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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 37-38-39

Chapter 37-38-39

  2009.08.14. 13:43



„He will go nutz, I swear!“

„Hah, I’m sure he wants to die a lucky man!“

„And that from you as his dad! I’m shocked, David!“

„Well, I could change roles with him.“

„I bleeding dare you!“

„Umh, I’m more than interested as well.“

„You shut up, Mart! It’s not your birthday!“

„And who thinks about me? Duh, always the last in line!“

Fletch pretends to pout.


Anton shakes his head in comical desperation and laughs in his typical way.


„Shush, he’s coming down the corridor!“

Quickly he switches off the main lights.


„Ant, you’re in there? Hello?“

Jack walks through the gull winged door and stops, obviously wondering about the sparse light.

With a loud „Booooo – birthday surprise!“ the lamps go on again and all of us hold up the swiftly lit sparklers.

„I should have known!“

A big grin on his face now.

„But it’s way before midnight!“

Anton approaches him, patting his shoulder.

„Well, I thought we could finish the last sequences for your video before we kick off the studio party.“

„Errr, I thought we already got what we needed? All those screaming girls in front of that stage, in that nice club – me rocking the place.“

„You didn’t seriously think I’d let you get away with just a live session video? Not for your premiere on the screens!“

„OK, OK – you’re the boss. So, what’s up then?“


Anton guides him further down into the studio and presents him the decoration of a bedroom that he must have built up the last days with some help. It looks definitely real and convincing. There’s a huge mirror standing a little away from the end of the bed. Jack rolls his eyes.


„Was that mirror your wicked idea, dad?“

Dave lifts his arms theatrically into the air.

„I’m completely innocent concerning this!“

I have to snicker as I know the design of his bedroom in New York. And there’s not only one mirror to say the least.


„Well, the story line is the following. You are falling asleep, dreaming about your first concert on stage. All those girls in the audience again, the looks, the screams – you know, the stuff we already got in yesterday.“

„Yeah, I liked that!“

„Alright – now you have another dream sequence. You lay naked under your sheets...and some more is going to happen. After that you will jump up from your bed, all in sweat and run for the mirror. You’re watching your reflection there, touching your face.“

„In the nude?!“

„Yep. Well, we will see your nice behind, not the reflection of the naughty parts – camera angle will prevent that.“

Jack’s cheeks start to flush a little as he seems to image what’s going on there.

„Then the reflection in the mirror will change into David. You still stand in front of it – cringing for a second and then touching the surface again – and the image will disappear, changing into your own again.“

„Bloody hell!“

Jack has big eyes now and then turns around to us.

„Siv, don’t tell me but that’s your idea for sure!“

I can’t hide a little smile.

„Busted! I helped Ant a little with some tiny details.“

„God, that one is giving me the creeps here!“

He turns serious.

„Jack, I know. It didn’t escape me that you try so much to battle your roots – not wanting to be compared with your dad. I couldn’t resist to place that little quote inside. You have to face your naked self to understand that Dave is just a reflection – he’s not real, just in your imagination. It’s you to make a difference.“

A moment of silence. Jack’s lips are slightly twitching.


„Siv, could you come here, please?“

I cock a brow and then follow his plea.

He quickly drags me into a tight embrace and I can hear him silently sobbing against my neck.

„Shush, all is fine!“

„Thank you!“

I hold him for another minute, giving him time to regain his composure. Then I peck him and return to the others. David wipes his nose and I recognize his glassy eyes. Martin beams at me, a tiny tear glistening in the corner of his left eye, and Andy takes off his glaces pretending to clean them. They are all more emotional bastards then they would ever admit in public!


„Well, that’s not all about the video. You will see – just follow my directions, OK?“

Anton tries to get back into the swing of things – not wanting to let the overall mood drop into the sentimental.

„So you strip now and off into bed with you!“

„Mraw! Can I call my girlfriend?“

„You shut up and do what you’re told!“


While Jack takes off his clothes Jim and Anton adjust the cameras and spots again. I play the script girl, checking for the continuity of the scenes.


„Are you guys ready?“, a female voice chimes in. Mia enters the set – Anton’s right hand when it comes to styling and such. The make-up artist sits down onto the edge of the bed, putting down her tablet. Jack just can hide his lower body parts under the covers, blushing again.


„I wonder why he’s kinda shy all of a sudden?“

Dave’s face shows a fat grin.

„He usually is like me – kinda exhibitionist.“

I really have to bite my tongue now – as he as well does not know about the next surprise concerning this shoot.


After Mia applied some foundation, powder and lip gloss she gets up again and smirks at Anton.


„Ready to rumble?“

„Yes, call them in.“


Jack lifts his head, kinda alarmed.

