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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 69-70-71

Chapter 69-70-71

  2009.08.14. 15:37



„So you want love from a desperate man? It might hurt and disturb you.“

He pins my wrists next to my head.

„I will return the favour from a desperate woman. It can’t be more painful and irritating than it already is.“

I lift my head and bite into his lower lip – sucking him in for a deep, wet kiss. He answers the call at once – sinking his teeth into my soft, sensitive flesh – holding me there. His raw emotions are washing over me and I’m not afraid any longer to show him mine to the full.

With fast yet not hasty moves we get rid off each others garments. This time it’s me fidgeting impatiently with the buttons of his black shirt. Finally he arches back and incidentally our hands meet at the buckle of his belt. I let go and breathlessly watch the muscles ripple under the taut skin of his chest and abdomen. With a swift pull my panties are over my knees and ankles. His eyes darken dangerously when he throws them into the next corner, pushing my legs open with his knees.


„God, I wanna taste you!“

Not really having finished that sentence his head already disappears between my thighs. His tongue is working frantically around my nub and then exploring my most delicate region – darting between my slick, swollen folds. The heavenly suction is followed by excited little bites – intensity increasing. When he definitely bites down on my clit I can’t suppress a loud yell which seems to drive him even more to cross the next line. Digging his nails into my hips he continues his little torture – sensing he would push me over the cliff soon with just the power of his lips and tongue. I’m just awaiting the bolt of lightning when he suddenly stops and lifts up his head, searching my eyes.

„Geez, no! You finish what you started – damn you!“ I’m panting and twitching already – trying to push his head back down. A diabolic and very satisfied grin flashes over his face.

„So I’ve got you under my spell – and I can do with you whatever I want!“

„Bloody hell! DO it!“

The next I experience is him hoisting his body up and within a split second he rams himself into my throbbing channel up to the hilt. I can’t help it – I already was so close to the brink that my muscles contract around his large member in kinda domino effect. I can hear his enormous growl and then a raw, guttural yell. With fast little jerks he’s riding out his own climax that seems to be hitting him like a cyclone, too.

„Sweet Jesus, baby! You’ll be my death!“


We’re still lying on the carpet, my head resting on his chest. His heartbeart slowed down to a soothing rhythm. Again and again his fingertips run up and down my scapulae and nape.

„Angeleyes – I have to go.“

„I know, David.“ My voice sounds muffled against his soft skin.

„Oouch, stop biting my nipple!“

„Just a last farewell greeting. I thought you’d like pain.“

Quickly he turns me onto my back, his lips searching my breasts.


„Now we’re even, my little devil!“

„What? You have to decide – angel or devil?“

The corners of his mouth move up.

„I’m afraid you are both.“

„I shall return that compliment.“

Turning serious again I lock view with him. He holds it, sucking me in – letting me dive into the green-brown abyss. He for sure just drowns in my ocean.

„OK for now?“

„Yes, OK.“ My vocal tendons seem to have a life on their own. I have to clean my throat.


Waiting in the cold, stinging december air in front of Jack’s building for our taxis he pulls me close for the last time, letting his hand slip between my legs.

„Call me, when you’re ready. I will be.“




„Damn, you look pale like you’ve seen a ghost, Sweetheart!“

I just step into the corridor when Andy’s head peaks out off his office.

„As you might have read on my note I met that ghost.“

This moment his mobile buzzes in his pocket. Looking at the display he shakes his head.

„That ghost must have heard us.“ Then he picks up.

„Hi, Dave! Yes – she just popped into the house. OK. Yes, got that one. Pleasant flight to you all then. I hope Rosie won’t get at your nerves. I made her a few new mixed tapes. Haha – no, you will discover sooner or later. Right. Yes, we will talk soon. I certainly can do that. Cheers, mate!“

Dumping the device back into his jeans he meets me in the middle of the hallway and then hugs and kisses me properly.

„Dave lets you know ‚a promise is a promise – and can never be broken.’ Whatever that means to you.“

It takes the last shreds of my composure not to break into tears again. I simply show him my left hand.

„Good Lord, what happened?!“

„I’m not sure if you really want to know.“

„Remember what I told you?“

I nod silently, take his hand and lead him into the living room. Half an hour later it’s not me that’s crying profusely.

