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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 14-15

Chapter 14-15

  2009.08.14. 12:43



I lay on my bed. Outside daylights are fading away. Dave is fiddling with Fletch in his studio. Every now and then I hear Mart’s laughter through the open windows. Feel a bit left outside. No schedule for me today. Well, I could go on retouching Jack’s images – yet I do not feel the vibes for it now. Most of the work is finished anyway.


I close my eyes and listen to my heartbeat. Agitated – that’s me! Would be so nice, if Dave would be here to cuddle on! But that’s out of the question. Yesterday’s session lasted till 3 in the morning!

Deep in thoughts I strip down my jeans and slip. I’m too lazy to get up to jump under the shower! Instead I simply stay on the bed the way I am. My hand starts to wander by it’s own down between my thighs. I close my eyes again. Finger after finger are brushing gently up and down. My clit seems so hungry for the sensation of my circling, squeezing fingertips. I let my index and middle finger slowly gliding into my sensitive, damping folds. Can’t await the thunder and ligthning that would come with growing contractions.

Suddenly I smell a scent that’s not familiar and open my eyes. Very close to my bed I see Curly standing and watching me. Fuck!

„Please, don’t stop!“ His voice is hoarse and raw. He takes my hand and guides it back between my legs. Like in a trance I finish what I started. I feel the waves approaching. The moment I come he’s there with his head and his tongue licks all the wetness I can’t control, bit by bit. Extremely tenderly he plays with my clit and dives into my hot, wet channel. His fingers caress my most precious area – gliding slowly in and out. After leaving a trace of butterfly kisses he moves up to me. I pull his t-shirt over his head. He snuggles close to me. His right hand rests on my tummy.


„So that’s why you’re so vulnerable?“ My look must give it away. „How did it happen?“ I tell him everything David already knows. He looks at me horrified and with an utmost sadness. „I can only repeat myself – I’m so sorry, Siv! If I only had known...!“ His voice trails off.

„How could you? It’s not necessarily an afternoon coffee party story.“

He takes my face in both of his hands.

„Siv, listen – I really wish I could wipe that out! And believe me you can trust me. That won’t happen again! And if you’re in need for a shoulder to cry on – count on me, OK?“ His lips find mine and rest there for a while. His light green eyes are so deep and glowing – I feel a pinch in my heart.

„Is it ...errr...can’t you have sex because of all this?“ „What?!“ He looks slighty embarrassed. I face him, a little asthonished, with a growing smirk.

„How would you call this here?“

„Argh, you know damn well what I’m talking about! Dave is close to flip out – but he doesn’t want to traumatize you.“ „Traumatize?!“ „Yep, that’s how he called it.“ „Just, because he couldn’t bury his dick into me so far?!“ I don’t believe it!

„Well, he might have a point there. I’m a bit tense. He’s such a sensitive guy to respect that. Besides – I’m not really keen on a fling with a married lad – as hot he might be!“

„Does that assumption come from your mind or body?“ Martin is grinning at me. „Me friggin head I’m afraid!“ I poke him.


There’s a rap at the door. Dig it – I answer the call and it swings open. Dave. What a surprise!

He’s staring at us slightly flustered and then puts on a broad smirk.


„What the heck are you doing there?“

„Trauma-therapy.“, I purr twinkling with my eyes.

„Well, I couldn’t do anything else but help when finding her here all alone, as she had to play with herself.“

„CURLY!! You promissed me something!“

„Relax, sweety! It’ll stay within the family!“

Dave’s laughing and places himself next to me onto the bed. His hand moves gently up my naked thigh.

„Is there any space for me left?“ „For snuggling, no problem – anything else – no no!“ Geez, what am I saying?!

He quickly strips and slips close to me, pulling the sheets over us three. Here I am – in the middle of these two gorgeous hot bods! Warm, silky skin from both sides, searching lips, hot breath. Arms to hold me save and hold me close against strong bodies.


Some time later I awake and loll. Oops, there’s somebody moving next to me!

„Please, don’t do that again, or I can’t guarantee for anything!“, whispers Dave’s voice in my ear. It’s dark in the room meanwhile and it takes a few moments for my eyes to adjust. I just can see schemes. Mart is breathing deep and regularly on the other side.

„I want you so much, Siv!“ His warm, velvety lips caress my neck and slowly wander down to my breast.

„Do you like it?“ I feel goosebumps running down my spine. He starts digging his teeth deeper into the flesh of my neck. I let a little moan slide out of my mouth. Then his tongue starts sucking my left nipple. It’s like electricity running through my entire body.

