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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 55-56-57

Chapter 55-56-57

  2009.08.14. 14:03



„Mr. Fletcher – you are a lucky guy!“


The man in the cornflower blue clinic dress adjusts his half glasses and checks the data sheet from the electrocardiogram.


„Did you hear about Angina pectoris? You are a classic example for it!“

Andy coughs behind his oxygen mask. I take in a deep breath and relax the fingers around his left hand.

„Phew, thanx, baby! I thought you wanted to break my bones!“

Then he turns to the doctor.

„What does this mean?“

„There might have been a temporary stenosis of the coronar arteries which results in pain and the other symptoms you experienced. Usually happens due to stress or any other unhealthy way of living. As I can see on the ultrasound it’s nothing severe – all arteries look quite fine according to your age. You should consider quit smoking though and reduce your amount of stress.“




I open the front door and Basil greets us with some noisy barking. Andy refused to stay a night in the hospital. We got the necessary medication and I promised to have an eye on him – having him rest.


„Oh no, Andrew Fletcher! Your office is out off bounds! I will tie you to your bed if necessary!“

„Wow – you are aware that I’m not Dave? Hey, it’s me, Andy!“

„Stop joking! You move your celebrity ass into the bedroom and be a good boy, you got me?“

„Alright, alright!“

He’s still pale and a bit slower than usual, trotting down the hallway. I open the bedroom door for him and move back the covers of the bed.

„Hey, I’m no handicapped, Siv! Still can wipe my ass with my own toilet paper!“

He slowly sits down on the mattress and gets rid off his shoes. It all happens very fast. My lips are twitching and then I burst into tears again.

„Shush, come here, baby!“

He drags me into his arms, smoothing down my back.

„God, Andy – you scared the shit out off me! I thought you would perhaps die! I don’t want to loose you!“

He holds me tighter, trying to calm me down.

„It needs more to kick me off my boots – and obviously it wasn’t my time yet.“

His hand moves under my chin and lifts my face up to his. His eyes are now dark blue and there’s a seriousness in them I haven’t seen before – and there’s more – love!

„Life is so short, baby. Let us not waste more precious time feeling bad about each other.“

His lips find mine and the gentleness of his kiss lets me start sobbing again.

„No more tears – come on, love me!“

Button by button his fingers move down my chest and finally throw the shirt onto the floor.

„Geez, Andy – we can’t do this now! You’ve just been in medical care!“

„Just soft and slow. I asked the doc while you were in the restroom.“

The rest of my complaints die in another, more passionate kiss. We undress piece for piece and then I cuddle into his strong arms. He isn’t that strong he pretends! Be careful with him!


Turning me onto my back he’s over me, kissing down my neck, following the lines of my shoulder to get to my breast. His hands softly cup my tits and the twirl of his tongue around my nipples lets me moan with pleasure. Letting his hands still rest there his lips wander further down, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

„Put you legs around my neck, angel!“, he whispers hotly against my skin and I obey. His head glides between my thighs. The taste of my slick folds seem to kick him further off as his movements increase now. Dave would now tell me what he sees, tastes...lots of naughty bits that’d drive me crazy. Andy is different. He just does it, giving me all the delight he has to give – lingering in the moment, nested in my throbbing pussy – and it’s just his tongue yet!

„Please, give me your fingers! I need to feel you inside me!“

He looks shortly up to me and has this certain little twinkle in his eyes. Oh yes, there’s for sure a fraction of evil desire in him as well! It seems just up to me to tickle it out!

Following my request his long index and middle fingers make it into my wet channel, moving in a slow but steady rhythm. His tongue flicks around my clit, letting my blood pressure zoom up within seconds.

„Yes, baby! Moan for me – let me hear you!“

The wellknown tingling in my groin grows more and more into some powerful contractions of my inner walls and then Andy is barely able to move inside me. I let myself dive into the waves and cry out in lust.

„Wow, you’re really a loud one! I think I have to silence you or the walls will come tumbling down!“

He moves up and closes my mouth with his wet, sticky lips. I taste myself and shiver. His hardness is pressing against my lower abdomen.

„Please, take care of yourself, Andy! Don’t overdo it!“

His eyes have turned into blue fireballs in the meantime. I lock his view and let myself be mesmerized.

