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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  2009.09.05. 10:40


„Jesus, Dave! You can’t be seen with these!“
Martin pops into the studio kitchen, finding Dave leaning against the window sill, reading in the blue diary.
„Oops, sorry – I just couldn’t resist! You, Ben and Andy were so engrossed in that mix I finally felt a bit out off place there.“
Martin swiftly kisses Dave’s left cheek, takes the book gently out off his hands and hides it in his band mate’s dark-grey backpack.
„David – you are never ever out off place! Come back over again – I need your opinion on something.“
He twinkles and his infectious smile sweeps over Dave.
„And please – don’t read in the open.“ Pausing for a second he goes on. „And it’s kinda embarassing for me seeing the emotions in your face – not being able to answer them properly.“
„Alright, Curly. I’m a thoughless fool sometimes.“
„Yeah, but a sweet one. Now hurry up!“

David has to put on his reading glasses to decipher the lyrics correctly.
„You couldn’t have printed them even smaller, Mart?!“
„Ah, stop blabbering and tell me what you think.“
After finishing the last line a quite visible red tinge makes it over Dave’s cheeks. Some words and fragments are scaringly familiar.

My memory lingers – you’ll never be the same...

He coughs and reaches for his water bottle – his fingers colliding with Martin’s who must have had the same idea, trying to get his one next to his friend’s. There they are again, those tiny electric sparkles – rushing over his skin like myriads of tiny insects.

„You can’t be serious, Curly!“ He breathes out in a low voice. Mart just has a smug grin on his face and answers in a similar tone.
„Why not? Everyone will think I wrote it for one of my slutty girlfriends – or my ex – torturing her. Don’t tell me you don’t like the idea – only us knowing the truth.“
Which truth, Martin? You are way ahead of me!

„So, shall we put it on the recording list?“ Mart’s voice is back to normal and Andy eyes Christian with quizzical eyes.
„Umh, quite a bit of a song – especially the lyrics. Maybe even stronger than ‚Corrupt’.“, Chris chimes in.
Oh hell, yes – ‚Corrupt’! Dave feels another weird tingling in his groin – yet Martin didn’t mention anything and as far as he’d interprete that text it’s just sleazy and horny...just a naughty song tailored for him to drive the women in the audience wild.
„Perhaps we should keep that one for the Box Set – would make a nice bonus – plus we would avoid trouble with the explicit contents.“
Andy as usual thinks straight and pragmatically. Mart nods and his blonde curls bounce on his head.
„So onto the to do list, splendid!“

The day passes like ice melts in the sun and after a nice visit in a Thai restaurant Dave finally finds an excuse to leave and like following an inner voice he ends up on ‚his’ rock at the beach. The air still is soft and warm – a few cicadas humming somewhere in the vast vegetation.
You will ruin your eyes – this is not a MacBook!

Seing Mart’s expressive handwriting let’s him feel even more like an intruder – this was for sure more intimate then flicking through some digital files. Some pages are busy with additional notes – other entries just consist of three or four lines of text. To his surprise the continuity varies a lot. It’s definitely not a ‚day to day’ chronology – more a collection of thoughts, a brain-storming sometimes. And like nowadays Martin flips forth and back in time – reflecting, questioning, revising.

„Oh my, Martin! You have a damn lot of words!“

Dave decides to start at least with the very first entry. The lights already low he soon had to head back to the hotel anyway.

Erfde (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), July 23rd, 1976

My first Birthday away from Basildon! School Exchange. My host family is really sweet, giving this diary to me as a present. They already seem to have recognized that I’m busy skribbling all sorts of things. I also got a cake and had to blow out all the 15 candles! And they obviously enjoy me playing guitar for them. Hell, first time really was embarssing. I’m absolutely no master yet and my fingers were trembling like no good. In no time my German will be better than my play – I’m afraid. Have you ever milked a cow? That question knocked me literally off my sneakers when I arrived here a little more than a week ago. Boy, now I know! I get up every morning since – keen to help out.

Students in my class are all very open and friendly, yet it takes a bit to warm up. I’m just not like that – so I really enjoy their more laid back attitude. If I recall my class mates in Basildon – gosh! Especially the girls! Well, there’s none to spend a sleepless night about around here, but you never know.
Better call this a day now. It’s already after midnight here. Will read mom’s letter again and then ‚Gute Nacht’, Martin!

Dave can’t help to shake with roaring laughter! God, he for sure didn’t expect that sort of Martin! Starting a collection with one’s innermost, intimate details – and it begins with a rambling how to milk a cow!

„So you were a boob-man – even for the wicked kind!“ Then his laughter dies down a little, suddenly remembering that there was a very crazy photo in the early 80ties - showing him in a cheap suit, surrounded by a bunch of real chicken.
„Fuck, and I think I was holding one of the bleeding things on my lap!“

Closing the book and storing it carefully in his bag he gets up and starts walking back to the hotel. Maybe he would be able to read one more ‚exciting’ chapter before falling asleep.

Dave Gahan in the 80's

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