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Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 16-17

Chapter 16-17

  2009.08.14. 12:45



We’re in Dave’s room. I’m just standing there – in the middle – and another cold shiver is creeping down my spine. He steps behind me. I can sense his body by the warmth radiating from it, feeling his hot breath against my neck. His strong arms encompass me. We remain silent for a while – just glued at that spot. This for sure is going to be very different to the pool extravaganza we had a little while ago! I can’t help to start trembling. He pushes me softly onto the bed and snuggles close to me.

„Shush, no words necessary!“ He pulls the blanket over us. No inclinations to peel off his or my clothes. I feel the presence of his body next to mine, knowing he must experience the same sensation.

His look is beyond any abyss. I can’t shake free – have to face him and let myself go. No idea for how long we were clinging to each other like that – seems like an eternity! He’s the first to move again. Gingerly he traces the contours of my face with his fingers – like reassuring I was real. My hands keep slightly shaking when I myself touch his face. How I love those laugh lines around his radiant eyes! Most men look aged having them – he more appears youthfully matured. It’s said life writes into a person’s face – you just have to read in his. Though lots of information travels via Dave’s eyes. God!

When my fingers reach his lips he forms them into a kiss. He drags me even closer to him and then properly kisses me. All those different impressions flooding me drive me crazy! Lust, curiosity, anxiety, dispair, pain – all at the same time!

„You can’t bear yourself again.“

„Yep...and it really gives me a pain that you obviously are able to detect that so well. Geez, you’re like Jen! She’s the same – sorta seismograph! It really scares the shit out off me, you know?“

I gently remove a strand of his hair from his temple. „ Don’t you worry, I can’t read you like an open book.“

„Hum – I just feel I can’t hide like usual.“ „Do you miss your shield? I didn’t mean to threaten you.“

He gives me a little smile. „No, on the contrary!“ „Yeah, it’s tough not to be just ‚surface’. Didn’t you tell that in one of your numerous interviews? ‚You only will get suface with me.’ As such that’s quite reasonable in the job you have.“

He adjusts his position and I move into the crook of his arm.

„Well, you’re merely talking to David here, not necessarily Dave, Depeche Mode.“

„Argh, THAT’S pretty obvious for some time now! Down at the pool Dave was fooling around – but David was and is there as well at the same time – you just don’t want to recognize him every now and then cause he’s not really your friend at the moment, hmh?“

„Yes – this swinging between worlds somehow contains some schizophrenic tendencies.“

„And it leaves you cold and lonely as it looks – though you hide it well to the outside. I’m pretty sure you underestimated that from the beginning.“


A painful expression appears in his green-brown eyes. He turns to the side and fetches his laptop.

Have to smirk – it’s a MacBook Pro, too. We both turn over onto our tummies and watch the screen.

In no time the thing booted and I stare onto the desktop wallpaper with open mouth. One of my very own images is sticking into my face – ‚Fallen From Grace’.


„This pic is so incredible! Sums up my life if you want it that way. Flown to high and burnt one’s wings at the sun – and not just once! My first thought was: How sad! Yet then it zoomed into my conscience that the being there had carbonised wings and seems to lie there paralyzed – but there’s a staircase! With a bit of effort this fallen angel could crawl up the steps. Who knows what will await him at the top? We can’t escape our karma.“


Tears are making their way over my face. Nobody ever interpreted a piece of my work that much to the spot! I feel definitely sick.

„Don’t cry, baby! I know – darn karma!“ He gently kisses the wet pearls away. I’m searching for a tissue to clean my nose.

„Hum, I must have messed up something really important in my past life then – that much as it strikes back at me now.“ I try to sound wryly – with not much success.

„Just ask me! You know – my wise, old friend in New York luckily reminds me from time to time not to forget about the essentials in life.“ „Oh, yes – I have one of his quotes sticking to my living room wall!“

David is smiling broadly. „Which one?“

„You only suffer as long as you want to!“

„Ah, THAT one! So much truth in it!“

„But not that easy to implement in one’s life. I have the slight suspicion you as well still haven’t finished suffering yet.“

He nods with a sombre expression and slouches his shoulders. „And I still easily manage to drag in people I love and hurt them. Sabotaging myself – that’s me.“

I immediately recall the lines of „Use You“: ‚I’m hurting you with everything I do...’.

