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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 49-50-51

Chapter 49-50-51

  2009.08.14. 13:56



The wellknown scarf darkens my eyes while he kicks the door with his foot shut. His lips at my neck – only shortly. Then he takes my hand and gently pulls me with him. I hear another door – for sure his bedroom. Then he lets go.


„Walk straight ahead and then lay down.“

A little insecure I stagger on and then nearly run into the bed. My senses are already on overload. The only explanation for the sudden scent that tickles my olfactory senses. So much like Dave! It’s just my wicked imagination – wanting to be Jack like him. Then two strong hands welcome me on the mattress. This can’t be!


„Jack, it’s not fair using your dad’s cologne!“

A giggle from him. Then a wet kiss onto my mouth.

„You have no idea, angel!“

Fingers that start to lift up my sweater and t-shirt – hands that nestle around with the button of my jeans. Teeth that nibble at my ear the same time – puffing hot air against my skin. Jack then tears down my jeans – while another hand unhooks my bra. Just a minute! Somehow that’s impossible! When two palms cover my breasts and simultaneously more fingers wander along my inner thighs a hot wave hits me and sweeps me away!

„God, Dave – is that you as well?!“

Instead of an answer a pair of full lips close my mouth, a tongue searching it’s way into me. Yes, it’s his taste – no doubt about it! Then finally his deep, velvety voice against my ear.

„I missed you so much!“

Meanwhile Jack goes on parting my legs more. Now I realize what situation I’m in.

„Stop, you two can’t be serious!“

I want to get rid off that blindfold but Dave holds my arms back.

„Not yet, baby. And no, everything is fine. Why don’t you just enjoy it?“

He kisses me again passionately. I can hear Jack’s accellerated breath.

„Siv, you’re so luscious – I want you!“

„He’s not doing anything you don’t want, baby. We talked about it before.“

„Geez, that’s what you were referring to in your email! You already planned this!“

A low chuckle and then a weight shift on the bed.

„I think you need more to be quiet for a while.“

With these words I sense the tip of his cock against my lips, pushing slightly to get access.

„Come on, you waited for this! The more we couldn’t finish our little conversation recently – on the street.“

I blush – I can feel the heat on my face.

„So let your bad boyfriend in, angel!“

When I open my mouth and let him slip in bit by bit a deep growl emanates his throat. My tongue circles up and down his length. There’s another one now between my legs, exploring my most sensitive area.

„Fuck, Siv! I need to be inside you!“

His movements grow faster, his tongue works itself deeper into my wet, hot channel – supported by his skilled fingers. I really have a tough time to concentrate on Dave’s hard cock! And I feel the urge to slip off that damn scarf to see the lust in his eyes!

„Let me see you, David! Please!“

„No.You can’t feel guilty about what you don’t see, not having a picture in your memory. Just feel – and remember.“

That’s one hell of a logic!


Next that happens is my legs being tossed over some shoulders and the firm grip around my hips. Jack must be kneeling now. Dave moans at my end – he’s close, already tensing his lower abdominal muscles. I take him in as deep as I can manage, sucking and licking. With Jack’s first thrust Dave comes in my mouth and his hot juices slowly run down the inner walls of my throat. I swallow carefully not to choke with his length still in me. Argh, I so much love his moans and groans – when he finally yells out my name in his guttural voice! Calming down more and more he slowly slips out off my mouth and changes his position again, still fixing my arms with his weight.


„Move up a little, yes!“ His voice is behind me now and when I lean back again I feel his chest against my skin. He’s holding me now, his fingers exploring my nipples – while Jack speeds up plunging into me. God, it feels good! He fills me completely – no wonder, I’ve seen already how well endowed he is! Just like his father! NO, don’t think about that connection!

A sudden shudder tells me he’s about to release soon.

„Damn, hold it back a little longer! She’s not ready yet!“

Now I have to snicker. This is so way off!

„Hey, shut up you! I want to see you when being told when you should come or not!“

„Too late anyway!“

Jack’s laboured voice and then he grabs me harder, shooting his load into me, the spasms recurring and then dying down. The sound of his panting and moaning kicks me off the cliff and my orgasm hits me hard.

„Wow – will you let me out later again!?“

Dave snickers against my back.

„She’s great at that, isn’t she?“

Puffing hot air against my skin his lips find my earlobe and he bites into it.

