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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 34-35-36

Chapter 34-35-36

  2009.08.14. 13:39



I’m flipping through the channels on the TV – restless, bored and slightly annoyed. It’s already after eleven and Andy again is away for a DJ set in some hip London club. And as usual it will get very late when he will sneak silently into bed – avoiding to disturb my sleep – though I never really sleep. The way he cautiously moves between the sheets, not to touch my skin – it hurts – and for sure not only me. He at least stresses every now and then how happy he was that we at least sleep in one bed again. Though the sad truth is we barely meet there. He gets in and an hour later I move up as I can’t find peace – left alone sleep.


So this is going to be one of this nights again? I switch off the monitor and toss the remote onto the couch table, swearing to myself. The buzzing of my mobile makes me cock a brow. Seeing David on the display lets me sigh and I pick up.


„Hi, Dave.“

„Hey, baby!“

I swallow and reach for the grapefruit juice.

„Everything OK with you?“


„Ah, come on – I know your voice.“

„Allright, Mr. Smartpants – so I’m in a bad mood. Punctum!“

„I had a feeling you were. Things over here aren’t running smooth as well – if that’s a little solace for you.“

Damn, he still seems linked to me in that special way – never seeming to fail detecting if there was something going on with me.

„David, you were aware of it – that it would mean some work again on your relationship – and I’m sure Jennifer is helping all she can.“

A deep sigh at the other end of the line.

„Yeah, she does – and Rosie is so sweet, too. It’s me still...digging in that hole. Christ, Siv – you’re under my skin to this day! And I wish it was just that.“

His voice trails off and though he tries to muffle the sounds I hear the silent tears. Thank you, fate! I haven’t got enough on my plate already – you are so generous in dishing out!

„Dave, are you having one of those days again? I mean, a blue one?“

The rustle of tissues.

„Possible – yeah, looks like. I’m sorry, baby!“

„No, it’s alright. I know how that feels too damn well.“

„Could we switch to Skype, please?“

„I don’t think that’s a good idea at the moment.“

„God, I need to see you at least!“

„How do you think I feel over here? Andrew is out on a club event and the next I will see of him is his guilty and sad face, staring at me when he sneaks into bed around five, me pretending still to be asleep!“

My voice starts to tremble and this makes me even more furious now – as I hate it to be that weak.

„And now you want to torture me with your pleasant sight!“

„Siv, I’m not looking pleasant  -  worried, tired, desillusioned – to name just a few – would fit better. But, hey – you go now and open your bloody Skype there!“

I frown and then flip my powerbook open.

„Put on your headset, angel. I will end the call now. See you in a sec!“


It doesn’t take long and the connection builds up. I see his nick flashing up in my buddy list and then the camera window pops open. I adjust my webcam and lean back into the cushions of the couch.

He wasn’t exaggerating. A pale face with a stubble meets my eyes – yet his eyes are as vivid as I know them so well.

„Geez, you could need a proper shave again, David!“

He chuckles and I can see his teeth blinking shortly.

„Want me to do it now?“

„Hhm, that would be an idea – let me see it!“

„You’re not serious, aren’t you?!“

„Why not? Only things you need to get is some hot water, a towel, the gel and your razor. Oh, and the lotion that always sends shivers down my spine.“

„Hah, I know you love the scent of it. OK, I’m off to the bathroom!“

His figure disappears out off the sight of the cam and I can hear a door clapping somewhere in the background.

God, what are you doing, Siv! This already looks like the start of some naughty cam business!


„Back, baby!“

His voice drags me out off my thoughts. Looks as if he places a mirror next to his laptop. The faces he pulls now are hilarious.

„This is going to be a tough job, Siv! What if I cut myself and bleed to death here?“

„Stop messing around! I want to see some action!“

„Oh, well!“

He puts on the gel and spreads it over his chin and cheeks. Using a little water the foam increases and soon he looks like a strange copy of a Santa double. Yet when he puts on the razor the mood changes again. Stroke for stroke I hang on his face – following every motion of his slender, long fingers. When he puts down the knife and splashes some more water onto his skin I let out a tiny gasp. Now the delicious lines of his jaw and cheek bones are clearly visible again. The little rivulets of water dripping down his sideburns make me yearn to touch him there, caressing his now smooth and wet skin.

Our eyes meet and his lips curl up in a sweet smile.

„Gosh, you really like what you see! And I know you want to touch me now.“

He lifts the cap of the lotion and squeezes a bit into his palms.

„Too bad you can’t smell it – mmmmh!“

„You are soooo mean, Dave! Argh!“

I never thought a simple shave could look so sexy. Must be the way he moves and looks doing it. His gorgeous fingers...hell, I so much want to sense them on my body again!

„Ok, so now I’m squeaky clean again – what’s next?“

He puts the towel aside.