„That’s within the nature of things, Dave. If I have my mood swings you better do not cross my way – though I’d be in desperate need of a human touch. I’m like a cat then and will scratch anyone trying to get too close to me. It’s so absurd!“

„I thought something similar. You also have this certain melancholy in your deep, blue eyes. Well, it’s comprehensible.“ He carefully strokes my belly.

„Hey, yes – but life is not just sorrow! I simply don’t want to accept that!“


There’s a knock at the door. Dave rises from the bed and moves to the source of sound. My eyes wander to my watch and I am surprised. Where’s the time gone?!

It’s Martin with his Gretsch.


„I don’t want to disturb you, but you HAVE to listen to this!“

He looks quite excited. You can see the creativity burst in his eyes sort of. I really like him a lot!

He plunks down into the chair next to the bed and starts tinkling the strings.

I listen with fascination. It’s such a beautiful, sad melody! My heart cramps kinda. Seeing David’s face I know it’s ‚working’ in his mind. He grabs some writing paper from the bedside locker while humming. It seems to be the right time to leave the guys to their creative process and so I make my way silently to the door. In the hallway I nearly bump into Fletch again who’s got his mobile at his ear – as usual. He gives me a sign to wait and ends the conversation.

„That was Anton. Some urgent changes in schedule on his side – he’ll come tomorrow around lunch time instead.“ Smiling he adds: „Can’t help it, but you all won’t break down crying now, won’t you?“ I punch him into the side.

„Mart and Dave are into some composing anyway.“

Andy listens to the soft keys that evade Dave’s room and smirks.

„Beautiful, damn yes!“ „Yeah, but I thought I’d better leave them to it. Somehow I felt a bit...out of my element there.“

He caresses my cheek. „I know what you mean. They’re somewhere else, far away – wouldn’t even notice a bomb under their asses. Bleeding artists!“ Then something else seems to cross his mind.

„Could you please take Basil out for a walk? He’s so nutz at the moment! I need about an hour to get some office stuff done at the desk – in PEACE!“

„Sure – no problem! But be aware that he won’t let me ever leave again.“

Andy faces me again and the look in his eyes gives be another cold shower down the back.

„That definitely could happen.“





Mart is tossing and tumming in his bed. Too many pictures and thoughts tumbling in his head. Sleep does not want to come.

„Hopefully I didn’t upset her!“ He hits the blanket with his open hand. Darn! Why did he let slip this innuendo with Dave?! On the other hand – he’s pretty sure that Siv’s got more intuition than all at this godforsaken place together! And for sure more than he might liked to. Hum, why not? She took the threesome very well. On the surface, OK. Whatever happens behind her blue eyes – even Dave seems to be out of words – and that’s saying something! What did he ask? „Do you believe in Twin Souls, Curly? I’m so sure I’m just looking one into the eyes!“


Enough! Mart pulls away the sheets and jumps out off bed. He leaves his room direction kitchen. The clock on the wall ticks loudly, nearly the frequency of his own heartbeat. 4.12 am – superb! He fetches some cold milk from the fridge. A sound at his back lets him cringe.

„Dave, you idiot! Geez, I’m still frozen in shock!“ „Duh, should I have hooted? Around THIS time?! You are really a jumpy chicken!“

Both burst out into laughter. David opens the fridge as well and quickly closes it again. „Argh, did Fletch inhale all the diet coke again?!“ Instead he pours himself a glass of mineral and grabs a banana.

„Insomniac, too?“ „What do you think? I usually sleepwalk around this time!“ Dave has an ear to ear smirk on his face.

Mart fixes his opposite for a moment and then moves forward – close to him. Dave puts away the glass and his arms close around Martin the same time he does. There’s much love and respect  in their eyes. Completely oblivious the two stand in Fletch’s kitchen, sunk into a deep kiss.


„Woah, you both look so incredible together!“

Siv’s smooth voice drags them back. Her eyes are very dark and slightly widened.

„Please, immediately to the living room! I want to shoot some pics with you!“

Dave and Mart look at each other kinda thunderstruck.

„Don’t you worry! Nobody but yourselves will ever see them – if that’s what moves you.“

„You want us“ Mart really is puzzled. He didn’t see that coming. David is the first to come back to his senses. He grins evilly. Usually he’s the one who’s most comfortable with physical stuff.

„Curly, come on – I think she really means it.“ He quickly kisses Mart’s lips again. „Before I lose the mood!“

Martin seems to wake up from his trance finally. „I hear you, loverboy! OK, let’s move it then!“

Both follow the tall, dark haired woman to the living room.


