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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 18-19

Chapter 18-19

  2009.08.14. 12:49



I turn up the volume again. Full base sensation! „Love Ain’t No Stranger“ of ‚Whitesnake’ hammering through the room. I need this now – banging with my head, letting my hair swoosh into every possible direction.


The screensaver keeps flickering on the screen of my Powerbook. Phew – I really got into some heat again – retouching Mart’s and Dave’s images! Thank god those freaks are on their way to Heathrow Airport to pick up their kids.


Damn, what have I done? I never expected them to go down all the road. And I really was up to scratch – excellent close ups, moody scenes – not at all gay, but sensual it nearly hurts. I didn’t show them so far yet I’m pretty sure they’ve never seem themselves like that before. Alone the expressions and tiny gestures – all that bodytalk. If I hadn’t done those pics meself I wouldn’t believe it.


Nearly missed my mobile buzzing and jump for the CD-player to turn down the volume.



„Hi, Siv! This is John. All fine with you there?“

I let myself sink into a chair next to the window – grinning. If he would know!

„I’m good – thanx! In the middle of shooting and retouching. Got some bloody great images from Mart and Dave already. Still have to check Andy’s – just did them yesterday. You know him – always that sincere and a lil clumsy. Geeez, I’ll need all my charme warming him up, I’m afraid.“

John’s roaring laughter at the other end of the line.

„Nah, John – it’s not about his paunch!“

„Are those freaks back from the airport already?“

„Nope – you know Heathrow – friggin surprises always guaranteed! Wouldn’t shake me if there’s a nice lil delay included. I recall Andy mentioned something returning around half past four.“

„Ah, well – that’s over three hours – without delay! I’m in the area – anything I shall bring in for tea time? Pastries, cake, scones?“

I wet my lips. Sounds tempting.

„I’d love to – having a creative break here anyway. Anything with fresh fruit would be a delight!“


John finally arrives loaden with strawberry tartlets and vanilla ice cream. I hurry to the kitchen for some mocca. When I return to the living room I see him bent over my Powerbook. Shit, I didn’t switch it off, just put to sleep! Even then it’s very impolite to watch!

„Nothing of interest for you to see, Jonathan! Didn’t know you’re that nosy!“

„Siv, for heavens sake! What kinda images are THOSE supposed to be?! And as manager and friend I HAVE to be interested – especially into this!“


I let the tablet with the plates drop down the table with a loud thud. He’s still scrolling – a bewildered expression on his face.

„That bad?“

„Bad?! Are you nutz? I have not the slightest clue how you persuaded those two – but I haven’t seen such bleeding great images of them so far! God – I’m for sure straight – but you really make me damn nervous here!“

He flips the laptop closed. Little perls of sweat on his forehead.

„Coffee? I need something bloody cold now!“

We both burst into laughter. I’m going for orange juice and some ice. Then we sit together on the couch.

„Did they get a glimpse at those pieces of art yet?“ „No, just finished the editing.“

He brushes his moustache and stares absentmindedly into his glass.

„You’re aware of this being fuel for conflict in the wrong hands?“

„Listen, I’m not that naive! And the whole session wasn’t just a result of monomania.“

„But you weren’t really thinking about some other eventualities?“ Now he’s smirking at me.

„Well, it just happened.“ Can’t hide my grin now aswell. „I wanna see you entering a kitchen at four in the morning finding two gorgeous looking, half naked guys embracing each other.“

„Yeah, and you couldn’t resist to fetch your camera!“ He’s shaking now with laughter.

„Errr, I’m known for cruising the house in the wee hours the EOS in my hand – shooting what I can! Sheesh, not really like that. I just asked. And at first they were a little hesitant – but then unrestraint, hell!“


I nibble around my strawberry tartled. My opposite watches me eating.

„What?!“ „God, you even make eating a sensual act! You should’ve seen yourself how you licked your lips!“ He’s shaking his head in disbelief. I punch him into his side.

