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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 14

Chapter 14

  2009.08.18. 13:51


XIV. part one

As usual it’s Basil who gets to me first when the front door opens. Fletch is grinning and compliments me inside. He quickly embraces me, kissing me onto my mouth firmly.
„They are all in the lounge – waiting with baited breath“, he smirks.
I sigh and move on. All?
When I enter the huge living room I see Grainne pouring Christian some more coffee. The table is laid with some plates, cups and an assortment of cookies and scones.
„Have a seat, luv!“ Andy’s wife comes over to me and offers me her hand.
„I’m Grainne – obviously!“ She smiles. I can read nothing hostile in her eyes. Does she know anything or not?
Christian jumps up as well, grinning at me.
„Hi, Chris. I didn’t expect to meet you under these circumstances – but nice to see you!“
He ignores my hand and plants a kiss onto my left cheek instead.
„I’d like to talk to you in private later, OK?“ He whispers into my ear.

While having tea and coffee we delve into the usual small talk. I still feel a little uncomfortable as I have no clue what Andy might have in store. The camera bag rests next to my couch chair.
Every now and then I gaze over to Fletch to check for his reactions. Finally he must have decided that’s time to open the bag.

„Siv, I told you I showed Grainne some of your images. Oh, and I couldn’t hinder Christian to have a look as well.“ His lips lift in a broad smile.
„Darn, yes – some hot stuff! I didn’t expect these kinda imagery from a woman!“ Chris brushes his hand through his short hair – apparently a little nervous.
„Would you do some images with us as well?“ Grainne let slip now.
„You mean you and Andy? Private images?“
Andy lets out a loud chuckle now.
„Very private pics, yes!“
„You’re not telling me Christian will be watching as I wouldn’t like that idea at all.“
Now it’s up to him to giggle.
„No, no – I will go out for a walk or watch some TV while you’re all in the Boudoir!“
I scratch my chin.
„I’d liked to have know it a little earlier as usually there are some preps to be done – checking the location, the props, lighting, etc. – and I always have some chat with the models first to get to know each other and their visions of the project.“
I grin at Andy. „Though I think we can skip a few steps.“
Grainne coughs and looks straight at me.
„We’d like you to document us making love – in our bedroom. Some intimate moments we can share again and again later – in huge format on the wall.“ She blushes slightly.
Wow! I have to swallow and reach for my cup of tea.

Andy and his wife prepare in the bathroom while I check my camera gear on the couch table. Christian lits another cigarette.
„If those piccies come out as hot as your writing – phew!“
„I was wondering when we would stumble over that topic.“ I click a filter onto the zoom lens.
„You’re a bloody sensual woman.“
„Yeah, I was told by a few other guys you know as well.“ I wink at him „So is this going to be our private conversation? Or can we postpone that for later? I really have no clue how long this shooting will last.“
„No, I’d like to have way more time with you. Just was curious. You for sure have a card – I’ll give you my number as well. Call me when you’re done.“ He pulls a tiny business card out off his wallet.

„What’s Chris doing?“ Fletch props himself up on his arms on the large King Size Bed, Grainne cuddling to his chest.
„He left for some pints I guess, meeting with some pal – I didn’t listen to his phone call. He’s coming back to me tomorrow or so.“
I adjust my camera on the monopod.

„Siv, I know about you and Andy.“

It takes all of my self control not to let drop my precious EOS.
„So is this going to be a demonstration à la ‚I have what you never really will have’? Sorry, but I can’t shoot with shaky hands. And I’m not in a fit state for a scene as well.“
„I’m not angry with you. If I was I already scratched your eyes out.“ She faces me again.
„Look – being married with a musician like Andy means I have to share him from time to time – with the band going into the studio and on Tour, with some music clubs he likes to play the DJ – and with other women. I’m just lucky he’s not like Mart - or Dave in his earlier days.“ She lets out an ironic laugh.

„And let us not blow this thing up now. I’m not really happy with it – but seeing you and who you are makes it a little more bearable. So shoot away – get inspired – and inspire us! That’s the least I can expect from such a horny woman, ay?“
XIV. part two

I adjust my camera again, peeking through the finder. Somehow I feel like an intruder in this room – though I like what I see – and Andy and Grainne do not give me the impression that they feel inhibited or anything – not at all!
When his fingers wander over her curves again, massaging the body oil gently in – I need to wipe away some sweat from my forehead. His head disappearing between her legs gives me goose bumps as I definitely know how that feels from live experience with him. She starts moaning – and I frantically press the shutter.

