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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 61

Chapter 61

  2009.08.14. 14:23



I shove the wheeled suitcase into the hallway. Andy wanted to accompain me to the airport but I shushed him off cause he had an important meeting – and I still don’t like farewells really much. Heading for the phone to call a taxi the thing starts buzzing the moment it comes into eyesight. The display says Dave?! I swallow and pick up.


„Hey, baby! How are you? I miss you.“

„Hi, David! I’m good, thanx. I know – and you’re in my thoughts every day as well. Just a bit in a hurry now as my flight to Hamburg leaves in about 2 hours.“

„Oh – so you’re visiting your sister Vada?“

„Yes – and my boss. Some things are to be managed – and they need me in person.“

„Well, I’m not sure if it was already last weekend or takes place this – Martin is supposed to be in Germany.“

„Ha ha, he called me – I will meet him at the airport later on. The club openening is on Saturday.“

„I see some extensive shopping ahead.“

„You bet! I better set a limit to my credit card.“

Changing from the desk to the main window I close it and adjust the curtains.

„How are things with you in New York, Dave?“

A short moment of silence.

„I just woke up from some strange dream, angel – yelling. Thank god Jen is in Boston for a casting. No idea how I should have explained to her why I was screaming ‚baby boy!’.“

Should have known. He still hasn’t told her about the agreement the three of us have.

„Dave – you have to fill her in.“

„Argh, I know – just didn’t find the right moment so far.“

„As if there was a suitable moment at all – she will not be really amused anyway.“



„Are you pregnant?“

God! Please not yet! I can’t lie – he would detect it.

„How do you come to that conclusion?“

„In that dream you were carrying a little boy on your arm. He looked so much like me – but he had your smile. Then suddenly he started to age like in a time lapse – and in the end you were just holding a hand full of ashes – crying silently. I could not reach out to you – I was like glued to the spot!“


His voice cracks and I can hear him sobbing. It’s as if an iron fist clenches around my heart. What the frigg is it again with our special connection?! How can I now deny him the news?

„Dave, baby! Listen – it’s not real, it’s just a wicked dream!“

Some cold shivers run down my spine. Do I believe what I’m telling?

„I know – but’s shaking me all over!“

Biting my lower lip I make a decision. Hopefully I won’t regret it later on.


„Yes, angel?“

„Do you sit over there?“

„Yes – actually I’m still in bed. It’s just 5.15 am here.“

„Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.“


„Dave – I’m going to be a mum!“

A moment of silence. Then a loud howl.

„Woohoo! God almighty!“

„Geez, you’re waking up Rosie and Jimmy!“

„Dig it! I’m so fooking happy right now!“

„Hey, keep at least a little cool! I’m still in the first trimester – you know what that means?“

He calms down a bit again.

„Sivvi, I know – but still...blood of my blood! Wow!“

My view falls onto my left hand and the red ruby glistens in the sunlight. At the same time the diamond twinkles – reminding me of the real state of my situation.

„Baby, I’ll book a flight to Hamburg!“

„David, NO! You have to be with your family. You told me once that Andy should be my top priority. I’m telling you now the same thing – Jen and the kids are your most important task.“

„I so much need to be with you now!“

„As much as I’d like to see you, Dave – please stay with your family. I’m fine here – and Christmas is going to be a tough time again for Andy. He still misses Grainne so much.“

Another moment of awkward silence.

„You’re right, angel – though I’d die to hold you in my arms this very moment!“

„Me too, me too! But there will be times soon when you can lay your head on my tummy and listen to that tiny, fast heartbeat. Be patient, honey!“

„God – don’t you remind me of that! The time Rosie grew...geez, you’re making me all bleeding sentimental here again!“

„It’s not sentimental – that’s the true love of a father. I so much adore that side of you – how many times shall I repeat myself?“

He snickers a little at the other end of the line.

