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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 13

Chapter 13

  2009.09.16. 12:15



Dave leans his head back to let some more honey trickle down his throat. Slowly the sticky sweet golden liquid starts to coat his vocal tendons and he licks away the remains from the corners of his lips. He’s ready for the next song but Mart signals for a break, his eyes kinda darting direction kitchen.
Andy is busy with Ben, Ferg and Chris so nobody seems to have noticed the tiny message the blonde man was shooting over to Dave.

Slamming the door with his Doc Martens shut Martin pushes David roughly against the next wall and closes his lips over his – forcing his tongue forward. Dave apparently is a little surprised by the attack yet gives in – meeting the demand of his opposite with growing commitment.

„Christ, Dave – never ever let that bloody honey drip THAT WAY over your lips onto your tongue again – not while we’re trapped here with the others in this fucking studio! You’re driving me insane!“

To stress his words he presses his groin against the brunette man in front of him. The fabric of his jeans is painfully straining over a raging erection. Dave closes his eyes shortly and then takes Mart by his nape and pulls him in for another intense kiss which leaves them both breathless.

„Dave – please don’t make me beg...“ Mart stops when he realizes that Dave gently turns him to the wall instead and goes down onto his knees slowly.
„Shhhh – I want my sticky lips around your aching cock. I can’t wait for you making them even more...“
„Sweet Jesus, stop talking, Dave or I’m done before you even have your long fingers at my fly!“
„Not afraid of Andy bursting in here?“
„Geez, this won’t take long anyway – so, please – DO IT, DAVE!“

Not torturing his friend any longer David swiftly unbuttons and unzips Mart and his greedy lips close around the throbbing member, fixing Martin’s hips with his hands. Speeding up the swirls and licks of his tongue he let Mart deeper and deeper into his velvet throat – sensing the pulsing excitement that’s at it’s peak. With a guttural moan he tenses all his abdominal muscles and spurts his hot liquids into Dave’s waiting mouth – forcing his twitching cock into it even more – riding out his climax. The suction those soft lips are capable of let Mart nearly loose his conscience. A short dizziness lets his head feel light and not really belonging to himself any longer. He tries to cling to the wall, squeezing his fingers against it.

„Don’t forget to take some deep breaths, Curly!“
David’s husky voice yanks him back into the tiny bistro kitchen.


„Let’s wait for some more minutes, Curly. We can’t go back in there all hot and flushed.“
Mart snickers and passes the iced diet coke over to Dave, closing the fridge again. He sips on a ginger ale.
„You’re such a naughty boy!“
„I can return that compliment! Didn’t know you stalked Jo and me during our wedding night.“
„Oh!“ Martin flashes Dave a dirty grin.
The expression on the singer’s face slowly turns serious and soft.
„Such a long time. You really fancy me all these years?“
Martin puts down his bottle and fixes Dave’s view.
„Yes. Strange, isn’t it? It took a while for me as well to sink in – as I never was gay.“ He smiles. „Still am not – you know my opinion about that gender bullshit. You’re the only guy I really fell for – except for Alan perhaps – but that’s something different.“
He moves closer to David and smoothes down his cheek with his now cold hand – feeling the heat on his skin even more intensely.
„I never have fallen in love with a man – just with you, Dave. Looks I must have lived through all these troublesome years to finally have the guts to tell you straight into your pretty face.“
„And yet you’re so much the family guy as myself.“
„Oh yes, Dave! And I saw all the love in your eyes when Rosie and Jimmy entered the place yesterday. I’m sure you enjoyed your time together to no end.“
Dave chuckles all of a sudden and then quickly kisses Mart onto his forehead.
„Life philosophy in a tiny kitchen – that’s just like you, Curly!“
„Come on, you’re just the same!“
„Not really, Martin. I’m not such an elegant wordsmith like yourself. My wisdom relates to hard work and all the tough lessons life had in store for me.“
„Nah, don’t you start comparing us again – there’s no use and no need for it! We both exist with our very own precious talents and qualities – one equal to the other.“

Martin hugs Dave firmly and then turns to the door.
„We better go back now – before Andy sends the armed forces!“

„Dave, I’ll see you for the following session in New York. My flight to Vienna parts in 2 hours – I have to hurry. Shall I bring some chocolate next time? You know the one with the big ‚Z’?“
David rolls his eyes and lets out a tiny moan.
„Chris, gosh – why do you ask at all – you know me! All you can carry! Now off with you or your girl will send me a nasty voice mail – like last occasion!“

Both men hug in a friendly way – knowing each other for a long while now. Then the blonde drummer takes the handle of his suitcase and walks through the automatic glass door. Dave took the chance to drive him to the airport personally – lending one of his mate’s cars. Mart still not having a drivers licence – hard to believe. Well, he for sure is talended to ride other...things!

Leaning back in the seat of the convertible, feeling the wind on his skin and hair, he adjusts his glaces and then floors the accelerator. Turning on the radio some local station plays some random music from the 90ties. When his ears detect ‚Rush’ he pulls up the voume.

Open your sensitive mouth
Hold out your delicate hands
With such a sensitive mouth
I'm easy to see through
When I come up
When I rush
I rush for you

These lines have a complete different connotation now. It’s as if Martin’s thoughts take him over – make his body yearn for more. That rush – oh well, he feels it in his blood – he felt it pulsing in Mart’s throbbing cock.

„Hell, how could I ‚see through’ those days?! I was completely stoned, drunk – just wasted!“
Though he had to ask himeself how long it took to manoever himself into that dead end road. What else did he miss? It’s a sad truth that the past is blurred – lots of memories and emotions simply erased – lost forever?

„God, Curly! I hope you have some answers in those bleeding diaries of yours!“

Gave more for you
Dropped my crutches
And crawled on the floor for you
Went looking behind every door for you
And because of the things
That I saw for you
I spiritually grew…

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