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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 20-21

Chapter 20-21

  2009.08.14. 12:53



I have a vivid conversation with Anton about the photo line up for Jack’s CD booklet. It’s getting near the deadline now. The first proofs are back from the printers – not bad at all! I’m amazed about the quality. They do not save on paper or anything.


„Oh, Siv – before I forget – there’s a VIP guest on the way up here. I dared to show him your portfolio. He wants some pics with his wife. Due to his tight schedule it should be right now. Are you brave enough – I mean spontaneous enough?“

„Ant, you know I always do rehearsals first – at least one meeting. The client and me should know what to expect from each other. Who is it anyway?“


Anton shows me a sly grin.

„Surprise, surprise! Dave will join us momentarily as well – he doesn’t want to miss that guy by no means!“

„Grrrrr! Stop teasing me! It’s just not fair!“


Before I can push my blood pressure through the roof the winged doors open. My jaw drops to the floor – literally! David Bowie and his wife Iman appear in the doorway – setting their feet onto Anton’s holy ground!

I’m ready to die! I’m so glad Ant didn’t mention them earlier – my nervousness would have turned me into a friggin zombie! It has the air of shooting with Rolling Stones or U2.


The two different coloured eyes muster me curiously. He’s quite relaxed and laid back, smiles at me and offers me his hand. Nice, firm grip – somehow easy and light at the same time. This man knows exactly who he is.


„Hi, how are you? Siv I suppose? Nice to finally meet you in person! You know my wife?“

Iman shakes hands with me, too. It must be her black genes that she still looks that incredibly beautiful at her age. I’m speechless for a second.

Both of them hug with Anton. It’s obvious they know each other for a long time.


Finally we meet in the couch corner with drinks – David explaining shortly what he’s in his mind concerning the photo shoot. He’s got a photograph with him. Wow – a man with visions that fit into my mind set as well! These are my prefered assignments – when my artistic taste is challenged, too – not only the clients wishes to be fullfilled.

„The theme is not really new – yet I think you could interprete is with your ‚fresh’ view. What do you think?“

I nod. The ‚black & white’ sujet is really kinda dead – but it also depends on the models and their charisma. And they both have lots of the latter!


„Do you only want portraits like on your example – or full figure images?“

Iman smiles and the white glimmer of her teeth creates an extra contrast to her dark skin.


„We’ll drop our clothes – you can have us head to toe.“

Her husband laughs and lights a cigarette. Hell, it’s so sensual how he drags and exhales! Alone this could be a series on it’s own!


„Do as you please! We trust completely in your intuition. And relax – everybody started as a nobody – even Anton!“

Again this straight, handsome man baffles me! He recognized my tension – shit!


„I still have shaky knees entering the stage these days – after all these decades. Shall we start then? My next press meeting is in three hours, unluckily. Enough time for you?“

I nod and get up. Could someone please pinch me?!


Jim crawls between the spots, adjusting them in case. Without him I would be definitely lost. I prefer available lights – not so much the studio set up. David sprawls himself on the sheets, Iman close to him. I just shoot bird’s eye – from top.


„Anton, would you be so kind to get me the body oil from the rack?“

I just have something behind my inner eye. Sure – oil is so much cliched – yet an accentuated use usually gives pleasant results.


„Is it OK with you? I mean concerning your meeting later on?“

The addressed flashes me a broad grin.


„Well, I don’t suppose we will leave this place like oil catchers. Go ahead – I already have naughty thoughts about it!“

Saying this he fixes his wife who smiles slyly back and kisses him quickly.

Anton arrives with the bottle.


„You massage that stuff in, not me!“

„Umh, so I shall wreck my cam?“

To avoid an unnecessary discussion I indeed do the works myself. In the corner of my eyes I detect Dave and Mart entering the studio. The latter gives me a dirty grin. Such a pervert! I definitely know what crosses his rotten mind!


The Bowies stay very relaxed. Iman helps applying the delicately fragranced oil and David massages it in on her skin aswell. A wave of calendula and lemon wavers through the air. That’s for the better as I’m not really comfortable with touching their most intimates areas. He asks for the brand as they both seem to like it a lot.