„Don’t you worry – just once, OK?“

I nod, breathing harder. He adjusts his weight and himself between my legs and then the tip of his rock hard member finds my entrance. I cling my fingers into his broad back and take him more and more in. I nearly forgot how long he was but am reminded within the next glimpse – but he’s working it slowly and gently. With the fourth thrust he’s in full length – up to the hilt. He stops moving for a moment and we just stay connected, staring at each other.

„Siv, stay with me – share my life with me.“

I close my eyes for a second, opening them again.

„Are you really shure?“

„Never was clearer!“

He smiles at me now and starts thrusting again.

„With all the complications and pain – and all the joy and happiness!“

„Gosh, Andrew!“

The power of his moves lifts me a bit off the bed.

„Yes, I want!“





Dave adjusts the reading glasses on his nose tip and turns his head to listen to Rosie who’s singing along with a CD she’s playing in her room. Oh well, if she’d be going down that road...Mart recently talked about his Ava again who already is messing around with her first band, the little rocker girl.

A smile flickers over his face. Martin better starts to hide his precious guitars. He’s lucky Viva prefers the piano.


The chime of his mobile yanks him off his thoughts. It’s Martin. He shakes his head slightly, smirking about the coincidence.

„Hey, Curly Wurly!“

„Dave, you nut!“

„Thanx heaps! How’s it going? Already bored again?“

„Not that I’d know of. David, do you have a few quiet minutes?“
„Sure, shoot.“

„It’s not really my business, but what the hell is it with that baby thing?! You can’t be serious about that!“

David swallows hard and changes the phone from one ear to the other.

„And you should know that it already effects Siv’s health. She or Andy would never tell you but she’s got some problems since she’s off the hormones – and I’m talking about serious ones. She’s been to hospital last week.“

„What the fuck...!?“

„Yes, and that’s why we didn’t call you then. She’s back at Andy’s now.“

„What happened! Gosh, tell me!“

„Cramps and constant bleeds. Doc said it’s not only a physical thing. Hell, David – she told me you left her with the decision and now she hears her biological clock tick like no good! The gynaecologist told her she would not be able to keep a baby under that sort of stress level anyway. And please, you don’t have that info from me! I just think it’s time for you both to come straight with the matter.“

„I was talking with Andy a lot recently – very open – but you for sure know that. Why didn’t he tell me?! Why didn’t she talk to me?“

„Cause we know you?“

„Ah, come on!“

„No, you know you’re a diva sometimes! A diva I like to fuck – to be concrete.“

„Don’t, Curly – it’s already too much on my plate at the moment!“

„OK, OK! How’s Jen?“

„Away for some auditions.“

„Auditions as in shagging her boyfriend?“

Dave sighs.

„No, not this time. Listen, I’ll get myself a flight to London. Just have to check on Rosie’s Granny.“

„You won’t. I’ll come over and tie you to your bed if necessary. Siv and Andy need some time now – without you interfering. I know bloody well where that would end otherwise. You two simply can’t live without the other being near being located in the same country or city.“


Rolling his eyes again David gets up from the couch.

„Listen, it’s Jack’s CD release end of the week anyway – and I will be there!“

„Umh – well, then we will see each other as I’m going to be there, too – whirling the turntables.“

After a tiny pause he adds:

„And not only whirling you hair you better decide!“

„I don’t have to make any decisions. I’m going to have you both – one after the other!“

„You are simply evil, Dave – abysmally bad! But I like that a lot! I will keep you so busy you won’t have any energies left to interfere with Siv and Andy! Mark my words!“




Jack stands at Anton’s desk, bent over the huge packet he just opened with a knife. His eyes are glistening proudly when he fishes a CD out, overlooking all the other ones lining up within. With slightly trembling fingers he brushes over the plastic surface, smiling happily.


„Admiring your work?“

I stand in the door frame, watching him silently.

„Yeah. Still can’t believe it – though I can touch it now.“

I pull a permanent marker out off my pocket.

„Would you please sign the first one for me, Jack?“

He swallows hard and then takes the pen from me, writing onto the shiny jewel case. Handing it back he drags me into a firm embrace, holding me for a while.

„Thank you for all!“ His voice is muffled by the closeness to my skin. When he releases me again I have a chance to look at what he scribbled onto the CD.


„To Siv – with all my respect and love! XXX –Jack“


Now it’s my time to clean my throat. I securely let the album slip into my IT-bag. Then Anton buzzes around the corner.