„Oouch, be careful! You’re just like a wild animal, Dave!“ Yet I enjoy this sweet pain. „I’m YOUR wild beast – and it makes you hot, I feel it!“ He nibbles at my other breast while his hands stroke all over my body.

„What about Curly waking up?“ „Is that the only fear you have? I don’t give a damn!“

I take his right hand and put it between my thighs.

„God, you’re already dripping wet!“ He crawls skillfully over me, pushes my legs apart and kneels between them. Very slowly and carefully he starts entering my center of lust. I can feel every part and detail of his rock hard member gliding into me, bit by bit. I’m near screaming! No pain – just pure lust! He starts thrusting into me faster and more intensely. Deeper and deeper – filling me finally completely. His fingers are grasping into my hips. Then he pulls my left leg over his shoulder to have even further access.

„Oh, please come, Siv! Squeeze me! I can feel your walls clenching around my cock – I can barely move!“ Dave’s panting meanwhile, gasping for air. Sweat is running over his face and chest. He increases his thrusts for a last time. I feel the contractions starting in my lower abdomen. The tide keeps rushing in – wave by wave. I nearly faint letting myself dive into this ocean of lust. He just needs one more move and releases himself deep inside of me. Have to bite into his shoulder not to scream out loud. Dave moans and growls and lets himself collapse onto my body. Sensing his weight on me drives me crazy. I brush through his sweatty hair – completely exhausted and happy. Floodgates opening. Tears searching their way down my cheeks. Damn, he must get the impression I’m a real  crybaby.

„It’s alright, angel.“ He kisses away some of those wet pearls.


Mart is moving next to us. „Finally ready? I’m close to explode here, man! You two are so mean to me!“

I’m cringing for a second. Curly smiles at me and brushes over my hip. Dave drags me into his arms – as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Before I can spend another thought on it Mart’s head moves between my thighs.

„Mhm, you taste like Dave!“

I pull him at his curly hair.

„You!“ I stop shortly. „How would you be so sure of that? OK, you’ve seen it.“

Martin and David smirk at each other knowingly. Then Dave shakes his head.

„No – not now, Mart. We’ll save that for another occasion.“

Curly moves up to me with an evil smirk on his cheeks.

„You can take it as a fact I know bleeding well – and vice versa.“

Before I’m able say anything he seals my lips with a deep kiss.





I got myself a deck chair at the pool and loll in the sun – wearing my tiniest bikini. After a little more than 15 minutes I must have dozed off...something really cold touches my left scapula.

„Hey, you’re just getting awfully sunburned, hun!“

David crouches next to my chair. Oouch, my back definitely is uncomfortably hot and prickles like millions of tiny needles. I look into the abyss of his eyes and have to squint.

„Oh, I must have been tired enough to nod off.“

He puts on one of his dazzling smiles and gets up. The cold thing by the way is a glass of iced diet coke.

„I have some Aloe Vera gel with me – lemme fetch it for you, OK?“ He moves to his deck chair and unzips his gym bag that’s beneath it and then returns with a green tube. A fast ‚zapp’ and the ribbons of my bikini bra are open.

„Don’t cringe – it’s going to be a bit cold and hurt. Damn, it’s already freaking red!“

I feel the gel on my skin, can’t help it to move a little. My nerve endings sending tons of signals through my body when his hands starting to spread the liquid gently.

„Tell me, if you can’t stand it. I’ll try to be very careful. Darn, it’s about time! Your skin might peel off later anyway – geez!“

Uncomfy? He for me?! I switch off the sunburn and concentrate on his hands. His long, slender fingers run softly down to my hips. He’s twitching a little at my bikini bottom and goes on massaging the gel in.

„That’s for sure one of the worst sunburns I’ve seen so far!“

I bite my lips as he trails down the back of my thighs. Pulling my bathing sheet I slightly turn around to him.

„You’re amazing! I’m such a dumbfold – not having used the sunblock! Well, it’s a bit of a challenge to reach one’s own back.“

He winks. „Too late now, mylady! At least the gel will speed up the healing process.“

I hear another voice from behind.


„Tut, tut, Dave! You can’t be left unattended for a minute, ay?!“

Mart gives us his most feisty grin – his curly locks looking like a furry ball. He’s wearing swim shorts and a yellow bathing sheet. After conquering a deck chair he takes place next to me on my chair.

„Need some private tutoring? You already start to ‚glow’ at the front as well, babe!“

He fetches his sunscreen. So I end up being pampered from both sides! Gosh – where to with all those lustful thoughts and sensations?! Mhm – they really could go on like that for a little while!

