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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 26-27-28

Chapter 26-27-28

  2009.08.14. 13:28



Martin just returns from the gym – key still in his door lock – when he hears the phone buzzing inside his pocket. He lets himself quickly in and tosses the sports bag onto the next chair down the hallway.


„Hey, Fletch! How’s it going? Not yet asleep?“

„Hello, Martin! Stop teasing me! You and your sunny Santa Barbara! Here it’s pouring cats and dogs – as usual!“

„Come on – you love the brittish weather still! Hang in there – I just have arrived from the gym. Let me get some fresh clothes first. I switch you on speakerphone.“


While rummaging in his closet he listens to Andy.


„Have you heard anything new from Siv?“

„I talked to Dave last week. He was in a rather bad state and not really talkative. Looks Jen still is in the Hamptons pretending to write on her bloody script. If you ask me she again plays for time. At least she didn’t drag the kids into it again – so far!“

„So you haven’t phoned or mailed her? It’s nearly six weeks now.“


Mart pulls over a clean mint coloured t-shirt. Oh boy, he already smells some complicated conversation again!


„Andy, listen – she needs time. Doesn’t make much sense to me to dig into fresh wounds. I just sent her one email a month ago or so – thanking her for sending the prints and patting her shoulder. That’s all. There wasn’t any feedback.“


A moment of silence at the other side of the line. Martin takes the chance to jump down the stairs to enter his kitchen, searching for some fresh fruit.


„You’re still not over it, right?“

„What do you want to hear, Mart? Basil nearly drives me insane here as well. Every now and then he runs for the front door or the guest room – whimpering and yelping. I had to pull him off her bed several times now. God – I think I’m really going gaga here!“

„Animals can look into people’s souls. I’m not surprised he misses her dearly.“

„Don’t tell me! I’ve been at Grainne’s grave again yesterday. You should have seen him. He was sitting there, staring at her headstone, then at me – and back. I had crawlies all over – like he wanted to tell me something – just I wasn’t able to get it. Or maybe didn’t want to hear it.“

„Stop hurting yourself, Andrew. I know it must be tough – but you have to be patient. And you should stop locking up yourself in your place – get out! If it’s just a hand full DJ sets.“

„I know, I know. Thanx for lending me your ear again, Martin. I know I must getting on your nerves meanwhile.“

„Yes – and NO! Hey, that’s what friends are for! I have to admit though being busy with you and David at the same time is definitely tough. I start to get an impression what you did for us all these years – playing the referee, smoothing out things. Thank you, mate!“

Andy escapes a slight giggle.

„Still waiting for my heart attack?“

„Geez! I better let you go now!“

„OK, OK – looks more like a broken heart condition though. Anyway – I will send you the details for the next sessions as soon as I have them. John already skyped me he’s some changes in plans.“

„Good! So you take care. Cheers!“




Andrew puts his dark rain coat on, pops his collar and looks for the leash.


„Basil, time for a walk!“

He only hears a low whimper from the lounge. Following the sound he sees the setter curled up in his basket near the fireplace.

„You’re allright, old chap?“

The dog licks his hand and then rests his head back onto his paws – showing no ambition to get up.

„OK, so you stay there. I will be back soon.“

Basil looks at him with his big, sad eyes and then yawns.


He doesn’t have to think. His feet automatically seem to know the route they needed to be going. The rain is falling in long, thin strands – droplets collecting on his waxed coat. Mud keeps spraying onto his wellingtons with every step.

The grey old walls of the local graveyard come into sight. The chapel ducks against the dark, cloudy sky – the roof glistening with wetness. The whole place looks deserted – well, it’s certainly not the weather to write home about. The bell tolls eleven. That’s earlier than he had expected – not having checked his watch for quite a while. Why? His days and nights seem to float away in kinda haze anyway.


„Oh, Grainne! Tell me what shall I do!“

He stands in front of the tomb, laying down a deep red rose – like he usually does. From time to time he expects a camera somewhere around – as this must for sure start to look like in a melodramatic film! But it’s real – bloody real! As real as the pain that wrenches his heart.

When another excruciating wave hits him he moves closer to the tomb stone, falling onto his knees and clutches the crumbly, cold Connemara marble – his knuckles turning white.


It’s as if he could suddenly hear her sweet voice.


„Andrew – what are you doing here at the dead? You belong to the living!“


He rests his head against the stone, eyes closed.

„You’re still alive for me!“

His hands now closed to fists, punching against it.