„Don’t you want to bring that stuff back where it belongs?“

„You are worse than Jen! OK, before I spill some more water...!“

He’s pretty fast and when he appears in the camera window again I realize that he got rid off his t-shirt.

„That’s not fair, Dave!“

„Well, it was wet and sticky with shaving foam.“

„And you are such a poor sod owning just that one – sure!“

„Actually most of them are in the dryer still.“

Then he turns serious again.

„Siv – I need you!“

He moves a little closer to the cam.

„I know it’s not the same – and honestly I could smash this thing against the wall – as I’m so desperate to feel your skin on mine now! And you are the same – don’t you try to hide it!“

„Guilty as charged.“

„Then show me what you’ve got – tell me, how it feels if it was my hands on you now!“

I slowly slip of my jogging pants and then lift up my sweater, dragging it over my shoulders. I can hear him moaning at the sight of my black bra and panties. I see his hand moving down to unbuckle his belt.


Andy is standing motionless in the door frame. His eyes follow the movements of her hands between her legs, accompained by loud moans. He also sees how Dave frantically strokes his hard member, yelling out her name when his come is spurting over his well defined hands.

„Oh, yeah – Dave! Come for me! I need you deep inside me!“

Then she climaxes as well, convulsing on the couch – heavily panting.

For a moment there’s just the sound of their heavy breathing. She suddenly turns her head.


„Oh god, Andy! What are you doing here already?!“ Quickly I cover myself with the plaid that lays near by. David’s full face in the camera now.


„Andy, are you there?“


Fletch shakes his head and then moves into the opposite direction, leaving the room.


„He left the room again. Shit!“

„Get him back – I need to talk to him.“

„Do I have to? It’s already quite embarrassing.“

„Not more than it already was, or what do you think? Come on, get him.“


I throw on my sweater and pants and look for him. He’s in the kitchen pouring himself a lager.

„Dave needs to talk to you – and he means it.“

„Not sure if I have anything to exchange with him now.“

„Please! Or this whole travesty will never come to an end!“

„Hmh, apparently that’s not just Dave’s responsibility.“

Then he walks to the living room and I sink onto the next chair, staring onto the empty bottle of beer he left on the wooden table. Nervously I start to play around with the crown cap – till it rolls over the edge and falls with a click onto the floor.

Next I realize is some strong arms coming from behind, lifting me up from my seat and dragging me into an intense embrace. Andy’s hand in my hair, gently moving my head into the crook between his neck and shoulder.


„David told me I need to make love to you now.“

His lips at my ear, warm breath sending crawlies down my back.

„And you should finally give in as he couldn’t stand the thought you’re not fullfilled.“

He lifts my face again, cupping it to fix my view.

„It’s all logged – you can read it later. God, Siv – let me near you, please!“


My head still feels dizzy with all the sudden emotions and physical sensations. The pictures and sounds of Dave are so fresh – my body is aching, yearning for more.


When I close my lips around his mouth he immediately answers the call. He pulls me tighter to his body and I finally let my hands wander down his back, finding his bum, grabbing his cheeks. He breathes sharply in, loosens his grip around me and puts off his glaces, placing them onto the sideboard. Then he pushes me to the table, thinking for a moment and then reaches for the blanket next to him on the wooden bench. Tossing it at the floor he blinks at me.


„I never did it on the kitchen floor. Time for a premiere!“




„How did you know I was there?“

„The smell of cold tobacco. You know I hate it. It’s sweet that you try to smoke less and outside, yet it sticks to your clothes and hair.“

Andy smoothes my long hair over the left ear and cuddles closer, adjusting the sheets over us.

„God, I will pay for that hard floor in the morning! My back must be black and blue!“

I poke into his side and he flinches.

„Turn around and let me have a look. No, nothing to see. You can be glad you have a few pounds extra. Only surprise you will see are the traces of my fingernails.“

„Yeah, I bet! You are such a beast!“

„Well, I needed some release – and obviously I wasn’t the only one.“

I point to the bruises and marks he left on my hips and thighs.

„Wasn’t it worth it, my sweet?“

He twinkles dangerously at me. I answer with a yawn.

„How comes you were back that early then?“

Andrew locks my view and then I see a little tear making it’s way down his cheek.

„Dave called me, telling me how desperate he was and then he came up with the webcam thing. Yes, it wasn’t just that he needed it – he wanted me to find you there – all hot and needy. He said if I could not manage to switch your brain off I would never get you laid again. Don’t be mad at him now, Siv. He really loves you and it for sure will not be easy for him knowing you’re in my arms now – but life isn’t fair as you well know.“

Now it’s me feeling that stinging behind my lids.

„It’s OK, baby! I know you have a way too big heart.“


„Shush, don’t say anything more. Love me the way you can – let it grow. You know I’m patient.“

He kisses me passionately.

