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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2009.08.14. 12:37



„Blimey! Could you please come to grips with that problem? I can’t be bothered with BS like that now! And seriously – I’m sick of it, John! OK, cheers!“

Dave slips the mobile slightly pestered back into his jacket. The collar of his white dress shirt appears to have crawled to the right. He seems to feel uncomfortable and instinctively adjusts it. A tiny vein throbs on his right temple. Obviously nervous he’s twisting his Onyx ring on his right middle finger round and round.

Bloody tight schedule! The skyline passes by the limousine window. The black vehicle stops at a red light.


„Mr. Gahan, we’ll make it to the airport in time.“

The driver, a short, skinny guy in his mid fifties, seems to be Buddha himself. Dave listens just with one ear. His mind again keeps boggling on other things.

Anton! Sometimes he’s got his clues, that freaky dutchman! Brilliant timing! New YorkLondon, just to audit a hand full of amateurs! Argh! He knew him well enough that there must be a reason for his excitement. And Anton had enough at his hands with his studio and film crew that he could afford to tinker around with nobodies.

„Peruse that website, David! You’ll see what I mean!“

Dave wasn’t in the mood to scroll images that evening – and he had a terrible headache.


„Do you really need me in person for this, Ant?“

„Definitely! I bet you’ll have your bit of enjoyment.“

He can’t resist a lil smirk. Anton Corbijn: Creative-junkie par excellence!


The abrupt halt of the limo yanks him out off his thoughts.

„Sorry, Mr. Gahan! Some people seem to have left their glasses at home!“

They nearly hit a woman with trolley and notebook-case who’s dashing to the terminal not caring to look left or right.

„Finally!“, David grumbles opening the safety belt.


The check-in unexpectedly is very smooth and fast. The purser in premier class smiles at him with her stereotyped, best, bleeched, ‚All American Girl’ smile.

„Nice to have you flying with us, Mr. Gahan!“

Yeah, and you would do anything I’d like to – argh, get lost! Dave already knows that there won’t be any escape from that blonde bitch. He reaches for the snooze mask and makes himself comfortable in the seat. Please, do not disturb!


Some time later he has to give in to some natural body functions and makes his way through the aisle direction lavatories. A dark haired girl, aproximately 20, is following his steps. At the cabin door he hears her voice near his ear.

„Come on, sweety, quick! Take me inside with you!“

He’s so stunned, that the door already closes behind them. She immediately pulls him close to her. Sweet, cheap perfume is tickling his nose.

„Holla, stop!!“ He pushes her away to get some more space. And there’s obviously a lack of it in this cubbyhole.

„I’m no member of the ‚Miles High Club’!“

She looks irritated, obviously a blank in her head.

„Sweety, hurry! I want your sexy body!“

Again she tries to get nearer to him. Her left hand grabs his crotch. Dave now is definitely fed up with that travesty. He presses the red panic button. Not half a minute later the door is opened from the outside and two stewarts rush in.

„Could you be so nice to accompain this young lady discretely to her seat? I’m afraid she’s not comfortable with the height air conditions.“

The girl freezes in disbelief and then starts to sob. One of the stewarts puts on a sarcastic grin.

„I watched this lady forcing an entry here.“ The other one adds sardonically: „Come on, girl – you better hurry silently to your seat. You do not want him to press charges against you for sexual harassment, don’t you?“

His eyes meets David’s. He’s shrugging his shoulders.

„Would you mind, if I now...?“ He slides the door closed and lets himself sink onto the toilet seat.

Shit, that was close! Last thing he could need was her telling the press. Thank god that stewart was so alert to flip that card back to her.


Washing his hands he faces his image in the mirror. Dave, you’re getting old! He strokes over his slightly greyed sideburns. And still most women go absolutely crazy when he enters the stage – left alone all those who try to stalk him to the hotels and home. Well, you’re still damn luscious! Hah, there’s Jen’s voice in his head!

„Ah, Dave – now stop strutting there in the bathroom like a peacock! It’s more than an hour now!“


Well, style is a must! Yet he can project Jen’s thoughts very well. All those groupies also tick him off meanwhile. Those days when Mart and him were drawing from unlimited resources were long gone.

What’s Siv doing right now? He banishes the thought straight away.


Back in his seat he starts unenthusiastically flipping through a music mag. He then pops his iPod in. ‚Pretender’ from Foo Fighters bangs into his auditoral canals. Oh well, namesake Grohl – you will loose your teeth sooner or later aswell. Reminds him of his little daughters birthday next week. She’s just a bit younger than his own one. Like a reflex he picks his cellphone from his pocket and looks for Stella’s pic. Dave’s eyes get a smooth glimmer. He dumps the phone quickly again into his jacket and wipes his left eye.


Finally those 6.5 hrs flight come to an end and with a resonable jolt the undercarriage of the Airbus makes contact with the runway of Heathrow International. Rain – what a surprise! Chauffeur service already awaits him.

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