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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 15

Chapter 15

  2009.08.18. 13:52



I can’t move and realize he really means to take me forcefully if he needed to.
„Chris, this is no game anymore – I’m tired and not in the mood for such kinky stuff now! Untie me, please!“
His eyes are glowing like those of a cat in the dim light.
„You don’t have to move – I’ll do all the naughty work, baby!“
His lips on my mouth again, his tongue forcing its way in, teasing mine. I feel one of his hands opening the button of my jeans. Now or never! I try to move my legs, bending my knees to push him off me but though I’m taller he’s way more strength to keep me down. With a rough grip he tears down my trousers and panties over my ankles – fixing them immediately again with his weight.
„Stop it, Chris! Or I will yell!“
I just have finished that sentence when he silences me with his left hand.
„You will not, wild pussy! What do you think will happen? Do you really think Andy would believe a word?“
„Andy would perhaps not, but I do. Let her go, Christian!“
Chris turns around in obvious surprise and now I can see the person to the well-known but unexpected voice.
Martin leans in the doorframe, pink T-Shirt and bluefish striped boxers on. His hair looks like a mess as if he already slept.
„I’m no ghost nor a hologram – so would you free that young lady now?“
„Where the heck...what are you doing here?!“
„Playing the guardian angel as it looks like.“ Martin still leans there piercing Chris with his green sleepy eyes.
I start to feel really uncomfortable now – more or less naked on the floor, legs open, helpless.
Finally Chris moves again and starts loosening the belt around my wrists. I shake free and cover myself hastily with my jeans. My teeth start chattering. No, I’m not as tough as I usually try to make people believe. Shit!
„You better leave this place very quick and quietly, Christian!“
The addressed grabs his leather jacket and heads for the door. Mart moves a little to let him through – throwing him a look of disgust.
„Don’t gimme that look, Mart! You’re no saint as well!“
„Sure – but I never forced a girl to have sex with me.“
Chris disappears in the darkness of the hallway and then we hear the main door.

„You’re OK?“ He comes slowly nearer.
I still sit at the same spot, pressing my clothes tight against my body – trembling.
„I’ll be right back – don’t move.“
I let my head sink against the frame of the couch table. Feels hard and cold against my cheek. I start banging slowly against it. When the pain inside gets too much it needs a greater pain from the outside...Marts voice drags me back.
„Sheesh, stop that – I’m here. Come, wrap into this and follow me. Give me your hands.“
He’s holding a huge bathing sheet. I have the impression everything is going in slow motion.
„Helloooo – Siv? Baby, that’s the shock – come with me, get up!“
I don’t know how I manage it but I get up to my feet and feel him wrapping the towel around me. Then he takes me by the arm and guides me to the bathroom. The water is already pouring into the tub. The ground is slightly shaking under my feet.
„Oh, oh – no, don’t faint now!“ He squeezes my cheeks.
„Ooouch! Are you mad?!“
At least I’m more or less back at my senses now.
„Off with you into the water! I hope the temperature is fine.“ He nearly pushes me into it.
„Argh, it’s hot!“
„That’s just right – you need some warming up now. Relax, everything is fine.“
He sits on the edge of the tub and starts caressing my hair.
„Want some music and candles?“
„No, thanx. I feel like walking through jelly – my head wants to explode.“
Though the water is boiling hot another cold shower creeps down my spine.
He slaps his hand onto the tiles.

A few moments none of us says a word. Only the tickling of water drops echoes from the walls.
„Do you want me to give you a neck massage? I’m really good at it – very successful concerning headaches.“
„I know you mean it well – but I prefer not to be touched by male hands again tonight.“
Another wave of pain sears my head.
„Ooouch, can you look for some painkillers, please?“
„Not really healthy, baby. You can trust my hands – come on! Turn around a little.“
His sensitive fingers discover the back of my neck – pressing and pinching gingerly every now and then. Have to admit it feels good – very good! Both of his hands slowly stretch my neck to the left and then to the right. I can hear and sense a slight crack.
„Ah, that’s it. A vertebral blockage is no fun. Better now?“
I lean back and breathe deeply in and out. The pain seems to evaporate my body.
„Thank you, Martin. That’s really a relief!“

„Are you sure you can sleep now?“
Martin still sits aside of my bed in the guest room.
I pull the blankets closer around me and nod.
„I will try. You look tired as well – jet lag?“
„No problem. Yes, I just landed 5 hours ago. Hang in there!“
He gets up and leaves the room – to reappear with his acoustic guitar.
„Close your eyes, baby – just listen.“

When the first sun beams tickle my nose I open my eyes and feel a bit like having a hang over. Turning a little around in my bed I stop in shock! A blonde curly head on the pillow next to me! Asleep and snorring – and clothed! I look down at myself. I wear my Sleep-Shirt and panties. Phew! No idea what happened!
XV. part two