„Call whom in?“

„Relax there – just a little addition to the scene. You will like it, I’m sure. Now close your eyes – I need your sleeping face! And you can move around there in the sheets a bit – like if you were dreaming vividly.“

The young man sighs and stretches his long legs, pretending to sleep. Andy turns on the music in the background – the single that’s going to be released. Over that sound Jack does not hear the little giggles getting nearer. Just when he feels the shift of weight on his bed he dares to open his eyes – and freezes in shock!

They are everywhere – all over the covers – reaching with their naked arms at him, lips lustfully pursed, dragging away the sheets – touching his chest , his face, his skin! He can’t count fast enough, but it must be at least ten girls – all completely like god created them!


„Yeah, give us more of that expression, Jack! You are afraid of your own desire! All the girls from the audience – now haunting you in your dreams, wanting you – lock, stock and barrel!“


Jack closes his eyes again, trying to enjoy the overpowering sensations – letting out a deep moan. It’s way more than he could handle!


„Oh, hell – this is so...oh my god!“


Judging the expression on his face I’m sure what just hit him and I dash to the restroom to get a towel and bathing robe.

Returning Anton is still filming. Poor Jack! Well, not so poor in the end. I can’t hide a grin.


„Can we please stop it for a minute?“

The voice from the bed sounds a little intimidated. The girls snicker and cover their breasts.

„Yeah, no problem. I think we have enough of you ladies. Thanks a lot – you can go and dress again.“

A loud ‚awwww’ fills the room and then the bunch of females quickly make it back to the dressing rooms.

I make it up to the bed and hand Jack over the two items I fetched for him.


„You might want to clean yourself up.“, I whisper to him – looking into a sweatty, hot face. Not even the make-up can hide the scarlet tinge now.

„Boy, I simply couldn’t hold it back!“, he whispers back with a shaky voice.

Then he quickly slips into the robe, grabbing the towel and runs for the bathroom.


„No words about anything when he returns!“

I stare at the guys who seem to be a little slower than myself – but now getting what must have happened. Dave rolls his eyes.


„I better check for him. Perhaps a little father-son talk is of the essence.“


Anton changes the cameras, Jim is humming up there on the light traverse – turning around a spot.

„Now we just need that mirror shot.“

„Let’s hope Jack still is in the condition to do that.“

Mart giggles like the girls earlier.

„It really knocked him off his socks, ha ha ha!“

„Shush, you!“


David returns alone. He looks for another can of diet coke and then joins us on the couches again.


„Geez, he’s really embarrassed!“

Then the corners of his mouth lift up in a broad smile.

„Another lesson learned I would say.“

I blink at him.

„Says the right person!“

He nudges me slightly into my side.

„Ah, you seem to have forgotten the last and best part – as now it’s your time for a strip, Mr. Gahan senior!“

„You skip that ‚senior’ immediately!“

Laughter unisono.

„You will pay for that later, my dear!“, Dave breathes silently into my ear.





David poses in the empty mirror frame that Bill, one of the techniciens, moved over to the bed – in exchange with the complete one – just wearing a white towel around his hips.


„Can we hurry up, please? It’s friggin’ cold!“

Jack moves lazily to the bed and slips his dressing gown. Then he positions himself in front of his dad who now drops his cover as well.

„Stop grinning, son! This is serious business!“

Then his view wanders down.

„Errr, since when do you have a bleeding tattoo there?!“

„That’s none of your business, dad!“

Jack braces his hands on his hips.

„And I have a hidden piercing, too!“

Then he bursts into laughter.

„You shouldn’t be surprised, don’t you?“

Dave shakes his head in disbelief.


„Can we go on, guys?“, Anton chimes in.


They try to stare into each others eyes – kinda transfixed. Anton hisses over to his assitant to keep the camera running, zooming in himself. Jim turns a spot a bit and now the shadows created on David’s chest let the muscles ripple under the skin even more prominently.


„Give us that bewildered gaze again, Jack! Yeah, that’s it, great! Now stretch out your arm!“


Martin who still sits next to me moves in his seat, obviously nervous.

„God, I hope Jack won’t move any more to the side! I’m already burning here!“

Some tiny pearls of sweat are shimmering on his forehead.

„I definitely need all my self-restraint  here – you have no idea!“


This very moment the younger of the two men turns around and hastily rushes for the bed, covering himself with the robe. We all now have a full frontal view onto Dave’s gorgeous body. Mart’s fingers close very firmly around my right hand. He breathes sharply in.

„I know, Curly – I’m just loosing my cool here, too!“


„Umh, thank you, Jack!“

Dave throws us a boyish grin. Anton dashes around with his camera.

„I need your reflection. Would you please step aside and wait for the mirror? It’s more natural this way instead of doing all the background in the blue box.“


Bill already comes with the other frame. I have to swallow when Dave presents his backside. That looping tattoo always gets me, besides his well shaped bum. I’m pretty sure what crosses Martin’s mind. Gently I squeeze his arm.

