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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2009.09.05. 11:06


„I can stay if you like.“ Martin looks out of the hotel window – into the night sky.
„No, I’m good. Thanks. I just need a decent sleep after the last rough nights.“
„It’s just – I don’t want you to be alone in that state of mind.“
In the window pane he can see Dave stepping out of the bathroom, freshly showered, not even a towel around his hips. His skin is still partially glistening with wetness. Turning around he can’t help to roam over the graceful features.
„Close your mouth, Curly. It’s just me.“
Martin swallows hard and then nervously searches for his mobile to call drivers service. Seeing the time he smiles.
„Happy birthday, David!“
He moves over to his still naked friend who just lit a cigarillo. Dave just can place his smoke into the ash tray when Mart pulls him in a heartfelt embrace.
„Thanx, Curly. OK, OK – you can stay.“
Mart fixes his view and Dave just nods again.

When they both finally lay under the sheets and the lights are turned off there’s just their breath audible for a while. Mart’s brain is working. He doesn’t want to mess things up with Dave this time.

„Stop fidgeting, Curly! You’re driving me nutz!“
„Spill it!“
„Can I move closer, please?“
A deep sigh from the other side of the mattress. Then a hand reaching over in his direction.
He doesn’t spend another thought and follows the invitation, cuddling against the warm body next to him.
How am I supposed to sleep NOW?! God, I’m turning hard!

A hand is slowly wandering along his right thigh. He feels the urge to stop it but isn’t able to. Every hair of his body seems to stand up all of a sudden.

„Curly?“ Dave’s voice barely is a whisper now.
Instead of an answer Mart suddenly is moving and the next split second he’s over him. His groin is pressing against his own and he can feel the growing excitement. Martin’s teeth are grazing along his neck and Dave let’s out a tiny, raw yell.
„Give yourself to me, Dave! I want you!“ He kisses him ferociously, fixing his arms next to his head. „I need you!“ Releasing one arm, he reaches over for the light button and clicks on it – the room now bathing in a warm, dim light. „I love you – and I want you to see it, not just feel it.“

Dave’s body starts trembling slightly – just not from fear but anticipation. He can’t stand the blazing lust in Mart’s eyes any longer and groans when the man above him starts licking his way slowly down his chest and tummy – bathing in his navel for a moment – to slide further below then.

„No, leave your hands to yourself, Dave. This is just all about you. Let’s say it’s my birthday present.“

When the first sunbeams tickle David’s face he opens his eyes in surprise. Feeling kinda recharged he assumes he must have finally gotten the sleep he needed. Wait a minute! He turns to his side, finding himself alone in the huge bed. Sheets creased – and some quite fresh stains visible. Must have been a hell of a wet dream! He smirks to himself.

Trotting into the bathroom for a natural call he sees a note attached to the mirror. It’s written on the hotel’s stationery.

Santa Barbara, May 9th, 2008

I had the most wonderful night for a long while – and the most devastating. Dave, you have no idea how your revelations cut in my heart and soul. I could have been yelling – being so much appalled! Slowly everything unfolds – the parts of the puzzle begin to fit together.
Jesus, I still feel your trembling body under mine – all the anger and fear – and yet you let me closer. Your taste makes me want to consume you lock, stock and barrel – but I know I have to take the long route with you. The soul has to be in unison with the body. Oh, I sensed your body language very clearly! When you allowed your beautiful cock to be enveloped by my yearning lips time stood still for a moment. It’s not just about sex, David – I repeat myself – it’s about the belief you had in me – the trust. And there is still so much to discover for the two of us.

It might have been just a blow job – but the closeness and intimacy you allowed touched my soul deeply. Deeper than you would ever enter me with your rock hard member. Yes, I just said that – I want it all. You know – I’m the blonde, curly pervert from Basildon – kinda next door – waiting for you for so long that it isn’t true anymore.
David, I wish you a really HAPPY birthday – and the peace of mind you’re struggling to find for an eternity as it seems. I’m there to support you – comfort and compliment you – to take you just as the person you are – hoping that it is the man you want to be.

I love you.


P.S.: Please keep this page safe with you – I need to type it into the bleeding Mac! ;-)

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