„You...!“ „Yes? No need to blush. I’m used to way more embarrassing scenes with Dave. There’s not much that could shatter me – I think.“


This very moment we hear the main door and the patter of some feet, accompained by different voices and laughter. Definitely children! A blonde haired girl appears in the door frame and Basil jumps out off his basket to greet her frantically. Must be Stella – yes! Definitely Gahan genes! Wow – same eyes and THAT smile! Just the female version – more or less!


„Hi, Basil! You’re looking fine again!“ The girl embraces the setter and her hair kinda melts with the reddish hair of the dog. Then she glances over to us.

„Are you Siv? Dad told me a lot of you!“ She approaches me and offers me her little hand.

„Yep – and you have to be Stella – gosh, you grew! I mean considering the last photo I saw of you.“

„Well, I’m already nine! But being tall – that’s more like you!“ She smirks at me.

„Did you bring your mum?“ „No, she has to work. Important script. Maybe she’ll join us later.“

She turns towards John and crawls onto his lap, kissing him left and right.

„Hey, sweetie! Did you enjoy the flight?“

There’s a voice coming from the background now – another kid’s voice.

„Yeah, we had some fun teasing those air hostesses – and we had loads of Coke!“

Calo Lee Gore – he’s just a chip of the old block! Geee – what ice blue eyes! He for sure can twist ANYBODY around his lil finger! A smile escapes me – NOT me! Well, I hope...


Finally the rest of the family pops up. Fletch already with his mobile pressed against his ear, Curly manoeuvring a huge wheeled suitcase and Dave carrying a pink girls backpack and a ‚Hannah Montana’ shoulder bag. They disappear into the kids guest room. I’m dashing back into the kitchen to get some more crockery and juice.

After an extended tea time the children nearly drop sleepy from their chairs and are guarded to bed. It’s already after 6 pm and it was a long flight – adding the time shift.

Stella cuddles into Dave’s arms.

„Do you read me a bedtime story, daddy? Or Siv?“ She winks at me.

„Sure, precious! And we’ll take Calo with us as well.“ As a matter of fact he’s already peacefully slumbering on Mart’s chest – like a little angel. A tiny, painful pinch in my heart.

„Siv, you’re coming?“ I get up with a smile.

„Of course.“


Calo and Stella stay in one of Andy’s kids rooms. When I see the bed I have to grin broadly again. Packed with all sorts of toys and stuffed animals!

„So where’s any space left for yourselves? Me thinks we have to evacuate half a zoo here!“

Martin can’t hold himself chuckling. Dave’s „One cuddly pet per bed!“ trails off in Stella’s loud protest.

Finally she made her decision and slips under the sheets.

Calo didn’t move the whole time still sleeping calmly, a white, shabby looking seal under his chin.

Stella is cuddling with a black panther.


„That’s Baghira, right?“

She beams at me. „Yeah, you’re into Junglebook I see.“ She yawns. „So what about the story then?“

I join her, sitting on the lower edge of her bed. Dave’s leaning against the opposite wall and his green-brown eyes glow like those of a cat. Mart got seated on a chair next to his son’s bed.

I cough slightly.


„Once upon a time there was a little mermaid who lived happily with her sisters and brothers down in the sea. Her father was emperor over the oceans and her mother was known for her lovely voice. Anyway – all merpeople are able to sing beautifully. Every time in the evening – when the sun disappeared behind the horizon – the mermaids appeared on the water surface, sat on their favourite cliff and waved good-bye to the day – singing their beguiling songs.“


I quickly look at Stella who’s still observing me with vivid eyes.


„Next time in the morning they were back – doing the same thing to greet the daylights. It happened every now and then that sailors were that much mesmerized by their gorgeous singing that they forgot completely about the dangerous cliffs and their ships usually broke in half, lots of them drowning in the waves. But opposed to their nieces, the sirens, they didn’t mean to harm anyone and tried to rescue as many as possible.

So there’s one of this mornings again, when the girls were sitting on their cliff and an unwary sailing vessel ran aground and sunk. The little mermaid got hold of a young, handsome man who was already unconsciously floating beneath the surface. Yet she could still feel his heart beating and carried him through the waves to the next shore.