„Oouch, you’re an animal, David Gahan!“

„I’m glad you like it!“

My muscles relax and Jack finally pulls out off me, letting himself fall next to me, still gasping for air.

I cuddle myself deeper into Dave’s arms. One of his hands move up to my face and takes off the scarf. I have to squint for a little, sit up and then see the two men in front of me, lying on the bed – me in the middle.

David drags me back down to him. I see the hellfires still glow in his dark eyes. My mouth close to his right ear I let him know what I long for now.

„You drive me crazy with that stare – and you know that! Now fuck me hard!“

He doesn’t spend much time thinking but turns me quickly onto my stomach. A soft pat onto my bum tells me I should lift it. Within the next second his long, hard member drives into me with all might.

„Oh, yes! That’s it! More, Dave, more!“

His fingers cling into my thighs while he rams his full length into me frantically.

„God, Siv – I missed you!“

I meet his thrusts now bucking against him. Our moans mingle, finally culminating in lustful yells. The power of our climaxes let the bed squeek and shake. All covered in sweat Dave collapses onto my trembling body.

„Bloody hell! You two are unbelievable! They will kick me out off this flat due to disturbance of the peace!“

Jack musters us with big eyes, mouth open.

„Well, at least they will think you are a hot blooded lover!“






„How did you manage to come here that pretty fast?!“

„There’s an invention called ‚aeroplane’?“

„Aw, Dave!“

„I took a private jet.“

Then his eyes wander over to his son who stretches in the sheets next to us.



„Would you lift your leg again a little?“

Now Jack falls into a hard laugh and obeys.


„No, le Guiche!“

„You really didn’t know so far? Even I did.“

I smirk at David evilly.

He remains speechless for a moment.

„Take it easy, dad!“

„Umh, as long as you won’t follow me in any other...dark directions!“

„Don’t you worry – I have a full functional brain!“

„Thank you very much!“

„I didn’t say you’re a no-brainer! Was just implying that your judgement might have been a bit on the physical scale sometimes.“

„WHO is the hedonist here?!“


„You be quiet, my insatiable one!“

„I have to admit I develop a certain admiration for cuffs, chains and black leather.“


I can’t help but giggle. Dave’s expression is hilarious!

„As long as you won’t get a ‚clone yourself kit’...“



„You’re giving him and me very bad associations!“

Then he musters me, a broad grin on his face.

„Though a little submission wouldn’t hurt you!“

„You wish for!“




We sit in Jack’s kitchen, still in the nude, and sip a good, strong tea. It’s around five in the afternoon meanwhile. Passing the Digestives over to Dave I pick up a crumb with my wetted index finger and lick it off. The view I get in response lets me tremble slightly. Oh my, I’m handing out the ‚wrong’ signals again! Accordingly David grabs my hand and guides it under the table – to his growing hardness. I gasp, he smiles and lets my fingers go again. Jack just turns around from the toaster and wonders what’s going on again. His tattoo sticks out on his pale skin. Dave risks a glimpse and then shakes his head.

„I usually always give my best.“

Jack immediately knows what he’s referring to and blushes slightly.

„Hell, can we talk about anything NOT naughty for a while at least? And perhaps we should get dressed – if I get that right there under the table!“

I have to put down the mug quickly not to spill any of the hot liquid – shaking with roaring laughter!


„OK – I will start as I seem to be the reason for all this ‚hard-talk’. Can I use your shower gel, Jack?“

„Mraw, sure! Would you take me with you? I’m so dirty!“

„Hmh, we need to tie Dave up to the radiator first. You have no idea what can happen in a bathroom!“

„Nah, no problem! We all cramped into that tiny shower box – no way! You go, Jack. I will get my share later.“

And with an evil grin he sips at his mug again.


Jack’s long fingers slowly spread the shower gel over my wet skin. He winks at me.

„Slippery like an eel!“

„Haha, that eel more fits you!“

I look down at him and see his cock already bobbing.

„As dirty as it gets – I should have known!“

He leans me against the tiles and moves his thigh between my legs, opening them. As the cabin is not really huge I try to rest my left leg against the opposite wall. Works just so and so. Now he has much better access and he takes his chance – gliding into me with a deep moan. This time it’s me being faster reaching the plateau and I clamp my fingers into his shoulders, convulsing against him, squeezing him inside me. Two thrusts later he’s coming as well. Having pulled out off me he lets the water run over his well proportioned body, eyes closed. It’s hard to gain back my breath. Then he reaches for his towel, kisses me again and then leaves the shower. The opalescent glass door just closed, when another shadow appears in front of it. I shiver in anticipation.


