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Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9-10

  2009.08.14. 12:40



I watch that little spider that’s crawling along the left border of the wallpaper. The small bedside lamp dips the room into a warm, dim twilight. A prophet couldn’t have been more correct – I can’t find any sleep! The watch passes a quarter past three. My head still buzzes like a beehive. No! I slip off bed and into my jeans. Outside in the garden – more a park if you ask me – it’s crisp and fresh. The lawn under my naked feet feels moist. Wow, he’s got a pool, and what a large one! I don’t spend another thought and rip my clothes off. Yeah, that’s so amazingly good! My arms divide the water. Like a mad dolphin I cruise one lane after the other. So I do not recognize another person in the water since a body slips next to mine. I’m awe-struck for a second.

„Argh, Dave! How could you terrorize me like that!“ I gasp for air. All I get is a sardonic grin.

„Well, I heard kinda splatter from the outside and with this full moon I can’t sleep as well.“

I muster him in the twilight.

„Hmh, no fangs and claws visible yet. When do you start transmutating?“

He bursts out into laughter. „Watch out, brazen head! I have a towel, you don’t!“

In the sparcely moonlight I detect he’s also stark naked.

„Woah, now I’m paralyzed!“ I dive and crowl a full lane. He jolts out off the water next to me when I tip the fringe – very close to my side. I can feel his body heat.

„Don’t you worry about Andy. He’s getting along very well.“

I brush some wet hair out off my face.

„Dave, it’s not that he might be in pain – it’s more what I saw in his eyes. And that’s a bit too much for my liking.“

„Umh, depends if you just pity him, or if you...well, let’s say ‚like him a lot’?“

„You recognized that?!“ „Listen, for how long do Fletch and I know each other and are friends? He’s like Basil.“ He twinkles at me. „Laying lethargic in his dog basket all those months – till yesterday.“

I’m speechless. David is beaming at me with his incredible eyes again.

„Stop it, Dave! You make me feel dizzy in my head!“

He pretends not knowing what I’m talking about and keeps on piercing me with his glowing irises.

„Pretty, please come here!“ He quickly embraces me fearing I might change my mind. I feel his hands on my back, his body flush to mine. His lips find my mouth. What a kiss! He’s gently sucking and then forcing it to slightly open so his tongue can slip in. When the tip meets mine it’s like electricity zooming through my entire body. The wet skin as such is an incomparable kick. I feel his lust, greed, his urge to consume me. I can smell it, too. His male aroma is intense and makes me weak and tremble. He moves even closer. His hardness presses against my thigh now. The kisses get rougher and he starts biting my neck, letting out slight groans. His chest is moving faster as he starts panting.

My mind is on alarm mode, yet my body wants more. Dave seems to detect my inner battle again.

„Shush, let go, sweety! This is freelove – no hidden catch, no strings attached – just freelove!“

His skin is so velvety smooth and the scent of his skips me into oblivion! I bury my face in the curve of his neck. He attempts to hoist me onto the fringe.

„Hey, isn’t it your turn?“ I nibble around his lower lip. His eyes widen slightly with want.

„Are you sure?“ He kisses me passionately. Then he guides my hand under water. I take a grip round his hard member. He moans. Then he hoists himself up the pool’s fringe. I part his legs a little more to have better access. Very gently I swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock. He nudges himself up onto his elbows, his head sinking backwards, eyes closed, mouth slighty opened. Seeing all these signs of lust really pushes me over the cliff! I let his dick slip into my warm, cosy mouth – slowly, inch by inch. My tongue follows the throbbing veins, my lips tightening the circle, sucking more and more.

My left hand gently massages his balls at the same time. The rhythm grows steadier and faster by the minute. I grab the shaft and squeeze it a little while moving up and down with my wet lips. He’s growing bigger and harder. It’s getting a bit inconvenient now to take his full length, but I don’t care and let him all down the way in my throat. Actually I don’t fancy gagging, but I can control it this time – I’m too horny to spend any thoughts on it.

„I’m close, baby!“, he growls breathlessly. All his body is tense now and he arches his back. I already see the white as he lustfully rolls his eyes. He wants to pull me away but I won’t let him. And there it is – pulsing and pumping. I swallow his release till there’s no more. A taste like fresh chestnuts and almonds...


He slowly gains back his breath again and brushes some hair out off my face. A long, deep, wet kiss. Then he slides back into the water. Before I can make my mind up he hovers me up the fringe.  I’m already that hot that it needs no persuasion to spread my legs. I see his eyes glistening. Painstakingly slow he kisses up the inner thighs and stops just in front of my entrance.

„Ah, please go ahead! You’re torturing me!“

He keeps laughing and lets two of his slender fingers sliding into my wet channel. His tongue does not need to search for long. He starts moving faster and faster in small circles. My legs start to quiver – I’m near the edge. He obviously enjoys it and starts sucking roughly. It’s like after the eye of a storm – waves after waves keep rolling through my body. Now he has me where he wanted me – now I yearn for it all! I look into his highly satisfied face and let myself sink back into the water, next to him. He immediately wraps his arms tightly around me and kisses me with passion and devotion. All of a sudden he lets me go and soars up the edge of the pool – catlike! I’m puzzled!

„Sweet dreams, angel! Get some rest. It’s going to be busy today!“

He’s wiggling his hot sexy ass in the moonlight and disappears in the shadows of the guesthouse.





Andrew pushes away the nearly finished yar of ‚Glen Livet’. No, alcohol isn’t a comforting friend tonight – and wouldn’t be. Poor Martin! It’s about time that he’s going to get the hang about things! Looking at Dave – thank god! Better – thank Jen! Yet his terrible mood swings can be a real killer sometimes still!

Fletch shivers in disgust remembering ‚Devo-Dave’. Nervous breakdowns – he could rise more than a finger. He still wonders how he could avoid a proper heart attack so far. Sitting between the chairs all the time – trying to be the referee – a very unthankful and exhausting job. Though John must be buried even deeper into all this shit.

Andy’s view wanders over to the photograph on the dressing drawer. Nearly a year now – and the pain is still kinda unbearable!

A splashing sound and giggles drag him out of his sombre thoughts. He walks to the window and peers through the venetian blinds. Hah, Dave and Siv – what a surprise! Curiously he keeps on watching. The full moons frames the whole scene with some surreal light. This fucking horny bastard! He sees Dave’s head between her legs. Why does that make him feel angry and sort of jealous?!

The indiscrete pool party comes to an unforseen early end. David disappears like God made him in the darkness – direction guesthouse. Siv stays in the pool for a little longer and let herself drifting on the back. He feels the strong desire to rush outside – to finish what Dave didn’t do?! Why does he sense all these tiny electric impulses flickering though his body – and at the same time a deep shame and guilt?

His belated wife smiles from her frame as if she was saying: „Andy, it’s allright! Just follow your heart.“

As he looks out of the window again, the pool is deserted. Only the water surface ripples slightly in the pale moonlight.

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