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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2009.08.18. 13:48



When the first sunbeams tickle my nose I stretch and open my eyes fully. At first I’m a little irritated to find myself in my hotel room. Darn, I shouldn’t change my sleeping locations that frequently. I’m the type that needs two or three nights to get adjusted to a new place.
The alarm clock tells me it’s near 9 am. I turn around once again – not really convinced yet to get out off bed. Something’s wrong...and then it all pops back into my mind! Andy! I check the empty space next to me. Burying my face into the pillow I still can smell his aroma. Why did he leave – and when?
My questions are answered hearing my mobile chirp. Text message!

I’m sorry for leaving you like this, baby – but I had an important call from Grainne. Have to get her from the Airport. I’ll tell you everything later. XXX –Andy

Shall I be surprised? No – it’s just reality kicking my pants. I definitely didn’t think about that a single minute – should have wondered why I didn’t see her at his place. Gosh! What’s up with you, Siv?! Telling Dave all the time about your scruples concerning his family – you simply forgot about the innocent fact that Andy is married as well for a long time – with kids! Hell – having something with two guys at the same time – both married!
I jump out off bed and hurry to the bathroom, suddenly feeling very sick. After praying over the porcelain throne I sink next to it onto the tiled floor and can’t help but heavily crying.

When I’m merely back to my senses I get up and splash some cold water into my swollen face. So what now? Best will be to have some tea and breakfast. I’m not very good at handling kinda complicated matters with empty stomach.

A little later I take the tube to the Embankment. Walking down the river I watch the seagulls whizzing around the cruise vessels. The clashing of the waves against the bank reinforcement calms down my troubled nerves a little. The wind is playing with my hair and I sorta inhale the big city aroma.
Big city – big drama! Oh, yeah! Just this does not play in my mind – it’s on real life’s stage! Fuck!
I toss a stone into the water. I have two options – getting my stuff packed and off to the airport – or facing the disaster I rode myself into. And it’s not only my fault! The longer I think the more it’s obvious what Andy tried to tell me: „You will always get the short straw – you can’t win in this situation.“
Well, I can’t win if I stick to my lousy ideals and moral belief. Didn’t Dave say: „Don’t think too much, let us simply enjoy it!“ Yeah, as long as it lasts – and seen from your comfy married perspective! Let’s face it, Siv – you’re simply not ruthless enough, way too much emotional! Why do I always have to take things like that close to my heart? Cause people find me attractive due to that? Sensing they get the real me? Oh, damn it!
Before I can whirl myself deeper into that unhealthy vicious circle of thoughts my mobile buzzes. I should have switched it off, argh! Yet I’m way too nosey to look who’s calling.
„Jonathan Kessler here. Ms. Trouble, how are things? I’m still waiting for a reply concerning the text message I sent you.“
„Humh...didn’t David tell you I’m not really interested?“
„No, he just told me to let my fingers off you or I might get a real sticking in. I meant serious business. Have any time now to come to my office?“
„You’re office?“ I have to laugh out loud. „You mean the suite?“
„No, Baron Inc. has an official London office. I’ll give you the addy and you get yourself a taxi.“
With a sigh I agree and then put the cell phone back into my pocket.

John wasn’t lying – he already prepared kinda contract. After one and a half hour discussion my head buzzes and aches.
„Gimme a break, John! I need some fresh air and a strong coffee.“
„You’re sure you wouldn’t fancy a good single malt?“ He smirks at me.
„And I thought you’re into reds.“
„Yes, I am – but you look like you could need something real.“ He walks for the huge, antique cabinet and fetches a bottle.
„I warn you, there’s no need to intoxicate me.“
He chuckles in amusement and returns with some Jamesson and glasses.
I feel the smooth Irish whiskey tickling down my throat – leaving a nice, warm sensation.
„I knew you would like it.“ He puts down his glass. His eyes kinda burn me again.
„John, wipe those thoughts out off your head – and do it quickly.“
„I’m sorry, I can’t help it. But I promised to behave.“
„You better be. I can’t stand any more chaos in my life at the moment.“
„That bad?“
„What do you mean?“
„Well, isn’t it kinda uplifting to be wanted by several men at the same time?“
„Not, if it’s for the wrong reasons. And, hey – I’m not Dave on stage enjoying all those people throwing themselves at his feet. And as you well should know it’s not healthy to be loved by too many – whatever that love means. It can destroy you.“
„Argh, you bloody asshole!“
„Thanx much, I was waiting for some real compliments.“ He smirks at me „Siv, life is never what you expect from it. And it’s only getting really complicated if you make it that way. Don’t try to play the holy Mary – doesn’t fit you. You’re not a tart – I know that – but you have your hidden desires and the more you try to deny them the more they will fire back at you. Take it as it is.“
„OK – where do you wanna fuck me? On your desk? Against the wall?“ I hope my sarcasm comes across as dark as I intend it to be.
„Don’t tempt me. I might do it – both.“
„I’m sorry.“
XI. continued

