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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7-8

  2009.08.14. 12:39



David leans back into the comfy leather cushions of the limousine. What a day! The tall, dark and long-haired woman with those incredible deep blue-grey eyes, in front of him, peers out of the window absentminded. He feels his heart pounding seeing all too wellknown in her eyes. Pain, anger, dispair, insecurity – paired with this immense and strong will to survive. It’s like facing oneself in a mirror. Shreds of the last conversation two weeks ago in that suite make their way into his thoughts. He recognizes the scars again in his mind’s eyes, feels those convex lines, shudders with the searing pain. I wish I could take this pain for you – or at least from you! He unconsciously licks over his lips. As if her aroma would still persist. Her wetness that so quickly makes him weak and horny like hell! Those voluptious, swollen, glistening, silky folds – the portal to his desire! Darn, his pants start to uncomfortably tighten again!


Anton just tells one of his dirty jokes again.

„Bloody hell, Ant! You can’t mention that in the presence of a lady!“

Siv smiles wickedly. Her white teeth shimmering. „I’m not a novice in an abbey. Geeee, if you’d know what I had to tolerate from my students!“ „I thought you were a VA?“ He looks a bit puzzled.

„You are not the only one with a stormy life schedule. I graduated in paedagogics as well.“

„Darn, you’re not looking that aged, early 30ties?“

„Thanks, sweety! You made my day!“ She directly faces him now. „Year of completion: ‚68’!“

He didn’t expect that!

„Well, being curvacious helps a little – upholstering the wrinkles!“

Her laughter comes not that easy across than she might intended it. She wouldn’t believe it, but he doesn’t give a damn if she’s thick or thin – actually he hates that anurectic look. On the contrary! He feels the urge to snuggle up to her very close. Hey, Dave! What’s on?! The dirty animal tries to shake free again – hungry for prey.


„Do you like indian food?“ Siv looks a bit perplexed. „Cause there’s going to be Punjabi dinner at Fletchis’. His housekeeper keeps whirling in the kitchen since this morning.“

„I love it! Serious – I could have a Mango Lassi now!“

Anton screws up his face. „Yuck – I prefer herbs!“

Dave bursts out in laughter. „Splendid! Then the Mangos will last longer. I also prefer it sweet!“


The vehicle finally stops. The house – one better calls it a mansion – already starts to melt with the twilight. Not for long and it’s going to be dark. Images of that funeral barely a year ago flicker through David’s mind. Andy’s beloved wife died of lymphoma. Fletch is not himself since.

A barking behind the door. When it’s pulled open the head of a majestic irish setter appears in the bay. He completely ignores all new guests – except Siv. With an incredible yelp he ascends her and licks her face.


„Eeek, you! Let go!“ She shakes with laughter. The dog acts like in kinda frenzy. Fletch’s pale face in the doorway. „What the heck...?!“ Baffled he watches the male dog. Then his eyes meet Siv’s. Dave detects it immediately – familiar expression.

„Please, get in! The dining table already bursts under the weight!“





All good heavens – I’m loaded! The meal is absolutely delicious! The Aloo Gobi is adorable – despite it’s really a plain dish. The last round chapatti won’t find it’s way into my mouth.


„Strike! I’m ready to explode! Damn, it’s soooo yummy!“

Anton seems to dive into his plate. „We Oranjes are tough cookies.“

Dave nearly drops his somosas laughing.

„Anton, you behave like a thickpig!“

Martin gives us the chipmunk again. I have to concentrate not to pee into my pants shaking with laughter! And it goes on. Fletch has another serving.

„Reminds me of that lousy catering while touring – uuuaaagh – horrible!“

Mart slams his hand onto the table. „Oh, wow – you all recall the Exciter Tour? Well, I ate loads of strange things in my life, yet that time I seriously considered changing from vegetarian to vampire!“

The follow up story is not really tasty. I quickly sip a little water.

„Bleeeah, Curly – I still eat! And others do as well! Stop it!“

Andy shakes in disgust. „I’m still fookin’ sure that one of the chefs wanked onto my pizza!“

The guys are howling one worse than the other! I wonder how we would hear the door bell – maybe the housekeeper is still on duty?

