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morganalefaye - Lavender dreams
morganalefaye - Lavender dreams : Chapter 16

Chapter 16

  2009.08.18. 13:53



„Wait and see.“ He smiles at me and lits another cigarillo. Finally the limo takes the way into the already well-known lower ground parking area.
When the doors of the elevator close I cross my arms in front of my chest. Strange enough Dave seems not to spend any thought about anything that happened in here before. His mind seems to be far away. The ‚ping’ of the cabin coming to a final stop drags him back and he fetches the keycard for his suite. After the door closed behind us I let my luggage rest on the floor.
„So what now, David?“
He turns around from the desk where he put down the keycard and his mobile.
„Come here, baby.“
He drags me into his arms – just holding me tight for a while. Again it’s like time stopping, earth freezing in its motion. The same moment I feel a deep sadness within my heart and soul, nearly physically palpable.

„I know - I know it, angel. I feel it – your pain nearly sears through me like millions of glass splinters.“
His voice trails off – obviously shaking with emotion. Then he suddenly lifts me up and carries me to the large couch.
„I know it’s not much but let me be all yours for these last two days. I don’t want to share you with anybody else.“
He rests me onto the cushions and moves over me, breathing against my lips – burning me with his dark eyes.
I feel a tear rolling down my cheek.
„And then that’s it – it ends there.“
„Angel, it ends there, yes – but for good. I never expected me to go off the rails again that intensely – falling for somebody head over heels again – not now, that I’ve finally found my place in life – have a real home and family. I can’t explain what’s happening - with me and you. I just know it feels so right for the moment and I wished I could give you all what you’re missing in your life – but I can’t. I might be just the key – you have to turn the lock yourself and step out off the darkness.“
He gently wipes away the tear.
„And now stop crying and let me make love to you.“

The hours pass by breathlessly. I know my hunger never will be satisfied yet I consume every touch, every caress, kiss like it would be the last. He’s the same. His sensitive fingers exploring every inch of me again and again. Those full, luscious lips sending electrical storms through my system – letting me convulse and yell out my pleasure and pain. His never tired member impales me again and again till I nearly faint in ecstasy.

Not a single minute did we leave the suite. Daylight fades, night comes – darkness leaves with the first beams of sunlight – to give way for the night again.

„David, my flight goes in 2 hours from now.“
„I know, angel.“ He kisses my forehead and then lets his rest against mine.
„Don’t call me the next weeks. It needs time to heal.“
He nods.
„Of course.“ He pulls me close to him again.
„I will miss you so much, baby! I simply can’t express it with words now.“
„Same here, Dave. You know what? Write a song some day.“
I try to wink at him but it just ends with fluttering eyelids, trying to hold back the tears again.
The phone rings. Reception. The cab is there waiting for me.

„You’re sure you don’t want me to accompany you to the airport?“
„No, David. We both would dig into our wounds even deeper – and I hate farewells.“
„OK, but wait a sec.“
He quickly puts something into his mouth and then crushes his lips onto mine.
When I slightly open my lips his tongue finds its way into me and then I taste it. An intense aroma of expensive, dark Belgian chocolate with lavender.


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