„The label guys will be here any minute. We better get our gear and head over to the club. Josh already called that the press people are waylayering around the place.“

„What a surprise!“

The next moment two hands cover my eyes.

„Argh, Curly! That’s not really a surprise! I can smell your cologne!“

I turn around and meet his clear green eyes, beaming at me.

„And I know who’s behind the turntables tonight!“

I cuddle into his embrace.

„What the frigg did you do to your hair?!“

Now I realize the platinum blond, smooth strands of hair. All his lovely curls gone! He bursts out into laughter.

„You should know me – I always want to try something new – and my stylist told me it’s state of the art this season! Wait till you see the glitter hair spray in it later!“

„Errr, we already have’re not going to tell me you have intentions to look like a Christmas glitter ball?“

„Well, I’ll wear a silver suit as well...!“

His evil smirk now is priceless – the more I know he really means it!

„I need the number of that stylist of yours! She better be prepared! Those knitted mohawks are one thing – but this here...I’m speechless!“

„OK, OK – I will try to tousle it a little more.“

„Gosh – I just try to imagine how you’ll look like with a bird’s nest on your head! Better let me have a go at it!“




Standing a little in the backrow I see Jack’s expression when answering all those stupid questions the press people are posing him. I just hope our training worked out. JK and me did some nasty little training sessions with Jack a few days ago to prepare him for the worst. At first he giggled about that role playing but now he for sure will be very thankful. That bitch from the RS is a real pest. She tries to force herself into his privacy again and again.


„Jack, tell us – is it true your dad and the guys helped you with all the studio stuff? Kinda convenient to have such a back up, ay? And having Anton Corbijn for the layout – your album will sell like sliced bread, don’t you think?“


„I’m glad you refer to the album, Miss – I actually wrote all lyrics and music on my own and pre-produced it on my Mac with the necessary software. It comes in quite handy to go to university college, attending the right courses – not only for music management.“


Good one, Jack! I twinkle at him and nod my head slightly.


„Oh, and talking about Anton – the photos and layouts are actually from Siv McPherson – not himself. The video is a colaboration though. You might want to correct that in your text. McPherson without an ‚a’ by the way.“


Now I have to cover my mouth not to laugh out aloud! That’s exactly one of the sentences we tried rehearsing.




The club is still filled with people – dancing and chatting. Jack’s songs and video playing via a big screen. Seems he hits some nerves – well, most guests are friends of his, but a lot just showed up due to the ads – and they seem to like what they hear and see. Jim appears to be busy with the merchandising. Before I can make it over to Jack, some strong arms embrace me from behind and wet lips press themselves against my throat.


„God, Dave! Don’t you scare me like that! Where did you hide all the time? Mart told me you would come but I didn’t see you so far.“

„I tried to keep out off the limelight a bit not to disturb Jack with all those fooking reporters.“

I sniff at him.

„Gee, I smell Martin on you! That much about ‚coming’ – I see! Where’s he, by the way?“

He gives me one of his smug smirks.

„Still in the VIP restroom me thinks, re-arranging his precious silver thong and suit.“

I can’t help to giggle.

„You two are really impossible!“

I brush a few platinum blond hairs from the left shoulder of  his otherwise immaculate black 3-piece suit – already drooling again. He follows the movement of my hand and chuckles.

„Christ, I had to giggle all the time having had his hair against my neck. No idea what’s gotten into him again concerning that!“

„You didn’t mess it up well enough?“

He turns his head slightly and we both see him moving towards us.

„Obviously not. Yikes, we better shut up or he will get back at us all the next time!“

„What are you two smirking at?“

„Nothing, Mart! Dave just told me about your hot little encounter. Now I’m jealous again!“

I pull him closer and we hug, him kissing my ear, suddenly darting his tongue out, wetting my inner ear considerably.

„Eek, Mart! You know I hate that!“

„Really? I thought you loved me drooling ALL over you, baby!“


Then he lets me go again and I see his hand quickly pinching Dave’s ass.

„Need to change with Andy now. My DJ set is the last for this happening.“


When his blond, far too straight hair disappears in the mass of people Dave pulls me closer to his body again and whispers into my ear.