„Yeah, I reacall you being in ‚daddy mode’ – thank you, baby! I love you more than I can say.“

„Dito! I could talk with you all day – melting in your lovely voice...but I need to catch my flight soon.“

„OK, sweety – you take good care of yourself! I’m glad now Mart is around in Hamburg.“

„Ha ha, he will not be the only person there – I have my family and friends watching over me.“

„Alright. Talk to you soon, OK? Please keep me informed about anything! And we have to see us soon in the New Year – promise me!“

„How could I deny you such a request? Have to dash now! Try to get some more sleep – as long as you can! I know Rosie!“

„Bye, babies! I kiss you two all over!“




„Mart! I’m going to have a heart attack!“

He had covered my eyes out off a sudden – like always. I turn a little in the leather seat where I’ve been waiting for the last ten minutes.

„Sorry, angel! My flight was delayed – but you already must have seen that on the monitors.“

Yeah, I did. Luckily we fixed a meeting point in the welcome area.

„So, shall we get a cab into the city now?“

I smirk at him and shake my head.

„Nope. I couldn’t resist to call my sister – though she told me she would be busy in her practice. As there were two cancellations already she called off the other three and should be here any minute now.“ I can’t help to giggle.

„I so much want to enjoy the perplexion in her face when she realizes whom I’m travelling with. Actually she has no clue at all about you guys – just that I work with Anton and stay at one of his friends to work on some projects.“

„Oh my! And you call me evil all the time!“

„Sush, I see her coming – look, there! The tall one with the light brown pony tail and black fluffy coat!“

„Shall I hide?“

„Nope, just hurry and turn around and sit at my back!“

He obliges and the next moment my sister approaches me with a broad smile, a long red rose in her hand. We fall into each others arms.

„Awwww, sis – I missed you no end! So good to see you!“

I peck her cheeks and then nod.

„I’m so glad all worked out fine with my schedules so far! We have all the weekend plus Monday. My flight is the last one that night, at ten.“

„Cool! I already told Torsten he’d have a chance for his secret last minute preps for Christmas. Men! He got all confused buzzing around the place, carrying around Tom till he felt sick!“

Oh god, my little nephew – already 2 years now! I’m burning to see him again!

„Well, Vay – I told you I might bring some friend with me.“

„Yep, I was just up to ask.“

„Well, promise me to stay calm, right?“

„DUH – there’s not much that could shake me – except some rotten teeth I had to fix on a weekend emergency duty.“

„So you’re on call?“

„No, luckily not – but you never know.“

„OK – so then meet Martin.“

Mart turns around with his dark fluffy leather cap still on and offers her his hand – black nail polish on.

I can’t hide an evil smirk. The eyes of my sister widen for a second, she blinks with her eyes and then stares at him again – closely.

„Errr, yes – hi, Martin! Nice to meet you. I’m Vada – her sister obviously.“

She rolls her eyes and Curly snickers, patting her shoulder.

„She didn’t spill a syllable so far, right?“

„We better leave this place before some nosy press people might get wind of it. So it’s true it’s you playing a DJ set at the new „Mirage“ tomorrow night?“

Vada grabs my trolley and Mart follows her example getting his gear as well.

„Yes, that’s right. The owner is a friend of mine. You’ll be for sure on the guest list, hun!“


Entering the car park my sister gets out her key and with a beep the doors of her car unlock. It’s an overcast day and the breeze that usually is around all the time smells like winter.

„No snow over here? We still have tons – like winter wonderland.“

„Already gone again – you know the proximity to the water and sea. The forcast says more to come though the next days.“

Then she nudges me while Mart crawls into the back seat.

„How did you manage that again?! Geez, Martin Gore! Why didn’t you tell me? Did you meet the other guys as well?“

„Shush, I’ll tell you all later, OK?“

She get’s behind the steering wheel and I take the place next to her, checking for Curly in the rearview mirror. He smiles at me and leans back into the seat.




Vada pours in another tea. Martin takes the steaming cup and puts it to his full, rosy lips. My sister follows his movements and blushes slightly. Good luck hubby is in town.


