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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  2009.09.16. 11:30



When Dave arrives at the studio there’s a large sign at the door: „Birthday Party In Progress – Enter At Your Own Risk!“

„Stupid bastards!“ He inserts his keycard – yet to no avail. After three trials he’s still not granted entry.
Fetching his mobile he grunts and waits for the connection.

„Would someone of you clowns let me in, please?!“

Andy snickers at the other end of the line and with a buzzer sound David can finally enter the building. The door hasn’t even shut behind him when the guys show up in the hallway – armed with cake and candles. And then there’s another commotion and a blonde little girl dashes towards him with open arms.
„Daddy, daddy!“
„Oh, my tiny shining star!“
He goes down to his haunches and she flies into his embrace.
„Happy Birthday, daddy! I love you soooooo much! And I missed you even more!“
She plants kisses all over his face.
„Ewww, you need to shave – you grizzly bear!“
Dave bursts into a hearty laughter and pulls up his daughter with him.
„OK, young lady – I will give that matter my serious consideration.“

Martin blinks at him with a naughty smirk and then ushers him direction kitchen. The other band members and friends follow.

„Where’s Jimmy?“
„Here, dad – I had to have an eye on the special logistics concerning your present. Happy Birthday!“
The dark haired teen boy hugs him and smiles.
„Too bad mom is so busy – and Jack, that’s just damn bad luck!“

After the usual good wishes and the cake ceremony they all munch their pieces, accompained with a mug of strong coffee. Jonathan grins at Dave and fiddles around with his blackberry again.

„You have the day off. We don’t want to see you around the studio at all. Grab your kids, go to the beach, relax – whatsoever.“
„You don’t have to beat me out off here!“
„We arranged a nice dinner for tonight – Myles will get you from wherever you are. Till then – via con dios!“

„Daddy, can I sleep in your huge bed?“, Rosie mumbles out off the bathroom, having the toothbrush still in her mouth. David snickers while answering a few emails on his laptop.
„Aren’t you a big girl meanwhile? Why do you think I got this suite with extra rooms for you kids?!
„Aww, Daddy – please! You know you’re the best cuddly pet ever!“
The blonde girls steps back into the bedroom and braces her hands on her hips, wearing a pink Hannah Montana sleepshirt.

„Oh boy – who steels the blanket every time so I awake freezing to death?! Whose cold feet let me kinda jump – sticking into my back? Let’s not talk about that snoring like a little lion cub!“
„Hah, all me! Admit it – you love it, Dad!“

Dave musters his daughter with a lobsided grin. Then his face turns into a bright smile and he opens his arms.

„Come here, you little desaster! Alright, alright!“
She lets out a big yawn and buries herself in his embrace. He lifts her up and then carries her to the king size bed. After she moved herself into a comfortable position she batts her eyes.
„And now my bedtime story – though it’d be OK if you’d sing for me instead.“

Smoothing back her hair softly humming into her ear he recognizes how her muscles relax after a while. The slow, deep breath tells him she’s over in slumberland now.

Checking shortly for Jimmy he finds him dabbling with the playstation. After a few rounds Auto Theft he heads back for the master bedroom. Stella is soundly asleep – with lights on. So he prepares himself for the night rest as well and then cautiously slips into bed, next to her. Well, there’s still loads of space so he smiles again and fetches the blue diary from the top drawer.

Basildon, August 4th, 1985

Oh, god I’m so drained from being on the road! Still can’t believe all the masses of people – all the happenings – good and bad! Hell, cancelling the Moscow gig cause you have to marry, Dave!
Knowing Joanne for so long – it makes sense. Can she give you what you need? I’m more and more convinced there’s something deep inside your soul that you do not want to recognize – but who am I to tell you this?

Yes, I’m jealous. Now you’re hers – well, officially. I know you too well – lets face it – you’re not anyone’s. Restless as you are. Famine in your heart. I’m not sure if you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Life’s not a Galaxy bar you can consume and then throw away the wrapper carelessly.

Boy, I heard you – after you left us in that friggin tent partying into oblivion – heading for your room in that country hotel we were booked in, too. No idea if you two were so horny or if you intended to get walked into – the door to your den of iniquity wasn’t locked. Don’t know why I even tried, standing there, my ear pressed against the wood – listening to your moans and grunts. It was like in a cheap porn – the bed squeaked with all your movements.

I must have slipped over the handle as suddenly the door cracked open. And then I was stunned – seeing your muscles rippling under the pale skin of your back, the glutes squeezing together with every deep thrust you made into her. All I saw was just you though. The numerous perls of sweat glistening, your arms pinning hers against the mattress.

If I’m honest to myself – this is the first time I really wish and want to be her – not necessarily in her position – your perfect ass simply is too tempting – but every coin has two sides, right?

As it looks I will have to keep my emotions to myself – as usual. Next thing I expect to happen is a toddler. Well, if you go on like this...perhaps I really should check on Alan?

Oh my, my head will kill me in the morning – wait, it is already morning! Anyway – I will close my eyes now and you will be in my arms – all sweatty and needy, Dave!


David closes the diary and looks over to his sleeping little princess. Curly wasn’t that far off though it took nearly two more years to get Jack on the way.

„My god, Martin! I really had no idea.“

„Daddy, it sucks! I don’t want to leave so soon!“
„Tiny Star, I know! But I promised mommy you and Jimmy won’t miss more than one day at school. I’ll see you soon back home.“

Rosie gets her bag ready after a lazy breakfast and when Jim enters the lounge area with Myles in tow she knows it’s time to say farewell. David accompains his kids to the limo and after some more lengthy hugs – merely from his daughter – he finally slams the door shut and the vehicle leaves for the airport.

A buzzing in his pocket drags him out of his sombre thoughts. With a sigh he flips his mobile open.
„Are you coming over? The little teeny weeny monsters should be back on their way home. We for sure will not grant you any minute longer to grief about their abscence so better move your hot bum over to the studio! It’s already after eleven and we need you for some vocals!“
„Argh, Curly! I love your sweet ways reminding me of the essentials of being in a band!“
„Sure you love me – that’s the confession I wanted to trick out off your lovely mouth. Don’t let me don’t want Andy nagging at you for the rest of the day. He’s in a bad, bad mood – ugh! So the least you can do for me is to save me from him.“
„Alright – I hear you. Give me ten minutes.“
„I just started the timer on my pay for any extra!“

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