He had such a pretty face she couldn’t resist and had to kiss him. That’s something strictly forbidden. Mermaids had no conatact with human beings. The man opened his dark, green-brown eyes and stared at her in surprise. The mermaid was scared to death and swam quickly back into the deep water.“


A little snore tells me Stella is already in slumberland – a soft smile on her lips.


Dave drags me silently out off the room, Mart follows us and gingerly closes the door. Before I even can think Dave’s arms entangle me and his mouth finds mine in a short but intense kiss.


„That’s such a beautiful, sad story, Siv. My sister used to inhale Andersen tales. Well, you tell it differently – just like yourself.“

Mart also hugs me now.

„Did I promise too much? That little devil will keep you busy. And Rosie already adopted you.“

Dave nods.

„She usually is quite reserved concerning strangers.“

I blink at him.

„No clue what you already told her – but if only half of it is true...“

This moment Dave interrupts me with another deep kiss.


We return to the lounge. Fletch meanwhile lit the fireplace. Basil stretches his paws in front of it and immediately jumps up seeing me entering the room.


„Why are you grinning all the time, John?“ Mart joins him on the couch. Dave seems to smell something.

„I didn’t show him anything! He investigated my powerbook while I was shortly out off the room!“


Dave cocks his right brow. Then a boyish grin flashes over his face.

„You finished retouching the images?! Show them – NOW!“

Martin’s expression as well is the hoot! His green eyes have a certain inkling in them. Only Andy looks dumbfouned and irritated.

„You got pics from Mart and Dave already? As I only saw mine so far.“


How do I get out off this ‚mess’ now?

„Errrr – well, those are more private images – not necessarily for the DM-project.“

„Ah, come on! You can’t leave me here in the dark! If John already had a glimpse on them...I’m not some freaky alien!“

Dave bursts into laughter. Curly scratches his chin.

„Our reputation went down to the gutter ages ago – so what! And Fletch is kinda family member, too.“

John chimes in: „Well, then you can send those bleeding pics over the beamer anyway.“

I’m tapping my forehead at him. On the other hand – he’s right. Why not? I plug the notebook into the line in and the desktop appears on the huge plasma screen.


„You better get some strong drinks!“, Mart advises.

„The next round diet coke is on me!“, slanders Dave.


When the first photos hit the screen it’s suddenly absolutely quiet in the room. Only the cracking of the logs in the fireplace is audible. In this huge size the pics have a very real, vivid and intimate feel at them. I already have the lavender-lemon aroma in my nose again – besides other sensations.

Curly ist the first breaking the silence.


„Wow! I never saw me like this before! And that goes for others as well me thinks.“

Dave nods. The expression on his face is revealing a lot. There already is a bulge in the front of his jeans. He’s having kinda flashback – I’m absolutely sure!

Fletch’s jaw dropped to the floor – at least.


„Uhm, I got through some weird stuff with you freaks, but this fucking hot! Are you nutz?!“

Both men look at each other knowingly. Then Martin gets up and approaches me.


„Come here, you hot chick!“

He pulls me up from my seat and closes his arms tightly around me. When he faces me again his eyes are glassy.


„Thank you, sweety!“ I sense Dave’s arms coming from behind. His hot breath against my neck and ear.

John rolls his eyes in comical despair.

„What’s that now? A sandwhich? Did I miss anything? Everyone fumbling with anyone around here?! And who considers me? I will not be able to find any sleep tonight – with all these impressions in my poor head!“

„And who satisfies my demands?“ Andy has a smug grin on his face now and moves nearer.


„Help! Guys, mercy please! You seem to confuse the situation! And remember – your kids are around! They shouldn’t get involved into this!“

That works. Slowly all seem to be yanked back into reality.

„I leave you weirdos on your own now. My head is buzzing from all the working in front of the screen. I need some rest.“


When I finally lay on my bed, I can hear their muffled laughter and talk from afar – then I slide away into an exhausted sleep.





Something wet touches my cheek. I’m still half asleep and slap around me. A male voice close to my face.


„Hey, there’s no need to knock me out! I just kissed you tenderly!“

It’s Dave. I wipe my eyes. Only slept two hours? It’s close to midnight. He carries a very familiar looking lilac box.