I reach for my purse and jacket.
„Already want to go?“ He gets up from his seat as well. „Let me help you with that.“ He takes my jacket and holds it for me to slip easily in. Then he cautiously embraces me.
„Hey, I really like you very much – and I wish I could turn back time, you know.“ The look in his eyes lets my stomach wobble again. I have to get out off here very fast! He fixes my view. Then he turns over and whispers into my ear.
„Siv, angel – I can see it – you want it as well.“ His breath is hot against my skin as he raises his voice a little more. „Give yourself to me – let me at least lick you, taste you, feel you.“

„John, let her go.“ Dave’s soft deep voice all of a sudden.
JK lets his arms sink and steps back. I don’t know where to look at now – I feel so embarrassed.
„I know everything is OK so far – I heard a bit outside via the Intercom. You haven’t switched it off, John. And you know I have a key.“
I feel Dave’s hands – he’s turning me towards him.
„Baby, I can’t guard you all of the time.“ He kisses me passionately. Then he looks deep into my eyes.
„I was thinking about...well, in case you might want to...I want to...“ He stops and then starts whispering into my ear as well „What do you think about having one of your other fantasies now – I mean, Mart is not available, but couldn’t you imagine John?“
I open my mouth in surprise. After the first shock I whisper back: „You must be kidding! Who was playing mad at the sheer imagination I’d had something with Andy?“
„Errr, shall I leave the room for a while?“ John coughs nervously.
„No, wait a sec!“ Dave turns his head back to me, facing me intensely again.
„It’s not imagination anymore, right? It’s a fact meanwhile.“ He brushes down my cheek. „I can read it in your eyes – you can’t lie to me, baby. And I told you it’s OK with me.“

I fall back onto the couch with a deep sigh. Dave follows me and starts to undo my jacket. He’s nuzzling in my hair.
„Please, baby! I’m already so horny and hot.“ His tongue follows the contours of my neck and throat. Then his slender, long fingers move down to the waist band of my jeans.
„John, come here and help us a little.“ He moves my T- Shirt up and pulls it quickly over my shoulders and head. His hands cupping my breast around the bra.
„Come on, sit on my lap.“ Dave pulls me over to him. John is nestling with the button of my jeans, unzips it and then slowly moves it down my legs, over the ankles. I hear it land on the floor with a soft thud. I still can’t believe this is happening – but somehow it feels good – too good! Dave’s hand is wandering into my knickers. I let out a tiny gasp when his fingers find my entrance. With a swift move he simply tears the panties off my hips.
„Dave! Those were my fav ones!“
„I’ll get you tons of new ones, now have fun, baby!“ He moves down with his hands and opens my legs, digging his nails into my inner thighs. I hear John sharply breath in and groan.
„God, you look so juicy!“

Then he’s between my thighs and I feel his tongue searching its way. As a plus his moustache is teasing my sensitive skin. I didn’t expect it to be so stimulating. My own breathing increases. Dave unclasps my bra and teases my nipples with his fingers, squeezing them. His mouth searches for mine again and he deepens the kiss, our tongues dancing with each other wildly. He must be definitely excited as he starts biting again.
John is using his fingers now as well to treat my clit with circle movements and then I sense him spreading my slick folds, diving into me with his tongue. He’s sucking and gently biting, massaging me with his beard still.
„Yeah, come for me!“, he pants, „Gosh, you are so delicious!“
I know I am close – the muscle contractions already on the roll. And then I scream out my lust – losing myself into a forceful orgasm. John holds my knees with a firm grip and licks eagerly up all the juices I have to offer while convulsing. Dave bites my neck and mutters:“ Yeah, that’s it, baby! Now let him fuck you hard. You can’t send him away like this, pretty please!“