Dave’s hands make their way over my shoulders again – moving forward to my collar bone. I know there are some acupressure points – and yes, he’s exactly searching for them!

„Lean yourself back against me.“ I follow his request and sense his naked chest and stiff nipples against my back. He massages and pinches gently along my neck – obviously knowing what he’s doing. I close my eyes and let my head sink even lower, moaning softly.

„Ah, that’s so nice! Where did you learn about that?“

„Acupressure? Suzanne showed me – it’s great, isn’t it?“

Meanwhile Mart’s eagerly covering my front with the sun protection. He finally reaches my bikini zone.

„Hey, Curly – me thinks there’s no chance to get sumburned!“

Evil smirk! He doesn’t show any ambitions to stop. Dave adds a saucy: „Mart will show you where the sun’s rising!“

Bevor I can retort anything he already pulls the briefs over my knees. I feel his fingers soflty trailing down my inner thighs. David keeps kissing my neck’s curve. His warm breath’s is getting faster and I’m aware he’s turning more and more excited. Horny bastard! When his hands cup my breasts I can’t sit still any longer. Mart is caressing my luscious folds and clit.

„I knew it! You like US! Already soaking wet, wow!“

God bless I already have a sunburn, otherwise the spontaneous deep red colouring of my face would have been to bloody obvious! Hell!

Martin bends over and the next moment I feel his tongue searching it’s way deep into my hot wet channel. I’m clinging my fingers into the cushions. Dave whispers into my ear: „Do you want to feel all of me? Deep inside you, deep and hard?“ His voice is slighty trembling. He bites into my shoulder. I cringe with horniness. Dave at my back, Mart between my legs – unbearable!!

Curly lifts his head again. He seems to know that Dave is a loose cannon meanwhile. With a devillish grin he gets up.

„Come on, let’s dip into the water! It’s getting too hot for me here!“

I could kill him! Dave isn’t for a shilly-shally so he gets my arm and pulls me off the deck chair. The two of them grab me and carry me to the pool – throwing me into the water! They jump straight after me.

Woah, it’s friggin COLD! I immediately have crawlies all over my body. Dave approches me and pushes me to the fringe. When his lips close around mine I am about to faint for a split second. Yet I stay. This kiss is demanding, not soft at all. His voice in my ear again: „Please, touch me!“

He’s guiding my hand under water and I can feel his arousal between my fingers. And it’s massive! Another cold shower down my spine! He detects it and gives me a lascivious smirk.

„Yeah, it turns you on! You can’t await it to have it rammed deep into you to the full again!“ He bites my lips and his tongue is darting into my mouth to meet mine. Could a kiss be deeper and more passionate?

„Leave a bit for me, man! You’re such a greedy bugger!“

Mart swims towards us.

„Sure, Curly. You could start holding her for me. She tends to shake herself free!

Both have that naughty boyish grin on their faces.

„God! You’re such dirty pigs!“

My playful disgust shows the expected reaction. Both ferociously nod.

„Then we’re three of them already!“

Dave’s eyes are glistening sardonically. Mart starts nuzzling my neck. Then he pulls my arms to my back and starts kissing me again. Gee, and I thought I saw sparkling stars while Dave tortured my lips! Don’t you underestimate sweet Curly!

David hoists me onto the pool’s fringe and forces my legs open. As I can’t move I have to let him his will. I’m electrified! It’s definitely different compared to that night recently. For a short moment my moral conscience lifts a finger. ‚With two guys at the same time?! And one of them is still married with family!’ My governess gets knocked out by my evil part. ‚Dig it, babe! That night you had your pleasure and didn’t care – why now? Take your chance and have them all! It’s SEX, a pure physical thing! Not more, not less!’

Well, there’s not much energy left for further thoughts – what Dave now starts to do with his tongue let’s me shiver and quiver! Darn, he’s got experience – no doubt about it! He exactly knows how to lick and suck to drive me absolutely crazy! And the looks he currently flashes at me – I could kill him! But Mart holds me tight and chokes all too extreme moans with kisses. I’m bloody sure it’s not the first time that those two work as a „team“!


It doesn’t take long to make the sweat come creeping out of every pore of my body.