My sudden motion must have disturbed his dreams as he now turns around squinting.
„Good morning, luv!“
„Errrr, morning, Martin. What the frigg are you doing in my bed?!“
„Sleeping?“ He wipes his eyes and stretches, letting out a reasonable yawn „No worries, baby – I didn’t touch you.“ There’s a sly grin on his face now. „Though I wouldn’t mind a shag with you.“
„Geeeez!“ I jump out off the bed.
„You better shovel your bum out off here! I desperately need a shower now!“

Andy pours me another mug of tea. He’s not asking any questions and plants a kiss onto Grainne’s cheek when she sticks her head into the kitchen.
„Dave’s on his way – he’s already on the grounds. John just called. He seems to be furious for some reason. Just that you all know.“

I sigh and flash a view over to Martin.
„You did call him, right? Couldn’t keep your big mouth shut!“
„The honours go to me, Siv.“
Fletch puts the kettle back onto the stove.
This very moment the door bell interrupts his speech.
„Fasten seat belts!“, he says and goes for the front door.

We hear some kerkuffle in the hallway and then Dave’s head appears in the doorway. His eyes search for mine and then he’s behind me, pulling his arms around me, dragging me up from the chair.

„Angel, you’re OK? What did he do to you? Do you need a doctor?“
I loosen myself a bit from his tight embrace and turn to face him.

„Looks you’re more in need for medical treatment, David! Hell, how did that happen?!“

There’s a rather prominent dark, livid, bluish green patch beneath his left eye and I can see some dried blood in his nostrils.

„He looks worse! I hope I broke his fucking nose! For sure he’s not going to play drums for a while!“
All his anger seems to boil up and exudes from every gesture of his tense body.
„Let’s go into the lounge. I do not want to endanger Grainne’s precious porcelain.“
Andy puts his hand onto Dave’s shoulder.
„Come on, relax and have a coffee – and follow me!“
I squeeze David’s hand slightly.
„Yes, come with us. I’m fine now. Don’t let me worry about you next.“
Dave closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath.
„All right, all right.“

I let my fingers lightly wander over that bruise. He winces slightly as it still must give him pain.
„I don’t know if I should be delighted or shocked that you tried to fight my honour – literally I mean.“
He leans his head back against the wall, one of his arms around my waist, the other on the arm rest of the couch.
„Baby, you have no idea how terrified and furious I was when Fletch called me this early morning. And after I talked to Mart there was no way holding me back to smack that bastard’s face! How could he dare to act up like that?!“
„Shush, don’t get riled up all again!“ I need all my strength to keep up my own composure.
„In the end it’s somehow my own fault. He mistook me for all the juicy stuff I was writing – and actually doing recently.“
„No! Fucking hell, NO! You have to blame me then! And only me – as I started this damn thing with wanting to fulfil some of your fantasies! I never should have dragged you into this thing with John!“
„David, you’re not responsible for my actions.“ Andy has a stern expression on his face, putting another log onto the fire and replacing the shield to the fire place.
„If she wouldn’t have been desperate she...Andy, I know you always cleaned up after me sorta, comforting the broken hearts.“
He’s looking sad now. „Looks as if it’s all backfiring at me now.“
„Mate, stop talking bullshit!“ Martin takes another sip of his coffee.
„Yeah, right! What about you then? Did you lend her your shoulder to cry on then? Soothing her with lullabies – me arse! Don’t tell me you didn’t even think of touching her!“
Dave is near to jump up from the couch.
„I told you all there is to know – I could have easily left out the fact I stayed with her till she fell asleep – in the bed.“

I start to blush again. Guys!
„Any more exchanges between you guys? Did you also discuss the way I moan when I come?! Hell, thanx for letting me feel like a piece of meat!“
Now it’s me who gets up hastily from the couch but Dave grabs my arm and pulls me back. His eyes are glassy now.
„Never ever think like that! Argh, this whole thing really turned into kinda mess and I’m so awfully sorry about it, Siv!“
He holds my hands firmly into his.
„I really never wanted to hurt your feelings – I’m just a selfish bastard! The last I want is you not being able to look straight into a mirror.“
„A little bit late for that I’m afraid.“
I let my head sink to avoid his glare and him seeing the tears in my own eyes now.
„And I for sure can’t take it for the last 2 days.“
„What do you mean?“
„David, she’s on holiday, forgot? Her flight is in two days.“
Andy – the living filofax!
David looks kinda shocked. There seem to be some thoughts racing in his head. Then he jumps up from the couch, still holding my hand.

„Come, get your stuff, baby!“
Now I’m the living questionmark.
„Please, Siv – don’t ask, just do me the favour!“

„Where are we going?“
I sit next to Dave in that posh black limo that every now and then gets stuck in the rush hour. He kinda forced me to pack my belongings in my Camden hotel room and made me check out there, dragging me kinda to the car.

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