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morganalefaye - Breathe for me
morganalefaye - Breathe for me : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.08.13. 19:53



His hands are slowly moving down my arms. I can feel every single hair standing straight. His soft lips wandering along my neck, gently biting me every now and then, teasing me.
We’re laying on his bed – no, not his and the wife’s – the one in the guestroom. He definitely is not that tasteless. Jenny and the kids are still in the summer house in the Hamptons.

Feels a bit odd to say the least – but looking into his eyes again I get lost – and I don’t mind at all!
His fingers slowly follow the outlline of my chest. He moves to the back and unclasps my bra – letting it slip to the floor. Every touch of his hands is so gentle and full of love. Yes, love! Like in respecting and appreciating the other one’s features to the max. Not hurrying – but taking in all sensations available – with all senses. It’s like only him and me – nothing else matters at the moment. He wants me to feel good – and I want to pay back the same currency.
I’m kinda consuming his scent, breathing it deep in – burning the way he touches me deep into my brain. And I’m already sure he will leave scars in my heart – but I can’t help it. I already burn for him. And that seems to be the state he’s in as well – judging the now gloomy look in his eyes.

„Angel, I want you so much – you have no idea!“ His hand glides slowly into my pants. I let out a tiny gasp. He kisses down my tummy till he reaches the waist of my jeans. With a swift move he finally opens the button and moves down the zipper. It’s a matter of seconds and the garment joins my bra on the carpet. He breathes faster meanwhile. I glance at him and then push him gently onto his back.
„It’s all right – don’t hurry up things.“
He takes a deep breath. I rest my head onto his bare chest, sensing his rib cage moving steadily up and down. My fingers trace the dark outlines of his tattoos, especially the phoenix one. Then I move my head slightly, kissing and licking his nipples. Must hit him like some electric impulse as he sharply breathes in, followed by a low growl. Letting my long, dark hair slowly brush down his chest and belly must be kinda initial kick for him as he ferociously turns me with him around, moving his weight onto me. I can feel his hardness through the thin cloth of his elegant, tight trousers – pressing against my groin. Looks that was the wake up call for the animal inside of him.
He nearly bites my lips now, forcing them open – ravaging me with his tongue. My grip into his crotch lets him moan into my mouth.
„Oh, please open it! I can’t stand it any longer!“ He moves slighlty sidewards so I can help him to slip down his pants. My goodness! He’s already rock hard. Must have been definitely painful for him. He moves down and caresses my thighs, pushing them slowly and gently apart. I never experienced a man touching me that carefully and softly down there. He seems to want to remember every inch of me. I feel his fingers moving around my clit and then following the forms of my already slick folds. God, now slide them in! But he does not end my suffering that quickly. The tip of his tongue traces the same path, searching every corner, flicking around my nub. He knows bleeding well what he’s doing to me! I bury my hands in his hair, pulling it a little. He seems to enjoy that as well.
„Argh, Dave, please!“
He shortly looks up to me with a sly grin and then lets two fingers glide into me. Increasing their motions he hoarsely whispers to me: „You feel so good, so wet!“ And teasing me again with his tongue he moans: “And you taste so incredibly delicious!“
I know it won’t be much longer and he will nail me to the bed. So I pinch his ear a little to make him look for me again and nod. He comes up immediately and covers me gingerly with his body.
„I want to feel you inch by inch getting inside.“
He passionately kisses me again, then chuckling.
„So you’re the one for slo-mo sex – all right!“
I can feel the tip of his cock making his way to my wet and throbbing entrance. He takes his time to let his member slip in bit by bit till he reaches full length, buried to the shaft. Then he starts thrusting in and out slowly. God, I missed that! I mean feeling someone that deep and intense! He increases speed now.
„Oh, please more, Dave! I need to feel you deep inside me!“
He pushes harder now, tiny rivulets of sweat running down his face.
„I’ll give you everything you want – all I can – and more!“
He tosses my legs over his shoulders to have even deeper access. Kneeling between my thighs he lets out all his frustration, pain and anger it seems. Oh, yeah – give it to me!
I already can feel the waves building up inside my core. My inner walls tighten around his member, squeezing him.
„Oh god, I can’t nearly move inside you now – please come for me!“
Doesn’t take long and the contractions let me shake and quiver. With his next thrust I can feel him releasing his hot fluids into me.
„Daaave! Dave!“ I dig my nails into his back, biting into his left shoulder. He holds me so tight I nearly can’t breathe, moaning loudly into my ear.
As the spasms subside after a while he loosens his grip and collapses onto my body – his cock still buried inside of me. We’re both breathless – like after a marathon.
His head rests on my – more exactly between – my breasts. His hair is completely wet from sweating and there’s a wet glistening on his back as well. Looks so damn sexy on him!
Don’t know why but his song ‚breathe’ comes to my mind.

A sudden calm inside of me
Now everything is better
Together in a safe warm place
I remember when I met you
I took your hand
You guided me
Even felt much clever
Bought your love
Soft and white
Just a soft pink letter

Breathe for me
Breathe for me
Breathe for me
We can be together
If you breathe for me

All the trees have lost their leaves
It's hard to lift my eyes
Haven't seen the sun for weeks now
Is it day or night

Can't remember where I met you
Don't know if I'm here
Think I need a little help to
Take away my fear

Breathe for me
Breathe for me
Breathe for me
We can be together
If you breathe for me

Breathe for me
Breathe for me
Breathe for me
Put your hands in my hands
You can bleed for me

Could you breathe for me?

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