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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.08.27. 17:26



Peering out of one of the studio kitchen’s windows Dave is waiting for his part to sing. Having warmed up already he nervously bounces his knee against the radiator and flicks the lighter around in his nimble fingers. Feeling the weight of his eyelids he recalls his sleepless night.

„Are you coming, Dave? We’re testing a new microphone.“ Ben’s voice yanks him back and he extinguishes the last remains of the cigarillo in the terracotta ashtray.

Martin seems to be on a creative stint. He’s sparkling with ideas and his good mood spreads over all bandmates in the room. Not much later Dave finds himself goofing and laughing his ass off. Every now and then he feels Mart’s eyes on him – observing and quizzical.

After two more hours rehearsing and recording Dave stretches his arms and and groans slightly when he feels his stiffened neck muscles. It does only take a few breaths and then he suddenly feels two energetic hands on his bare skin – starting to slightly massage his nape and and lower neck.
„Gosh, Curly!“
Dave wants to recoil but Martin holds him firmly by his shoulders.
„Relax, Dave – I know what I’m doing. Your muscles must give you a hell of a pain meanwhile. Over to the couch with you!“ Andy’s sonorous laughter echoes from the walls.
„Have you been to Suzy’s day spa again, Martin? You can’t let go, can you?“
„Argh, stop mocking on me. We still have a pretty good contact – and not just in sake of the kids.“
„Yeah, I saw the pics of your DJ-set – she holding your headphones!“
To escape the banter Mart pulls Dave gently with him and places himself behind him on the hazel brown leather couch.
„Lean you head slightly forward – yeah, that’s right.“
His slender, muscular fingers start treating different areas of his neck again – and Dave can’t escape the pleasant feelings that come with them. He finally closes his eyes and gives in.
Meanwhile Ben, Andy and Chris went into the kitchen for a late lunch. John got a call earlier and had to leave for some business. It’s only Dave and Mart now in the main studio room.

„Take off your t-shirt, Dave – this is ineffective.“
Before he can complain Martin already has his hands on the hem and pulls it over his shoulders.
„Lean over the rest and enjoy it.“
It’s like millions of ants pacing over and under his skin now. He can hear the voices and laughter of his mates from afar. What will they think when they return and find me half naked, Curly over me?!

„You’re doing it again, Dave – stop tensing your muscles!“
After a few more strokes he manages to fall back into that pleasant tingling he felt before. No idea, but these hands are magic kinda. He really has to hold back not starting to purr like a cat.
Seems as if Mart is coming to and end as his moves become slower and softer. And then David feels a soft, intense kiss on his nape. He should immediately dart up and...what? Actually he can’t move – like being paralyzed. Curly’s warm breath against his skin. Another kiss onto his left scapula, then one onto the other side. Now Dave finally is able to shift his position and stares into Martin’s eyes in total bewilderment.
„Sorry, Dave – god, I’m sorry! I got carried away!“ He blushes slightly and lets his eyes drop down – to recognise what’s going on in his opposite’s crotch area. David follows his view and a hot wave flushes over his cheeks. The fabric stretches over a reasonable bulge.

This very moment Andy and Ben appear in the door frame and Dave hastily puts his t-shirt back on, reaching for his backpack to place it into his lap – pretending to eagerly look for something in it.

„Looking for your lyric scripts?“ Chris also had entered the studio and waves with David’s red folder.
„Errr – very funny! Then I could have rummaged in here for ages! Duh, I’m really getting old!“
„Ah, it’s not that bad. You have time to learn your texts – we will finish the sequenzer stuff now – so you are free as a bird for the rest of the afternoon.“

Keen to avoid any more embarassing situations with Mart he quickly makes it to the outside. He’s not really ambitious to return to the hotel so early hence he decides to walk down to his favourite spot on the beach – a little more secluded and not too busy with people. Sitting down on a rock he fetches his laptop and presses the on key. Searching for another special date he finds what he’s looking for.

Santa Barbara, May 28th, 1996

When Jonathan called I wanted to die. This time I didn’t hear and called a limo which brought me straight to the Cedars Sinaii. You for sure don’t know – I begged John on my knees kinda – and I hope you will never know. Disguised with a black wig and a skirt I entered the ICU where they had you under heavy sedation after the worst. Cops mucking about to take you to jail. Thank god it was too early for that. I have no idea how John managed to get me a clinic dress – yet I was able to see you alone for a few short minutes – pretending to check your vital signs.
So this is it – the bottom of the jar. David – I was so terrified to see you this way – and it really kills me – but I had to see you at least to know there’s only one little step you could go – in one direction or the other. I pray, it’s ‚the other’!
You looked so pale and fragile – the bruises on your face – I could feel the pain. Even more I sensed the closeness of death – so palpable! Still gives me the creeps here!
I softly kissed your forehead – my lips were trembling like hell! My blessings go to you, angel of the dark. I so hope you will see the guiding light – and again I feel so weak and helpless! This bottle of Jack will kill the fear – at least for a while.


David closes the MacBook with shaky hands. Putting it quickly next to him onto the backpack he jumps up and reaching the waves licking on the sandy beach he leans over and retches his guts out.

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