„Relax there – it will soon be over!“

„You must be kidding, Sivvi!“

His expression is already vacant and he’s wetting his lips unconsciously. When Dave shakes his butt teasingly – evoking laughter from the crowd – he gets up swearing silently.


Finally Anton seems content with the material he banned on film.

„OK, that’s it! Thank you!“


David grabs his towel and tosses it over his left shoulder. With a smug, luscious grin he struts through the studio, obviously very confident with himself. Passing me and Mart he bends over and breathes against my cheek.

„Already juicy and wet?“

Then he blinks at Curly.

„I’m in the green dressing room – all on my own.“

After that he disappears into the said direction. Martin rolls his eyes, wiping the sweat from his face. Pretending to check his mobile he slowly starts walking down to the hallway.


„Siv, could you give me a hand hooking the cams to the Macs in the office, please?“

I wake up from my trance and nod – while the others are still all over the place, chatting. It’s just 35 minutes till midnight now.

Before starting my task I have to go to follow some natural body functions. The restroom is next to the dressing rooms. Passing the last door I can’t help to stop and listen.


„You nearly killed me out there, Dave!“

„Admit it, you enjoyed it no end! I know you were staring at me every single second.“

A tubby thud against the wall and a low moan from Martin. I have to beat myself into the bathroom and lock the door. Hell! My imagination runs wild – I already saw too much of those two during that photo session to stay calm now. No, I will not go back there! I will be a good girl and immediately return to Anton’s office!


„Ah, there you are! Look, the first sequences are already up – and I think they are brilliant!“

I stare onto the screen and see Jack’s contorted face while all those girls try to get at him. Jack seems to be very happy as well.

„Boy, I didn’t expect to look that damn hot!“

„Yeah, and you are the only one knowing it was for real!““

„Argh, stop mocking on me, Siv!“

The slight red tinge returns to his cheeks and he looks so sweet this way!

„Ant, my head is already buzzing – let’s call it a day! It’s close to midnight!“

„Oh, OK. You know me – I always want to check for the results.“




The so called „studio party“ turns more into a little family gathering. Jack will have his real one in a club the forthcoming weekend – lots of his friends invited. A ‚youngster thingy’ – as Fletch disrespectfully calls it. And as it’s just a regular birthday nothing really big is going to happen anyway. He still recalls last year – his 21st! Gosh!


„Mum, what are you doing here?!“

Jack wriggles himself out off the hiddeous embrace that came from behind, covering his eyes.

„Happy Birthday, my big one!“

Jo beams at him and kisses his cheeks.

„Oh well – but you didn’t bring in Granny, don’t you?“

„No worries, son. We will have a nice coffee table later on. You’ll get your prezzies then.“

„Awwww, that’s cruel of you!“

„No, you are already so spoiled by your dad – you can wait a little longer.“


David chuckles in the background. He seems to have returned from the dressing room quite unnoticed.

„Hey, Joanne!“

He approaches her and plants a kiss onto her left cheek. She smiles at him and moves closer, putting her arms around him, hugging him properly now.

„It’s good to see you, David.“

They look into each others eyes. It seems as if it’s been in another life since they’ve been married and had little Jack together – and then split up again. Yet she will always be his first son’s mother. The waters calmed during the years – but he knows she’s still kinda hurt – and he couldn’t say that he didn’t understand – having been a real prick those days.


Andy is chatting with a few of the extras. The girls giggle every now and then and he can’t resist to put his arms around one or the other. Mart seems to have been sucked up by a dark hole – he hasn’t been seen since he sneaked into one room with Dave earlier.

It’s a colourful mix of people – yet somehow I feel a bit de trop. Maybe I’m just too tired and PMS is kicking in – who knows.


When I go to get some more orange juice from the fridge in Ant’s kitchen area I see Andy disappearing into one of the dressing rooms, one girl in each arm. For a moment I stand there paralysed. Then I sneak for the door. Kinda deja vu.


„Ooh, Andy! That’s a huge one!“

„You can touch it, baby!“

Another giggle. Then I hear his low groan. A heatwave flushes over my face. Wait a minute! I try to find an excuse. He already had some drinks. When you’re tipsy you do lots of irrational things. And what’s so different compared to my ways with Dave and Mart? Everything!

„Yes, suck me harder!“

My jaw drops for a second – then I quietly open the door a little bit. It’s enough not to be seen but to get the full picture. Andrew on a couch, between two naked girls. One giving him a blow job, the other kissing him passionately. He’s caressing her bum, then starts fingering her. A moment later the girl kneeling in front of him jumps up and takes quickly place on his lap, letting his long hard member slip inside her, beginning to rock up and down.