„Grainne, have you heard about Tantric massages? Know what a ‚Lingam massage’ is?“
Both start to grin. It’s Andy with an answer first.
„Ha, that’s supposed to be more Dave’s expertise – yet yeah, we know and occasionally do.“
„Very nice, Siv! You have no idea where that is leading to!“ Grainne’s got a smug smirk on her face now.
„I suppose I will get to see! Let me quickly change the Flash Card!“


I sit at my powerbook editing the images I shot an hour earlier. Gosh! Don’t tell me people near their fifties have no imagination or ambitions in bed anymore! In large format on the bedroom wall – sweet Jesus!

„How’s it going?“ Andy puts a mug of tea onto the table. „You look exhausted.“
„Errrr – it’s near midnight and after such a session – helloooo?!“ I wink at him.
„And I thought you’d take the opportunity to go on – I told you it’s no biggie to call me a cab back to the hotel.“
„Bullshit – the guestroom is way more comfy. To make it clear – we didn’t tell you to work on the photos NOW!“
„Hey, I can’t sleep anyway for a while.“ Damn, do I really start to blush now?!
His hand on my shoulder, caressing my neck. Suddenly his lips, his hot breath. Now I realize he’s only wearing a dressing gown – as he pulls the belt.
„I can’t either. Blow me, baby!“
His erect member is bobbing in front of me. I turn slightly on my chair and let my fingers slowly close around the hard flesh. Holding the shaft I let my lips start at his sensitive tip, circling my tongue around it. He lets out a gasp and then a deep growl.
„Yeah, give me more of your velvety lips – suck me into your wet little heaven!“
I let his cock slip into my mouth inch by inch – not in a hurry – knowing it would drive him crazy.
His fingers pull my hair and hold my head in position – giving me slight direction. Oh, yes – he’s close! I can feel his whole body tensing. His eyes are closed and he bends his head slightly backwards, heavily panting meanwhile.
„You feel so damn gooooood!“
With a series of spasms he ejects his cum and I swallow it sucking him till he’s nothing more to offer but a deep moan and a shudder of pleasure.
He pulls me up from the seat and hugs me that intensely I can’t breathe for a second – one of his infamous bear hugs!
„You better join your wife now, Andy! She deserves it.“
He plants another kiss onto my mouth and nods.
„I’ll see you for breakfast. Get some sleep, angel!“

How the fuck shall I sleep now?! With a sigh I fall back onto the chair and open the notebook again.
„Nice Blow job!“
The mouse falls out off my hand and lands with a thud on the floor. My heart is missing a beat and I jump up.
„Sorry, I didn’t want to shock you like that!“
Christian rises from the couch that faces the other one at the opposite wall. I really didn’t see him there!

„Gosh, for how long have you been here?!“
„Awhile. Andy let me in about an hour ago when you seemed to have been in the restroom. You didn’t call and my evening was sorta boring so I decided to sneak in to see how far the ‚party’ was.“
He’s got a broad grin on his face.
„Apparently Andy still had some resources left.“
He glimpses at the display of my powerbook.
„I see you as well go for quality – though that is a PPC, not an Intel, ay?“
„Yes, smartpants! And there’s nothing more to see for you!“
„Awww, not just a little fruity insight?“
„No way! It’s private. How would you react if I’d show some very intimate imagery of you and your girl around?!“
His blue eyes lock mine for a moment.
„OK, you’re right – but doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a little fun anyway?“
My jaw drops to the floor!
„Shall I take that as an innuendo?!“
He moves nearer and fixes my view, bending slightly over me. I can smell his cologne.
„Humh – I could strip for you and you take pics while I play with myself. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist bringing down my beast personally. Alone the thought...“, He rolls his eyes, licking his lips. And now I see it – the bulge growing in his jeans.

„I’m no slut! So stop it, Christian!“
„I didn’t say that. You’re incredibly hot – as far as I heard from Dave and John – and from what I’ve recently seen – and read of course!“
His face comes nearer. I turn my head to avoid his contact but he grabs my chin and forces his lips onto my mouth. I try to push his body away from me, but he’s strong – no wonder, keeping in shape as a drummer! So I bite his lips. He winces shortly. Then he bites back – god, I can taste the blood! His tongue is licking over my bruised areas.
„So you’re a little wild animal, all right! I enjoy dealing with that!“
He drags me from the chair and forces me onto the carpet, his full body weight onto mine. His eyes wander around and then a diabolic smile appears on his face. He reaches for the belt of Andy’s dressing gown. He must have slipped it unknowingly on the way back to the bedroom.
„We better tame the beast a little bit – don’t want anybody get seriously hurt, don’t we?“
He fixes my arms at one leg of the heavy couch table.

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