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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 14

Chapter 14

  2009.09.16. 12:16



Brushing his teeth he faces himself in the mirror. Dave, what is it again with you? The times you cleaned your teeth 5 to 6 times a day are way in the past!

Mustering the dark, foam covered o-shape he hastily reaches for the glass of water to flush his mouth.

It was like riding a bike. Martin must have wondered about his expert ways giving him a blow job. On the other hand – perhaps not. God, I didn’t even think of it, just went down to my knees!

Heading down to the lobby Andy is already waiting, flicking through a magazine. Seeing him stepping out off the elevator he lifts from his seat letting the paper drop back onto the table.

„Change in plans. Mart just called we should meet at his place. John and Ben are already there.“
„Duh, I really was looking forward to some Tappas this time!“
The red haired man lets out his sonorous laughter.
„Just ask me – but he promised he ordered some food from there – unless we wanted some Sushi.“
„Ah no, thanks – no Sushi for me today! Don’t know why.“

Both men make it to the waiting cab outside and it doesn’t take long and the silhouettes of palms and historic house façades alternately pass by the car windows.

„You’re visiting Alan for his birthday, Andy?“ Dave has no idea why this question slips out now but it somehow was circling in his mind the last two days if he was honest. Andy eyes him suspiciously from the side.
„Umh, his 50th is next year, Dave. I will be in Spain with the family. If Mart goes on like this the next session will be a killer! You know which studio he booked us in? Chun King!“
„You really have a way encouraging people!“
„Well, take it this way: if it’s smoother than expected you can’t be disappointed. At least there’s a good café around the corner.“
Now Dave has to snicker. Andy with a growling stomach – an absolute no go!

Damn! June 1st was the day when Alan announced his leave from Depeche – on his 36th birthday!

„Hi, guys – get your bums in!“
Martin seems relaxed and his eyes flicker in different shades of green. The voices of Ben and Jonathan waver over from the distant lounge.

„Dave? Dave!“
He looks up, being ripped out off his thoughts again.
„Sorry, Mart – I wasn’t listening.“
„Apparently. I just wanted to know if you have any more input concerning the album line-up?“
„Not at the moment. I’m fine with it. One or the other change might happen anyway – shifting songs from bonus to album and vice versa. I know you too bloody well, Curly!“
The addressed blonde man grins broadly.
„Well, at least you can be sure we will pick all of your four songs – even if they might just land on the box set.“
„Martin Lee Gore!!“
„HAH, now I have your full attention – brilliant!“ He chuckles and the lines around his eyes crinkle in a diabolic way. „Relax – three are definitely in for the album. You are too bleeding good, damn you!“

John yawns and then slips his mobile into his pocket.
„Guys, I will call this a day now – it’s already close to midnight again. Anyone for a lift back to the hotel? Ben, Dave, Andy?“
Ben nods and Andy growls in approval. Taking a ride in John’s own comfy limo is way different to a regular cab. Dave is just ready to join in when he sees Mart’s view.

„If you don’t mind Dave – I need you only for an hour or so...the song we wanted to work on together, remember?“ He twinkles now.
Errr, actually there is not such a song and Dave feels a wellknown tingling running over his skin.
„Shit, I nearly forgot over all the birthday stuff and things. I recall you wanted at least a bare version for New York.“
„Dave and doing overtime – I have to mark this day in my calendar!“ Andy giggles and fetches his jacket.
„Come on, don’t be such an ass! You have no idea how long I slaved in my very own studio to get my solos ready!“
The three men disappear into the hallway and seconds later Mart’s front door slams shut.

„Well, you wanted to work on a song, Curly.“
Dave musters Martin who puts another log into the fire and his eyes get stuck on the well shaped behind. When Mart turns around the sparks and flames shortly reflect in his eyes. He approaches the couch and takes his seat next to David.
„I actually do have a song – but not now.“ His fingers close around Dave’s left hand, squeezing it lightly.
„You’re OK, Dave?“
„Yes. Why shouldn’t I?“
„You promised to be honest with me.“ The pressure of Mart’s hand increases gradually.
„I was a bit surprised when you...well, I didn’t expect you to give me such pleasure that quickly...and that gorgeously. Resulted in a sleepless night – as it was simply too perfect. Dave – I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t really want to!“
Mart now grabs him by his shoulders and faces him straight.
„You already must have done that too many times in the past. I could not stand the thought...“
„Curly...hey! You are not like them, you hear me? I was wondering myself – certain things you never seem to forget again – like how to ride a bike. Though I wish it was all that innocent like that. The pain when I fell off and bruised my knees and hands was way more bearable.“
Seeing the affection in Mart’s face he quickly kisses his forehead.
„I wanted it when I knelt in front of you in that kitchen. That’s something I usually don’t do often – going down to my knees – just when I pray or when I’m so down that there’s no other place I could feel myself but on the hard, cold floor.“