I quickly clean my hands and observe them for another moment. My camera starts working kinda on it’s own. Iman lets her slender dark fingers wander over David’s member – again a stark contrast in colour. Her hands glide over his thighs and pelvis. With slow circle movements she spreads the oil. The skin starts glistening in an alluring way – yet only decently. The effect is even stronger on Iman herself. Her forms are deliciously stressed and I see a familiar yearning gleaming in her husbands eyes. And this after all those years they are together.


Moreover they both show not the slightest sign of reluctance. They touch and cuddle like it would be pretty normal under these conditions. Well, another series – a vast choice of kisses!


I don’t give any prompts but let them run the show. Usually those are going to be the best images as they are not posed but natural.


When I incidentally turn around to change lens and camera I have a moment to watch Dave next to Mart on the couch. His eyes wander between the Bowies and myself back and forth. His facial expression leaves nothing to the imagination! And the bulge in his pants anyway. Debauchee!

When god served out libido Dave for sure must have queued at least three times! I’ve never seen such a horny guy before! Well, at least near me he never seems to rest. I take that as a compliment!


Finally I have all I need. Two hours – that’s really good timing! Just enough time for a quick show on my Mac picture viewer.


„I need to do a few slight retouches in PS – the usual – yet I hope there are any pics you might enjoy.“


David Bowie pats my shoulder.

„No need to hide there, luv. I know that feeling – you’re also a bloody perfectionist? It takes ages till I’m finally happy with remixing my songs – the complete studio personnel nerve wrecked!“


There’s roaring laughter from Dave and Curly in our back.

„Sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it, Mart?“

The musicians dip into a smalltalk as long as Iman returns after changing again. Then it’s time for the couple to leave.


„Call me when you’ve got the proofs on CDR. I’m around Great Britain till the end of the month.“

He hands me over his business card.

„Take good care of it – it’s my private number.“

He winks at me. My legs feel like jelly again. Kisses left and right – then the two fly through the gull-wing door, out off the studio.


Anton finds his speech first.

„Well done! If you don’t mess up with the retouche you soon will have even more potent clients. Then you can afford an own assistent, who carries the massage oil after you.“

He blinks and smirks in a way I know he enjoys it to help me out every now and then.


„Anton, stop saying anything like that! I still have the odd impression it was just a wicked dream and I just wake up saying ‚what crazy shit again’!“


Dave gives me a pinch on my left forearm.

„Oouch, you idiot! Are you mad? It hurts!“

„See, no dream!“

He quickly pulls me close to him and kisses me passionately – before I could go on spending any thought on a revenge action. His hard on presses against my groin. Geez – cocked and loaded! I have a faint idea that this is just the start. Exactly! He compliments me out of the room into the hallway – pretending he’s getting an urgent phone call – ushering me direction changing rooms. I am shoved into the next free fitting room and he quickly locks the door.


„Hell, Dave! That’s not obvious at all!“

I nearly expected the answer.

„I don’t give a damn! I want you now and not later!“

Saying this his hands already are under my t-shirt, ripping it over my shoulders, throwing it to the floor behind me. Not so fast, my horny hero! I grab his crotch with a mean grin. He gasps and can’t hold back a moan.

„For heaven’s sake, Siv! Don’t you tease me – get him out!“

He’s pushing his groin against me. Painstakingly slow I pull down the the zipper – after opening the button. His ‚little one’ isn’t little any more and pops out at once, bobbing in front of my face. I’m not really in the mood for a blow job. Can’t help another sly smirk. It seems to dawn him that I’m planning to let him suffer a little longer. With a swift and abrupt turn he presses me against the wall, facing it. With one desperate drag my jeans and slip meet the floor and he slaps my bum.


