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morganalefaye - Poison Ivy
morganalefaye - Poison Ivy : Chapter 74

Chapter 74

  2010.05.20. 14:25



I let my legs lazily hang over the edge of the bath tub. Not sure what got into Andy last night – but he was gorgeous! Allowing my eyes to wander around a satisfied smile creeps over my face. This bathroom turned out bloody amazing! Yes, I’m christening the whirlpool – on my own. From time to time it’s not a bad idea to have a little peace.


The last days were packed with organizing things concerning the studio. Anton was a great help – minimizing the chaos that inevitably stepped over the threshold.


A decent cough yanks me out off my thoughts.


„Errrr, sorry – I didn’t expect you in here....well, in the bathroom, OK – but not IN the tub.“

John leans against the doorframe. „Anton sends me over. He’s still fighting with the backdrops.“

„It’s not that you haven’t seen a naked woman before, isn’t it, Mr. Kessler?“

I flash him a broad grin, realizing that the lather almost had gone and the now transparent water surface reveals more than necessary.

„Would you be so nice and hand me that black bathing sheet over there?“


A slight red tinge spreads over his cheeks and he hastily grabs the large, fluffy towel. I get up, the remains of water gushing down my body and with quick hands I fasten the fabric around me. Fixing Jonathan’s view I see some little sparkles in the corners of his eyes.


„Stop making me nervous here, Siv. I’m just a man you know.“

„Relax. What sweeps you over the ocean, by the way? The weather in California should be much more appealing these days.“

„Well, after the call New Year I thought I should spend some more time around – helping you with the DM project.“

„Aha. I have a slight suspicion that this is only half of the truth – manager and best friend of David.“

With a lobsided grin I step into my slippers and check for another towel to dry my hair a bit more.

„His royal highness haven’t spent a minute calling me since he left after christmas – which is alright as we agreed on a little time out. Can’t say I’m too happy about it though.“

I reach for the blow dryer and let myself sink onto the bath seat.

„Let me give you a hand, angel.“ John takes the hairbrush and starts the dryer. I close my eyes, lean my head a bit back and enjoy the frequent strokes, accompanied by some hot air. After a while the buzzing sound of the tool stops.


„You would make some great Paul Mitchell, you know that?“

John chuckles and puts the hair dryer back onto the cabinet. Then his face returns to a more serious expression. He moves forward and embraces me all of a sudden.


„Siv, I’m so sorry about the baby! If I could imagine someone as a happy mom than it’s you.“

He locks my view with his soft, light brown eyes, leaving his arms still around my figure.

„I haven’t seen Dave like this for a long while – so devastated and confused. He really takes it hard.“

„Well, seems to help him to stay below the radar. I haven’t talked to him since last year.“

My voice contains a little trace of hurt which doesn’t go unnoticed. Jonathan sighs and lets his view drop direction floor.

„Things are getting even more complicated now, I’m afraid. I don’t know how to tell you – honestly.“

He nervously brushes through his greyed hair.

„You better get dressed – you do not want to catch a cold, right?“

„Ah, come on – spill it!“

I knew it! When he entered the room I already had an odd feeling, kinda premonition.


„I shouldn’t have started with it. It’s not my responsibility in the end to fill you in.“ He musters me.

„But I think you deserve to know.“

This moment Anton pokes his nose into the still steamy room.

„Oh, a little naughty pool party I missed?“

„No!“, slips from John’s and my mouth in unison.

The dutch photographer bursts into laughter. His whole tall body is shaking.

„If you say so – then stop staring at her like that, John! And you better get into your clothes. I need to get Jim and Shaun to fix the bloody lighting. Want to grab lunch with us? Otherwise I’ll be back with them in about two hours. Knowing you the wall painting will be ready by then.“

„Good point, Ant! I’m not too ambitious. You could be so nice and sweet to grab me some Indian Take Away? Or stop at my fav Fish’n Chipper? John?“

Jonathan nods and follows Anton’s direction. I slowly step out of the bathing sheet and check for my underwear. My mind still is a bit blurred and boggling on the notions John just made about David.