„I can’t let you go! And I can’t live without the other one!“


„So scared to speak out her name?“


„Tell me it’s OK with you, Grainne – please! Give me a sign!“


The rough material leaves some tiny wounds on his fingers. He doesn’t feel them – being absorbed in his turmoil.


Finally – when the cold and wetness creep under his clothes – he slowly gets up to his feet again.


„You’re right, sweetheart. I need to do something!“








David walks into the living room with the mobile at his ear.

„It’s Andy! He’s coming to New York tomorrow!“

He hands me over the phone.


„Hi there, Andrew.“

„Hey, Siv! Glad to hear you finally!“

„Yeah, sorry – but you know – things were a little rough recently.“

„So you’re in New York now.“

„Well, for now. And you will terrorize us from tomorrow?“

„Haha – that’s a good one! No, I have a DJ set. Additionly there are some things to be chinched with Jonathan. Always better face to face than via email or phone.“

„Oh, OK! David already mentioned there will be some more sessions soon.“

„Positive. By the way – here’s someone needing to talk to you. Come here, Basil!“

„Basil? Are you there, my lovely?“

A loud yelp and then some whimper.

„You should see him – he wants to eat the phone!“

„Poor thing!“

„Hey, you could tape your voice for him – might come in handy when he has his moments here.“


There’s something in his voice that reminds me of the certain looks and little notions he had for me while at his home. Oh, Andy!


„You call in when you’ve arrived?“

„Sure – yet I will fall into bed first – I hate this time shift thingy! As I will stay for a week or so we might meet the next day or so.“

„Nice. Do you want Dave again? Otherwise I wish you a comfy flight.“

„Put me on speakerphone.“

I do and look for David – who seems to be in the kitchen.

„Dave, Andy says bye now!“

He peeks through the door. Fletch’s voice echoes through the room.


„OK, mate – I see you and Siv. Watch out that she doesn’t run away again.“

„Hah – I can’t promise that – but I will try my very best. Cheers for now!“


„What are you doing there?“

„Preparing dinner - some salad and pasta. I thought you might be hungry – well, I am.“

He smirks at me.

„And we might need our energies later.“

„Ah, you! One day without sex and you already become pushy!“

„One day AND one night!“

„And for sure this night should pass as well – those pharmacists are no wizzards!“

„Argh – a little gentle action!“

„You and gentle!“

He slips his arms around me, his hot breath against my ear.

„Oh, I can be very, very soft!“

„Now I get it why you dumped Rosie sort of at her school mate’s birthday pyjama party! That overnighter comes in quite handy! You are such a hiddeous personality!“

„Just a little.“

He nibbles at my earlobe. Then he turns serious again.

„Actually I wanted to have some peace to talk with you.“

I plant a kiss onto his forehead.

„Allright. You have a point there.“

He nods, pinches my bum and then drags me to the kitchen.




„You didn’t ask what I talked with Jen yesterday.“

Dave pulls me closer to him. After his delicious dinner we sit on one of the couches facing the windows. Out there in the darkness of the clear night sky some tiny stars are glistening over the city and river.

„David, it’s more your business – and I thought you would fill me in if there was anything I should know.“

I stare outside into the dark.

„And judging your mood it couldn’t have been that bad.“

„Let’s put it this way – it could have been worse.“

„So there’s light at the horizon?“

„Yes, she’ll come back the next weekend.“

His index finger strokes over his nose tip. Wetting his lips he seems to search for words.

„So we have a little more than a week?“

„Siv, I don’t want to categorize it that way!“

„But that’s what it means, David. Don’t expect me to move to a hotel then. I thought this all over again and again – I won’t and can’t move into the second row kinda. And I don’t want to mess up further things with your family. Don’t you see it affects all more than they deserve it? And look at yourself!“

He looks bewildered now.

„You want to run away again!“

„No, David! But what future do we have? A night or weekend of passion every now and then?“

„Then just say it – you don’t want to be with me! That’s just so pathetic after all!“

Dave jumps up and dashes for his room, slamming the door. Then some loud music starts to play. Oh my! I think he doesn’t want me to hear him sobbing. I’m no better. My lids start fluttering and then I can’t hold back my tears as well. Shit! But I still know I said the right things. At least one of us needs to be realistic here – and I wonder it’s me now.


