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Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.08.18. 13:41



You know what a rollercoaster ride means, yes? Then double the excitement! I expected SOMETHING, but what Dave now achieves with the swirl of his tongue is beyond any proper description! He teasingly let the tip of it circle around my clit – I can feel it swelling with each of the breaths I have to take. Yes, he’s got a vast experience in that sector – bloody hell, yes! I cling my fingers into his hair – trying to move his head away a little to lessen the powerful sensations.
„No, you started this – now take it till the end!“ He moves in even closer and buries his tongue as deep as possible in my throbbing treasure.
„Yes, come on – open your cookie jar for me! You taste so great!“
The waves of pleasure start to roll – I can feel the contractions building up deep inside of me – and they’re out of my control already. And he senses them coming as well – eagerly moving his tongue inside of me. Additionally he uses his fingers to torture my nub. When sucking the last bit of chocolate out of me my walls come clenching on him. He holds my trembling legs with a firm grip, a loud moan of pleasure escaping his throat. This finally pushes me over the cliff. I’m totally lost in my powerful orgasm. So I miss that Dave gets rid of his pants pretty fast. When I open my eyes again he just slides over me, letting me feel his complete body.
„No, leave your eyes open – look at me! I want to see the pleasure in your eyes. Now take me in, babe!“
The tip of his rock hard member already pushes against my entrance. The kiss he presses onto my lips isn’t gentle anymore. It’s demanding, full of passion. I adjust my back on the couch and give in. He tosses one leg over his shoulder and starts thrusting into me. Well, he at least tries to take it slowly, but he’s so hot and horny meanwhile that it does not take long and he pushes his cock into me till the hilt. With a steady, fast rhythm he sends me onto the road of oblivion again.
„Yes, please – I already feel you getting tighter on me – squeeze me!“ He thrusts deeper and deeper – more and more intensely. I can’t help it to dig my nails into his back. He answers with a series of groans. And then I’m standing at the edge of the cliff again, looking sorta down at the whirling ocean – and this time I happily jump myself. Dave grits his teeth into my neck, breathing heavily as I lock his cock inside me for a moment of utmost passion. He manages another forceful thrust and joins me with his orgasm. I feel him releasing deep inside with repeating, subsiding spasms. I just can see the white in his eyes – his face contorted in pleasure and pain. God, he looks so incredibly hot ‚coming’!
He loosens his tight embrace a bit, slowly regaining his conscience and breath – his member still buried inside of me. With one hand he traces the lines of my lips and wipes away some rivulets of sweat. I could dive into his eyes – now less dark but not less deep. Not sure what I should read into them. There certainly glistens something like ‚love’, but for sure not really for me. Maybe it’s just the satisfaction he feels – like a baby that just dropped of it’s mums breast after feeding.
„Hey, hun – what crosses your mind just now? You look sad!“ He kisses me softly. „I so much enjoyed this! And I think you did as well.“
I cuddle myself closer into his arms. Don’t let me lose this feeling of closeness and comfort ever again! Though I know deep in my heart it’s not for keeps.
„Don’t do this.“
„What do you mean?“ I’m puzzled. He looks me straight into the eyes. The smile still on his lips, yet a seriousness in his look.
„Don’t start to tear yourself into pieces again.“ He slowly glides out of me and rolls next to my side, facing me „Stay here with me – don’t let your mind tell you to lock yourself up inside again.“ He caresses my cheeks.
„Dave, don’t you worry. I’m fully aware this was just a nice intermezzo.“
„That’s not really what I meant. You know well what I’m referring to. Don’t be sad that it’s sorta over now – be happy it happened at all. Hey, I read your script several times. As much fiction that is – you can’t hide yourself behind all those lines. You’re the same pain junkie like myself. I can’t help you walking – you have to do that on your own – but I can assure you it’s OK to go on, not to give up. It’s worth it, babe – you’re worth it!“
I can’t help it – my tears come pouring out like cascades of rain. Darn JK must hear me sobbing – whatever room he’s staying! I’m struggling to gain my composure back. After some further deep breaths and several Kleenex I slowly start to get up from the couch. His arm around my shoulders Dave guides me to the bathroom.
„Come, let’s have a bath – as a last treat.“ He winks at me. The water starts pouring into the tub. After I swung my legs into the huge thing, he slips behind me. I lean back and he folds his arms around my tummy. The lather crinkles on the water surface. I feel Dave’s smooth skin on my back.

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