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morganalefaye - Breathe for me
morganalefaye - Breathe for me : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2009.08.13. 19:56



„Shush, angel! It’s time to get up!“ A velvety, musky voice against my ear. It takes a little till I realize it’s Dave. I still lay curled up in his arms. His deep green-brown eyes sparkle at me. He plants a kiss onto my nose tip.
„Good morning, gorgeous!“ I return the kiss. „Did I tell you already you have a really big nose?“
He chuckles and then shifts his legs out off the bed.
„Tea or coffee?“
„As I’m sure you’re going to make yourself a good strong coffee I’ll join you. I’m fine with Breakfast Tea as well though – depends on my mood.“
He disappears through the door and I can hear him humming some melody.

Humh – no morning after sex? Come on, Siv! You know bleeding well it was just what it was – so dump that clichée quickly in the lowest drawer! Maybe it’s his way telling you it’s over now – just an episode. Anyway it’s more than you ever could have dreamt of!

„I know what crosses your mind, angel.“
I didn’t hear him returning, two steamy mugs in his hands. He put on some jogging pants and a T-Shirt meanwhile. Carefully he moves onto the bed again, handing me one coffee.
„Plain milk, no sugar – right?“
I smile at him. „Yeah, you are very observant, thank you.“
„Look,...“ I interrupt him. „Dave, there’s no need for any explanation.“
He brushes my cheek. „Oh, there is.“ He takes a sip from his beverage. „I respect you way too much to leave it just like that – but my life – and yours as well – has to go on. I’m so glad we have this certain connection between us – but...“
„But we should never cross this line again, I know that, David.“
I take his hands into mine. He nods silently. „I just hope you didn’t get the impression I just wanted this night with you and now that’s it. And actually I have no idea what’s right or wrong at the moment – as anything I do is going to hurt both of us in some way.“
„Just don’t give me the ‚I will always think of you wherever you are’ shite.“
„You and your sarcasm! Honestly, I will think of you every now and then cause you touched me deep inside – and you are aware of that.“
I let out a little sigh. „Busted. I will never be the same again. You’re going to rip out a piece of my heart as well. But I don’t mind. I’m used to the pain.“ My voice trails off and I have to fight the tears creeping out under my lids.
He pulls me into his arms and squeezes me tightly to his chest.
„We are who we are and this is not going to change. This doesn’t mean end of contact! What would I do without the witty and ironic notions of yours? We do not have to pretend we do not know each other and such bullshit. Hey, baby – stop crying! You can’t go to your own vernissage later on with swollen eyes. People might think it’s my fault – and hell, they will be right!“ He holds me a bit away from him and looks straight at me. Can’t help a tiny smile.
„Yes, that’s it! Cheer up!“ And then his lips find mine again in a long, intense kiss.

„OK, let’s get dressed, have a little bite and then off to your infamous hotel. I bet Claudia already wishes she looked for another artist to pamper.“
„Nah, she knows me. And I sent her a message yesterday. Want to read her answer?“ I have a broad smirk on my face.
„I bet I have an idea, sorta ‚don’t do what I wouldn’t do’!“
David just can hide behind the closet door when I bomb him with the two pillows available.

„Sivvi, do you have your pen?“
„My pen?!“
„Argh, come on – to sign the prints.“
„Actually artists sign them with pencil.“ I chuckle in amusement showing her the two sharpened ones I just slid into my purse. Claudy looks at me and then shakes her head.
„Better take the permanent markers with me as well – you never know!“ She stretches for the pack of markers.
„Are you ready then to go?“
„Yeah, gimme a minute.“ I walk outside onto the small balcony. It’s nearly dark and I can see all those flickering lights of cars rushing by, the numerous illuminated windows around up to the sky sometimes.

Permanent – nothing lasts forever. You have always the chance to hold on to something or somebody though as long as possible. Permanent marks in my heart and soul – yes. And I don’t care it hurts. I know he feels the same – walking wounded. We made our choice – and we will have to live with it. I know he will be there – always breathing in and out just like I do now. And our breath will meet again as sure as there will be another sunrise. Energy does not evaporate on this planet – it just changes form. Love comes in different shapes – it will always be there.


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