„I need to feel you, baby! Let’s sneak out off here.“

„Geez, I can’t do that! Andy will look out for me – and he for sure will count one and one.“

„He knows anyway – me being around. Hell, I so much want to touch and taste you! And perhaps there’s a chance... .“

I stop him with a kiss – not wanting him to finish that obvious sentence – not knowing what to answer.





„Hey, Siv – angel, listen to me!“

He moves a little back from me and cups my face in his hands.

„Let me finish what I started...perhaps there’s a chance you will feel comfortable with the situation.“

I could drown in his deep eyes again.


He waves over to Andrew who nods and puts down his glass...of water? I was wondering all evening that he actually managed not to drink a single lager or any other spirits – as far as I’ve seen. David ushers me to the exit, flagging down a taxi while we entered the kerb. I adjust the woollen scarf over my coat. The air is freezy and it smells like snow is going to fall soon. I can’t explain it – reminds me of my childhood days when we were guessing who would be the first to predict snow before Christmas. And it’s not so far off. It’s actually the night of the 6th December.


Andy cuddles next to me while Dave puts his arm around my shoulder from the other side. Flickering lights in the darkness pass the car windows while we’re on the way back to Fletcher mansion. I can’t help it – the mood is a little odd. The digital clock in the taxi moves to 3.37 am.! It hits me like a bolt of lightning!


„You two planned something!“

Dave breathes calmly in and out. Andy just squeezes my hand lightly.

„Just like with the web cam thing...“, I add.

Before I can go on it’s Fletch this time to silence me with his lips. The vehicle comes to a halt this very moment and I detect the gate to Andy’s house. Dave pays the driver and then we get out into the cold night air.


„Shush, no more – let’s get inside!“

Before I can muster any sort of reply the ginger head grabs me around my waist and then tosses me over his shoulder. I can hear David chuckle, taking the key from his mate and then the front door opens, the warmth welcoming us.

Andy walks straight for the bedroom, Dave at our back. Cautiously he lets me down onto the duvets. I stare up into two male faces, standing next to me, fixing me. I try to read Andy’s expression.


„What’s going on here?“


My view moves over to Dave. He searches for Andrew’s eyes and then they take a seat at both edges of the bed. Andy bends over a little and pecks me on my lips.


„We’re here to give you what you need.“

„And to take what we need, of course.“ Dave winks at me.

„Before you complain again...David and me talked about this for some time. I already told you, Siv – I’m OK with the idea – so I will be with you if it should happen – being kinda part of it.“

„Angel, let your body make the final decision. You only can rely on divine intervention anyway – so stop worrying – and let me give you what you desire.“

Now Dave moves closer and touches my lips with his, dragging me finally into a deep, passionate kiss. After he let go I have to take some deep breath.


„No hurt feelings?“

„No hurt feelings, baby.“


When I reach over to Andy to open the buttons of his navvy shirt he stops my hand and smirks.


„No, you lean back and enjoy the show.“

„Exactly! How often would you get the chance of a private double strip?“

„Oh my god!“

„Nope, he’s not involved yet – but perhaps Santa and his elf?“

David grins from one ear to the other.


Oh no, Dave – please don’t ruin the mood now – no freaky red thongs!


I’m glad he’s still so sensitive to detect my mood swing as I see his eyes darkening now – and Andy must have sensed it, too.


„Guys, stop blabbering – just come here! I do not need such a sleazy, cheap show – I want you, nothing else!“

„When the lady speaks...we have to follow!“

Both crawl nearer and while Dave starts to smother me with kisses I sense Andy’s hands getting rid off my clothes piece for piece. Hot lips at my ear. My desire starts to boil and I dig my fingernails into Dave’s back, tearing at his shirt.


„Baby, let me get a shower first. I still have Curly all over me.“, he whispers against my skin. Then he quickly rises from the bed and disappears into the en suite bathroom.


„Andy, are you sure?“

He slowly slips out off his jeans and smiles at me – and that’s just like a landslide. Finally completely in the nude he slips next to me, gently unclasping my bra. I can feel his warm breath against my skin and some crawlies make it down my spine. Inch for inch he’s kissing down my back now, leaving a wet trail that lets me shiver. I close my eyes and let my head fall back a bit, breathing sharply in as his lips wander around over my shoulder down to my sensitive nipples. He pushes me gingerly back into the cushions and caresses the soft flesh with his large hands – but ever so softly that I’m surprised to no end. Then there’s a short pause and when I open my eyes again I look into his dazzling blue ones and then I feel his fingers intertwining with my hands. Before I realize it he moves a ring over my left finger.