„So, won’t you finally tell me what’s this all about with you? Hell, I’m your sister – we always shared nearly everything!“

„I’m sorry, Vay! This time it’s a bit more complicated. I will fill you in as much as I can, OK?“

Mart flashes me a dazzling smile.

„Look, I’m working on a DM-project with Anton and the management. The less people know about it at this point of time, the better.“

Vada’s mouth falls open.

„Wow! You’re working on a book or something?!“

„Yes – with lots of photographs, too. It should be special though – not the usual stuff.“

„I see – the typical Siv extravaganza!“

We all burst out into laughter. Then Martin’s mobile buzzes and he flips it open. After a few sentences he ends the call.

„I need to leave you lovely ladies now. It was a bright idea to drop me at the hotel before this nice tea time. Looks Christoph wants me for something.“

He gets up from the couch and we accompain him into the hallway where he slips into his cosy winter coat, putting on his cap.

Kisses left and right for both of us – and an extra deep look for me.

„We talk later again, Sivvi!“

And then he’s out off the front door.


„Boy, Martin Lee Gore! In my flat – kissing me!“

I hold my stomach laughing! My sister seems to have a fangirl moment!

„You stop laughing there! I bet you were the same the first time you met him – or them! How about Dave? Tell me, sis...what else is brooding there you’re not telling me? I know you and that certain spark in you eyes!“

I take her hand and lead her back to the couch, sitting down with her, cuddling close – like we used to do since we were kids.


„Vay – it will not surprise you my life is still complicated – to put it mildly. How much time do we have till Torsten will be back?“

She snickers.

„I told him to stay at his parents tonight, with Tom. I saw something like this talk coming – don’t ask why – but I’m your sister after all.“

I grin at her and peck her cheek.

„OK. First of all – I’ll be staying in London for a little longer – perhaps for a long time. Well, I’m going to have my own little studio there soon. They already fix the walls and do the decorating. Hopefully the bathroom will be ready when I return.“

„Gosh! That must be bleeding expensive! How will you get along with that?“

„I actually have a sponsor sort of.“ I can’t hide a little blush now.

„No, don’t tell me it’s Martin!“

„Nope, it’s not him.“ I wonder if I really should give her more to chew on.

„It’s Andrew.“

„Andrew Who? Lloyd Webber? Ha ha ha!“


My sister’s jaw drops to the ground.

„You’re kidding me!“

Then her eyes muster my hands again. I recognized this stare already today.

„I was wondering how you could afford such a precious ring – it for sure looks special – like all you choose – you have such a good taste.“

Oh my!

„Umh, I didn’t buy it myself. It’s a present.“

„Siv?! What else did I miss?!!! Hell, tell me!“

„It’s not what you think – no engagement ring – yet you’re right, it’s very special. Please don’t ask me.“

„You can’t leave me here dying! I won’t spill the news to anyone, you know me!“

„I’m afraid to jinx things if I’d do too early, Vay – please!“

My sisters eyes grow even bigger.

„You and Andy! Oh, yes – now I get it! Sponsor – me arse! How could I forget about it – he’s a widower for a while, right? And now you have him at your hook!“

„No, no! Sis, it’s more he’s a very good friend to me. He’s still not over Grainne – so don’t make up any things in your wild imagination.“

„But you live with him already – he’s the friend you were telling me you’re staying in London!“

„Well, I can’t deny that fact.“

„Christ! You and Andy Fletcher! And that’s not all – I know you, I know you, I know you!“

Nervously I twist the ring around my finger. Shall I or shall I not? No, let’s leave it at that – it’s already more than she will be able to bear for the next days.

„Umh, I’m good friends with all the guys meanwhile – talking with them a lot due to the research for the book. So don’t make a fuzz of it if Curly kisses me every now and then.“

„Curly? You call him Curly?“

„Earth to sister – he’s not my league and I’m not his – do you get it?“

„Ah, I saw his looks, the way he smiles at you.“

She now grabs my hand and squeezes it.

