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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.08.18. 13:42



My teeth sink into the toast with bramble jam. The noticeable crunch sound makes me aware I’m still here in the suite. Jonathan Kessler reaches for the coffee again and pours himself a cup. Every now and then his eyes meet mine and I wonder what’s going on behind them. Dave is still rummaging in his bedroom to get his stuff assorted.
No, he didn’t let me into his arms and bed again after the bath. I curled up on one of the guest beds in a room next door.
I know when it’s time to leave. So I hurry up to finish my breakfast to get back to my hotel in Camden. JK seems to read my thoughts.
„I can give you a lift wherever you need to. Just let me finish a few calls.“ My grin must be very obvious.
„Yes, I was born with a mobile in my hand!“
„Errr, wasn’t that a tiny bit before it’s invention?“ Geeez, Siv – you can’t do this! His looks are sorta diabolic now, paired with a smug grin.
„You better be quiet, you chocoholic! Apparently you had your fun last night.“ A red tinge is creeping over my face. He chuckles.
„Don’t you worry – the suite is soundproof. And David is a gentleman – I couldn’t get many facts out off him this time.“
When you speak of evil it will appear? Dave enters the room, fully dressed and in his leather jacket. He grabs a banana, has a quick gulp of coffee and then turns to me. Light kiss on the left cheek.
„I have to leave for some business. I’m sure John will guide you out. It was a pleasure to meet you, babe! Take care!“ He winks at me, then at Kessler and rushes to the main door.
A little sigh escapes my mouth. So that’s it. I move the plate away from me. JK is already dialing a number and heads for the other room.
„Hang in there – I’ll be right back.“
Five Minutes later we stand in the elevator – way down to the parking area. He suddenly pushes a button and the cabin stops with a slight jolt. What the frigg?! His right leg pushes between my thighs and then he forces his lips onto mine. Darn – a taste of lavender and dark chocolate! I have not much room to escape his tight embrace. His tongue is plundering my mouth – not gentle – greedy! One of his hands is trying to get into my pants. I can manage to shake free for a short moment.
„How dare you! Get your sticky fingers off, you asshole!“
His eyes look dangerous and gloomy. „Stop fighting – I bet you enjoy it! Have to admit this lavender thingy really is the kick off! Dave’s not a bad taste at all. And you can’t tell me you don’t want it – I read your book. Our hero didn’t hide it well enough from me.“
Holy shit! That’s why! No surprise he treated me like a slut. OK – so he wants to play hardball. I suddenly lift my left knee and kick his balls hard. He winces and let me go. Painful expression on his face. Yeah, you deserve that right, bastard! To end the travesty I push the button and the elevator moves downwards again. When the doors open I rush to the outside – not taking further notice what’s up with Kessler. Just out and away from this place!
With short breath I reach the next corner of the street. Where am I by the way? After a quick glance around it appears it must be somewhere in West End or city centre. Scanning for a cab I lift my right arm. A few seconds later a familiar London cab stops next to me. Phew – back to the hotel!

My mobile buzzes. I pick up.
„Listen – I’m sorry! I got carried away in the elevator. Please, don’t hang up – it’s me, Jonathan.“
That man’s got some nerves!
„Mr. Kessler, I don’t want to talk to you!“ I switch off my cell phone and lean back. Too bad I can’t be angry with people as long as they would deserve it! I already start to find excuses for his behaviour – cause in the end I still like him somehow – as tough as he comes over sometimes. At the end of the day he’s just a man as well – with lots of testosterone!

When I enter my hotel room the bed lies there untouched. Oh well! I sink down onto the mattress. What now? A shower should be a good option to start with.

Two days pass with no real sizzling moments – apart from the joy I feel cruising all those places again that still look so well-known since my time spent here during the sabbatical semesters a few years ago. London for sure is one of the busiest cities I’ve ever been – New York as well, perhaps. Argh, wrong prompt again! My thoughts wander again. Dave, you cheeky bastard! What are you doing just now? Flirting with other women – of course! I’m not sure anyway if he’s still in London. No clue at all. And I would prefer to burn in hell but sneaking back into that hotel to find out. Umh, shouldn’t I have JK’s number on my mobile still? I check the incoming calls list. Yep, there it sits. And now I see I must have missed a text message! Damn! Must have clicked it away when I still was in a frenzy!

„Hi, Siv! I’m awfully sorry what happened, I swear! I don’t know how – but David seems to smell something’s must have happened. Can I meet you tomorrow at 1pm at the Starbucks in Soho? JK“

I look at the date. Hell, that’s today – and in approximately 20 minutes! I can’t help it and dial his number.
„It’s Siv talking.“
„Thank god – I thought you might have missed my message!“
„I just read it. I won’t make it in time – maybe 30 mins later.“
„So you’re on your way? That’s fine. I see you there. Bye!“

Starbucks is packed with people. I let my eyes wander over the crowd and finally recognize...two familiar faces! JK and Dave! In such a crowded place? I make my way to their table. One seat waiting for me.
David looks a little pale and not really amused while talking to Kessler. Then they see me coming. David promptly adjusts the chair and I sit down. JK seems to be a bit uncomfy with the situation. It’s Dave who starts the conversation.
„Glad you could come, Siv! How are you, dear?“ He politely offers me his hand.
„Isn’t this place a bit – public – for a meeting?“ I wonder aloud. JK escapes a lil smile.
„Not necessarily – and it’s neutral ground as well. Anything you’d like to drink?“
I order a Latte Macchiato. They stick to their coffees.
„The hotel operates a full circle surveillance – including all lifts.“ David wipes the tip of his nose again. My mouth stays open after sipping on my hot beverage. „Images and sound.“ OMFG!
„Hotel management told us it’s not acceptable what happened and they could consider to hand the tapes over to the authorities – as it is your legal right to press charges against John.“ He looks very stern. „Actually they won’t do it.“
I try to let that info sink in - taking a deep breath I look for the right words to answer. Kessler is faster.
„I can’t expect any positive feedback from you, but let me assure you again I’m terribly sorry! And to be concrete – David already straightened my ass out.“
„Serves you right! If there hadn’t been bloody cameras...“
„Siv,“, Dave interrupts me. „...I was in the parking lot when you stormed out off the elevator. Judging your outrage and John covering his balls it was pretty obvious what must have happened.“ Shit! He twists the Onyx ring nervously around his middle finger.
I still feel some hot anger inside me.
„Ah, and now you’re trying to calm down the waves. I was nearly putting it to the files – but now that you stirring it all up...yes, I’m still furious and pestered about it all! But this is definitely not the place for a big drama.“ I speak sorta through clenched teeth. Dave nods slightly.
„Ok – I have a better idea. We go and invade Fletch’s place. If you have the time that is.“
Another sigh escapes me. „That much about neutral grounds. You guys can be lucky I’m on my holiday.“

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