I’ve seen enough and carefully close the door again. Slowly I walk back into the main room. Dave is still engaged in an obviously animated conversation with his ex wife. Anton talks with a few of his crew. The music mingles with the murmour of all the different voices. I need to get out off here!


The main door squeaks a little behind me. The cool night air touches my face and I can already sense the salty taste of my tears on my lips. Sinking onto the marble stairs I rest my head onto my knees, sobbing helplessly.


No idea how long I’ve been sitting there like that but I flinch with the touch I feel now on my shoulder.

„Hey, Siv!“

Jack lets himself fall next to me, lighting a cigarette.

„I know it sounds stupid, but you are not happy, right?“

A moment of tensed silence.

„Andy shagging two of the girls, Mart fucking dad, me trying to get into your pants – and you all in the middle of it. That’s more than enough to go insane.“

He nudges me, forcing me to look at him now.

„Hey, I’m young but I’m no retard. I know about you and Dad – and Andy.“

„Something seems to go completely wrong for me at the moment. It’s merely Andrew I think.“

„I don’t get it why he’s in there with those tarts!“

I sigh deeply and the familiar stinging returns into my eyes.

„I wish I’d know. Probably it’s just fair as I had my share with Dave and Mart – but it hurts so much!“

„It’s never fair. He sneaked off with them, I saw it! You always played with open cards, right?“

„Yes, he knows all about it and accepted it I thought. Not that it’s an easy situation.“

„Dad mentioned something else happend in the past, in New York. He didn’t want to spill the details.“

„I’m glad he didn’t – I know I can trust him with that. It’s not a very pleasant incident and I won’t give you any more pointers – so please let it rest there.“

He hands me over a hanky. I wipe away some fresh tears and clean my nose.

„Thank you.“



„You are a bloody hot woman – and I still want to make love to you.“

He immediately covers my lips with his index finger.

„No, don’t complain. I just wanted to let you hear it again. Don’t worry I will keep to my promise. Val is already waiting for me at home – she will be a happy girl tonight. And you  - don’t let this get so close to you. Don’t make a hasty decision now. You’ve been through worse things I recall.“

He gently pats my tummy.

„Yes, dad told be a little about it to hinder me from doing more stupid things to you. I’m really sorry, you know.“

He gingerly kisses my mouth now, caressing my cheek. Then he gets up and turns for the door.






Actually I have no idea how I got back to ‚Fletcher Mansion’. Somehow I must have managed to call me a taxi. The house is dark and still calm. I hear the huge clock in the living room. A quarter to three. Remembering I left my mobile on the couch table I make my way into the lounge. Indeed, there it rests. Basil is sleeping in his basket next to the fire place.


„Siv, running away is no solution – but as you see I’m not better.“

„Gosh, Mart! You scared the hell out off me now!“

„Come here, baby.“

I take a seat next to him on the couch.

„You cried again. Andy, hmh?“

„How do you know?“

„Dave just called me. He was looking for you. Jack must have filled him in before he left as well.“

He brushes over my hair.

„I wish I could tell you what would be the right thing to do now, but I can’t.“

Slapping with his other hand onto the leather surface he continues.

„No idea what has gotten into Fletch! That’s such a thoughtless action!“

„Should he have asked for my OK?!“

„Yes, why not? Nah, you know what I mean. He should have been aware hurting you this way – bloody, horny bastard!“

„I will get my stuff from the bedroom. I simply can’t stay there now!“

There’s a sad expression crossing Mart’s face.

„Sure – but then the drama will go on.“

„I can’t ignore it, Curly – I can’t!“

„Shush, I know! You might want to lock the door to your guestroom then. He for sure will look for you – and if he’s sloshed there’s no real way discussing with him. No, don’t be afraid now, but as I know about your aversion against drunk men...“

„Thanks, it’s understood.“

I kiss his cheek and get up.

„Oh, you’re OK, Mart? Sorry!“

He grants me a little, sad smile.

„A bit in thoughts – you know why. The little pleasure play in the dressing room didn’t change the situation as such – I should have known better.“

He hoists himself from his seat as well and pulls me into a real embrace.

„Don’t need my company?“

„Nah, Mart – though it’s sweet of you! I need to be alone – and if you’re honest you want to be on your own, too.“

He nods and pats my shoulder.

„I’ll see you for breakfast then, baby.“



„Siv, let me in!“

A furious knocking at the door. My heart starts racing. The wood is old and thick – he won’t be that mad!

„Open the fucking door and let me in!“

Andy’s voice thunders through the hallway and judging the volume he must be using his fists on the frame now. I curl up in the bed, pulling the blankets over my head. No, please! Not again – not you as well, Andrew!

Another loud smack against the wood. Did he kick?!

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