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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2009.08.18. 13:40


Lavender Dreams
©2008 by morganalefaye aka morgain_ized



Those green-brown eyes that kinda pierce me keep sending shivers down my spine. Dave Gahan leans back in his chair while the the TV moderator is posing another question.
I do not really feel comfortable in my seat. Nervously I start to twist my Amethyst Ring round and round. It’s not my turn yet. I still wonder how I could end up in this bleeding Talkshow!
Oh, anybody talking to ME already?! I hear a few giggles from the audience.

„Isn’t it kinda embarrassing sitting near to that celebrity you were writing about in your ‚publication’?“

The way the mod stresses the last word makes it sound like ‚porn novel’. I swallow my anger – literally.
„Why should I feel embarrassed? Inspiration is where I find it. Are you telling me I have a dirty mind?“
Laughter from around.
„You are right – I actually have! We all have sorta – so what’s the big deal?“
The guy next to me – a journalist if I recall that right – smiles sardonically.
„Well, I wouldn’t conjour with that a 100%. It’s your mind – not mine!“

Again bursts of laughter from the audience. My main interest is for Dave’s reaction now. He chuckles obviously – a smug grin on his face. But there’s something else in his eyes I can’t lay my hands on at the moment.

„I was mostly intrigued by the artwork – very expressive, sexy and emotional. I can’t be bothered to read German though.“
„You didn’t read the whole story then?“ The mod appears astonished.
„No, I let Christian translate a bit of it.“
„And how much was that ‚bit’?“ Argh, that TV geek really wants to know – damn!
Now a broad, evil smirk appears on Dave’s face.
„I won’t tell. That’s something I’d like to chat about with the author in private.“ He sips from his glass.
„Actually I’m amused and pleased to see that I’m not merely reduced to just my physical qualities.“
It takes a bit till the giggles in the audience ebb down. He still hasn’t finished as it looks like.
„But as I already said – the photographs really got me.“
OMG – somehow I am SURE that he bloody well knows ALL about it! Hopefully the Make-up covers the heat that flashes over my face and neck now! What was the topic of this show again??! How the hell did we end up with my internet activities?!
Somehow my brain must have switched to overload as I only have a vague and blurred memory of the rest of the session in that studio.
After the show Jonathan Kessler approaches me while Dave disappears into his wardrobe for interviews.
„Come on, into the Limo, quick! We do not need all this publicity!“
He guides me through the jungle of hallways to a side entrance. A black limousine is waiting already. A few photographers, flash lights, silly questions – and the door closes behind us. I sink into the smooth leather cushions. More like a couch – very comfy and luxurious. Kessler sits opposite of me, strokes his moustache and nestles in his pocket.
„Mind if I smoke?“
„Well, I don’t call that one of my habits, but no complaints here.“
„Oh, I won’t argue with a non-smoker. I’ll wait till the Hotel.“
„Nah, go ahead. You look like you’d desperately need it!“
Broad smirk on his face. Oh, shit! What did I say?! He for sure recognized the double bind in it as well. Hastily he fetches his cigarillos. Ah, same brand as Dave’s – so it’s true then! Litting one he blows some smoke circles into the air. I pretend to be not impressed. Those grey-brown eyes muster me again.

„You got some nerves publishing kinda ‚novel’ like that.“ Oh oh, what is he after?
„Dont’ worry – after all that’s David’s business – and I really only read that bit Christian translated for us.“
He coughs. „Though that was a bit of something!“
He’s got a fruity glimmer in his eyes now. I feel kinda stripped.
„Uhm, I have a vivid imagination.“
He chuckles. „To say the least. Well, David usually shares most of his thoughts with me – and he is a bit concerned about the whole thing.“ He inhales another drag.
„The web is a powerful thing. The effect could be much worse than a print version.“
„Stop sounding like my dad. And don’t treat me like a groupie, would you please? You better come straight with what you want from me!“ I start to feel a little pestered now.
„Relax, darl! You wouldn’t want me to really treat you like one of those ‚girls’. Listen, Dave has family and I’ll do anything to protect his privacy and mental sanity.“
I adjust myself in the seat.
„I suppose so – as his manager and friend.“
He nods. The vehicle comes to a halt in front of a posh hotel – then approaches the lower ground parking area. A lift takes us to the 7th floor. Kessler fetches a key card and opens the door to a suite.
„I think David should be here in a few minutes as well. Make yourself at home. I need to make some phone calls now. Great – room service already laid out dinner. So have a seat and help yourself.“
He disappears to an adjacent room.
Wow – what an ambience! Fireplace, a set of black leather couches and chairs, smooth carpet, dining table loaded with plates and bowls. Exclusive silver cutlery, linen napkins, candles...and an absolutely stunning bouquet of roses in all delicate shades. They vapor an incredible aroma.