„Still can hold it back, baby? I feel you – you’re close to take off!“ Dave’s grin is so naughty I nearly can’t breathe. So I gasp between Mart’s kisses. „Do you want to torture me?! I’m going nutz here!“

„I release you any sec – don’t you worry!“ Dave hoists himself up the fringe and finally sits, legs spread, hanging into the water. Mart losens his grip and I can turn around to David. He drags me onto his lap and kisses me ferociously. I sense him gliding slowly into me. Very gentle at first, then more demanding. I squeeze my legs tightly around his hips. It drives him even more to the edge that I show my own lust that obviously. His thrusts grow faster and and faster. That hot breath of his at my neck and the lustful glow in his eyes is all that’s needed to finish me off in the end. So I can’t spend that much attention to Mart softly kissing and caressing my back.

„Let go, come for me! I feel it – you want to! I can’t wait any longer!“, breathes Dave into my ear. And then the waves roll over me. Languorous muscle contractions, starting from my centre of lust, making their way through my complete body.


„Yesss, come – scream out your lust! I want to hear you!“


Meanwhile I’m that far from reality that I don’t spend any thought on where we were and who might see us. Accordingly I let my feelings show and hear! That’s agitating him that much – he only needs a last, deep thrust to release himself into me, moaning out loud with a raw, deep voice. Argh, I love him being so carried away! His facial expression – I have to burn it into my brain! I’ve never seen such a lustfully distorted face before! The vein at his left temple protrudes and tiny beads of sweat are glistening on his forehead and cheeks. When his eyes meet mine again it makes my knees go weak.


I slip off his lap and he falls back and gasps for air. Curly pulls me back into the pool. I let myself glide on my back, letting the water carry my weight, and close my eyes. WOW!


„What’s going on here?!“ A wellknown, dark, nasal voice let’s me cringe for a second. Fletch’s approaching the deck chairs and musters us three in the full nude.


„Christ! Dave on his back – pumping like a beetle, Mart with the broad smirk of a cat that licked some cream and...“, he smiles boyishly at me, „a sunburned mermaid with a very satisfied expression on her face! Now tell me, what I shall think of all this?“ He winks ironically behind his design glaces.

„Beetle! You better watch out!“, Dave rises slowly.

„And I’m not ready with her yet, so you better piss off!“ Mart cuddles closer to me.

„Argh, now listen to those wackos! Could you please rescue me out of their clutches?“

I’m twinkling at Fletch for help.

„Do you want to be rescued at all?“ Laughter unisono. I pout.


„Are you going to be ‚nice’ to me aswell?“ Andy slips off his flip flops and lets himself slowly sink into the pool. I pretend thinking about it quickly.

„Hum...lemme could give it a try.“ „Umh, doesn’t sound that bloody much convincing...uh hum...“, he reaches for me.

„Get lost, Fletcher! She’s mine now!“ Mart tries to erect himself with all his height in front of me. Compared to Fletch and his 6ft 7“ that looks definitely funny! I hear Dave’s loud chuckle. As a last resort I try to dive away to the right and get to the other end of the pool. Darn – David is already there!

„No way, babe – not without paying tax!“

Mart is already behind me. I start kicking water.

„Help! Mercy! Time out! Pretty, please! Basil!!! Where are you when needed?!“

I swallow some water and have to cough heavily. Finally Dave gives way and I stagger to my deck chair, still gasping for air and completely exhausted. Curled into the bathing sheet I lay back to cool down. The guys take their seats as well and smirk the hell out. Now Basil comes into the scene, wagging his tail. Excellent timing! Me thinks we need some further training on that.


Fletch pours himself some orange juice. „I just wonder about your motifs concerning us. You’re sure you’re a serious photographer?“

Time for a pout again! Then I have to grin.

„Erm, how about groupie then?“

Mart giggles. „Nah, those ones behave completely different. Well, doesn’t mean you weren’t after us...I have proofs now!“

I throw the bottle with sunscreen after him – missing him only a few inches.

„You’re such a bleeding bastard, you know? Your hair style should be proof and warning enough!“

„I already told you – your hair will be your dispair! Now look, what kinda emabrrassing situation you’re in!“ Dave holds his tummy, shaking with roaring laughter.

„! Be careful or I’ll open Pandora’s box.“ He winks over to his mate again so knowingly.

I look over to Andy.

„Is this how they’re supposed to be all the time?! How did you survive so far?“

Fletch purrs like a cat.

„Yes, yesssss....more! More sympathy, please! Finally someone that can rely to the misery I’m constantly in since I was so stupid to get involved with those freaks!“

„Blah, blah, blah...and you’ll have a heart attack soon, yeah, yeah...!“

„Woah, you are such pricks! Come, darling, we’re better off to the whirlpool! You wankers will stay here – you had your sweets already!“

„You’re sure?“ I’m twinkling at him. He get’s up from his chair and approaches me – and before I can spend another thought he grabs me and throws me over his left shoulder – stratting to the whirlpool.