„So, you are very naughty today, baby!“

He turns me around and pushes me against the cold wall. Moving close, pressing me against the wet tiles, he goes on.

„Are your nipples hard already? Shall I check?“

His muscular fingers move around and find them in the expected state.

„You need a little extra? Something only I can give to you now?“

A pleasant tingling spreads over my complete body – like electricity.

„Oh god, Dave! Just do it!“

I feel his hand between my glutes, then the slippery sensation of some shower gel.

„You are mine, you know!“

He ferociously enters me with his rock hard member. A first second of pain and friction – then the heavenly moment when he completely fills me. Impaling me he huffs and puffs against my ear – voicing his desire and passion.

„If I only could get deeper I would, baby! Oooh, your ass is so tight!“

It’s just a matter of moments and he can’t hold back his lust and releases his cum. Heavily breathing he rests his head on my shoulder.


„Dad, Siv? I’m going for a chat in the pub. Ian just called.“

Jack’s voice from the hallway, then the sound of the main door.




We just slid back into bed. I admire his backside again, applying some lotion. He smiles at me.

„Yeah, you missed that, too!“

I sniff at my hands – then at his shoulder.

„Oh, yeah!“

Putting away the bottle I move closer to him, nesting in his arms.

Finally we have some peace and time for us. For now.

I let my fingers run through his damp, dark hair.

„How’s Rosie?“

„Much better, luckily! The plaster is off.“

„I mean your fight with Jen.“

„Oh, you spoke to Mart then.“

He thinks for a while.

„To the outside all seems normal again. She goes to school, asks stupid questions, gets on Jimmy’s and our nerves – the usual set.“

A sad tone in his voice again.

„She’s like me sometimes – not letting me closer than necessary. Her mind seems to know about the facts we told her, but her heart and soul? I doubt it. She’s still hurt, my little star.“

I kiss his forehead.

„Shush, it’s alright for the time being. You can’t expect sudden changes. She loves you – that’s all that counts in the end.“

„I wish I could verbalize all these feelings – for her, for Jen, for you. Often I just stand there – empty, not able to find a clear thought or emotion.“

I face him and then turn for the side table where my purse still rests. Fetching my black ink pen I crawl back to him.

„Just stay there and don’t move too much. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.“

Then I start writing onto his bare skin.

„Hey, it tickles!“

„Keep still, please!“

I continue taking down sentence by sentence – all spread over his gorgeous, taut tummy.

Next I take his left arm and hand. Scribbling onto it he tries to read what I’m writing there.

„Patience! I will read it to you later.“

When I finished with it I see it’s better to fill him in before he explodes.

Lifting up his hand he starts reading aloud.


„You are what you create with your hands. I so much like how you touch me with your long, slender fingers. They are magic on my skin. You also can destroy a lot with them – but not as much as with words. Words do hurt much more – the wounds last way longer.“


„Siv, I’m speechles – honestly!“

„Well, it’s not my idea. I once read a book about a woman doing so – don’t ask me for the title! There also might be a film about it meanwhile.“

He kisses me gently.

„How much did she write onto the body?“

„I recall she covered it completely.“


„No, I have no intentions to do that to you!“

„So, what’s on my tummy?“


„Trust the feelings in your guts like your heart. The visceral response often is the first and right reaction. Our brain just complicates things – thinking them over and over. I like your taught tummy and the sweet navel within. You are human – the navel reminds you having been born by your mother. Your life is a gift. Be careful with it.“


I hear him sniffing now. Damn, I know! One of my typical philosophical moments again – and he’s melting in my arms, crying his heart out. I love his sensibility – but it also scares the shit out off me sometimes.


„I think it’s enough for today, Dave.“

He drags me into a deep, passionate kiss.

„It’s a shame this will wash off again!“

„You already have it implemented in your heart as I see and feel – so it’s just a symbol that can vanish. Your memory and feelings will stay – not just on your skin.“





I’m putting the plates and other cutlery into the spacy dishwasher. Mrs. Hague is humming around the house, cleaning up.

Dave took the jet back to New York yesterday afternoon. What a weirdo – flying in for just one night and day! It’s a relief though to hear he’s progressing at home. Thinking back to all the frantic love making some crawlies make it down my spine.


