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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 88

Chapter 88

  2009.08.26. 16:21



I’m beyond tired when I step out off the cab around 10 am, paying the driver and then slowly trot into the lobby. The elevator seems to take ages. Finally standing in front of the door of our suite I realize that I haven’t got a keycard with me – having been so sure to leave with Andy.


After the third knock he opens the door – fully dressed and shaved. Without a word he steps back inside the large room and I clumsily close the door behind me. The table is already laid for breakfast. My first direction though is the bathroom. I need fresh clothes and another shower! Though I didn’t leave Martin’s place without one I still feel not comfortable in my skin. Gosh, it was a blast – but I was sure I had to pay for my sins – sooner or later. Checking for all the love bites and marks on my body I do not hear Andy coming into the room.


I freeze in front of the mirror when I sense his trembling fingers tracing all those signs of pleasure.

„Holy Christ, like wild animals!“

I can’t reply at once.

„No, not really wild – animalistic, yes – sort of. They avoided everything that could harm the baby.“

I turn around and want to hug him but he signals me with his expression I better should not.

„I’m sorry I couldn’d avoid to hurt you.“

He doesn’t answer me, just lowers his head and leaves the bathroom without another word. For a moment I’m paralysed then I follow his direction. He took a seat at the table and is pouring himself a coffee.

„Andrew, for heaven’s sake – talk to me! Yell at me, if you must – just say something!“

He looks up and his blazing blue eyes give me crawlies.

„Obviously I can’t give you what you need – and those two seem to know exactly.“

He lets the spoon sink he used to stirr the black liquid around – after adding masses of sugar.

„Why did you marry me, Siv? Cause I’m the convenient choice? Cause I let you have your will and ways like I was emotionless and tough like a rock?!“

The porcelain cup clatters on the saucer.

„I already told you, I can’t stand this – I’m not like Mart or Dave. I’m not made like that. And for fucking sake – it hurts like hell!“


Didn’t I say I would have to pay? So here’s the bill – and it has to be paid in cash.


„Whatever I would tell you now, would you believe me anyway, Andrew?“

I try hard to cling to the last remains of my composure.

„You better get dressed. Running around half naked isn’t really what I need to see now.“

His tone is beyond sarcasm. „Or perhaps you want me to be rude and slam you against the next wall, taking you hard. Wouldn’t be the first time. You seem to enjoy bruises and scars.“


It’s too late. Words that are spoken can’t be taken back.


„I will tell the solicitor that I was in emotional stress due to the pregnancy when signing the papers. It’s less than 14 days – I suppose anulling the marriage is no problem.“

My throat is dry and tight. „Andrew – I love you, I do – but I can’t live like this as well.“


I hear a chair falling with a tubby thud. My sight already is blurred as I can’t hold back the tears. All I know is that I need to get out off here – out off this bloody suite!


„No, Siv, no! I didn’t mean it – oh my god! Don’t go – think of the baby!“

„Why do you care about the baby? It’s not even yours!“

His hands find me with an iron grip – not wanting to let me leave. Me struggling to break free he finally pushes me that much I loose balance and when my head hits the edge of the table it’s finally getting dark around me.




It’s like in a strange dream when someone presses the rewind button. Actually I have no idea how we got up into Mart’s bedroom. My head feels a little too dizzy at this point of time. Just a few hours till breakfast. Andy’s words leave a hollow echo in my head.


The smooth sheets meet my bare arms. Two pair of busy hands get rid off my clothes. When I feel a tongue circling my belly button and then dipping into it - I wake up kinda from my trance. Curly’s grinning face. Then I recognize a shift on the mattress and the silky soft skin that now makes contact with my whole back only can belong to David. He breathes against my neck and his warm hands cup my breasts, coming from behind. I lean back and let my senses be ensnared by the touch and scent that always easily intoxicate me.


„Relax, baby – enjoy it!“ Dave’s velvety baritone drives me mad and I can feel his hardness stirring against the small of my back. Martin meanwhile gently opened my legs and his naughty tongue makes it up my inner thighs – till I gasp from the lust that’s igniting deep within my core.

„Want to take it up to another level, angel?“ A hot whisper into my ear – sending electric jolts through my system. And then a blindfold covers my eyes – gently fastened but tight enough to hinder any glimpse. It’s absolutely dark.

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