I don’t even get to touch the dishes – as I hear the door behind me again. Sorta freeze on my skin as my olfactory senses tell me it’s Dave.
„Ah, that’s great! I could have a bite now. Those damn journalists really tried to drain me out!“
He slips out off his jacket and throws it over the arm rest of the next couch chair.
„Oh, you haven’t started yet? Anything you’d like, dear?“
Sure Dave – it’s standing just in front of me! I hope he can’t read my mind! But he just turns and takes the seat opposite of me – unfolding the napkin.

„Those salmon steaks look delicious. I’m also for the pasta – can’t decide!“ I shrug my shoulders.
His teeth show while he’s laughing out loud.
„You can take anything you like!“
OK – come over then...I’ll need a very cold shower soon! Hell!
He goes for the salmon steaks. I give the Tortellonis with Gorgonzola a try. The sauce sticks to my lips and chin. It usually does, damn! Before I make use of my napkin, I lick the corners of my mouth. Delicious! David stopped eating, watching me.
He chuckles in amusement. „You even make a meal a sensual act.“ He reaches over the table with his napkin and gently touches my chin. His deep, dark eyes sending goose bumps down my spine again.
„Stop licking your lips – you’re making me damn nervous here!“ He leans back into his chair. Wow, I could have kissed his gorgeous lips!
„Dessert? Coffee?“ Phew, thank god he changes the subject! We move over to the couch. I have a Capuccino, he prefers an Espresso dopio.
„Oh, I nearly forgot a tiny bit!“ He reaches behind him and presents a beautiful, light violet coloured box. It hits me like a bolt of lightning!
„Any dark Belgian lavender chocolates, hun?“
I must be purple meanwhile. That little devil! Accordingly he’s got an evil smirk on his face.

„How far did Christian translate for you?“
Instead of answering straight he opens the box , unfolds the pergamin layers and gently slips out a chocolate leaf.

„I gave the script to one of Jen’s friends who is a professional translator. Obviously she had a great time while working on it.“

He moves closer and slides the tiny piece of chocolate between my lips.
„Let me taste it.“ His face comes even closer and when his velvety lips touch mine I’m sorta paralyzed. He deepens the kiss and his tongue finds mine – meeting around the chocolate leaf, melting it. An intense aroma of expensive cocoa and delicate lavender tickles my senses. And his tongue moves even deeper – sucking me in into a bruising, wet sensation. Then he lets go again. Oh no, don’t stop now, Dave!

„That’s really a naughty idea, Siv! I’m already heavily addicted to those lavender bits.“ He’s a little short of breath apparently. Damn, can’t you just simply take me into your gorgeous arms?! Touch me!
I’m still glowing. It’s so different to just imagine a fantasy opposed to sit next to the object of desire!
The lavender taste on my lips lingers on.
He brushes over them again with his, tongue darting out following the luscious contours.
„I read it all – several times.“ He cautiously bites my lower lip. His arms finally follow and he pulls me close to his body.
„You’re definitely a bleeding sensual woman – and the thought of fulfilling your fantasies - bit by bit – really makes me hot like hell!“ His hand wanders down between my legs, starting to unbutton my black jeans.

„David, interviews tomorrow are cancelled. We...“ JK enters the room and interrupts the pleasure play!
„Oh, sorry! I didn’t expect that!“
Dave moves hastily back, slight red tinge on his cheeks.
„Argh, John! You know I love you, but sometimes you really drive me nutz!“
„I can easily return that compliment! So – what did I miss here?“
Dave looks a bit irritated. Then a boyish grin.
„Nothing special, John. I just tried to get the live feeling of that lavender thing.“
It dawns me that this must be the scene Christian translated as JK chuckles in obvious amusement.
„OK, got the message! I see you tomorrow for breakfast then. Errr, and you, Lady – enjoy your stay at London!“ He winks at me and closes the main door behind him.

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