„I’m not going to do any stupid things, Andy – don’t be afraid!“

I smooth over his red hair while his head is buried in my lap.

„Hey, I love you, too! Do you hear me?“

He starts to stir and then bends back against the rest of the couch, breathing deeply in and out. Next he reaches for my left hand again, kissing the ring and the bruises softly.

„A promise is a promise?“


„Here? Bedroom? Whirlpool? Kitchen floor?“






Andy collapses onto my sweatty back, huffing and puffing.

„I can’t believe you made me come again and again, baby!“

Snickering I move my head slightly.

„Well, I stopped counting after the third time.“

My breath is still fast and flat as well. Finally Andrew helps me up from the kitchen floor.

„Unbelievable! You did it again – and last time you were complaining about your poor old back!“

„Well, this time I was on top – that’s a bit of a difference!“ He gives me a broad smirk and then kisses me teasingly.

„Plus it’s quite handy to be near to the fridge. Yes, I heard your stomach rumble, my sweet. There should be some roastbeef and noodle salad left. Before you completely consume me that is.“

„Boy, is it really past 3 am?!“ My view lingers on the antique clock at the kitchen wall.

„Yep – we easily skipped tea time and dinner, angel of the dawn.“

„Did we?“ I move closer and nibble at his right earlobe.

„Gosh, I’m hungry! You’ve been chasing me all over the house!“

„Who’s been chasing whom, hey?“ I pat his prominent belly.

„NO, this is not the right type of diet for me...though, let me think...there are for sure some places left!“

„Andy, give it a rest for now. I don’t want to have to call 999 again due to a heart condition – remember?“

He turns serious again and drags me into his arms, placing his head onto my shoulder.

„I’m so glad to have you around, Sivvi! To have you back!“

He faces me again.

„I will care for you – and you will care for me? Is that a deal?“



„It’s a promise – don’t you ever forget it.“

„Hell, stop teasing me like that!“

„Then you better feed me.“


And so we end up in front of the enormous fridge – in the nude - nipping and nibbling this and that – straight with our fingers.

„Umh, it would be no biggie to eat at the table, plates and everything.“

I wipe some dressing from the corners of my mouth. He answers with a sonorous laugh.

„Greedy animals we are!“

Then he starts to grin all over his face. Apparently his evil side took over.

„Up with you onto the side board!“


„Hurry – and legs up!“

He starts to shake an aerosol container with whipped cream.

„Let’s see...yes! Now you’re gonna be my tart!“

Some spray hits my left nipple, then the right.

„Eek, it’s cold!“

„I will heat you up again, I swear!“

He slips closer and lets his tongue lap around my creamy tits. After licking them completely clean he winks at me. The fingers of one hand trace up my inner thighs – till they find my already seaping lips. Parting them he bends over. I hear the fizzling of the aerosol and then sense the coolness of the whipped cream hitting my channel. I let out a loud yell of disapproval and...lust! In no time his busy lips and tongue work at me – letting me squirm and wriggle. Geez, I certainly didn’t see that one coming!


„Oh my god, Andy – I can’t hold it back!“

He more mumbles than he speaks – his voice vibrating against my wet skin.

„Baby, just come straight into my face! You are so fucking hot!“

He’s nearly sucking my orgasm out of me – god almighty! Fixing my hips with his strong hands he enjoys the waves clashing kinda against his head. Occasionly biting me really drives me nuts and I try to get some hold against the slick wooden doors of the cupboard, scratching along with my fingernails.


„Angel, you’re simply amazing!“

Slowly he comes up from his downward position – his face glistening with my juices and the last remnants of cream.

„Gosh, Andy – you’re adorable! Let me clean you up, baby!“

Dragging him into my arms I start kissing and licking his slightly reddened face. Then I see his eyes turning darker again. I nod.


Not hesitating for a second he lifts me from the sideboard and I’m coiling my legs around his waist, welcoming his rock hard member inside me. It does only need a few intense thrusts and we both start shaking and trembling. Panting heavily against each other I let my head fall onto his shoulder.

„Bathroom, angel?“

„Yep, but for a nice, long bath! You definitely finished me off.“

He smiles at me and carries me over.

