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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  2009.08.18. 13:49



„„Do you think that’s a good idea?“ I ask Dave while I see the city lights pass along the car window.
Instead of answering he nods and brushes my cheek again. John smiles at me from the other seat.
I still have the image in my head – those two naked on John’s office couch about an hour ago – both smoking their cigarillos „after“. Looks I’m still not really back to my own senses.
The limo enters the underground car park again. The well-known hotel lift. John grins at me and Dave can’t hide a smirk either. He hits the button.
„NO, you’re not...!“ My voice trails off as I already feel Dave’s fingers in my pants. John kisses my neck and cups my breasts from behind, wandering under my T-Shirt.
„They will sell the tapes, I’m sure!“ That’s the last I can manage to speak as David silences me with a hot, wet kiss. His hard on pushes against my groin. John tears down my jeans in one move.
„Now look who’s not wearing any panties.“ I could give him the right prompt on that, but Dave doesn’t let me go, ravaging my mouth with his tongue.
„Turn around – I want you against the wall!“ John’s voice is hoarse. He takes me by my shoulders while Dave breaks the kiss.
„Then you have to fuck her against me as well – as I want to feel the thrusts.“ He pulls me into his arms, my back against his chest and then leans against the wall.
John has a dark, gloomy glistening in his eyes again when he comes nearer. With one hard thrust he’s inside me. I moan very loud.
„Yes, let us hear your lust – moan for us, baby!“

JK is ramming his hard cock into my throbbing channel. Dave groans into my ear, his hot breath puffing against my skin. He seems to enjoy the rapid movements against his own body. Again and again John’s member plunges deeply into me, letting me shiver with plain horniness.
„OK, OK – move a little from me, baby! I’m in pain here!“ Dave squeals after another set of forceful thrusts. I hear his zipper and a groan of relief.
„Go ahead, John! I will handle this myself – I’m so close – you have no idea!“
John increases his speed once again and with my walls clenching he slips out off me and releases onto my lap. The cum is slowly dripping down my thighs. Next I hear is Dave yelling and then I feel his hot fluids spurting onto my bum. My body is quivering with the slowly subsiding waves of my orgasm.
„Gosh, you two are real dirty bastards, you know that?! Now look at me! Eeeek!“
Before I can protest John takes my T-Shirt from the floor and starts cleaning me gently. Dave helps me into my jacket.
„Good luck it’s not that far into the suite. We better hurry!“ He’s giggling. John carries my other clothes and stuff while Dave hit’s the button and the cabin starts moving upwards again. A fast look to both sides and then John runs for the door, inserting the key card. Dave drags me quickly with him and we all have to chuckle when the main door finally closes behind us.

After an extended shower where I had to fight those two freaks off to get clean at all I feel much better again. Draping a towel around my still wet hair I enter the bedroom again. The two guys are already waiting on the large King Size Bed for me – completely like God made them!
„You’re not telling me this is going to be round three!? I’m strung out and tired!“
John and Dave look at each other, bursting out in laughter.
I put on a frown. „I really am! You two really finished me off!“
Dave crawls towards me, reaches for my arms and pulls me with him into the bed.
„Please – gimme a rest!“
„I promise you will like this – and it’s definitely sort of relaxing as well.“ He has a sly grin on his face and John giggles again.
„Come, just roll onto your stomach, baby. We won’t harm you.“
Then he grabs something from the side table. Appears to be a bottle or kind of. He’s applying something onto his hands and then I feel them on my skin, gliding smoothly up and down my scapulae. An intriguing scent of lavender tickles my olfactory senses. I start to purr like a cat. John’s hand joins in to apply and massage in the body oil. Four hands moving over my skin – a pleasant shudder runs down my spine.
„I knew you would love this.“ Dave gently bites my neck. John’s fingers wander along the rounds of my bum.
After a delicious while I shall turn around. Both men look at me with great appreciation. Then the hands keep on slipping over my body. They intensely caress my breasts and nipples till they can’t go any harder. On the way over my tummy to my bellybutton Dave follow John with a trail of kisses.

„Oh my god, you better hurry or I’m going to explode!“
Dave flashes me an evil grin and lets his fingers slowly glide between my thighs.
„I see..errr, are already soaking wet again, my dear!“ He teases my clit with his thumb, letting two fingers slip inside my entrance. I gasp and sharply breathe in.
John turns me to my side and moves behind me while Dave still manipulates my nub. Then he lets go and takes me into his arms. John’s arms follow from behind.
„Nice sandwich we are!“, he chuckles. „Argh, you’re so slippery now, I love it!“ He starts rubbing his body against my back, easily sliding up and down. Dave tries as well and growls with desire. I feel his cock rapidly hardening against my thigh. John moves even closer and whispers into my ear:
„Please, let me take you the other way. You’re so slick now, I won’t hurt you.“
David must have heard it though as he moans at the plain thought of it.
„Great, so we will take you both at the same time!“
John gingerly parts my lower cheeks and then he buries his rock hard member slowly into the gap between. I feel a slight friction at first but then he glides into me. All my neurons are responding at once. Additionally Dave starts thrusting into me from his side. I can’t decide which stimulation I should give in first as I’m flooded with most exciting sensations.
„Yes, come for us, angel! Squeeze us – let us hear you burst!“
They do not need to beg for it as I’m already over the cliff, a Tsunami hitting me hard. I just recognize their bodies shaking and convulsing as well. Then we all collapse onto the bed, heavily panting and groaning.

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