„Bend over – more!“

I do so and he forces my legs open, his hand testing my most delicate area. Without any longer hesitation he thrusts into me – hard and relentlessly, with a steady rhythm and pace. It’s nearly brutal – that much excited he is. But it really kicks me off this time – him letting out the wild, dirty animal. And releasing some pressure – that’s what I need as well after this photo shoot!

His hot breath is puffing against my neck, his teeth digging into my scapula. Damn, this guy is going to fuck my brains out – if I’d let him! He’s just too bleeding hot – I can’t resist. The pleasure sweeps over me and I let myself fall, riding out my orgasm. With a last deep thrust Dave’s lust is releasing into me. I immensely enjoy it and wish time would stand still. Breathless we remain another moment, entangled.


How comes this man has such sensual lips? Again and again his mouth finds mine and I would give anything for this sensation never to end.





Jennifer flips her notebook shut – after she switched off the webcam. Rosie’s laughing voice and her big shiny eyes wrap around her shoulders like a scarf. A soft smile still shows in her dark brown eyes as she gets up from the couch. Yet it slides away slowly.


„Christ, David! Why can’t you keep your feet still concerning other women!“


A sad, disappointed expression flashes over Jen’s face. She feels tired all of a sudden, strung out.

At least he never tries to play with her. He’s blatantly honest – couldn’t hide it from her anyway. His eyes usually give anything away. He simply can’t lie. She sighs. Is she really angry with him? No, she can’t be – knowing him for such a long time and so well. Yet this time it’s not just sex. He told a lot about this Siv – and it touched her deeply, didn’t leave her cold. Shit! She’s not furious – with both of them – no way!

Like following a dictate of conscience Dave’s wife opens her laptop again and clicks onto a link he already mailed her yesterday. Again and again she scrolls down the images and gets stuck at Siv’s own portrait.

Finally she logs into a travel agency’s portal and books a flight for the next day.




Fletch picks up the Teddy bear from the floor. Calo must have dropped it in a hurry when Siv drove him and Rosie to the neighbours farm. James called in to announce a fowl was going to be born very soon. That should be something for the kids. And right he was – they both immediately were off the rocker! Siv just had a broad smile on her face and fetched her photo bag.


Andy places the cuddly pet onto the couch, next to a cushion. How time flies! His kids already are teenagers now and go to a boarding school. Makes sense – as much he’s on the road. And since Grainne’s death things were not really getting easier.


Mart and Dave enter the living room, chatting and giggling.


„Ah, there you are, Fletchman! We should remix the last song again. Something still ain’t right with it!“

„Argh, Marty boy – did I already tell you that you’re a fucking perfectionist?!“

„Ugh, somebody seems to be really pissed off today!“, Dave chimes in. Martin smirks.

„I have a faint idea this could be linked to the presence and absence of a certain lady?“

Now Fletch eyes them both with a piercing look.

„Do you think that’s fair now?“

A moment of tensed silence.

„It’s not everyone that’s so permanently horny like you two! God – I don’t want to know what kinky stuff you’re doing all night!“


Now that is water on David’s mills.


„Not just at night, my dear friend! But serious now – you bleeding well know it’s NOT just like that! Don’t pretend we would fuck across your mansion on a daily basis! Moreover you insult Siv! It’s not so important concerning Curly and me – but would you come down to the floor again, please?“

„Siv likes you a lot.“ Mart throws in. „She’s just not capable yet to show you properly. We try all to make her forget that bloody bastard and his terrible behaviour – so she might turn back into the woman she seemed to have been once.“


Fletch puts down his glaces anf looks for a tissue.

„Sorry, guys! I just feel a little left out at the moment. You two playing your hot games just in front of my nose tip and I...well, I can’t muster a decent approach.“

„She really got at you, mate?“

The addressed nods.

„Why didn’t you take your chance while in the whirl pool? I saw you heavily snogging.“

„Listen, Mart – that woman was trembling in my arms! Put yourself into her situation – you both already had pushed her to the limit – and then me, too? Three guys at the same time? Come on! If I hadn’t intervened you would have fucked her as well that morning!“


Martin has a sly grin on his face now.