Trying to clasp my bra I unexpectedly sense two warm hands at my back, stopping my action. Velvet lips.


„Baby, you promised me christening the whirlpool with you together! So here’s my token.“

„Gosh, Curly! I nearly thought it was John!“

The blonde man starts to chuckle and pokes out his naughty tongue.

„Shall I call him back? You are a piece of work! Don’t have your hormones in check?“

Before I can let an adequate answer drop he closes my lips with a deep, wet kiss. His happy hands start exploring my back, wandering down to my bum – squeezing it gently.

„I missed you, Mart.“ The twinkling in his green eyes immediately tells me he feels the same.

„You could have called that you were coming this week, hey!“

„I recall you love surprises, angel. And when John skyped me he had business over here I simply couldn’t resist. The kids are with Suzy anyway for the next two weeks.“

He steps back a little, smiling at me his special way. Then he smirks and kicks off his Doc Martins.

„Don’t you want...“, his face comes nearer again and his hot breath puffs agains my ear, „to help me getting rid of my clothes finally?“


„Hey, stop tickling me!“

I pat onto his hand and try to grab it. He’s faster, as usual and giggles.

„You still are so easy to tease!“

I adjust myself a little more in his arms, resting my head against his chest.

„I’m glad Andy and you seem to get along better now. I really was worried for a while.“

I sigh slightly and then nod.

„Yeah, it really helped you washing my head when we talked New Years eve – and obviously Andrew and David seemed to have had several conversations as well.“

Hearing the name of his bandmate and lover Martin has to swallow hard. No, don’t tell her!

„You’re more than welcome.“ He kisses my cheek.

„Uhm, what’s that there against my back?“

Now he bites my nape tenderly and kisses along my neck.

„My little pal never rests when he’s around you.“

„Then you better tame him a little as I’m not on anything.“

„So the baby is still on your mind?“

„I’m not sure to be honest – and for Andy it’s not necessary as you well know. It hurts to see him every now and then – regretting his decision those days.“

„I’m sure it’s not easy under the recent circumstances. Same goes for Dave.“

„Yes, I’m fully aware of it. Yesterday I nearly grabbed the phone to give him a call. This silence starts to nagg at me – though it’s important for both of us to make a clean cut and check the options real life has to offer.“

„Yes, life for sure can be a bitch.“ He sounds sad all of a sudden. I gently stroke down his arms that rest on my tummy.

„Siv, can I ask for your opinion?“

„Sure, shoot!“

„I’m afraid Viva slipped into a severe eating disorder. I think she’s anorexic. You should have seen her at our Christmas picnic – Christ! I tried to talk with Suzanne – she just pointed onto her being a teenager who always was thin due to being a vegetarian for all of her life – and puberty and all the fuzz. As if a vegetarian is supposed to be underweight! Just look at me! Her being a model doesn’t help either.“

„Oouch! What makes you sure she’s acting strange?“

„I will show you the pics I took – and every time the topic ‚food’ or ‚weight’ emerges she simply flips. She merely eats fruits, if anything at all if I wouldn’t watch. I’m really scared. She blocks all conversation attempts. Now I know for sure she inherited my thick head. What shall I do? I won’t watch her going down that road!“

„Oh dear! Perhaps I can help, hun. I shouldn’t tell you, but my sis had problems in that sector for a while. I could invite her to visit me for some days and you try to get Viva to come over. We all have to be very sensitive with that matter. She just reacts the way girls in her state usually do – as she’s not conscious about it – she’s afraid, her emotions clouded.“

„God, I feel so guilty! I think it’s still the divorce she’s not over.“

„Curly, eating disorders are usually family related, but it’s not about guilt! She detects your feelings and is confused. She loves you which doesn’t makes it easier.“

His arms close tighter around me.

„It’s so good to get this off my chest, angel. Thank you!“


Watching him towel off I have to bite my lips. His lean, trained body still glistens with the wetness of the bath, the wet curls framing his face in an adorable way. He detects my stare and his expression changes.

„I think I have french letters in my wallet.“

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