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morganalefaye - Breathe for me
morganalefaye - Breathe for me : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.08.13. 19:51


Mr. Delaney, the gallery owner, smiles at me without any commitment. What he offers me sounds more like a ‚pay to display’ than anything else. What did I expect? And to my surprise Dave wasn’t in the location when we arrived. I don’t expect anything at all anymore.
Claudy tries to play hardball with the owner though. She could be a darn lawyer, if you ask me. I try to tell her with my looks to leave this godforsaken place as soon as possible. Just finishing the last thought the door opens with a buzzer sound and Dave enters the place. Change in plans? He pretends to look around shortly and then approaches us.
„Hey, isn’t that you, Siv?!“ He hugs me and plants two kisses on my cheeks. Then he turns towards Claudy, same procedure.
„Claudia, I hope you didn’t forget about the meeting with Anton later. Our Ms. Angeleyes here usually forgets about time and space.“ He smirks at us. Oh David, you are so evil! How dare you mention Anton?!
The best is the change of colour in Mr. Delaney’s face! He’s kinda muttering something and then turns to me again. His assistant who must have popped up from somewhere during that scene shakes hands with Dave.
„Oh, I didn’t know you...“, his voice trails off. Claudy’s brain seems to work fast and she starts to discuss with him again. His assistant looks at me with some nosy interest – sorta ‚How comes you’re friends with Dave Gahan and Anton Corbijn?!’. I don’t feel really comfortable with the situation! That Anton bit certainly was a bit too much!

„Siv, ready to sign a contract?“ Claudy winks at me.
„Do I need a solicitor for that?“ Can’t hide my sarcasm due to the change of winds. She shakes her head and grins. Mr. Delaney looks a bit flustered.
„It’s all fine, me thinks – a fair deal.“
So I get my pen and sign the papers and duplicates. I will strangle her if I find out she just wanted to calm me down.
„Thanx very much, Ms. LeFaye! I’m glad to count you to my clients!“ He kinda bows. I really have to bite my tongue!
Claudy slips over a DVD.
„Here are the prints. Give us a call when you have proofs and when the series is ready to sign, number and frame.“
„Of course, very canny of you, Ms. Flemming. We could have the proofs by tomorrow afternoon. Would that be OK with you?“
Claudy pretends to check her filofax. „Around 4pm?“ Her opposite nodds in approval.
Dave’s thoughts seem to be kinda identical with mine. He definitely has to fight laughing.
„Allrighty, Ladies! Let’s move on then. We have no time to burn!“
He shakes hands with the proprietors and then compliments us out off the building. Around the next corner I have to lean back against a concrete wall and die laughing! Geeeezzzz!
„Dave, you’re nutz, you know that!“
He’s shaking as well. „His change in expression was priceless!“
„Yeah, especially, when you mentioned Anton! Damn, you will burn in hell – and me as well! How could you?!“
„Look, he’s at my studio as we speak – recall I told you about the meeting? We’re into some layout artwork for the next single. I called him. That’s why I was late. But it worked well, didn’t it?“
„He knows about this travesty?!“
„Yes – but no worries. No hidden catch. He’s a bit busy, but he likes to meet you some time this week.“
Claudy rolls her eyes again. „I don’t believe this! Well, we’ll stay till next weekend.“
„New York less than a week – even I agreed – though it’s not really a budget thing.“ I scratch my head.
Dave fetches his car keys.
„I have to leave you now – work is begging. Anywhere I could drop you?“
Looking at Claudy I answer: „If you don’t mind at the hotel – I think I’ll need a shower and some rest now.“
He chuckles again. „Nah, no need to pimp up your holiday cash. You have a contract now.“
„Argh, you are soooo mean! I told you they don’t rent rooms by the hour!“