„Who knows?“

„But playing the angel here all the time – so insightful! You just follow your hormons! That’s really freaking me out!“


David cocks his brows.


„Hey, that’s not fair! You know bloody well it’s not like that! I just had a vivid discussion with Jen about it.“

„You told Jen about Siv?!“

„Sure. She would have detected it anyway pretty fast. I can’t pretend – you know me. She nailed me at it on our last webcam chat. I recall she said: ‚Dave, what is it? You better come straight with it!’’’


Fletch walks to the bar to fetch a bottle of tonic water.


„How about the future? What kinda perspective is there supposed to be? You only drag that poor thing deeper into the next emotional low – left alone what you do to your ladies at home. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer would be ringing at the door soon.“




I’m relaxing in the bath tub – letting my thoughts go astray. It was a long day and my head aches a little. It was worth it though. I got some sweet pics from the kids while watching the fowl to be born. Still can see the shining looks of Stella and Calo in front of my eyes.



I loll slightly and grab for the shaver. It’s about time. Slowly I spread the shaving foam between my legs. Last time Dave did it I nearly went nutz. Already feel that pleasant tingling in my groin again.


My nose then senses a whif of fragrance that does not fit at all and I open my eyes. Jennifer!!

I nearly jump. What the frigg is she doing here – and how did she enter the bathroom unnoticed?!


She bends over my face and kisses my mouth. Then she takes the shaver out off my fingers and goes on herself. I’m puzzled. Gingerly but carefully the blade glides over my most sensitive areas.

Then she caresses my tummy. There’s not a hint of jealousy, anger or similar in her expression. On the contrary – like Dave the scars seem to move her deeply. Finally she locks view with me and smiles a little.


„You must be definitely shocked and wondering to see me.“

That’s putting it mildly. I must look like a living question mark.

She adjusts herself on the edge of the tub.


„You know – David and I have a really honest and open relationship. We talk about definitely everything that concerns us. And you might remember for how long we stayed together meanwhile.“


She brushes a strand of hair out off her face. Yes – she’s beautiful indeed and I see what must intreague Dave – physically speaking.


„He told you about me and you heard the alarm ringing – jumping onto the next aircraft.“


She’s smirking now.


„Yes and no. I know him well enough not to flip every time when he’s got his emotional moments.“

„So – I’m an ‚emotional moment’ now – thanks very much!“


The all too well known anger keeps rising within me.


„Hey, stop! Keep on listening. I knew at once it’s different – way more serious this time. And yes – I wanted to see who’s causing all this – who I’m going to face.“

„It’s not my ambition to take him away from you, Stella or Jimmy! Moreover...“, my voice trails off realizing what I’m telling her. Jen brushes my cheek.

„I know. David poured his heart out to me several times now during our nightly web chats. Well – it’s usually two in that boat.“


I abruptly sit up – the water nearly gushes over the rim.


„Do you know how you sound like now? What’s that? A fucking samaritan thing of you, Jennifer?! Like – you can be laid by him a few times – it’s just physical – and then he’s satisfied and you and him can return to your daily business?!“

I shoot her a withering look.

„And perhaps you speculate on a threesome? Or why have you been so keen to touch me down there?“


Jen stays surprisingly calm. An attitude she seems to need every now and then for David’s ways as well.


„It turns me on – just like being with men. I’m bi.“ She wipes her nose tip. „Would you prefer a scene – me scratching your eyes out? What for?“


Yes – what for? That’s the question I just pose myself. Can’t hide a slight smirk.

„So you decided to handle it with female weapons.“

She grins back.Then her eyes wander back to my scars.

„It must have been a horrible time for you.“


I hesitate for a moment and then ask her.


„Did Dave batter you when he was using?“

A very sad expression pops up in her dark brown eyes.


„Yes, rarely though – at the beginning when he wasn’t completely clean. You know that I met him in rehab.“

„Well, I know those facts that Mr. Malins so generously spreads in his infamous biography.“

„Yeah. The time till Stella was born – not really easy.“

„I really admired you – being that tough to turn down his marriage proposal.“

„Believe me – he needed such feedback to be able to survive the tour.“

She glances at me in a knowing way I already have recognized on Dave.