„In front of the fire? On the deer skin?!“ Dave is shaking with laughter. „Isn’t that a bit much cliched?“

„Why is that? Isn’t love THE cliche itself? I don’t want to do a gay porn with you!“, Siv grins back. Then she fetches her camera gear from behind the couch.

„A word of warning! Don’t you dare to harm my lenses! They only recently have been professionally cleaned!“

Dave’s bubbling over from laughter. „WE aren’t motherfuckers!“ He well remembers the scene in Mal’s office.


While Siv is arranging her camera Mart quickly disappears and returns with a few utensils – towels, wet tissues and a small bottle. Dave glances at the latter with a smug grin.

„You better had thought about that!“

„Okies, end of banter! Let’s get things started! I’ll try to give as less prompts as necessary. Just be yourselves  - the more the better!“ She smiles softly. „You won’t recognize me ten mins later anyway – scientifically proven.“


Curly kneels down onto the deer skin, next to Dave – who rests on his side, bare chest already.

While both exchange a passionate kiss, Mart’s hand wander down to the buttons of Dave’s jeans. Button by button he pushes open. David lets his long, slender fingers trail around Martin’s nipples. Finally he licks and kisses them. They dart out at once. Both of their actions show kind of well known intimacy. Mart let’s a moan slip out of his mouth when Dave grabs his crotch. Short time later the black jogging pants are stripped of, on the floor next to them.


„Come on, lay down!“, whispers Dave, while he removes his jeans completely. Both are fully nude. The flames of the fire cast flickering lights, partly bizarre shadows onto the well shaped bodies. Siv moves around them nearly inaudibly with her cam. Every now and then a slight electronic ‚click’. Like predicted Mart quickly is stricken in his own emotions and the glowing eyes of his opposite. Dave leans over him now and showers his body with kisses – all the way down. His tongue explores the contours of the navel and groin.

„Mart, could you embrace Dave, please? Your arms slightly beneath his back tattoo.“

Martin acts like in a trance.

„Yeah, just like that! HOT!“

His hands then move up to Dave’s head and fondle his hair. David’s mouth already found it’s target of desire. His lips caress Curly’s rock hard member. Mart pushes his pelvis against him, demanding.

Faster and faster Dave’s mouth slips up and down. Martin finally gives him a little signal – yet he does not stop. So he finally releases into his mouth, grunting and moaning. His body quivers and tiny beeds of sweat glisten all over his skin. His wet hair partly covers his eyes.

Little by little his expression relaxes again. Dave takes a sip from a mineral bottle and wipes his lips. Curly sits up and kisses him.

Siv brushes a strand of hair out of her face and shakes her head.

„Unbelievable...unbelievable, how beautiful you two look together!“


Mart whispers something into Dave’s ear. The addressed nods and walks to the wall next to the fire place – hands against, legs slightly spread.


Curly admires the muscles flexing under the skin. The huge tattoo looks irresistable – the more he feels attracted by his tasty ass. He reaches for that tiny bottle and presses a bit of it’s content into his palm. Very gently he starts massaging Dave’s back. In circling movements his hands brush the smooth skin. If women could only feel a fraction of this – wow! A slight scent of lavender and lemon wavers though the air.

Siv whispers: „You bring me to heel!“


Martin takes a little more lubricant and dips his fingers between the cheeks. Dave cringes for a second and then moans full of lust. Mart then lets his complete chest glide over Dave’s back – with nearly no resistance he touches those parts of the skin.

„Please, DO it, Curly!“, David is panting. Mart takes his throbbing member and presses it slowly between the buttocks. Meanwhile he holds Dave’s arms still and playfully bites his neck. Faster and faster his rhythm grows – equally with his excitement. And there it is, the explosion! Followed by a twitching echo from the body in front. Both men air their lust and horniness. Heavily panting they keep on standing for a while, tightly nestled to each other.

Siv let her photo camera sink onto the couch. Her expression reflects disbelief and rapture at the same time.


Mart and Dave loosen each other’s grip.

„Oh my, Fletch will lynch us! Look at the wall, Curly!“ Dave is giggling like a school boy. „I forgot the towel!“

No doubt! There are ominous stains visible at the precious wallpaper. Mart looks hilariously desperate and joins the giggle then.

„I better get a wet cloth from the kitchen, geez!“

Dave wraps the bath sheet around his gorgeous hips. „I’ll meet you under the shower!“

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