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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2009.08.18. 13:44



„Just cuddle next to me.“ He adjusts the woollen plaid over us on the couch. I slip into the gap between his arm and chest. The flames are creating flickering shadows on the walls and ceiling. The light outside slowly fades away – sun setting down.
„You know – I missed that for a while – someone just being there, being near – nothing more.“ I rest my head on his shoulder. His right index finger tickles my nose. „That’s pretty obvious. And I’m sure someone else saw that pain in your eyes as well – and he should have known better!“
„You do not have to avoid his name now. I should have realized as well that David wouldn’t be the knight in shining armour for me – I just couldn’t resist the temptation – and now I have to deal with it. I shot myself in the foot. Punctum!“
Andy takes off his glasses and places them on the table next to us – then moving closer again, holding me tight. Compared to Dave his smell does not make me go nutz but makes me feel content, welcome and safe. And I sense he recognizes that as well – as my body starts to kinda relax.
„That’s it, luv – let go. It’s all right – I won’t harm you in any way.“ His lips softly wander along my neck. One hand is moving some strands of hair carefully behind my left ear. I close my eyes and breathe in his scent. He finds my mouth and then I answer his call with a tiny movement against his. He increases the intensity of the kiss bit by bit – not in a hurry. I’m just leaning into his embrace and lips. Time is of no relevance.
„Siv? I know it’s not the appropriate time, but I feel so much for you, baby! If we don’t stop now, I can’t promise that I can leave my hands off you. And I don’t want just sex with you – I want to make love to you!“
I feel a shower of goose bumps rushing down my spine.
„Shush, stop shivering! I see you’re not ready yet – god, how could I! It’s OK!“ He turns away a bit from me.
„No, I need your closeness. Hold me, please! And be a lil patient with me – I really have a big soft spot for you, Andy!“ I take his face into my hands and merely stare into his deep, dark eyes. My forehead meets his and we stay this way for a few moments. Then he kisses my temples, cheeks, nose and chin. I make the next move and close my lips around his again, biting his lower lip gently. Seems to hit him like an electric impulse. I can feel the sensation spreading through his body. With a fast move he’s over me, deepening the kiss, probing my lips with his tongue, sliding it in, tasting me. I meet him there with mine, enjoying the hot waves that make their way down to my groin. His chest is moving above mine and I recognize that my nipples are hardening with the minute. He must feel them through the T-Shirt.
„Are you sure?“ His voice is hoarse now. He puts all his weight on me now and the hardness against my hip is pretty obvious. Instead of an answer I bite his lip and let my hand slip down to his bum, squeezing it. He can’t hold back a growl.
„But let’s do it slow – intense and tender, baby.“
VII. continued

His fingers play with my hair. I can see the desire burning in his eyes yet he’s not that hot tempered like Dave.
„You know the saying that over 80% of sex is going on in one’s brain?“
I have to grin. „Sure – the most powerful sex organ – I should know! Hey, I thought you read my novel?“
„Thanx very much for the pointer!“ He chuckles in amusement. „Well, I have a whirlpool in the bathroom...“
Before I can complain he grabs me and carries me over there.

Our clothes fall one after the other onto the tiled floor. No, it’s not the time for teasing – somehow it’s so different with Andy anyway. We just undress while the warm water is pouring into the basin.
„Temperature fine with you?“ He lets himself sink into the water. I try with one toe first. Then I follow him.
„OK – ready to rumble?“ He hits some keys and the bubbles start to dance around us. Wow!
„Want some lightshow as well?“ The lights in the room dim down and the whirlpool is illuminated with all colours of the rainbow – changing every now and then.
„You’re sure we’re not going to be teleported by some Aliens within the next seconds?“
„Hah, I wouldn’t mind some experiments!“ He’s roaring with laughter.
„Argh, Andy!“
„What’s up, dear?“
I muster him „You’re a sly fox, you know? Should have known from the beginning! Ginger heads!“
He curls his arm around my shoulder and gives me his ‚I know better what you need’ look.
„Look, I don’t want to mess up things. Let me be the one behind the wheel tonight, OK?“ He twinkles at me and kisses my nose tip.
„One night in London with Andy Fletcher – I see.“ Can’t hide a grin.
„Oh, I hope not just one!“ He moves a bit closer. With a little smirk he guides my hand under water and then I can feel his hard member under my fingers.
„You can touch me, but not use me, Siv“, he whispers in my ear. I nod slowly – realizing what he’s trying to tell me. Same vice versa, Andy! I take his hand. When his fingers find me under the surface a soft moan escapes me. His mouth closes around one of my nipples. He slowly follows its textures with his tongue. Then he moves up to my throat and neck again – his lips just brushing slightly, not kissing.

For a while we just lay there in the bubbling water, watching the bizarre shapes and colours reflected at the ceiling. Then Andy squeezes my hip.
„Come, move up those steps till the top one.“ I follow his view. „Yes, sit down there.“ I’m more or less out off the water now, just my ankles dipping into it. He turns a bit and then slowly starts to open my legs with his hands around my knees. I just can get my fingers around the handles on wall when I feel his tongue searching its way to my core. Compared to the fact that he hates the French he’s doing a hell of a job there! As much as I got lost into Dave’s pleasure play – Andy knows as well what he’s after – and what will kick me over the cliff – sooner or later. I already feel the waves lurking around the corner – gathering deep down in my treasure box. He stops every now and then, smiling at me – pretty aware that he’s already got me on the hook. And then the contractions hit me like an earthquake! I can’t hold back a yell – and actually I don’t want to. I just want to feel – savour it as long as possible. Andy wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to his wet body. It takes a while to gain back my breath. His hands caress my back. Then, with a swift move he tosses me over his shoulder and carries me out off the bathroom.
„Hey, let me down! I’m still soaking wet!“
„Don’t you worry – I’ve got bathing sheets in the bedroom.“

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