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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2009.08.14. 12:26

Sometimes life isn’t just fair - but it’s not us to question it - just to keep up to our dreams and beliefs… 


Poison Ivy                                                                  ©2008/09 by morgain_ized aka morganalefaye




I’m dashing through the corridors – breathing in fumes! That’s it! Basta, finito! Without giving a damn to Susan’s „no go“ gesture I flip the door of Malcolm’s office open and rush into the room. Obviously he’s in the middle of some meeting with clients. I just recognize sort of schemes in the corner of my eyes and start spurting my anger out.

„I quit! How could you send me to that wanker again! You already knew about that bastard!“


I throw a set of photos onto his desk. My boss looks at me in total perplexion, then very upset. I don’t give him any chance to start complaining.

„That motherfucker dared to touch me and then dropped his pants and shook his palmtree! Luckily I had my fingers at my camera to press the release fast enough – otherwise you’d only make your nasty jokes on me again! What a jerk! You pay for cleaning my zoom lens!“


Malcolm interrupts me with a furious yell.

„Are you nutz, Siv!? God dammit – you can’t enter like this – I have clients!“

„As you can I see I can bloody well! Besides I don’t give a flying toss!“

„You’re aware of who’s sitting next to us?“

I have a quick glance and recognize David, Martin and Fletch of Depeche Mode now.

Dave has a broad grin on his face. That’s really starting me off!

„You better wipe that smug smirk off your visage! Only things you are about is to crotch grabbing in public and shaking your bum!“

I turn around and face Mal again.

„That’s it! I deserve better treatment than this! And you know damn well it’s not the

first time this shite happened!“


Seing my boss speechless again I turn around not waiting for further reactions and slam the door behind me. ARGH!

On the way to my desk I snatch a box and start dumping my private belongings into it. I’ve no chance to even touch my folders.

„How dare you!“, hisses Dave as he grabbs my left shoulder in kinda frenzy. When I’m abruptly turning around I see that he seems to be as boiling as me. A vein at his left temple keeps throbbing.


„Want me to spell it again for you - slowly?“ I’m ready to jump at his throat!

„Did you have bad sex last night? Or is it your PMS?“

My jaw is dropping down. Like a reflex I smack him one into his fancy face. Wham! Full House! He covers his left cheek.


I take advantage of this split second and fly into the copy room to save some material that I have in stock there. He’s following at my back and pushes the door shut with one of his boots. The room is not very spacy and he obviously blocks the way out. There’s a dangerous glistening in his green-brown eyes and a slight red tinge rushes over his face.

Pretending to ignore him I try to make my way to the door. I’m slightly taller than him but he’s in good shape. Silently he pushes me against the wall. I can feel his muscles through the sleeves of his jacket. A scent of his cologne tickles my nose. Warm breath against my cheek. One of his thighs hastily makes it’s way between my legs. I can’t move an inch. And then he forces his lips onto mine. Wow! I can’t believe it! Only weapon I have left – I bite! This guy must have clues! He and Mr.Irresistible?!


Yes, Sivvi – he is! Too bad – you have to admit it! And his aroma will make you weak and willing sooner or later! Fuck!


He recoils in a sudden and I seek my bliss in flight. Malcolm already approaches the hallway.


After having given me a real dressing down in his office I expect Dave to still waylayering me outside – yet no trace of him or the rest of the band whatsoever. Phew! Mal suspended me for two days telling me I better stopped being fuzzy-headed. He didn’t accept my notice to quit. Stupid idiot!


OK, we had sorta fights before and he knows my quirky ways – how easily my blood rushes up to my head. Yet this time even he had to admit that it was off the rails – this bleeding interview with that coke doped Rock-Star-Have-Been. Bloody tosser! I already could start going through the roof again! Well, I better refrain from it – not that supportive for my high blood pressure.


When I return to the agency three days later Sue has that grin

of a Cheshire cat all over her face. She’s handing me over some paper stuff and disappears quickly into the Bistro kitchen. I curl behind my desk. Geeez, where’s that bouquet coming from?! I’m looking for a card and finally find one.


Dear Poison Ivy,

Too bad I couldn’t find the real deal – would be so much more flattering your character! Hopefully you get stung by the thorns! –Dave


Nothing else. I stare at those long-stemmed, nearly black roses. This freaky weirdo! For a second I think of dumping the vase into the dust bin – well, for a second. Those petals ooze a beguiling scent – musk like.

Finally I let them roses be roses and start checking Malcolm’s assignment list. Oh no, not again - an Interview in the Park-Hyatt! Why me?! Some disgusting memories make their way back into my conscience. Why the frigg can especially the world’s greatest assholes afford to check in there?!


I pack my camera gear. „Interview 11am,

Suite 526 IMPORTANT!!“, reads Mal’s note. He and his horrible handwriting! Who? Why? Any more info would have killed me? I already feel that sizzling heat rising again.