„David will fly in next week for Jack’s birthday. I might be adventurous enough for a threesome.“






„I like that one with the typo melting into the background.“

Jack moves the images forth and back to arrange his final line up for the booklet.

„Could you make all lyrics that way?“

I glimpse at his choice and nod slightly, checking the files on my laptop.

„I might blend it even a bit more in, look.“

He peeks over my shoulder following the swirls of my graphic pen.

„Yeah, that’s bloody cool!“

Not thinking for a second he plants an intense kiss onto my right cheek.


„Oops, sorry for that!“

He blushes slightly and then gives me a lopsided grin.

„You’re still pretty much in favour for dad, aren’t you? I simply don’t get it!“

„Jack Gahan, you promissed me something!“

„Yeah, yeah! I didn’t forget, but you can’t keep me from finding you damn hot!“


I have to bite my tongue not to answer what’s just slipping through my mind. Thank god Anton now is looking into the office.

„How’s it going? Little Jack testing your nerves again, Siv?“

„You bet, Ant!“

„Argh, I’m not that bad! And I’m for sure not little!“

„You are your father’s son.“

„Finished your shoot?“

Anton takes a seat on the smaller black leather couch and stretches his long legs – popping open a can of coke.

„Yes, just half an hour ago. I’m glad they’re gone now. Geez, a bit weird!“


Jack’s mobile rings. He looks at the display and smirks.

„One of your girlfriends?“

„Hey, I only have one at the moment. The others are just friends!“

„Yeah, sure!“

He laughs out loud now and receives the call. I take the opportunity to go for the restroom. When I come back, crossing the studio, Anton fiddles around with some spots and cables.

„Siv, can I have a word with you?“

„Sure, shoot!“

„It’s about Jack’s birthday next Tuesday, so shush!“

„Is he still on the phone?“

„Yep – argueing with his girl. He’s so much like Dave!“

I pull a grimmace.

„So what’s about Tuesday then?“


Anton moves his head closer and whispers into my ear.

„You’re kidding!“

He’s grinning evilly now.

„No, not at all!“

„Poor Jack will get a heartattack!“

„What am I going to get?“

If you speak of the devil...!

„Your heart broken again – if you don’t stop treating your girl like that!“

He smiles broadly and with that certain glistening in his brown-green eyes he so much resembles David! My heart makes a tiny extra beat.


„All clear at that front. Going to shag her now!“


„What? She asked for it, haven’t seen me for two days now – and nights!“


Tossing his leather jacket lazily over his shoulder he grabs his rucksack and walks for the gull winged door – shaking his toosh.

„I’ll see you guys later!“




„Want a coffee as well?“

Anton shoves over a mug. I look up from the screen and take it.

„Gosh, it’s already 7.30 pm !“

He grins and pours more sugar into his beverage.

„You better stop now, sitting there already for two hours again!“

„Yeah, I’m a die-hard, I know – but I’m nearly there.“


Half an hour later he simply flips my powerbook shut.


„Enough! Andy for sure wants to see you.“

„You are lucky it’s a Mac and the files are still intact!“

I get the notebook off sleep again and save the files properly now.

„Alright – maybe I’m too perfectionistic again. What do you think of this?“

Clicking the button for the picture show I lean back in the office chair, crossing my arms over my tummy. He adjusts his glaces that he usually needs for reading.


„I really don’t see what you could improve there – honestly! You’re just a little insecure cause it’s your first booklet. Go with this version and call it a day!“

He gently pats my shoulder.




When I open the main door Basil awaits me with his wiggling tail, yelping with joy. A heavenly smell fills the hallway – definitely coming from the kitchen! Now I’m glad that I was too lazy to stop at the diner.



„Yes, luv!“

His sonorous voice echoes through the corridor. I follow the aroma and sound. He already laid out the old, wooden table.

„Sheesh, candles?! Did I miss anything?“

„Yeah, you did!“

A pair of hands cover my eyes from behind.


I wriggle myself free and turn around, facing his broad, boyish grin all over his chipmunk cheeks.

„Come here, baby! I missed you!“

It feels so good when his arms close around me. The blonde curls tickle my nose, as does his cologne – sending shivers down my spine. This is so wrong – and yet feels so right!

„What the heck are you doing here?!“

He beams at me and then drags me to the bench, sitting down.

„It was getting a bit boring in Santa Barbara – and as it’s not that long till Jack’s birthday I thought I’d spend a few more days in good ole England.“

„Hmh – sounds more like a wicked plan you guys made up behind my back!“

I glance over at Andy who pretends to be busy with some pan on the cooker. Now I see the apron for the first time. It clings around his large figure, the red letters yelling kinda into your face: ‚Kiss the Chef!’

I keep staring at in awe till Martin starts giggling.


Fletch follows my eyes and then smirks.

