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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2009.09.05. 10:25


Sleep doesn’t want to come – again. Dave tosses and turns under the sheets. When he dozes off every now and then some creepy dreams make him shoot up in the bed all in sweat. Lurking for his mobile the digits on the tiny display tell him it’s 2.50 am.

„Fuck!“ He tosses the damp blanket away and searches for his cigarillos. Lighting one he stares back at his blackberry. „Dig it!“
Choosing the speed dial he waits for the connection. After three tones the voice he was desperate to hear answers the call.

„Hi, Dave!“
„I hope I didn’t get you out off bed.“
Laughter at the other end.
„I wouldn’t have picked up if I had been busy.“
„Ah, come on – you know exactly what I was talking about!“
„Sure. No, I wasn’t sleeping – still fiddling with a song I’m trying to fix for the session tomorrow...errr, this morning. And you? We missed you for dinner. Somehow you disappeared into the big nothing – not even answering my texts!“
David cocks his brow and then nods to himself.
„I switched the mobile off for a while – geez, now I see!“
„A little off the track, are we? You seem to be heavily in thoughts the last two days – I already wanted to ask. So, what’s it? Anything I can help you with, David?“

Dave’s throat is dry and he has to get a sip from his mineral bottle. Adjusting himself into his pillow he takes all his courage and coughs.

„Well, nothing really dramatic – just somehow the old times come creeping back into my conscience. Recently I dreamt of us shooting the ING video in Marocco. It was so real – I could smell the incence wavering in front of us, felt your hair tickling my nose – god, that was hell as I wasn’t allowed to sneeze or move at all – and with this itching colour on my eyelids!“
„Geez, Dave! That’s odd and funny at the same time. Maybe it’s the age now – I’m spinning thoughts around a lot of times in the past, you know.“
Oh, I should know about that!

A short pause and then Martin continues.
„Is this really all, Dave?“
No, it’s definitely not – but how am I supposed to tell you I read your most intimate thoughts and this knowledge starting to get at me – driving me crazy?!
The inquisitve tone lets Dave tremble slightly.
„David – why don’t you just come over? Suppose it’s nothing you want to discuss over the phone, ay?“
Shit, now he has me!
„Ah, forget about it, Mart! I really don’t want to interfere with your creative juices flowing. I might just get my mood swings again – starting to feel a bit emotional and such.“
He wipes some sweat from his temples.
„I better take my meds – don’t want to be a pain during the recordings.“
„Oh, Dave – I never said anything – you take care of yourself, OK? If you’d be here I would make you a nice herbal tea with orange blossom honey.“
„Uh, stop sounding like my mom, Curly!“
„Haha, well someone has to check if you’re doing well. So – do you shove your bum over here now or will you stay there in your misery?“
Misery – you nail it!
„I think I’ll take a shower and then try to rest again – but thanks for the sweet offer, Martin.“
„Doesn’t really sound convincing. How about helping me with the song, perhaps finding the right words then – having a lush breakfast and then heading for the studio session together?“
„You really are adamant – Christ!“
„Yes.“ A silent chuckle. „I will put on the kettle for the tea now.“

„Don’t you want to get inside?“
Martin looks a bit puzzled when Dave still stands glued to the spot while the front door already is open.
„You help yourself with the tea in the kitchen – I just program something that seems to be perfect!“
With glowing eyes and a slight red tinge on his cheeks Mart buzzes down the hallway and disappears into his home-studio.
Thank god he’s busy!
With a steaming mug he shortly after enters the soundproofed room, seeing his friend’s blonde curls whizzing over a keyboard.

„Hey, there you are. Listen!“
He starts the app and the soundfile emanates from the speakers around. A driving beat, paired with a captivating melody line. Dave can’t avoid to bounce his leg with the rhythm. His left foot and head keep swinging, eyes closed to get even the tiniest nuance.
„Oh well, that’s a good one, Curly!“
He faces Mart again. „And what about the lyrics? Can I see them?“
„No lyrics – it’s supposed to be an instrumental. Glad, you like it.“
„As if you ever would write any bad stuff, come on!“
„Oh, there’s heaps of shit all piling up here!“
Martin’s insecure, shy smile again.

Christ, you are one of the best songwriters in the whole universe! Even Johnny Cash covered a song from you – which is near to Elvis doing the honours himself! Now tell him!

„Curly, listen...Christ, you are one of the best songwriters in the whole universe! Even Johnny Cash covered a song from you – which is near to Elvis doing the honours himself! So stop whining, man! I wish I only had an aliquot of your talent!“

For a short while both men muster each other in silence. Then Martin steps over to Dave and takes his hands firmly into his.
„Dave, perhaps I wasn’t so talented and obvious enough to let you know again and again that you have so many qualities yourself. Remember the email I sent you and the phone call we had concerning your Hourglass solo? I didn’t bragg – it’s one of my alltime favourite albums. You absolutely have talent to carry over your pure and raw emotions – you touch people - you touched me!“
Dave has to swallow hard. Martin continues.
„When it comes to non music bizz related stuff I’m not that much creative or generous with words – I know that well – and I’m sorry for giving you the impression I wouldn’t care or consider you lesser than me. That’s absolutely not true! I couldn’t do the job in the spot light you do – you are the natural performer.“
„Yeah, you’re more the one pushing buttons.“ David smirks now. Trying to push my buttons that is!

„If you would let me...?“
Mart still squeezes Dave’s hands lightly and senses his intention to let them go.
„What was happening between the two of us in the studio – when you massaged my back?“
Martin’s grip gets stronger.
„You mean, when I kissed you and you got hard from it?“

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