Rush hour in the city centre – brilliant! I make it only just in time to that posh hotel and let the bell boy guide me to the suite in question.

Knocking at the door I see the employee disappearing in the lift. A middleaged guy in suit and tie opens – moustache, longer grey-brown hair. I’m not up to snuff – otherwise I would have turned on my heel! He introduces himself as Jonathan Kessler and compliments me inside.

„You must be Siv McPherson of ‚SCREAM’ magazine. Just go ahead – you are eagerly-awaited.“

I follow the direction of his hand and pass an open connecting door to a living room with fire place and a set of leather couch and arm chairs. There’s a male person leaning against the window sill – his back to me – dressed up as well in an obviously expensive, tailored dark suit, waisted, body fit, chic. Because of the blinding daylights I can’t make up immediately who I’m dealing with. Then the man turns around.


„Hey, all fingers still intact?“


I need to sit down. Dave! I feel kinda landslide in my stomach area.

„Very funny, Mr. Gahan – I nearly wet my pants laughing!“ My sarcasm hopefully is well placed. Better be extremely professional now!

„Well, what’s the topic of this interview? I will run a DigiDict while we’re talking – sending a copy to your management if that’s fine with you. Shall we begin then? I’m sure you have more important things at your hands. Oh – you must have mistaken something with those roses! They for sure must have been for our lovely secretary. That one you so devotedly glanced under her skirt while she was pouring out some coffee.“


Dave bursts out in a hearty laugh. I must look quite dimwitted. Stern again he takes a seat opposite me – in a well dosed distance.


„I saw the pics.“ Seems I’m still not in the same movie. And he definitly detects it.

„Well, those of that motherfucker. Sorry, but I got into the full frame much later.“

He lights a cigarillo. Is that supposed to be an apology?!

„The interview is just a fake. I wanted to see you.“

My frown is unmistakable.

„Oh, oh – do I see a storm rising there?“ He’s smirking now. „You wouldn’t have filled the assignment if you’d known who awaited you here, right?

Darn, he can read me like a book! I reach for my camera case and intend to get up. He must have seen that coming and jumps up himself approaching me quickly – almost catlike.

„Let go! I will scream the walls down!“

„Everything here’s well soundproofed.“ His firm grip around my upper arms lets me flinch. This time just with emphasis, not forcefully.

„Come, have a seat and have a coffee with me. Jesus, you definately must think I’m a real asshole!“

A quite sad expression crosses his handsome face.


„And what about the copy room?“ I’m not willing to agree to a truce yet. He blushes slightly. I don’t believe it! Then he looks straight into my eyes.

„All your bitching made me extremely horny. Geeez, how you stormed into that office, like a fury!“ He wags his head in disbelief. I can’t hide a small smirk.

„Well, you’re more used to crazy screaming females throwing their undies onto stage and fainting at your sight.“

Now he smiles from ear to ear. He pours a cup of coffee for me.

„Ugh, that will keep a midwife during a quintuples birth alive!“ I shiver.

Again laughter. „I love it full-scale!“

His expression is wicked and deep inside me there’s this hurricane arising again. No, Mr. Gahan – not that easily!

David interprets my gestures the right way again and decides to quickly change the subject.

„So it’s you.“ I’m the living questionmark. „Well, the column in ‚SCREAM’. I’m reading it weekly with great pleasure! Should have known – your sharp sardonic eloquence shines through.“

„Thank you very much! If you go on like this you’ll get to see my claws,“

„...ageing, extremely horny wannabe-rockstar?“, he’s cutting in.

„YOU said that, not me!“ „But YOU had those thoughts crossing your mind, admit it!“ He looks somehow tired and exhausted now.


No, you’re not feeling sympathy for this guy?!


„Always assuming the worst from me?“

„Then we’re even.“ A moment of awkward silence.

„I think I better leave now, David.“ I’m rising with these words. He’s jumping from his thoughts. The way he looks at me now definitely gives me a stomach-ache. Freaks me out kinda. He apparently wants to say something, yet he hesitates to do so.

„If you think so...“


Damn, don’t you look at me like THAT! Makes my brain go gaga!


He offers me his hand. Politeness rules, haha! I take it and in this very moment he drags me into his arms and keeps me tightly pressed to himself. Hear him whispering softly into my ear: „Please stay – you can leave tomorrow.“

A cold shiver is trailing down my spine.

„Who did hurt you so much?“ He’s kissing my neck. I’m paralyed. My head yells ‚Get away!’ My body already talks to Dave’s.

As usual my mind rules and I freeze in his arms. No surprise, he recognizes it immediately and releases me. With shaky hands I grab my stuff and flee sort of with a muted „Sorry!“


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