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morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries
morganalefaye - Santa Barbara Diaries : Chapter 16

Chapter 16

  2009.09.16. 12:29



After brooding over his actual state of emotions for a while Dave tosses the plaid away and jumps up from the couch. The digits on the entertainment system tell him it’s a little after 3am. Over an hour since Martin had simply locked him out – out of his reach, but out off his mind?

„God dammit, Curly! No way to change into reverse now!“

With swift steps he’s up the stairs and places his curled finger against the wood of the door to knock.
Hell, what am I doing here?! If he should let me in I’m done – that’s for sure!

Breathing sharply in he finally moves his hand. The sound echoes hollow in the silence of the night. No reaction. He tries again. Still nothing.

„Fuck, let me in! I’m no dog!“ Anger is rising within him – to his surprise. „And I won’t beg for your mercy...“

He can’t finish the sentence as the door flies open in a split second – a pale, furious and very naked Martin standing on the threshold now – tears streaming over his contorted face. Before Dave is able to even move he grabs him by his left arm and roughly drags him into the room, kicking the door shut with his foot. Slamming David against the next wall he presses his body very tightly against him, fixing his arms.

„I could take you straight here – hard and mercilessly! Do you really want to feel all the raw power that is stored in me – all the pain?!“, he hisses into Dave’s bewildered face and then kisses him ferociously. After that he lets go and turns away, heavily breathing. With a low thud he let’s himself fall onto the huge bed, hiding his face in the pillows, sobbing like a little child.

The extreme tension Dave felt just seconds ago evaporates like thin air and as much as he wants to dash over to his friend his legs feel suddenly weak and he slowly slides down onto the carpet, leaning against the wall.
This is going to be way more complicated than I ever thought!

Mart seems not to be able to come down as he still shakes on the sheets. Gingerly Dave tries to get back onto his feet and then sits down next to Martin on the mattress.

„Don’t touch me!“

Dave pulls back his hand that started to softly brush over the messy, curly hair. The rejection hurts – even more as he never expected to feel this way. Martin barking at him is nothing new – he did so many times over the years when they fought out their differences in the studio or backstage. This is on a different scale. It really hurts deep inside. More and more it dawns him how difficult it seems to be for Mart to express his feelings face to face. Writing song lyrics and diaries – he never really realized it was that much essential for his peace of mind.

„I won’t go.“

Very gently he lets his full body sink next to the quivering one, draping his arm firmly over the cold back – feeling the resistence.

„Curly, please! Just let me hold and comfort you.“

With another sudden move Mart is over David, encircling his wirsts with his strong fingers and presses them next to his face.

„This isn’t about comfort and endearness – this is about the tenderness of wolves, Dave!“
„I want it! Don’t you see my animal is wide awake?“
„Does it fight? Does it have sharp teeth and claws? David, you have no idea!“
„Fucking hell, then show me! Stop hiding behind your bleeding metaphors!“

Martin releases one of Dave’s arms and his fingers clamp around his already half hard member, pumping up and down, speeding up. It feels like a fist of steel strangling his most delicate body part and the dark haired man lets out a loud groan.

„Leave your eyes open, Dave – let me see the beast!“

It doesn’t take long and he spurts his hot cum over Mart’s fingers, shaking in spasms. The expression on the face above him let’s him tremble – he’s never seen Martin like this before. And the blonde man doesn’t allow him more time to wonder as he pushes him over onto his stomach. Slick fingers make their way between his glutes and Mart smears the just released liquids into the crack. Hot breath against his nape – and then he senses something rock hard entering him. Though Mart tries to take it slow the invasion is rough. The tightness of the ring of muscles which are not used to this kind of intrusion lets Martin sweat and swear. Dave bites into the nearest pillow. Such a wicked mixture of pleasure and pain! The latter seems to be in focus though and Mart’s weight on his body doesn’t improve the situation.

With a last push Mart finally fills Dave up to the hilt – starting immediately to build up a steady rhythm thrusting in and out.

„Christ, you’re tight! Bloody Yoga! Try to relax!“

Instead of an answer Dave lets go of the pillow and now yells out his pain – and excitement. The truth is that with recurring thrusts the pleasure increases immensely. The sound of wet skin on skin fills the room. Mart’s fingers are like claws now – clutching and scratching – digging deep into his suffering flesh. Teeth sink into the delicate skin of his nape. He really fixes him like a lion his partner while mating. Thrust after thrust the climax comes closer for both men. With a guttural yell Martin joins Dave’s voice, tenses all his muscles and releases his fluids - his sweatty, steaming body falling flat onto Dave’s slippery back. The hand, that reaches around for his cock is too late. David already ejaculated into the sheets, panting heavily.

For a while nobody is able to speak – just the slightly different frequencies of breath are audible.

„You’re OK, Dave?“ Martin’s insecure, soft voice touches Dave deep inside. He turns to his side and faces Mart.
„More than OK, Curly.“
„God, I wanted this to be gentle and more romantic – facing each other! And now look what I’ve done!“
His fingertips cautiously trace some quite deep, red traces he left earlier in his frenzy. The green-brown eyes that meet his now are full of passion and satisfaction.
„I dared to call the beast – and the beast I got. Now, that the pressure is released we can spare all the other things for another time.“
„Wait, till you have to walk later. The first time can be a killer.“
„Suppose you have a remedy for that.“
„Umh – let’s start with a nice bath?“

Leaning back against Martin’s wet chest Dave observes the crinkling lather on the water surface. The valve is dripping nearly unnoticably and some toes peak out at the rear end of the tub – with black nail polish on.
„Gee, Martin! I never recognized you did your feet, too!“
Roaring laughter at his back.
„Every now and then – you know I’m a kinky freak!“
„Yeah – but you are my freak now – my little, blonde pervert!“

The banter ends again in a deep, passionate kiss.

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