„Looks I’m not the only one completely spent here.“




„Shush, Andy – darling! Are those tears?!“

He turns his head slightly and a bit of water laps against the edges of the whirlpool. Oherwise the surface is calm – only some plaques of lather crincling on it. We didn’t start the jacuzzi – wanted to relax in silence.

„I’m just so happy, angel. That’s all.“

Sting deep in my heart again. He must have suffered and I didn’t really realize so far how much – and now he’s smiling through his tears like a little boy. If I hadn’t melted in his arms so far – now I do!


„God, Siv – you’re really here now – I can feel it! Not miles away...“ His voice trails off – he’s deeply moved.

„Looks I needed to die in another man’s arms before I could find my way back.“

Now it’s me with the familiar stinging behind the lids.

„No, angel – not really. Call it more a learning curve – we all had to settle our feelings, facing all the catastrophes happening in our lives. And it will still not be easy in the future – that’s for sure.“

He kisses me softly on my lips.

„But I’m not afraid anymore.“





The last day of the year starts with a blizzard again. Clusters of iced snow are slamming against the windows, piling up, being blown away – returning with more might and finally obstruct half of the view to the outside. Then two hours later all off a sudden the wicked scenario stops – the cloudy, grey sky rips open and a pale sun tries to radiate at least a bit of daylight onto the all over glistening, white beauty.


Not so sure that Andy really enjoys the winter wonder land as he’s huffing and puffing while he shovels a way through to the gate. I stand behind the kitchen window and give him some encouraging wavers. He insisted on me staying inside pointing to my fragile state of health. Umh, ‚fragile’ – he didn’t take that for a reason when he impaled me frantically last night. I have to snicker to myself.


Basil jumps around, rolling himself in the snow and barks happily every now and then – chasing his own tail. Andrew stops for a moment and taps his forehead to me.


„Sweetheart, ready for a rumble in your rotten little abode?“

I hear him throwing off his big winter boots and make my way into the hallway. He greets me with a freezy, wet kiss.

„Eek, you polar bear! Yeah, I was already getting my cam ready. You know I promised Martin some shots.“ I snatch the glasses from his nose tip and get a tissue from the box on the clothes cabinet to clean the steamy surface.

„There’s still hot tea to warm you up before we leave, hun.“

He takes the spectacles out off my hands, places them next to the Kleenex and then pulls me closer to his chest. The evil twinkling in his eyes lets me shudder.

„I’d know of a way better method to get me all hot again.“

His lips force mine open and his tongue darts out to conquer my territory.

„Andy, darling! We will never make it to the studio if...!“

I can’t continue as he’s already silencing me with his greedy mouth again.

„Please, Andy! No, not now.“

The tone in my voice must have alerted him enough as he lets me go and scans my face.

„Hey, have you been crying earlier?“ He gently caresses my left cheek now and I sense it takes some of his self restraint to get himself back onto a calmer level.

„It’s nothing, Andy. Just the frequent waves of sadness hitting me every now and then over the day.“

„I’m sorry, angel! I really let that slip out off my mind for a moment again.“

„Shush, don’t be. Nothing to worry about.“

„You’re telling me at once if there’s anything I should know and could help you with, OK?“

„Yes – and now wipe that serious expression out off your lovely face again.“

He pecks me and then walks into the kitchen.




I switch off the 5 pm news on TV when the phone rings. Andy is under the shower – getting rid off all the dust and dirt that stuck to him – and me – after our hike around the loft. Adjusting my dressing robe and smooting back my freshly washed and nearly dried hair I accept the call.


„Hey, Curly! That’s pretty fast!“

A chuckle at the other end.

„Well, when my mail alert went off and I saw your ID popping up I simply had to jump. Nice way to start the day here! The images are massive! Didn’t expect the refurbishment being that far – wow!“

„You should have seen my eyes – big as balloons! Those guys really must have worked all day and night. Even the new walls are in and painted!“

„That bathroom – sweet Jesus! Are you sure it’s going to be a photo studio? Looks more like a celebrity porn club!“

„Geez – don’t give me any more naughty ideas, Mart! ‚Welcome to CPC – London’s most exclusive and illusive premium den of iniquity’!“

I have to put the receiver a bit away from my ear as Martin’s bursts of laughter nearly crack my tympanic membrane.

„Ha ha – Dave and I could put up a hell of a show!“

„Oh my god! Alone the thought...!“ I pat my thigh, giggling.