„Back to yourself. Have you ever trusted a man since – left alone having had fun and pleasure with him?“

I stare at the ceiling for a while and breathe in sharply. It’s not so easy to beam back into the past – even more into the emotions linked to. She takes my hand and squeezes it slightly, encouraging me.

„No – not really. That’s why...that’s why I’m still puzzled how David could get me defenses down.“

I wonder still.

„Do you have an idea what really blows my mind concerning him?“

„His hot ass?“ She’s laughing aloud now. I poke her from aside. „No, you stupid bitch!“

Then I turn serious again.

„It’s this certain sparkling in his eyes. It’s back since he got clean, met you and found perspectives for his life again. Sure – and since Stella’s birth. His songs about it really make me sob cause they’re so intense and honest – so real.“ I cough.

„And I want this spark of life back – this energy for myself! I’m so sick to suffer! He seems to have found the switch. I still patter in the dark me thinks.“

With another sigh I let my hand fall back onto the edge of the bath tub.


„To hear this from you finally – it really kicks in heavily, Siv. And it’s really nothing you should admire me for.“

Dave is standing in the doorway. We didn’t hear him come.

„How long have you been listening?“

„Long enough.“

He kisses his wife and then embraces me quickly. I already feel like crying again.

„Come, here’s space for you, too. Now that we are all at one spot together.“

My brain feels soft – there’s not much sensible I could talk now. He seems to take it serious though and offers me a bathing sheet. We leave the bathroom and crawl onto my bed.


„How late is it anyway?“

Jen checks her watch and snickers.

„Best David time – 3.45 am.“

He flashes us a tired grin.

„At least we worked away like no good. Even Mart is quite happy now.“ He glances back at me again.

„What did I miss with that ‚hot butt’? Explanation, please!“ He slowly brushes along my bare thigh. Now I realize that I’m the only one in the room – nearly naked! Shit! And as usual Dave can read my mind. He pulls his t-shirt over his head.


„Jen, come on – let’s undress. I think Siv feels quite awkward.“

A juicy laugh follows and then he faces me again with a serious and loving expression. His voice is deep and low, like velvet.


„Would you like?“ „You mean the three of us?“ He winks and nods. „Just as much and as far as you want to – you decide, baby, OK?“ He kisses me passionately.


I feel Jen’s warm body behind me. I roll onto my back and just stay this way. Doesn’t take long and Jennifer’s lips kiss along my thighs. David slips closer, lifts me up and entangles me with his arms. His mouth at my neck, hot breath that starts accelerating. His hands cupping my breats. My nipples stiffen within a second. Yet then an unpleasant cold starts waving over my whole body, creeping into every pore of my skin – and I start trembling like no good.


„No – please...I can’t do this!“ I free myself out off Dave’s arms and sit up. Jen immediately stops kissing and licking – brushing over my arm now. I’m feeling sick – really! I don’t get it – why now? Additionly my tears start rolling down my face. Only thing I can do is jumping out off the bed and pacing to the bathroom. It’s so embarrassing! Shivering with disgust and disappointment I cling to the toilet bowl. Have to gag – yet nothing comes up. I can hear the door.


„Please – I need to be alone!“

„I understand – but you’re OK?“ His voice sounds concerned.

„Me and OK?! Well, my brain just switches to overload and I’m freaking out – anything but that I’m ready for the next party! NOTHING is OK!“


He crouches next to me. I feel his hands in my hair.

„Come on – then really get rid off it all now. You will feel better afterwards.“

Before I can start to quarrel again it really starts moving inside of me and I bend my head over.


After I’m finally finished and cleaned my face I stagger back and let myself sink onto the bed. Jen pulls the blanket over me.


„Don’t think too much. Get some sleep now. Tomorrow is just another day.“


Dave kisses my forhead. I curl between the sheets, close my eyes and start falling into abyssmal depths.

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