David’s voice trails off and Mart pulls him into his arms, holding him tight.

„The floor is the last place you belong to, Dave! I never ever want to find you there again – helpless, bruised, hurt, unconscious and in such pain you...god, Dave – seeing you now overwhelms me every time and I don’t want you ever to slip away from my reach again! You literally blew me away when you sucked me off as I know how much trust it needed.“
„Martin – I already know...I understood that this is more for you than just carnal desires. I’m trying to put up with all the memories – and it kills me dicovering how much I’ve missed – how much seems to be lost!“
„You’re right at one point – it „seems“. I will help you remember, Dave! Let me guide you! It may be just my memories and emotions but as I see they work in your mind and soul. Don’t go there all alone – take my hand. It can be very rough at times.“
„I already got a tiny taste of it. So...I don’t know how to...well, I haven’t read all chronologically – and you yourself are not really clinging to a straight time line...“
„Dave, just ask.“

Taking a deep breath the dark haired man makes himself a little more comfy in Martin’s arms, now nearly lying on the couch.

„Tell me about Alan.“
„I saw that one coming sooner or later. Oof – that’s going to be a long one. I will start with a bit and then you fill the gaps reading – there’s some about him – yet not as much as there’s about you.“

„I never was in love with Alan – to start with. Not the way you would describe it compared with a woman – or with you. I’m afraid it’s one of my more darker sides that took over – and Alan detected it from the beginning. Somehow he’s like me – and if you consider that he got married with two kids – well. There are lots of ambivalent emotions I had and still have for him – yet I closed that chapter a long time ago – and he was so fair to help me with it – leaving the band. You should hear his side of the story – maybe one day you’ll have the opportunity to do so. All I can say is that he had not just one eye on you, too.“
„Come on, Mart! We all were sorta playing games in the 80ties – I never thought anythingy concerning it – didn’t take it serious! He never brought that topic up – I just had the impression that my drug career finally was the catalyst after that horrible tour.“
„David, you didn’t just break my heart those days, believe me. Alan definitely couldn’t watch you destroy yourself any longer. Before things turned out really bad he was making plans how to approach you – but you are a strong personality when it comes to sex. Alan needs to be in control and I doubt you would have let him – though you tinkered around with the idea – but didn’t you say bondage wasn’t for you?“
„Umh, that’s not completely correct, Mart. I said it wasn’t for me as it takes you to a level where it gets damn difficult to get back to a normal level of intimacy. Jen isn’t like that. She knows me well enough yet she doesn’t share all my dark desires. And yes – I like to be in control.“
„Then it will not surprise you that Alan had no problem to get me under his thumb. He could be really convincing. You better read that part, Dave.“
„Hey, blushing there, Mr. Gore?!“
„Damn, yeah! There are a few things in my life I’m not really proud of as well – though I’m all in for kinky stuff.“
„You know I love trying out things. I’m just not sure if I can trust my very own senses. I sound stupid, I know!“
„No, Dave – not at all! As I said – your body and mind need to synchronize. Don’t push it – just let it happen. Nobody knows how much time this process will need - and you have to remind me very drastically in case I loose my patience. It’s been stored inside me for so long now and I still can’t believe you want me to let it out bit by bit.“
„Christ, Curly – step out off that cage!“
„You already opened the door, Dave, and your cage door is open, too – I see it. Now we have to be careful as these beasts are wild and I’m not sure if you know how to tame them. Please rely on my experience. I don’t want to hurt you.“

With these words Mart presses his lips onto Dave’s and he feels the raw energy flow buzzing between them.
„Stay with me tonight – in my arms. No conditions.“

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