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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2009.08.18. 13:40



My mouth is dry like the Sahara meanwhile.
„So he knows all of it as well? That explains his behaviour in the limo pretty much.“
Dave raises an eyebrow.
„What? No, he just knows about the lavender chapter Chris did. What happened in the car?“
„He treated me like a fucking tart – you should have seen his looks! I understand that he’s only trying to protect you, but the way he moved on to tell me that I should stop invading your privacy was a bit tacky.“

Dave’s left hand brushes gently over my cheek.
„Look, he’s my manager and friend. I know he can be quite a pain in the ass though. Don’t take it personal!“
He reaches for another chocolate leaf. „Now, where were we?“ His eyes suddenly have this dark, deep gloomy expression again.
„Now give me a taste of your desires.“ He lets the leaf drop into my cleavage.
„Oops, me thinks we should better remove some clothing quickly! Don’t want any undesired stains, won’t we?“ His long, muscular fingers unbutton my shirt before I can even think about anything and it takes only seconds to unclasp my bra. The piece of chocolate rests gracefully between my breasts and already melted a bit. His tongue starts gently moving around it.
„Dave, please – we shouldn’t do this!“
„Why not?“ His lips wander up to my neck and his hot breath puffs into my ear. „Afraid of your own courage?“ He keeps on nibbling my earlobe. I try to free myself out of his embrace. He cups my face with his hands and stops my motion away from him.
„Hey, it’s my responsibility now – not yours. I think I’m grown enough to decide what I’m allowed to do and what not – just in case you were thinking of my family bonding.“
My expression must tell him everything he needs to know. „Relax, babe! Just let us enjoy it.“
He keeps on kissing his way back down to my breasts. The sensation of his wet tongue on my skin lets my nipples pop out immediately. With a sly grin he takes one into his mouth and starts sucking at it. God – don’t let me faint just now! Loads of electric impulses start pulsating down to my groin. And the closer he moves the more obvious his hardness is pressing against my most delicate area.
After he licked away the remains of the chocolate his hand starts fiddling around with my jeans again.
I gently stop him, starting to unbutton his vest.
„Sorry, you’re right – go ahead, I want to feel your skin all over.“
He starts helping with his shirt. I tap onto his fingers.
„Nah, don’t you spoil my fun! Now YOU relax and wait till I’m ready!“ I try to sound bossy and he seems to enjoy it as I see his eyes widening with lust. As fast as possible I move the garment over his shoulders and let it slip onto the floor. Adoring his tattoos I let my fingertips painstakingly slowly moving over his chest.
„ Let’s leave that for later – please, let me go on with your fantasy!“ He grabs my hand and places it over the very obvious bulge on his pants. „I can’t wait any longer – it already hurts.“
He reaches for the button of my jeans, opens it and quickly pulls down the zipper. Two fingers slip under the waist band of my knickers – followed by the complete hand. A little moan escapes my mouth when his slender fingers find the entrance of my channel – parting my slick folds.
„God, you’re already soaking wet!“ he pants. Some sweat is glistening on his forehead. It takes a glimpse and he frantically pulls my pants over my ankles.
„Open your legs for me, babe, please! Let me see you, taste you!“ He reaches for the chocolate again. Meanwhile my body experiences uncontrollable showers of plain lust and desire. Whatever he wants to do next – I’m more than ready!
He pushes my thighs to both sides and lets his eyes rest in the middle for a moment. Then I feel his touch again – how he’s parting my lips down there and dumping a chocolate leaf into my wet channel. Geeez, he’s really doing it! And now comes the worst part – waiting!
„So far for the story board – how was it? I should take care of it a little later?“ Oh, Dave! You are so mean!

He moves up again a bit, avoiding touching me with his hard bulge. I think it’s time to give him some relief.
„Now let me help you with that.“
„No, better keep your fingers off – or I can’t guarantee for anything!“ He nearly bites me kissing my throat. After a little while I start to giggle as I feel something warm slowly dripping down my inner thighs.
„What’s so funny?“ He looks a bit flustered.
„Did you forget about the script?“ Can’t hide my fat grin. His eyes follow my direction. With a very pleased expression he moves down between my legs.

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