„Well, then I need to get an additional stripper pole.“

„Whoa, you have one there?! I didn’t see on the pics!“

„Cause it’s not yet in place – I’m still brooding over where to get it done.“

„That one is top priority!“

„Not this year, Mart – but soon.“

„Gosh, I remember the hot lapdance Dave gave me to my last birthday – that really was insane!“

„Curly, are you sober over there? Or is it just the ‚end of the year sentimentality’?“

„The latter I’m afraid. Though, come on – I haven’t had a drink for nearly three years now. Dave is a great help and so are you, baby. I don’t have to remind you who tapped onto my fingers last time?“

„Baby, I just did what every friend would have done. We all have our weak moments. But you are trying to change the subject, my evil friend. So what about that lapdance?“


Andy pokes his nose into the living room, grinning – pretending to shake off his bath robe. I nearly let the phone drop onto the carpet.

„Hell, Andy just popped into the room! You should see him swirling around, nearly wearing anything decent! He must have listened to our talk!“

I switch Martin on speakerphone.

„Hi, Andy! Are you nutz now, or what did I miss over there?!“

„Martin, my old pal – are you having phone sex with my lovely girl friend, umh?“

„I wish for – darn, you just interrupted my sneaky ways to trap her into a hot conversation – damn you!“ His infectious laughter fills the room now.

„Nah, was just chatting about the progress in the aspiring studio and our lovely Siv told me about a stripper pole. You know me – I couldn’t hold my tongue digging out some nice juicy memories.“

„Stripper pole?! What friggin stripper pole?! Sweatheart?“

Andy pretends to be baffled and upset. Then his roaring laughs echo back from the walls.

„We bought that thing together – on eBay! Quite interesting what you can get there nowadays – not just heaps of electronic junk from the eighties!“

„Boys, be nice! Mart, now give me the sizzling details from your last birthday!“

„Andy has to leave the room – or you switch back the phone. It’s too embarassing for his old school ears!“

„I just wanted to go and get dressed for the party anyway.“, the redhaired man snorts back, „And I really don’t want to know about your kinky little encounters. So wishing you a pleasant ride into the New Year, Martin!“

„ A ride – now that would be really, really nice! OK, Andy, my friend – you have a good eye on our precious angel there and you have a ball of a time later on! We will talk soon!“

When Andy disappeared I switch the phone back and lean lazily into the cushions.

„So, now – what’s so secret and hot?“

„You know Andrew – he’s so straight that even a priest looks like a callboy!“

„Martin Lee Gore! Stop that blasphemy! Well, he’s at least open to threesomes.“

„Just to please you, angel. Believe me – though he had his fair share of groupies in the past he never really was the adventurous type. You started to change that a little. Look, he really loves you from the bottom of his heart, baby.“

My eyes start to water a little and I quickly wipe over them. The bottom of my heart is a crowded place apparently.

„So, Dave dancing for you on your special day.“

„Right, but ‚dance’ is not covering it properly – Christ! My senses are already running wild here!“

He cleans his throat and I hear him swallowing something.

„Sorry, needed a gulp of orange juice. OK – so Dave put on his show at the pole in my bedroom, shaking his juicy hips and ass, teasing me with every piece of clothes he slowly got rid off – to end on my lap – yet he didn’t stay there for long, that infamous bugger!  Lifting himself up like god made him – and mind you god had an excellent day – he suddenly had a tub of liquid cream in his hand and let it drip all over his well shaped body. Geez, was I fast to lick it off his velvet skin! I still have the taste on my lips  - and I can hear him softly giggling as I nearly tickled him to death with my greedy tongue. Boy, and then he was over me – well, you know – you have your insights as well by now.“

„Oh, well – and I remember certain thuds against the wall, low moans – hell, Curly! Now I’m all worked up! Thank you – I better take another shower!“

I can see his broad evil smirk right through the landline!

„Well, you should see my hard on. Wanna take a quick ride on it?“

My breath accelerates and I feel the wellknown wetness pooling into my groin.

„I think I should jump onto Andy now – he will not know what will hit him.“

„Ha ha, I’m glad to be of help. Well, so I will have to take care of myself again. Anyway – it was a real pleasure talking to you, my sweet angel!“

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