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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 15

Chapter 15

  2009.09.16. 12:28



Dave closes his lids for a short moment. When he opens his eyes again Martin nearly is paralyzed by the heat that is simmering in those indescribable dark irises – ready to wash over him.
„Do you want us to move over to my bedroom, or...?“
„This couch is huge and comfy – and I doubt we will find much sleep anyway.“ Dave has a soft smile on his lips. „Your bed is a bit too private for now. And yes – we shared my bed – but it’s a hotel bed. Don’t ask me about the real difference – it’s just a gut feeling I think.“
„No, it’s not, Dave. You are perfectly alright with your senses.“
Getting up Mart grabs the beautiful plaid that rests on the opposite couch chair. Dave starts to giggle.
„Well, I just had to think about how innocent this is going to be – as there’s nothing more annyoing than sweatty skin sticking against the surface of a leather couch.“
„Umh, and if I’d drag you down onto the carpet – would that count?“
„If you want me to strip why don’t you just say it, Curly?“
Dave lowers his lids till his eyes are just two small slits.
„You expect me to tell you honestly what I think and want – so what about you?“
Martin swallows and kinda nervously brushes through his curls.
„Bloody hell, I want to touch your skin Dave – I need to feel you close to me!“
„OK – we had that before – no need to tip toe now.“
He starts to unbutton his shirt. Mart’s adam’s apple moves again and he makes a step into David’s direction.
„No, I’m doing it myself. You are not my lover yet.“
Silently Martin starts undressing himself – not moving his eyes away from Dave and his hands. Those long, slender yet muscular fingers that deftly work on the tiny buttons – flipping one open after the other. He immediately remembers the way Dave usually gets rid off his vest on stage – just with one hand. God, why do I envisage him in that bleeding IFY video now?!

„See anything you like, Curly?“
Fact is – Martin still stands there nearly motionless, his hand at his zipper. Like awakening from a trance he blushes again, not being able to capture a single sensible word nor making a coordinated move.

Dave slowly walks closer, taking away Martin’s hand and gently pulls down his jeans. Realizing Mart does not wear any boxers underneath he can’t help to smirk. Some wishful thinking – I see!
When his friend wants to toss the pants away with his foot he stops him and picks it up, placing it onto the pile that already rests on the couch chair.

Dave is a bit perplexed sensing that Mart seems to want to escape this situation. Holding him back by his shoulders he tries to focus on his eyes. The erection didn’t go unnoticed by him and he tries not to move too close.
„ to me!“
„I’m sorry – I thought I was in control. Apparently I’m not. Please don’t be mad at me! If you prefer to leave now...“
„Curly, I’m not scared. You can’t hurt me now.“
„Dave, this is not the stage where we fool around. This is serious – well, for me that is. I don’t want to mess it up. If you don’t go now – if you let me touch your skin I don’t know where that is leading to!“

Dave can feel Martin’s shoulders trembling under his grip, trying to break free – but he’s strong and persistent.

„We both don’t exactly know where this is going – or if this is going to work at all. If we don’t try we will never know and there will always be these ill feelings sepparating us kinda.“
He softly brushes along Mart’s left cheek, seeing all the uproar in those gorgeous green eyes. Then he simply pulls him closer, tightening his arms around his waist, ignoring the hard on pressing against his thigh – ignoring also the fact that his own cock starts stirring now – but his concern for the emotional state of his mate overweighs.

Two men – in the full nude – standing in the middle of a huge posh living room, holding each other in a tight embrace, silent – not moving an inch.

When he finally feels Martins hands wandering up his back he lifts his head from his shoulder and slowly exhales. The tension in Mart’s body also seems to decrease though his arousal still is very obvious.

„What are you thinking about just now?“
Again there’s a slight red tinge on the opposite face.
„Do you remember that night in Paris – the concert in 2001?“
„Sure do. Oh, you mean when you humped your Gretsch? At first I thought you were starting a competition as I’m usually the one for the dirty moves – but that time it was...different.“
„Yeah, I know what I was doing, and I know you were watching me...and I liked it!“
Mart’s voice trails off to a low whisper.
„And I still love it when you set your eyes on me – not just on stage.“
There’s a pleading look in his eyes now.
„Please, look at me – watch me!“

He softly pushes Dave back onto the couch and then steps back again, standing in front of his friend.
„Imagine it’s your hands on my body now – doing this to me.“
Not in a hurry Martin’s hands start to smooth down his neck till his fingers reach his chest, stopping at his nipples. Circling around them they harden with every touch of his muscular fingers.
„Curly, that’s not fair!“
„Shush, you just watch, Dave!“
With index and thumb he starts squeezing one nipple after the other, letting his head sink back a little – wetting his lips. Then his hands wander lower over his taut abdomen, pausing shortly around the belly button – all fingers already pointing into one certain direction – like the tip of an arrow. When moving again his fingers pass his growing erection and slide down his upper thighs instead. Dave escapes a tiny moan – following the movements back up and finally ending over Mart’s cock. He covers himself with both hands – waiting for David’s reaction. The guy on the couch shoots daggers at him – so he starts to clasp the fingers of his right hand around his shaft. This moment Dave gets up from his seat – like in slow motion – coming nearer and then stopping face to face.

„Enough teasing – enough watching!“

The firm tone in his voice surprises him but there’s no time to think as Dave now loosens his fingers from himself and replaces them with his own, warm hand. Staring into his eyes not blinking a second he starts massaging Mart’s throbbing member up and down – more and more increasing intensity and speed. The moment Martin has to close his eyes as the waves of pleasure hit him hard Dave’s lips find his in a greedy, deep kiss.

Dave feels the hot liquids spill over his hand, even meeting his own abdomen. All he wants now is to make Martin pay for the lust he inflicted on him – biting into those luscious lips – and his opposite responds, digging his fingernails into the soft flesh of his back, scratching slowly downwards.

„Oh, god! Dave, you’re playing with fire!“
„Then burn me alive, Curly!“
„There’s not much I can hold back once I’m burning, Dave!“

It’s like if somebody pulled the plug in the bath tub and the water escapes into the drain. Seeing the trembling man in front of him – his glowing eyes begging with the last shreads of conscience, harnessing himself not to hurt and destroy – David finally realizes the shift in mood. His hands fall back to his sides. Mart swallows for another time, breathing deeply in and out. Then he turns and gets his clothes.

„I’m off to my room. You know where to find everything you need, bathroom and all. I see you for breakfast.“

Being already in the door frame he stops once more.
„Dave, I’m sorry.“

When David has washed his hands and face he steps back into the hallway. The house lays quiet. Walking on his toes he reaches Mart’s bedroom door. Silently he pushes down the handle. It’s locked.

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