibility – not yours!“ He softly kissed my forehead.
„You saved him today, angel. The rest is up to him.“ He glances over to the policemen.
„I think they need you now.“ He fetches for something in his jacket that lies thrown over the rest of the couch.
„Call me some time.“

I feel the little card burning kinda in my hand and watch him going back to his compartment, where JK and Andy were waiting for him.


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