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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.08.14. 12:35



Next morning I need a little to come back on track. What was going on yesterday? With Dave?! He kept his promise and left. Next to my pillow I discover a tiny folded note.

„Good morning, Siv! Hopefully you had a good rest. Please forgive me if I came to close to you! –Dave“

I’m snuffing at his pillow. A faint scent of his is still there. Deep in me everything is shrinking up.
You can’t be serious on that, Sivvy! Hands down! No way you fall in love again with no limits, no secure ground! Additionly without any reasonable perspective! One thing is for certain – pure platonic – forget it!
Have to put further thoughts on that matter on hold as a glance to my alarm clock tells me that I need to hurry! Otherwise Mal would start dipping me into the frying pan again! I had enough so far the last days!

„Sue, I’m sending the last pics to the server now!“ I shut down the retouching software on my Mac and start the upload. With a deep grunt I slide off my chair. Argh, my poor back! Not to speak of my sore, tired eyes! I love pixel pushing – yet too long in front of a screen is definitely not healthy! Well, at least it was worth it again. Mal will be delighted with the results. He’d better be! A smirk appears on my face. Malcolm pretty well knows my market value.

„Would you have a moment for me, Ms McPherson?“
Out of nowhere Jonathan Kessler pops up in front of my desk.
„I didn’t mean to scare you, sorry! Your boss told me where to find you.“ He offers me his hand.
„Mr.Kessler, if I’m not mistaken?“ He nodds.
„Time for lunch break away from the office?“ I muster him slightly surprised. Before I could pretend to being busy with work he goes ahead.
„Malcolm was nice enough to release you from today’s duties.“
„Business lunch?“ He’s smiling now. „Sort of. Would you mind? The car’s waiting.“

The fancy Italian restaurant is gorgeous and expensive. Well, it’s not my turn to pay! I’m slightly nervous, assuming that the whole extravaganza undoubtedly must have to do with David somehow. That little evil inside of me keeps poking and I can’t hold back my next question.
„Did he sent you?“
Jonathan – that’s how I shall call him after our first glass of Barrolo – looks obviously confused.
„Siv, look – I’m David’s best friend and manager, but like hell I will keep out of that!“
„So he told you a bit of something.“
My opposite skims along his moustache and finally nodds. God dammit! The vine tastes flat all of a sudden.
„There’s a complete different reason why I need you. We – the band and me – had a closer look at your portfolios. Would you be interested to create kinda photo biography?“
My jaw must be arriving under the table just now!
„Like ‚On the road with Depeche Mode’?“
„Yes – just not only on Tour. The private stuff aswell. All those tiny nuances, the human aspects, the emotional side of things.“
„Why me? Anton would be the man of choice! More or less part of the family. And his documentary style is legend!“
„We want it from the angle of a female.“
„We? Sounds more like one of Dave’s evil ideas!“
Jonathan’s smirk is nearly from ear to ear.
„Sounds like, but no. Martin and Dave came up with it the same time and Andy was just smiling that it would make no difference to him who would snap his white tummy!“
My facial muscles tremble already. Then I can’t help to burst into wild laughter. Damn, that’s too good to be true!
„Shouldn’t we be less formal? I’m John.“ He gives me a wicked smile.
„Hum, if YOU are sure that it’s a good idea – me as photographer I mean?“
„Not afraid of my spontaneous, unpredictable bursts of temper?“
John’s winking at me.
„In case I lock you up with David in one room. I’m pretty sure you’ll be a nice kitten very fast.“
I’m speechless! Looking out for something to throw at him.
„WHAT did he tell you!? You better spit it out at once!“
„No way – it’s confidential.“
„John! Serious now – I have sorta ill feeling with that situation. And my brain is on rational mode.“
„What about your heart then?“
„Longing does not necessarily go hand in hand with it, or am I mistaken?“
„You’re trying to take the easy way out, don’t you, Siv?“
„Leave it there. That’s definitely Dave’s and your business. Just do me and yourself a favour. If you realize something’s going over the rails – tell me immediately! I know David for a long while and much better than you. I’m there to help, you know?“
„Why do I have the uneasy feeling that I’m slipping straight into chaos?“

After John nonchalantly paid that astronomical bill with his credit card he accompained me to the car.
„Well...would you like to meet Dave I can drop you off the Hotel – it’s on the way.“
„Errrrr...not sure if that’s a grant idea at the moment. I need to clear my mind a bit.“
His expression is serious.
„I fully understand – yet I can’t ignore my impression that you should jump over your shadow!“ His eyes are twinkling now.
„Come on, girl – give it a try at least!“

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