Basil yelps in the hallway. Apparently he wants to run outside. He usually has his door flap to get out but since I’m back he won’t make a move without me. Well, am I back at last?


The more or less deserted house breathes – reflects Andy’s personality. Every now and then I expect him to dash around the next corner, the mobile at his ear. This must be exactly as he had been feeling about Grainne. Seeing certain pieces of interior, images, clothes – hearing the laughter and giggles again – smelling the scent. And that’s not a typical female thing – sniffing at things. David still has the t-shirt I slept in once I was at his place. Every time he feels lonely and the need to touch me he buries his face in it. I have to smile at that thought. His thin, black scarf is my little treasure. Hell, I’m doing it again – thinking of him! And as hot as the encounter with Jack was as well – the more I know now that I’ve been hopelessly fallen for Dave. Jack would never fill that gap.

I walk over to the lounge, sit down at the dining table and flip open my powerbook. Some new messages in my mailbox. Besides loads of not so important ones a mail from Andy and one from David. I suppress a sigh, opening Andy’s first.


Hi, luv! Don’t you wonder why I’m not calling? They finally confiscated my mobile! OK, maybe I overdid it a little recently. They seem to suspect I would have used it for phone sex – now that Dr. Fisher caught us in the act. I’m still not over it, baby! I so much want to touch you now! Hopefully they won’t spy on my email account – I won’t give them the password anyway! So, if they might cut down internet access, don’t be surprised. Christ, I need to stop – another bloody change in schedule! Have to go to a Tai Chi course now. That’s so silly! If I want to get out off here within the next two weeks I better pretend to be nice! I will make up for all the naughty stuff later! Hugs and kisses! –Andy“


Phew! I really hope they will block his connection! Quickly I type a reply.


„Andy, my dear! You be a good boy and do what you’re told! No wicked email business – even if I know how you must feel – be strong and heal! Basil and me are waiting for you! Hugs and kisses back! –Siv“


OK, now to Dave’s message. I already have an odd rumble in my stomach, no idea why. I’m just like that!


„Hey, baby! Couldn’t sleep when coming back and now it’s already afternoon and I start to feel tired finally. I wish I could cuddle in your arms, my face buried between your gorgeous tits. Yes, I shouldn’t think and talk like this – Jen down in our appartment, but I see it like this: I am like I am. Giving all the love I can to my family I still need more – and that’s on a different scale. You are my scale, my parallel universe, my twin soul. That will never change as long as I live. You are so much like me in that aspect! Yeah, don’t feel bad about being in need for Mart and Andy – or Jack. Martin recently said it’s like different, special bonds to your heart – and all of us are tugging at them – and we had to be careful not tearing you into pieces. He and his metaphers! As usual he’s right.


I would give much though to have you all for my own. My hand is already between your thighs again. Have to restrain myself now to call you, but then I would never last. You need all your energies for Andy now. Oh yes, he should be your top priority. I would feel less guilty knowing you and him in a stable relationship. He so much deserves a loving soul like yourself – and if you are patient enough you will discover that the Andrew I got to know over all those years is a real gem and somebody worth to love and be loved.


Jennifer just came up here to tell me she’s spending the weekend with her broadway lover. Now you know it. I didn’t find the time and the right words so far to let it slip – not wanting to spoil the little time we had together at Jack’s.

That’s the thorn in my side. I have no right to complain. The more I yearn for you, baby! I wish all could be so much easier! My hand is around my aching cock now – imagining the warmth of my palm would be yours – those delicious, soft, full lips of yours sucking me in...


Sorry, had to clean up before continuing! I must sound like an old man whining! And now I’m glad I didn’t call you as your voice would finish me off completely at the moment.


Couldn’t you fly in this weekend?! What do you think?


Argh, it’s a horny, greedy, desperate man writing this to you! Try to ignore it! But promise me one thing – whatever will happen in the future – never stop loving me the way you do! I can’t stop. I’m yours – always! Stupid me thought I would be in control as ususual. Way off! I’m not begging at your feet, on my knees – but face to face.


God, looks I’m really having one of those days again! Will press ‚send’ now and tomorrow I will blush in shame, like a schoolboy in his prime.


Siv, baby – I miss you! –Dave“


Slowly my fingers close the lid of my portable computer. I read his email at least five times. It’s like I could hear his low, deep, sad voice echoing.

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