„You’re close, aren’t you? I’m not telling you have something, but he got through your security barriers – you can’t deny it.“

„Yes, that’s true. He’s a great person to talk about life – just down my road concerning philosophy.“

She smiles softly and nods her head, her pony tail shaking with the movement.

„Well, I know his lyrics well enough to know that you two for sure must have done some rounds of mind fucking!“ She reaches for her tea mug and takes another gulp. The cinnamon cookies on the plate next to the tea pot spread some pleasant scent towards us, as do the candles in that bowl with the Christmas potpourri.




„Geez, I knew it! So is she asleep now?“

„Yeah, Mart – in their bedroom. I’m staying in the guestroom – though I promised to sneak over later on – after finishing my call with you. We usually spend the first night cuddling close, talking.“

„That’s sweet, angel! You two get along very well, right?“

„Yeah, sharing the same sad childhood lets you move closer together.“

„Sivvi, can’t you just sneak out and come to the hotel?“


„I need you in my arms, baby! There’s no way tomorrow night and Sunday you’ll spend with your family. I might be busy as well – still waiting for a call. So this is the only chance we might have.“

I think for a moment.

„OK, I’ll try to make something up. Give me your room number and be patient, sweety.“



„Yep?“ She turns around, letting slip down the book she was reading in.

„I’m off again for a little while. You know Mart is a night owl and he urged me he needed me to meet somebody. It’s a surprise for tomorrow night. I need to take the camera with me.“

„Geez, can I come with you?!“

„Sorry, no – not this time, sis! It’s top secret. I’ll be back asap, OK? So you better try to get some sleep as I will for sure have lots to tell you when I return!“ I wink at her and she puts out her tongue.


The lift doors close behind me and I check for the room numbers – ascending to the left and the opposite to the right. Finally I stand in front of the door to his Junior Suite. Doesn’t take long and he opens and drags me inside. He’s just wearing a pair of black silk boxers.

After a long, passionate kiss he releases me and I can tell from the glistening in his eyes that there will be no long discussion on how this night will go on. Well, that’s what I thought. The next what happens is him dropping down on his knees in front of me, resting his head against my lower abdomen, embracing me tightly.


„Why didn’t you tell me, angeleyes?“ He now presses kisses against my soft skin, shoving my pullover up.

„Not even my sister knows, Curly. It’s just between Andy, Dave and me still – up to now apparently. Did you speak to David or Andy?“

„Dave.“, he mumbles against my skin. Then he slowly gets up on his feet again, dragging me to the bed. „I had some hot phone sex with him and finally he got weak and blurted it out.“

I cuddle next to him and can’t help but giggle.

„You and phone sex with Dave – my goodness!“

He pokes into my side and then snickers as well.

„What’s so far off? You or me – what’s the difference in the end?“

Then he turns serious again and pulls off my pullover, then my jeans – till we both lay there naked snuggling against each other.

„He’s worried – you have no idea. I’m sure he wouldn’t spill the secret if he weren’t. I shall keep my eyes on you...babies!“ He bends his head again, kissing my tummy.

„And I’m concerned, too – well, it was me telling Dave you were in hospital those days, with cramps and bleeds. It really scared the hell out of him.“

„That explains why he and Andy came up with that  - well, agreement so pretty fast then. God!“

„Well, I told him he simply couldn’t let you hang there like that – he had to make his mind up. And in the end it seems to have worked out fine.“

„Hum, well – that’s to be proven yet. I still have no idea how this will really turn out in the end.“

„Relax, angel. Step by step.“

He kisses me softly, his fingers already slowly wandering down my thighs. His green eyes setting me on fire and then he hotly breathes into my ear.


„Now let me make you feel allright. My tongue and cock are all yours. Scream for me, precious – come hard for me! I’ll make you shake and quiver!“ Then he takes my hand and places it onto his growing hard on. „Giving and taking – I want to melt in your arms, baby!“

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