„Don’t waste any energy on defense – I don’t buy it anyway, baby!“


I have to admit – I love those bubbly things! Geez, makes you even more wurly than you already were!

Cuddling into Andy’s strong arms I enjoy the turbulent waters around us. A nice shiver is conquering my complete backside.

„Mhm, love your scent!“ Fletch’s nose is trailing down my neck. „What’s it?“

„Laura – Laura Biagiotti.“ „Fits you. I hate those heavy, sweet perfumes. This is delicious! May I have a bite?“ His smirk is evil. As I don’t complain his soft lips begin to tackling my earlobe. When he reaches the curve of my neck I start to tremble slightly. I feel his teeth slowly grinding in. My muscles tense with lust. „You like that?“, he mumbles in between – kissing and biting softly again.

„Hmh, yes...and you deserve some treat...always the last in line.“ Can’t help and giggle. Then I turn around a bit to find his lips – devouring his mouth passionately. His reaction is prompt and our tongues meet in a deep kiss. One of his hands makes it’s way between my thighs. The water is tickling on my skin like electricity – and I feel a thunder storm rising within me.

As his fingers glide into me I let out a soft moan. He bites my neck again gently.

„You’re feeling gorgeous!“ His member hardens against my left thigh. Yet he resists and kisses my throat softly.

„Do you really want me?“

His question hits me without warning. I seem to look like a living questionmark.

„Your body is positive, but I’m not sure about your other self.“ I’m totally puzzled now.

He smiles at me in a way I haven’t noticed before – warm and tender.

„Don’t you think we’re horny bastards all the time. Those two there – all in all big kids – evil at times and somtimes just can’t get enough. And they had their lessons in life, you can trust me. Though it’s tough to deny them anything, ay?“ He caresses my right cheek.

„You’re not that easy going girl you’re pretending to be. You’re a woman with a history as well – I’m sure. I liked you the first time I set my eyes on you. Don’t you feel obliged to anything just because my dick has a life of it’s own.“

My mouth dries and I have to swallow hard. I expected anything, just not this!

„Sorry, if I messed up the mood now.“ „Dig it, Andy! I’m just a bit...surprised. This comes sorta unexpected.“

He pulls me tighter into his arms.

„You know, you have some things in common with Dave. If I look into his eyes I know immediately what’s on the program. And I saw a lot in there, I can assure you. Shall I tell you more? I’m pretty sure he also had this Déja vu, when he met you.“

„I am myself!“ „Sure, you are – but you’re also somebody with all channels on air, right?“

„Hmh, I get more information than I sometimes want or can handle, that’s correct.“

Andy starts humming. „ all soulsisters and soulbrothers...“. „Argh, come on! Stop kidding me!“

He smiles and his teeth twinkle in the sunlight.

„Mark my words, Siv!“


Laughter and turmoil is waving over from the deck chairs. Dave seems to chase Mart around the garden area. He must have teased him with something as David follows him with his sheet rolled like a lasso. We hear him: „Wait, till I get you, Curly Sue! You’re dead!“

„All saints! Those two will be my grave! Just like kids!“

We crawl out off the whirlpool and head for the location of kerkuffle. Mart comes running towards me and hides behind Fletch’s back, looking for help. And there’s Dave already – dashing around the corner. He just manages to stop in front of us.


„Hand him over! He deserves to be punished!“

„Mercy, oh King!“

I have to giggle.

„What the frigg is going on here?!“

„Too shocking for delicate ladies ears.“

Fletch enters the bizarre conversation.

„Stop it NOW! Remember that Anton will be here soon concerning the layouts? And when Jack get’s a nose of this we really are going to have a hellhound loose!“ He darts a stark look at Dave who immediatly turns serious again.

„Right, Fletch. Rosie and Calo will join us at the weekend. So we need to behave anyway.“

I don’t buy the „behave“ thing – yet he should know what he’s talking about.

„Cool, I can finally start shooting sweet pics!“

„That’s the idea behind it, luv. Errr...and you won’t take any sweeeeet pics of us?!“ He’s smiling broadly now.

Mart is collecting his clothes and stuff. „Calo will be a lil sucker. You won’t stand a chance – he’s already a lady killer!“

I intentionly look sceptic.

„Hum – well, if he comes after YOU...we will see.“ I just can duck in time to avoid Mart’s slipper!

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