„Siv, this is not what you might be afraid of – but it’s kinda promise! Stay with me – love me...and let me love you!“


I’m lost for words anyway and stare at my hand. There’s suddenly a shift of weight on the bed next to me and then another hand touches mine and a second ring is gently pushed over my finger – and now I see it – they both fit into each other – like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s ying and yang – dark and light. The ring appears to me made of platinum and gold - Andy’s part bears a diamond, Dave’s a deep red ruby.


„This is my part of the promise, angel. Blood of my blood – and a piece of my heart.“


I have a blank in my mind – there’s a gap opening for a moment. The familiar stinging behind the lids.


„No need to say anything, baby. Everything’s fine – let go and relax – enjoy it! We belong together – whatever!“


I can’t hold back the tears and both men softly start to wipe them away with their fingers.


„There is no right or wrong – just love.“


Now David ravages my mouth with his lips and tongue and I feel Andrew slipping behind me, sitting against the headboard and pulling me with my back against his smooth chest. He starts nibbling along my ear and neck, his hands moving around and fingers closing around my breasts. Dave’s tongue in my navel, swirling around, teasing me. I can’t hold back a low moan. His strong hands gently open my legs some more and he kneels in front of me now, throwing me glowing looks that burn my skin.


„No, don’t close your eyes again, baby – look at me, look at us!“


Guiding my legs over his shoulders his head disappears between my thighs and I only can see his dark hair moving, his long, muscular fingers clenched into my hips. Feeling Dave’s tongue circling around my already buzzing nub I can’t help but bite into Andy’s lips while he’s kissing me passionately again. I meet his view and see deep, blue lava lakes. He immediately responds and clamps my lower lip with his teeth, growling deeply. I can feel the resonance from his rib cage.


When my breath starts to be ragged David lifts his head again and with an assuring smile he lifts up my hips a little and then positions himself at my already wet and waiting entrance. The sensation of his swollen tip parting my slick folds slightly – resting there, not moving an inch – drives me even more insane! Andy shifts his weight and his legs close around me from behind, holding me in kinda upright position. Dave arches himself a bit backwards and then moves in, entering me with a long, slow thrust. Pulling back partially he drives into me again – now till the hilt. Building up a moderate rhythm we three rock forth and back gently, Andrew holding me tight and Dave embracing me now from the front. His lips keep crushing on mine while he increases intensity and speed – ramming his long, hard member into me as deep as he can go.


„Yes, give me more, Dave! Take me harder and deeper!“

My lust needs a way out and I voice my desire now, panting heavily meanwhile. Andy’s erect cock against my back. He moans and groans into my ear, pressing me closer to his body.


„Siv, give me your hand – I need you!“ He drags my right hand backwards to his groin. With the other arm I cling around Dave’s neck now. Beads of sweat all over his face, collecting in tiny rivulets. I lick his cheeks to taste the salt on his skin.


„Oh god, baby! I’m close!“ He nearly impales me now with his huge dick. My other hand touches Andy’s hardness and closing my fingers around seems to have the desired effect on him. Deep in my core the contractions gather to let me explode in waves soon. My walls already start to clench around Dave’s member, dragging him further in, squeezing him. The thrusts get faster and shorter and the tension building in his lower abdomen tells me he’s ready. I close my eyes for a second and give in to the spasms of my inner sanctum – hearing his guttural yell when he comes in me hard, releasing his hot juices with little jerks till there’s no more to give. The moment he collapses breathlessly against my body Andy comes against my back, shaking and twitching – biting roughly into my shoulder. His muffled yell is raw and dark as well.


After a few moments of breathless stillness – Dave still buried deep inside me – Andy cautiously starts to move us all to the side – so that he’s spooning me and David holding me tight from the other side – not loosing our connection. He softly kisses my nose tip. Andy’s chin rests on my left shoulder and his fingers weave into each other in front of my tummy. I have the vague idea that they won’t let me go for at least the next 30 minutes. I’m tired but my body runs on pure adrenaline as it seems.


„Yes, now we wait, angel.“

„Gives that ‚never wanna let you go again’ an extra dimension.“

Dave bursts into little giggles.

„Gosh, Siv!“

Then he kisses me again, following the outlines of my face with his index finger.

„Baby, I love you.“

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