I press my forehead against the cold glass of the window, letting my pain flow. If there would be a reasonable way to have him for longer – I would sell my soul perhaps. Life is not as such!  My hand wanders under my shirt – touching the scars again. I already loved a man more than was good for me. OK, David is so very different – yet he’s a forbidden fruit. No good – poisoning my mind slowly with his overwhelming sensuality. The dose makes the poison – and I already tasted enough for two.


The door flies open again. Before I can turn around he’s behind me and violently pulls me into his arms. His reddened eyes look at me desperate and sad.


„I’m so sorry, Siv! I didn’t mean to yell at you! It just hurts so much!“

„Hey, let me breathe, please!“

He loosens the embrace a little.

„David, the truth always hurts.“

Now he recognizes my bare tummy as I haven’t had the time to close the last buttons of my shirt again.

„No! No, I’m not like him – please, Siv!“

„Shush, you’re not, Dave! Those scars are not visible to the eyes – but, yes – they are already there. Hey, and I helped to scratch them in!“

I close my lips firmly around his mouth, waiting for his response. Doesn’t take long. His tongue meets mine in kinda frenzy.

„The problem with us two is that we always make love. Way too much emotion involved. Plain, brainless sex would be much easier.“

„Though my libido is very strong – I can’t have just sex with you, Siv!“

„I know – same here! But we have to end it one way or another.“

I cup his face.


„Yes, soulsister?“

„We need to find back into our own orbits. We can’t have the complete universe.“

„Oh, we can – tonight! One last time!“


„Come – don’t let us waste precious time, baby!“





His hands tremble when he starts unbuttoning the rest of my shirt. The dark mesmerizing eyes that lock eye contact with me get glassy again.


„Dave – gorgeous! It’s not the last time – but this is not endless – can’t be.“


Instead of an answer he starts kissing over the scars on my belly again. I let my fingers run through his hair and sigh silently.


David, you can’t take away that pain – you can’t carry it for me! As much as I can’t take yours.


As if he heard it again he rises his head.

„I know, baby.“


Then he lifts me off the couch, ushering me to the window. Meanwhile there are tiny raindrops tickling against the pane. I feel his fingers unclasping my bra. Then his hands move around and open my jeans, tearing it down to my ankles. With a swift kick I toss it away. Then I turn around and face him. He’s still fully dressed. Not for long. I slowly brush over his chest, the thin material of his black t-shirt crinkling under my touch. In a moment when he at least expects it I grab the hem and quickly rip the garment off his body with all force I can muster. The shreds still in my hands I start kissing his nipples.


„Wow! Where did you hide that beast for so long?!“


I silence him with a wet kiss. With my left hand I move down into his crotch. A pleasantly huge bulge even growing under my touch. He moans into my mouth, his tongue frantically moving around, sucking me deeper into the kiss. Breaking the contact my lips move along his neck, collar bone and further down his chest and tummy. Resting myself on my knees I dip my tongue into his navel, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. The low groans and growls that escape his mouth really turn me on. My mouth follows the v-line, pulling down the pants inch for inch – very slowly. Oh, I sense it! He needs all of his self-restraint now – not to push me onto the floor fucking my brains out!

I get at his already rock hard member, getting rid off the jeans now completely. It pools around his ankles. He quickly steps out off it. Looking up to him I see his lust filled eyes telling me ‚Damn, blow me now!’. I smirk a little and then lower my head again. At the tip of his cock I already see the first drops of his precum glistening. With a swift swirl of my tongue I take them from him, licking my lips.


„Siv, you drive me insane! Suck me!“


The grip of his hands in my hair increases and he forces me against his groin. I slip my fingers around his base and open my mouth just that much to allow him bit by bit in. My rhythm gets more and more steady – moving up and down his length. Occasionly the tip of my tongue circles around the hard flesh – making him moan out loud now. Hi breath is short and fast, the muscles of his legs and abdomen tensing with the minute. He’s close to the edge. The next movement with my lips down is the last. He kinda freezes and then his hot cum gushes down inside my throat – with recurring spasms. He yells out my name – loud and raw.

After I licked him clean I slowly move up to my feet again. He still has his eyes closed, sweat trailing down from his wet hair over his face and chest – panting heavily.


„God, that feels so good, baby!“

„And you taste so yummy – I’m always amazed.“

„Up with you onto the window sill!“


„You heard me – move your hot ass onto the sill there.“


With a fast move he pushes the three potted plants aside and hovers me onto the cold marble. The pane feels cold aswell against my bare back.


