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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2009.08.27. 17:25



What now? David stares at his luggage and decides to unpack the most important things. Deep inside he still feels the urge to be ready – just in case he has to run – flee from a situation he can’t or don’t want to deal with. Also being so used to the life on tour he knows how important a good organisation of his stuff is – though usually some helpful hands take care of his stage outfits. Today is not the time someone carries his ass after him and he starts to stack a pile of t-shirts into the closet. The smell of desinfectives hits his nose and he has to sneeze.

What the hell is going on with Curly?! He wonders for a second – the so familiar nick name – he didn’t use it for such a long time now. More or less automatically he reaches for his toilettery bag and sneaks into the bathroom. A good, refreshing shower – that’s an option for now.

Lazily he steps into the cabin and pops his shower gel open. Damn you, Martin! He looks at the bottle in disbelief. He still uses the same brand Mart mentioned in his diary – the one he gave to him and he didn’t know it! Applying some of the viscous liquid into his palm and rubbing it over his freshly waxed chest he inhales the scent as if it was the first time. The hot water starts to relax his tensed muscles and his hands wander over his body. How would it be if it were Curly’s fingers – gliding over his sensitive skin?

„Fucking, hell – you can’t be serious!“

He’s up to toss the bottle into the next corner yet stops within the action. The sensations are too delicious and he feels the urge for release. Gently he lets his long, slender fingers glide down his abs and lower. His body betrays all of his resentments as the erection he meets now is nearly complete. With swift, firm strokes he starts to pleasure himself. Starting at the tip of his member he twists his fingers around the shaft, down to the base – spiraling back upwards. It doesn’t take long and he senses his balls lift up slightly and the tension in his groin signals him he’s at the brink. Martin’s face – his infectious smile and the naughty glimmer in his green eyes pop up in his mind. With a set of spasmns and jerks he ejaculates over his hand. The warm come slowly gets washed away by the cascades of water from above.
Leaning back against the cool tiles he slowly gains back his breath.

„Now you’ve done it, Curly! I must be nutz!“

Lolling on his king size bed Dave ruffles through is hair for a second time and then tosses the towel direction bathroom. It lands on the threshold. Too lazy to get up he wonders if to get dressed now – or to wait till one of the guys would call and threat him with the continuation of the aborted session. Looking over to his watch he relaxes again. Only 5 pm. Still lots of time. He shouldn’t have thought about that too intensely as now the phone on the night stand rings.

„Dave, up for a dinner in my house? My mexican housekeeper will pamper us with some delicious goodies. So are you in?“
„Umh, that’s indeed a tempting offer!“
„I thought so – and then we could try a few things in my home studio.“
Oh, oh – he should have known! Mart’s so called ‚home-studio’ is propped with all the high tech you can lay your hands on when you don’t have to count your money. Looks, he’s fucked anyway!
„I should have known there was a catch!“
„Haha, come on – just some easy jamming!“
Mart’s voice gives him crawlies. Geeez – hopefully he won’t act strange! Maybe snooping wasn’t such a great idea. Dave, you will pay for this...
„Dave, I’ll tell the others – you catch a cab and we all meet at 6.30 - my place. See you!“

Putting the phone back into the base he nervously rubs over his chin.
„We could try a few things in my home studio – me arse! You for sure would try a few things with me, Mart!“

Why so angry all of a sudden? Dave gets up from the mattress and checks for an outfit he could wear. Oh man, nothing too tight – that’s for sure. An evil smirk appears on his handsome face. Why not? Let’s see how far it is with sweet Curly’s self restraint. Yeah, he always was a tease – on stage as much as in real life – though he painstakinly tries to divide between those two personalities.

Oh my god! It hits him like a bolt of lightning. All the times on stage when he hugged and kissed Martin! Well, for him that was part of the show and being in the adrenaline rush, hearing the crowds yell for more – giving the sexy, dirty animal - he never thought about the fact that Mart might have interpreted it on a different level. They had fun – they messed around – that’s all that was about it! Was it?

Dave decides to wear a slim cut black jeans – tight at just the right places. Topping it with a short sleaved, black tussah silk shirt – darn hot! He leaves the top three buttons open – to let a trace of the outlines of his phoenix tattoo tease the eyes. He’d done it for so many times – and the women always died for it – wanting to rip that damn piece of garment off him. Turning around in front of the dresser mirror once more he adjusts his hair with some more gel and then grins into his own counterfeit.
„Ready to rumble!“

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