„One of Mart’s sweet little gifts!“

„Geez! I wonder how he managed to get that thing through the security check! The alarm must have gone off due to bad taste!“

It doesn’t hold me any longer on my seat and I walk over to the ginger head who just wipes some sauce from his designer glasses.

„I’d take the chef anyway.“

When my lips close around his he puts down the spoon and pulls me closer, sucking me into the kiss.

„Mmmm, delicious! Oregano, basil, thyme... .“

„So you want to consume me right now?“

He throws an evil grin at Martin.

„Can you watch the oven for a while – I think I’m going to be busy with this lady here.“

Curly’s infectious laughter fills the kitchen.

„I should have brought the ‚Fuck the Chef!’ one!“

„Andy, I’m starving for food! We can have dessert later!“

Another wet kiss and I check for all the pots he lined up there, boiling and puffing. There’s obviously some more in the oven.

„So, what’s for dinner, chef?“

„Siv á la carte!“


„I’d like that one, Andy!“

Mart still giggles there and pours himself another soda.

„Honestly, I grabbed all I could find and mixed it up – though Martin is responsible for the gratin in the oven – all vegetarian, bleh!“

„Ah, come on, Fletch! You never complained so far – and it’s sticky with cheese!“

„You mean golden, crusty and all over melting cheese?“

„Yeah – and I also put some nutmeg over the potatoe slices. I so much liked those spiced mashed potatoes when I was on school exchange up there in Schleswig-Holstein!“

Then he bursts into laughter again.

„Look, how she’s already drooling!“

„You two are just pure evil! Now, let me have some bites or you will be punished!“

„Wow – now I’m scared! You know I love it kinky! Andy, where does she hide her whip? You should know meanwhile.“

„Umh, there should be a carpet beater somewhere around. Mrs. Hague should know, my precious old housekeeper. Too bad it’s her day off!“

„She would use that thing on you – considering the mess you already made here!“

„Andy, you better check for the oven. This cheeky girl needs her mouth stuffed!“

Fletch rolls his eyes and then snickers.

„I’m just thinking of the possibilities...!“





Martin puts another log onto the fire. The sparks spraying around – making him jump a little. I fetched the blue woolen plaid and make myself comfortable on one of the couches near by. Andy just approaches with some wine when his mobile buzzes in his pocket.


„Argh, Andrew! Simply switch it off! It’s the millionth time today!“

He smirks and puts the bottle onto the table, nestling in his trousers.


„It’s Jonathan!“

He cocks a brow and then leaves the room for his office. Business stuff apparently. I sigh and cuddle deeper under the blanket. Mart reaches for two glasses and fills them with the ruby red liquid.


„Let’s not let him spoil our fun, baby. Cheers!“

„This can take ages again! I’m glad you’re here, Curly!“

I taste the wine. It’s a good, rich one – Merlot me thinks.

Martin puts his glass back onto the couch table and gently pulls mine out off my hand as well. Then he locks view with me.


„How about a little dessert?“

„What do you mean?“

He winks at me and I sense his hand down at the button of my jeans. Before I have the chance to answer he silences me with a demanding, deep kiss, unbuttoning and unzipping me. With a quick move he tears the trousers down my legs, over the ankles and lets them drop to the floor.


„Put one leg up there onto the backrest, baby.“ He’s merely whispering it, slipping down my panties.

„Gosh, Mart – he might be back any minute!“

„The more the fun!“

Further complaints stay within my mouth as I now feel his tongue painstakingly slow wander along my inner thighs.

„Shush, relax and enjoy it, Sivvi!“

The licks and circles on my most delicate skin grow faster and more intense. When the tip of his skillful tongue meets my nub I can’t stifle a loud moan. Basil yelps from his basket and eyes at us. Martin stops for a second and snickers.

„He’s really a bad boy – I’ve never seen such a voyeuristic dog!“

„Hey, you finish what you started, Mister Gore!“

Instead of an answer he now sucks my slick folds in, tasting the sweet wetness that is already seeping out off them. I  sense a low growl against my skin. The faster he works on me the more intense the sensations are for me and the wellknown waves already gather deep inside my core. It will not take long skipping me over the edge – and he for sure knows that! Adding little love bites now I have to cling my fingers deeper into the cushions next to me. He holds my thighs firmly not to let me escape in the last moment. Hell, would I want to get away from it anyway?!


„Oh my god, Curly! Yes, that’s it! Make me come for you now!“

His tongue dives even deeper, driving me insane with the wicked movements he establishes there. With a last tiny bit on my clit I start off, shaking and nearly yelling out my pleasure. He just manages to muffle my voice with his lips.


I try to get my composure back, heavily breathing. The way he looks at me now, licking his lips is pure evil. From the distance we still can hear Andy debating on the phone. When my fingers trail down to his fly the talk suddenly ends.

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