„I brought you a bit of something from the airport, you chocoholic!“

„Oh, my fav belgian chocolate! You could remember it? Thanks heaps – that for sure is sweet – literally!“ I sniffle at the wrapping to get a bit of the lavender scent. Dark chocolate leaves with minced lavender flowers. A sensual dream!


„Well, it was me finishing off the last bits – to discover later it’s such a luxury thing not easily to get around the corner shop. And fooking expensive, too!“

„Hey, I’m not even worth that?! Shame on you!“

I try to hit him with a cushion but he’s faster and pushes me onto the mattrass. His eyes are dark and glowing with desire.

„I locked the door...“, he breathes hotly into my ear. There’s no need to convince me – I’m already burning alive! Just to tease him I start fiddling with the box first. Meanwhile one garment after the other falls onto the floor next to the bed. It’s pure joy to slide the first piece of chocolate into my mouth. Crawlies!

He takes one as well, lets a bit stick out off his lips and comes crawling towards me. His eyes are begging. Gently I slip my lips over the rim of the chocolate leaf, sucking his lower lip in aswell. His response gets more and more intense – culminating in a deep, wet kiss.


Our tongues entangle in this sweet rush of slightly bitter chocolate-lavender taste. He points me to lay down. Starting with my breasts he places a chocolate trail down to my belly button. Cautiously he takes one piece after the other with his mouth, licking the remains from my skin. As a matter of fact those leaves already start to melt due to my body heat!


Dave’s hands part my thighs slowly. There’s a dangerous glistening in his eyes now. What’s he after? Prompt answer! His slender, long fingers open my slick folds gingerly and the next moment I sense him dumping a chocolate leaf deep inside my hot channel. Then he kisses me there and moves up to me again – an undescribable smile on his face.


„I’m getting that later.“


Then he rolls onto his back and it dawns me it’s my turn with the chocolate treatment now. I put a piece on each of his nipples and then all the way down. Munching and licking I make it to his navel. This moment I feel something warm dripping along the inside of my thighs.


Dave’s reaction is fast. He rolls me onto the sheets and spreads my legs. What’s happening now nearly lets me faint! After licking my thighs clean he goes for the origin. Again I can experience the qualities the man has to offer with his skilled tongue! Now, that I’m smeared over and over with chocolate he really seems to start off!

Doesn’t take long and I’m writhing under him, moaning – but he shows no mercy. The waves come rolling and my muscles tense to the max – till I yell out my pleasure in a forceful climax. He keeps his lips sealed around my entrance till my contractions finally subsided.


„You are so mean!“

„Yeah? I know another certain somebody...“ „I mean you’re so hot!“

„Well, THAT for sure sounds different!“

He collapses his body onto mine, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck.

„Mmmm, you smell and taste so well! I could eat you alive! Grrrrr!“

I tousle his hair.

„Not a wise idea – then I’m gone – no more playing around! Hell, I have to restrain myself as well not to eat you raw.“

He lifts his head.


„We two are really a wicked pair! But it’s true – I love to consume you!“

Just to proof it he bites into my left shoulder.

„Oouch! Patience – don’t exaggerate! Look, now I’m going get a damn bruise!“

There’s no chance for a proper fight as this very moment he thrusts into me. First gently, then deeper and harder. A questioning look.

„Yes – fuck me hard and deep! I need to feel you!“

That’s all he needed to hear. Our bodies move against each other in a frantic rhythm – both of us panting and moaning loudly. Trails of sweat make their way over his pretty face. Our teeth keep clashing against each other while kissing greedily. His intensity nearly hurts. Such powerful lips!

My muscles are ready to cling around his hardness again – I’m close – ready to explode. That’s what he’s working towards, he’s waiting for. Like mad he pulls my legs around his hips. I dig my fingernails into his back and buck against him, my pelvis meeting his. Then I fall over the cliff. He answers my extensive excitement like an echo and releases his hot fluids into me in subsiding spasms.


Before we switch off the lights we recognize that the sheets are completely messed up with chocolate. Giggling we cuddle together under the blanket. Who cares now? When I hear Dave breathing deep and regularly a few moments later, I let myself fall as well into deep oblivion.

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