„Oouch, that’s bleeding cold!“

„Ha ha, I will rectify that any minute, baby. You will burn!“

„Ah, please be gentle, you know!“

„Don’t you worry.“


He paces down the room, disappears into the bedroom and then returns with a well known little bottle.


„Wipe that smug grin off your face, Siv!“

„Ha ha ha, sorry – but you have to admit it brings back some nice little memories!“

„Granted! And now you have no more excuses!“


He puts the lubricant next to me onto the sill. His hands start moving gently up and down my thighs. Then his head moves closer to my face and he whispers more than he speaks.


„Now open your legs and put your feet up next to you.“

I watch him – how his eyes rest between my thighs. And I already feel my own wetness slowly emanating from my sensitive folds. Can’t help it – I’m always damp when he’s near and I can smell him, his masculine scent that ensnares my senses – making me kinda submissive.


He swallows hard and then his long, slender fingers start exploring my most delicate area. His thumb gingerly glides between my slick vulvae while his index finger circles slowly around my nub.


„God, Siv – how can you always be so heavenly wet!?“


He takes his hand off me and sucks at his thumb. Then his head moves completely between my legs and I let my head fall back against the window. I know I will not last for long. His skilled tongue now dances around my clit , then the entrance to my hot channel. With his fingers he now parts my flesh some more and lets his tongue dip down as deep as possible. The suction he creates nearly drives me nuts. He bleeding well knows what he’s capable – just with fingers and tongue. And I’m sure he will not let me off the hook again till I burst. The contractions already start to summon deep down in my core, moving on steadily.

The circle movements around my clit increase. He shows no mercy, plunging in two fingers in change with his tongue. The grip around my hips gets stronger as he senses I’m close to the edge of the cliff.

And then I explode straight into his face. He fixes my legs firmly and enjoys the sensations against his skin.

The sweat pours down my back. I really stick against the pane now, breathing heavily.


„Geez, I love you for being such a loud moaner, baby! Really kicks me off every time!“


I slip off the window sill and massage my bum. The marble for sure is not convenient for a longer while. Dave reaches for the bottle and squeezes a little liquid into his palm. Then he brushes it all over his hardness – his muscular fingers gliding over it without any friction.


„Get your right leg onto the sill, baby. Let’s try a vertical position.“

„Hey, I’m not a friggin acrobat! And you haven’t taught me all your yoga lessons so far!“

„Then it’s about time to start, ha ha!“

„Have you been digging too deep in the Kamasutra recently?“

„Oh, that’s been a while ago. Now stop talking. I need to be inside you!“

So I follow his instruction. He gingerly rubs some lubricant into my sensitive channel, too. His eyes are pure fires meanwhile. He bites my lips, kissing me roughly. His member pushes against my entrance – waiting eagerly to be allowed in. Another quesitoning look. When I nod he pulls me closer to him and enters me with a slow thrust. I moan silently – full of desire, not of pain. When he’s sure I’m fine with it he plunges faster and deeper into me. I rest against his heaving chest, clutching my arms around him. Standing on just one leg definitely is a challenge for me. But I’m so much absorbed into pleasure that I stop spending any further thoughts on it.


„Baby, you feel so good!“

His hot breath against my ear. He trails down my neck, drawing the skin in with his teeth. Oh, how I love that! And he knows – feeling my shivering. I dig my fingernails into the flesh of his back – as kinda answer. Then I bite back, nibbling around his Adam’s apple.

The lovely scent of lavender and lemon tickles my nose again. He pushes violently into me now – sensing my walls already starting to clamp around his cock. Like an animal that tries to shake free from a trap. I won’t let him go – not before we both shake and quiver.


My forceful orgasm hits me like nothing before. My body seems to have a life of it’s own. I can’t control my movements and with a loud bang one of the plants hit the floor, the pot cracking into smithereens.

Who the hell cares? He yells out his excitement and then pumps his hot juices into my core.


„And you call me a loud one, Dave!“

He chuckles, trying to gain some breath.

„Well, the vocal coaching has some nice side effects as it looks like.“

„Obviously. Argh – but this position has definitely it’s cons! I have cramps in my leg, oouch!“


He helps me taking my leg off the sill, gently massaging the calve.

„We better continue in bed. I’m still not satisfied, you know.“

He flashes me an evil grin. I poke his tummy.

„You! I should have known better!“

„Too late, baby!“

He grabs me around my hip.

„OK, OK – mercy! I’m coming with you.“

„That’s what I want to hear – and feel! It’s like an earthquake when you come with me!“

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