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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  2009.09.05. 10:57


When the phone rings around 8 am in the morning he’s at first a bit desoriented – yet then, seeing the diary resting next to him on the other pillow – his memory instantly flashes back.

„Good morning, dad!“
„Oh, hi Jack!“
„Dad, I sprained my wrist and am calling from the hospital. There’s no way I will make it to the airport tomorrow. Rosy and Jimmy know. Is it OK if I send them with a bodyguard?“
David sighs and tries to get the sleep out off his eyes.
„Oh, that’s not nice – I so much looked forward seeing you on my birthday around with the other ones. Of course you can tell Myles to accompain them! Why the hell am I paying him a fortune every year?“
His eldest offspring laughs shortly and then stops – sounding more in pain now.
„Let’s pray it’s just a minor damage. I’m not keen on a plaster – or worse the OR!“
„You’re OK there, son?“
„Yep, no worries. Mom is on her way – you know her! And it shouldn’t have escaped you I’m nearly 21!“
„Thanx for reminding me what an old fart I am already!“
„Ah, come on – you are the hottest old fart I know!“
„Shit, I need to stop now – the nurse is back and I’m not supposed to use the mobile in here! I talk to you later! Cheers!“
„Bye bye!“
Umh, not sticking to the rules – where did he inherit that bit from?

During the chore in the studio he tries to be easy going, even funny – knowing Andy was operating the ‚Fletch-Cam’ and parts being filmed for sure will be footage for the bonus material. Martin glances over to him a few times – yet saying nothing.

„Join me for a swim?“ Mart passes Dave on the way outside. The heat is nearly bearable again and most of the work is on hold anyway as they experienced a power outage an hour ago.
„Good idea. Where do you wanna go?“
„Didn’t you say you had a favourite spot, Dave?“
„OK. Just let me get my trunks and stuff from the hotel. Need a bathing sheet as well?“
Now Martin has a broad grin on his sun tanned face.
„I usually dip in the nude.“ His smile even widens. „I’m not such a bad sight concerning my age – nor are you, Dave.“
David swallows the words that already were lying on his tongue.
„If we’re in the tabloids tomorrow it’s solely your fault, Curly.“

Walking by the familiar rocks Dave wants to turn towards the beach but Mart holds him back.
„Just a few minutes further down. It’s even more secluded.“
He’s right. When they reach the spot there’s just one lonely swimmer. Martin doesn’t hesitate and gets rid of his clothes. Dave can’t help to notice the well toned muscles.
„Having been to the gym more frequently?“, he cuts in while stripping himself.
„Yes. It’s actually not a bad idea. I want to be fit like a prize boxer when we hit the road again – touring.“ He eyes David with open admiration.
„You look pretty much in shape, too. Still doing your daily yoga?“
„You bet. I can’t do without it. Now let’s stop blabbering.“

The water clashes around their bodies and they try to keep up to each other’s pace. Dave is taking long, fluid strokes while Mart has to work a little harder with his shorter arms. After twenty minutes both seem to be sated and slowly make it back to their clothes and bags.

„Ewww, now I will be sandy all over! I should have gone for a towel!“
„Ah, don’t be such a sissy, Dave. Let it dry and the problem will solve itself.“

Both men sit there, legs angled – and stare into the wide open of the horizon that marks the end of the water.

„Curly, what is it you find...errr...attractive concerning my body?“
Martin turns his face towards Dave and nods his head as if he awaited such a question.
„Dave – YOU are attractive – not just your body. It’s the whole package.“ Shifting his weight slighly he continues. „You know yourself well enough that your features are a hell of an asset – but me thinks it’s exactly that what makes you step back – cause you’re afraid people only might see the beauty outside, Mr. Hot Piece Of Ass.“
„Argh, stop it – you know I hate that name!“
„You earned it well - all the hard work on stage pays!“
Then Mart turns serious again.
„You’ve been reading again.“
David nods and wipes his chin – not wanting to give away the battle of feelings deep inside. Playing with the bottle of sunscreen the blonde man finally grabs his hand.
„Want me to apply some more on your back? You could need a bit more protection judging your colour.“
„Do you intent to resume that situation in the studio?“
Martin lets the lotion sink and sighs.
„Curly, sorry – no, I didn’t want to...Fuck! You have no idea what you do to me – what your written words make me dig up again!“
„Shush, it’s alright.“
„No, nothing is alright – not at all!“ Dave jumps up and furiously paces towards the water, being stopped by Martin’s strong arms – and both men stumble over each others feet and tumbling into the wet sand.
„Dave, please look at me. Don’t be scared. For heaven’s sake – talk to me!“
Instead of an answer David rests his face against Mart’s chest, breathing raggedly in and out. Not knowing how to help his friend he starts caressing his head, his hands following the nape – circling around the shoulderblades. Then one hand wanders around to his chin, lifting up his face and cupping it finally with both hands.
„Kiss me, Curly.“
Dave’s voice is just a whisper. Martin doesn’t think twice and closes his lips around the trembling ones offered to him.This time Dave allows his tongue inside – meeting him with his – and Mart intensifies the pressure, sucking him into a deep, passionate kiss. When he breaks contact he sees the dark, widened pupils staring back at him. Dave’s long, slender fingers pull him closer and now he greedily ravages Martin’s mouth again, pressing his lean body closer against his own.
„Hey – do you really want this?“
„Yes, touch me, Mart – show me how it feels like - being with you.“
A throaty moan is all that is to be heard when the blonde curly head moves down his neck and then pauses at the tiny, erect nipples – licking, nibbling and biting them. His left hand wanders down the taut abdomen and then closes lightly over Dave’s growing hard on – just resting there.

„Why do you stop now?“
„Cause you are not ready, Dave.“
Martin drags him back close into his arms and just holds him tight for a while. Then he locks eyes with him again.
„Remember? I once took advantage of you – it won’t happen again.“
Dave’s eyes turn glassy and he reaches for Mart’s face.
„I wasn’t conscious – and I know you didn’t mean any harm.“ He has to swallow hard. „Opposed to others.“ After another short pause he goes on.

When David finally is ready talking, there are tears streaming down Mart’s face.
„Let me help you, Dave – god, let me erase all those horrible memories! If I only had known earlier...“
Dave gingerly starts to kiss the salty pearls away.
„You already make a difference – being so concerned about my well being. The others just cared about how I made them feel alright. I’m glad I let it out. I didn’t even touch it during therapy.“
„Fuck, you were a minor! Not even 12!“
„Let it rest now. That’s what I have to do now – letting it go.“

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