A few moments later I need to swallow the second time today, my mouth watering. Jack Gahan indeed seems to be just a younger copy of his dad! Gosh, he looks gorgeous! And he bleeding well knows it!

He hugs, shakes hands and finally stops at my chair.

„Hi, Siv! Nice to meet you! Dave told me already some bits on the phone and kicked me pants to check your website. Now that’s a burner!“

Yeah, give me more! Geeez, the same radiant eyes – similar timbre in his voice, velvety dark.

Phew – two Gahans in one room – my legs go weak! Luckily I’m still safely seated!


The espresso at the fireplace is really necessary! My black jeans now sits shrink to fit and exhaustion takes it’s toll. I’m up my feet since 5 am! I cuddle into the couch and one of those nice woolen plaids. The irish setter approaches me again, whigging tail, and stretches all paws in front of me down the carpet, whimpering. Fletch still can’t believe it, shaking his head.

„What did you do to this fellow, Siv? Last time I saw him that excited was...“, he trails off.

I look straight into his clear blue eyes.

„When Grainne was still alive?“ I had to say it. That’s me. It hurts him, I see it. He does hold my view though.

„Yes, it’s hers – Basil. He nearly wanted to die as well those days.“

„Sorry, I didn’t want to touch this! Argh, now you’re sad again!“ I really feel bad about it now.

Andy gives me a soft smile. „It’s OK – it’s like it is.“

„You’ve seen better days, hmh?“ Now that I started the thing....He nods silently. I simply have to get up and take a seat next to him. As if I’d done it a thousand times I lay my right hand onto his. All I want to do is comfort him.

„Pain will drop off like water off feathers.“

His expression now is undescribable! I know, I have this unholy talent to touch people at their most vulnerable spots! I so bloody well know where to find them! Darn – like between Dave and me recently!

Andy’s face is flinching and he rises abruptly storming out of the room. Shit! His heavy sobbing is audible from somewhere far off.

„Shit, I should have kept my big mouth shut!“ I hide my face behind my hands and take in a sharp breath. Someone moves next to me.

„Hey, you couldn’t have known this – it’s been one of their fav songs from Incubus – ‚Paper Shoes’.“

I move my head and stare into David’s eyes – totally flustered. Exactly this song haunts me for a while – cause of this line of lyrics!


Mart disappears to the outside to check for Fletch.

„Come here!“ Dave pulls me into his arms and cuddles me tightly.

„Do you believe in Karma?“ I losen his embrace a little. „I had that thought more than once so far. You might recall darn well we already had that topic. Geeez, what did I mess up in a previous life that it now hits back like a boomerang?!“

Dave kisses my forehead. „I knew it from the start somehow – your 3rd eye is wide open! My master in New York would be delighted!“

Curly returns with Fletch. I jump up.

„Andrew, I’m so desperately sorry...“ In this moment he already pulls me close to himself. For a moment we’re just standing there – arms curled around each other. I can feel his heartbeat. He’s nearly my size, slightly taller. His warm breath tickles my neck. Time seem to have stopped. Finally I hear him whispering in my ear:“ It’s OK – everything is fine, don’t you worry, Sibheen.“

He pronounces my full gaelic name correctly! Well, at this point of time I gave up wondering about any more surprises.

Dave’s view to Mart lets him nod. Anton rises as well.

„Fletch, I think it’s time for us to leave. Jack, you can join us, too.“

Siv turns around – taken aback. David smirks. He knows when it’s time to go for good. Fletcher immediately realizes the situation.

„You sleazy buggers know bleeding well you have your rooms here! And as for you Siv, you can have the guest room.“

„Uhm, I’m already booked in a hotel.“, Siv replies blushing.

„Dig it! You won’t get good sleep tonite anyway – look, it’s already after 2 am, so what’s the fuss?“

Dave nods his head. Andy’s right on that.

Anton and Jack call a cab while Fletch shows the guest room to Siv. The spell is broken, Dave senses it. And that’s perhaps for the better.

„What’s on for tomorrow...errrr, today? I mean, when do you guys get up?“ Siv looks quizzical into the round. Big grin from Andy.

„Is breakfast at 9 am OK for you?“


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