Later, when I lay freshly showered and relaxed on my bed I watch Claudy snorring. She really has fallen asleep! I’m about to fetch my iPod for some musical distraction when my mobile buzzes again. It’s around 9pm meanwhile. Dave! I see his name popping up in the display. With a slight sigh I pick up.
„No more inquiries today. My manager already is asleep!“
I can hear him giggling.
„I just wanted to call to ask if you would fancy a drink and a bit of New York nightlife. But if you’re too tired...“ „Shush, I can’t speak that loud, Claudy really is asleep. Hang in there, I’m taking you to the bathroom.“
Another chuckle on the other end.
„ I try to imagine that – not a really bad thought at all!“
I close the door behind me. „Oh, stop that! I’m getting very bad assos here!“
„Well, I’d like to see you anyway – not necessarily your friend. No pun intended! She’s a nice person as much as I can say. So let her sleep and be outside the hotel in 15 minutes, OK?“
What can I say? I’m already lost in his smooth, musky voice.

The air outside is fresh for a late September evening. I nestle with the collar of my jacket, adjusting the silk scarf with the big Celtic silver clasp. Some car lights hit me all of a sudden. Dave stops by my side and opens the door next to him.
„Come on, jump in!“
„Huhm, my mum told me not to go with strangers.“ I step down the kerb and slip into his limo.
„As you are a naughty girl you do anyway, right?“ He smiles at me again that way my knees go weak with the very second. Some Blues music playing from the car CD. He seems to know exactly where we’re going. For a while non of us says a word. He parks the car near the river.
„Come on, let’s go for a little walk.“
I follow him down to the waterside promenade. The lights of the street lamps reflect from the tiny waves.
„I thought you’d like to have a little space to breathe.“
He tries to match his speed with mine. I really didn’t see this coming.
„You expected me to go to a club or so?“
Damn, this man for sure can read my mind!
„Umh, let’s say I was afraid so.“
„Hey, I’m not that insensitive! I’m pretty well aware you had a bit of something on your plate today. And yesterday.“
The last bit hits me deep inside. So he’s as well still thinking about it. He stops at the next bench.
I sit down as well.
Litting a cigarillo he puffs some smoke into the air.
„You really hit me hard, you know?“ He takes another drag. „And you were bloody right. Flashback, Deja vu – you name it.“
He reaches for my hand and squeezes it firmly.
„I saw that poor sod and it was like staring into a mirror.“
„It must be definitely tough – but you achieved so much all those past years.“
He looks straight at me and I can see the pain in his eyes.
„Yes, sure – yet it’s a big slap into the face reminding me I’m still not safe – never really will be.“
„But you have your family and friends you can rely on. And you’re strong.“
„Strong, me? What do you know, blue angeleyes! I’m always walking along the abyss. It takes a lot of effort to be the man I’d like to be – taking up all the responsibilties I have.“
„You have a weakness as much as a strength in you. That’s what makes you the personality you are. Do you think people are so very different from each other?“
He brushes over my cheek and fixes me with his deep, dark eyes. Are they watery, I can’t say.
„At least I know one thing – it’s always you certain females that kick my ass and dragging me back into life. Strange that is – but’s just like that.“
„At least it’s a well shaped bum to kick into.“ I have to change the mood – and I have to do it quickly!
He lets my hand go. Well, that’s a start. What I didn’t have on the list was him suddenly wrapping his arms tight around me and pressing his lips onto mine. Like a desperate lover!
At first my body is tense. The longer he holds me I give in – drowning in the sensation of his velvety lips. His tongue finds its way to mine and he deepens the kiss. Then he breaks the contact, breathing heavily.
„I’m sorry!“
I cup his face in my hands. „Don’t be. It’s not a very good idea – but I think you’re a bit off track with your emotions, right? And I know how it feels if you need somebody’s closeness.“
A tiny tear is making its way down his right cheek to his chin. I can see it glistening in the dim light. Can’t help it to kiss it softly away.
„Stay with me tonite.“ He takes my hands again into his own. „Let me make love to you.“

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