John moves up to me and kisses me roughly. His lips are still sticky with my cum.
„Do you like your taste, angel? You are so fucking gorgeous! Please – I won’t harm you. Let me inside you – I want you to wrap around me! I want to fuck you till you scream in ecstasy!“ He takes my hand and guides it to the enormous bulge that shows in his pants. I let out a loud moan. He smiles slyly at me.
„I take that as a yes then.“
„Let’s change positions slightly.“, Dave adds with a shaky voice. While moving I see he as well has a hard on. He unbuckles his belt.
„Get on your knees and hands so John can take you from behind.“
Looking at him unzipping his trousers it dawns me both men will soon have some more pleasure with me – and I for sure as well.

XI. continued - end of chapter

The couch aches when John crouches behind me. Dave just frees his rock hard cock. I can’t take my eyes away from him.
„Yeah, I know exactly what you want, baby!“ He leans back against the leather cushions and waits for my mouth. I very slowly lick around his sensitive tip with my tongue. He groans and stretches his body a bit. With my left hand I grab his shaft and start moving up and down, more and more squeezing him with my fingers. John’s hot breath in my neck, his hands on my hips – then one hand between my legs again. His member glides to my already wet entrance.
„Oh god, John – do it!“ I push my bum against his groin. Makes him thrust deeply into me, nearly to the full. He growls and moans, keeping up the pace. Again and again he deeply thrusts into me, slipping nearly out again to plunge in to the hilt in return. I try to match his rhythm with my lips on Dave’s member. John’s movements push my mouth sorta onto it and I give it way down my throat. Dave moans deeply and digs his fingers into my hair – holding my head in position. Once or twice I have to gag as he’s so very huge and going so deep. But the pleasure outbalances the odd feelings.

John panting in my back, Dave moaning in front of me – now tell me if I’m in heaven or hell?!

„I’m near, baby – are you ready for me?“ Dave pants and twitches my hair. And then I feel the well-known spasms and he releases his hot juices into my mouth till there’s no more to give. I swallow it all, sucking him till he nearly screams.
John seemed to have waited for Dave as now I feel him going tense as well.
„Yes, squeeze me, angel – I need to feel you around me – strangle me!“

I give in to my waves already building up in my core and let them clash over me kinda, falling over the cliff, yelling out loud. He’s coming hot and massively into me – but there’s no fluids mixing with my sticky wetness. He rests, heavily panting on my back, caressing my arms, kissing my neck. Then he slowly slips out off me again. Turning slightly I see he’s wearing a condom. Obviously he caught my view and smirks, wiping some sweat from his forehead.
„I always play it safe – not wanting to cause you any trouble – though I know you’re onto something.“
Dave bites my earlobe.
„I already assured you I’m OK – and I still want to do you bareback.“ He pulls me onto his lap.
„Come on, ride the cowboy, baby!“
I have to chuckle recognizing the little hint about the Personal Jesus video. And then he starts moving his hips against me. His member is buried deep inside me now and I start straddling him, moving my pelvis in slow circles.
„God, I love you doing this!“ His nails digging into my flesh. I let my head sink back and close my eyes – enjoying the hot sensation between my legs. When I tilt my head slightly the next time I see John sitting next to us, his hand moving up and down on his cock – watching us.
Dave now rams his member frantically inside – as much as he can muster from his position. I meet his forceful thrusts with my downward moves.
„Geez, Dave – you’re impaling me with that weapon of yours!“
„Ooooh yeah – did you expect anything less of me?“, he groans between two thrusts. „Baby, fasten seat belts – this is going to be rough!“
Having said that he bites my neck, digs his fingernails into the skin of my back and comes furiously shaking inside me – yelling out my name. Only thing I can do is riding out my own orgasm that hits me like thunder and lightning. Then I collapse onto his wet, sweaty chest.

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