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Sea Of Sin

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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  2009.08.18. 13:47



When I hear the front door clap I slowly get up from the couch. Oh, Dave! What are you dragging me into! The kitchen is deserted when I enter it. No sign of Andy. The coffee in my mug is cold and tastes awful. I dump it into the sink. Then I go back into the hall.
„Andy?“ No response. Realizing I’m still in his boxers and shirt I decide to go back to the bedroom to quickly change. It’s about time to leave this place anyway for a while. I’m sure he’s hurt some way – I could see it in his eyes as well earlier.
My clothes are still spread on the floor where I left them last night. Picking them up I head for the bathroom. A shower – that’s what I need now desperately!
The hot water is pouring down on me – washing away all sins. Hah, you wish for! Though it’s right. Cleaning the body is cleaning the mind as well somehow – letting all sorrow kinda flush down over the skin – straight into the plughole.
When I switch off the water and turn around I look into Andy’s eyes. The shower gel bottle drops off my hand and lands with a loud clang in the tub. For a moment we just stare at each other. Then I grab for my bathing sheet, wrap it swiftly around me and pass him to go back into the bedroom. He follows me and puts my clothes onto the chair next to the bed.
„I think you forgot those.“
„Andy, I’m sorry!“
„It’s OK, baby. All said and done.“
„No, it’s not!“ I want to go on speaking but he gently puts his index finger onto my lips.
„Shush, I mean it. No more now.“ He gets up from the bed and walks to the door.
„Get dressed and then I’ll take you to your hotel.“

The receptionist looks at me like he’s wondering why I checked in at all not staying the nights here anyway. Back in my room I let myself fall onto the funky bed. Damn! Now I really seem to have messed it up with Andy! And I can’t resent him. After some minutes staring against the ceiling I open my mobile. Shit, I don’t have his number I realize in this very moment. But what confuses me more is a text message popping up.

Hi, Siv! I couldn’t resist checking your cell phone while you were asleep. So now you have my number as well – just in case. Stop thinking too much – I’m still there for you when you need me. –Andy

Phew! I let the mobile drop down onto the blanket. Good Lord there isn’t another message from Dave! I couldn’t stand that at the moment!

I wake up in the middle of the night sweating like no good. Sheesh, it’s only 4am! Need some cold water to drink. Somehow I feel the urge to call Andrew, but I slap my hand for just the thought of it. With a deep sigh I fall back into my pillows. I’m nearly back asleep when the phone next to my bed rings. What the heck?! It’s the night porter from the reception.
„I’m sorry to disturb you, but here’s a Mr. Fletcher to see you in an urgent affair. Shall I send him up? He doesn’t want to speak on the phone.“
„Gosh – it’s nearly five in the morning! Allright, he can come up.“
A few minutes later there’s a knock at the door. I put my dressing gown on in the meantime and open the lock. And there he is – standing in the hallway – obviously not really sober.

„Do you let me in?“ He’s staggering slightly. I drag him in and close the door.
„Gosh, Andy!“ I’m looking for the coffee machine on the desk. „I better get you some coffee.“
„Nah, thanx – I know I’m a little tipsy.“
„A little?“ I shake my head and compliment him to the only chair available in that tiny room.
„I hope you didn’t drive in that state!“
He grunts. „Actually I did. I’m a naughty boy, you know!“
„God, Andy – doesn’t fit you, that role! Leave that to others.“
„And I thought you’d like bad boys. Didn’t take long to kiss that other one again.“
It dawns me that he must have observed some or all of my conversation with Dave, after he left the lounge.
„You were there behind the door all the time – shame on you!“
„Yeah, I was – just in case he would have flipped out again.“ He pauses for a moment. „And I could have slammed you against the tiles in the shower fucking you hard!“
I can’t look away as much as I want to. His blue eyes lock my view. A deep purple tinge flushes over my face.
„So, why did you come now?“
„Cause I still want you. And hell, I can’t and will not tell you that again!“
I can’t help it but I have to wrap my arms around him. His arms follow. He lifts me up and lets me down on the bed, his fingers pulling the dressing gown open. Not spending any thought on undressing he just opens his zipper and frees his already rock hard member. With one hard, deep thrust he’s buried into my channel up to the hilt.
„I’ll have no mercy on you!“ He keeps on plunging into me forcefully, holding my arms back over my head. I can feel the weight of his body on mine. Drives me insane!
„Yeah, give it to me, Andy! I want you deeper and harder!“
I ignore the pain I feel in my core – it’s more a sweet pain of lust. He’s huge and he moves frantically inside me – pushing me to the limit. His breath is fast now and sweat keeps dripping from his temples.
„Is that hard enough for you? I will nail you to the bed, I swear!“
Instead of an answer I bite him into his neck. He moans out loud. I feel my walls clenching and the muscle contractions increase to build up my orgasm. And it hits me with all might! Andy nearly looses his mind when I squeeze his cock deep inside me. With an enormous yell he thrusts deep into me again and then releases his cum. After that he collapses onto my chest, heavily panting.

I help him unbutton his shirt and then slip down his trousers. Finally we lay there on our backs, cuddled close at each other. I let my fingers wander over his bare skin. Next I realize is Andy silently sobbing.
„Siv, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to just fuck you like that, but I couldn’t help it. I’m not better than Dave.“
I turn around to him and gently wipe away some tears.
„No, Andy. You are gorgeous the way you are – it just makes me a little sad that you had to get sloshed to pour your heart out to me. I really like you very much – and I definitely enjoyed this! Did I come or not?!“
He takes my hand from his face and moves it slowly down to his chest, over his heart.
„You will always have a place in there, angel – but we have to stop this here from now.“
„I know.“
„But it shouldn’t change anything else – I’m still there for you if you need my ear or shoulder to cry on.“
Then he starts humming a little melody into my ear.
„And I thought you never wanted to sing lullabies again!“

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